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Meet the Best Russian Mail Order Brides - Mail Order Wives from Russia Here

You probably think now, "Oh no, another article about single ladies from Russia. Is there something I don't know about them yet?" And we understand your feelings: plenty of valuable information can be found on this subject by surfing the net. Still, it's something people don't like to go into detail about - the money they spend during the search process. The same can be said about determining the portal that responds fully to the main request… And, take a guess: that's what we want to focus on today. 

So, have we succeeded in awakening your interest? If yes - stay tuned: it's going to be interesting!

Why are Russian brides so popular?

Why are Russian brides so popular?

Yes: notwithstanding the current political situation and isolation of their motherland from the Western world - Russian mail-order brides remain popular among singles worldwide. Why is it so? What makes men (including you) ready to heroically face all difficulties a romance with such a woman nowadays brings? Oh, there are so many reasons!

Girls from Russia, despite everything, are admired around the world. Above all, it's due to their flawless beauty and refined manners. So it's no wonder a guy wants to have a wife who looks like Miss Universe and behaves like a member of the British royal family. 

At the same time, everything you have heard about Russian females' mentality and character traits is far from just a cliché and a prejudice. Ask someone who has ever had a girlfriend from this country, and you'll hear almost the same things. He would say that she is more feminine, open, and straightforward. Her self-confidence is based on national pride and traditional values, with all advantages and disadvantages. You can experience it when flirting - the contrast with your local ladies will be apparent. Regardless of the language barrier, you will quickly realize that understanding her is easier. 

Let us be more factual and underline the key points why Russian brides are popular in 2023:

  • Their family values can't leave anyone indifferent. These women make ideal wives and mothers (don't mind sacrificing their career ambitions for the sake of loved ones). It's also about their sense of duty, we guess. 
  • Many Russians have studied not only at school - but also in colleges and universities. Earning at 24 MBA isn't a phenomenon among girls of this nation. In their free time, they like to go to museums or exhibitions. Visiting cultural events and sharing this outlook with their boyfriends is quite typical. 
  • Females from Russia are proud to be women. Their most influential weapon when attracting men is their femininity. It's shown off through the clothes, makeup, and demeanor.
  • Such ladies, whether from Saint Petersburg/Moscow or small towns, primarily value character traits in potential husbands. They expect to see decency, a down-to-earth attitude, and the desire to have a strong family. In return, these beauties give a lot of respect and admiration. 
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Why do Russian women want to live abroad?

Why do Russian women want to live abroad?

Actually, we think that the mentioned above question is incorrectly worded. Women from this country don't just want to move abroad - it's not their motivation. They want to marry men who live outside of their motherland. Established in the 90s of the last century, the push for their actions remains unchanged. 

Russian mail-order brides tend to become the wives of foreigners in our time for a number of reasons. Here the majority of them are: 

Unconditional love

Yes, the most common motive isn't selfishness. When ladies from Russia love - they give (or even give up) all they have. As you can see, the country of origin is no exception here. 

Desire to have a better life

That's what is sometimes said by those who choose developed lands for immigration (such as Canada, the USA, Australia, etc.). However, they seldom use dating sites and, as a rule, meet their husbands offline. 

Equality in a relationship

This attitude of Western guys appears extremely attractive to Russian girls. Many males from their country prefer to dominate women in relationships. The same attitude manifests itself at work. Since it's no secret that almost all administrative positions in Russia are occupied by men. And they wish they were equal so bad...

Chance to be a stay-at-home mom

The Western world offers ladies an opportunity not to work - but to take care of the house and children. Foreigners in developed countries earn much more than average Russian men, so there is no critical need to have a full-time job for a wife

Opportunity for self-development

As you might guess, not all girls want to stay home and take care of the household chores. Some have the desire to develop professionally too. It is to say, they don't want to financially depend on their husbands and have enough self-confidence to stand on their own two feet. These females believe that only Western countries offer the opportunity to combine family life and career. 

Looking for a better father for children

Foreigners usually demonstrate a respectful attitude toward children from a previous marriage of their new partners. This is quite normal to them. At the same time, Russian males, unfortunately, generally don't accept kids from other men. They tend to abuse and insult the little ones. 


Western guys are more well-groomed than those from Russia. They take better care of themselves, use perfume, and are not ashamed to go to a dermatologist if necessary. 

The unbalanced gender ratio in the country

Unfortunately, in adulthood, a fairly large number of women in Russia remain single. Often, all-fault alcohol. Thus, what else should these poor girls do?

How to find a Russian wife?

How to find a Russian wife?

Okay, Russian women are stunning, family-oriented, and intelligent. How to meet them, then?

The first way is obvious - travel to Russia. Although such a plan's accomplishment is more than just challenging... Well, one step at a time.

Above all, most likely: you need a visa (which in today's circumstances can hardly be obtained). The country's government has created a list of hostile lands and restrictions their citizens automatically get. Therefore, the procedure won't be easy and pleasant. Secondly, even if you live in Europe, a flight to Russia will take more than 4 hours! Mind that there is no direct connection between Western cities and Moscow anymore. Thirdly, imagine you have managed to fight all difficulties and are somewhere there. It can take a long time for you to find the right woman in local towns by yourself. In addition, you also have to spend a lot of money if you want to go to the respectful nightclubs and bars in the evening to find a suitable partner.

What about the alternatives? 

According to official statistics, around 35 million Russians live outside their motherland. Thus, there is a high probability of meeting your dream lady with this ethnic right in your country! 

As a rule, they are very well-integrated and have a good education. In very few cases, these ladies speak little or no English. So if you are afraid of facing a language barrier and mentality differences - this option would be perfect for you. Still, it's important to note that you will be dealing with Russian-speaking population groups. Therefore, distinguishing between representatives of other Slavic nations might appear problematic. 

And then, we finally have the most promising possibility. 

What about trying your luck with mail-order Russian brides? 

Fortunately, the Internet grants people great flexibility. Finding a partner from abroad is much easier today than ever before. You no longer have to travel somewhere - having a laptop and Wi-Fi spot is more than enough. 

However, you always have to be careful when choosing a platform. When it comes to the quality of the delivered services - not all providers are equally good. Sad to say, but you can also encounter those who only take money without giving anything in return...

What are Russian mail-order brides services?

What are Russian mail-order brides services?

For those who want to know more about the platforms from the previous section of our article, we decided to share the main principles of the services they provide. Keep reading to find out all the details!

Okay, the initial step in every online marriage agency is registration. Then you are suggested to set up your profile with the necessary information. As soon as your profile is ready, you can finally get started browsing the catalog of female members and searching for your special lady. That's actually why these women are called mail-order brides. They are the residents of Russia that can only be reached via certain websites. 

In the catalog, girls are almost always divided according to age groups, cities, zodiac signs, and many other criteria. So you can filter the results according to your expectations and save time. 

Once you have determined your favorites - get to know more about them from their user profiles. The basics are usually placed there, such as education level, occupation, language skills, and relationship ideas. It's advisable to express your interest and don't wait for the lady to take the initiative. You can do this either through your personal manager (inform them you like to get the girls' contacts) or exchange messages with those you adore most directly (via the site's internal chat feature). 

Sooner or later, after discovering a range of platform features and sweet women, you will eventually come across the so-called paywall. This will limit your use somewhat. How does it work? The portal may restrict the number of messages you can send per day. Or only view pictures of other members to a limited extent (the majority will be blurred).

There are usually two options for removing this lock. You either subscribe for a monthly membership or buy a virtual currency offered by the provider, also known as credits/units/coins/etc., which can be used to reveal certain functions.

Typically, credits can be bought in packages (as cheaper as the number per purchase increases). This allows you to thoroughly explore and try Russian online dating before considering a longer-term membership.

How much does a Russian bride cost?

How much does a Russian bride cost?

Are Russian mail brides real people? Yes, they indeed are. So why do you think you can buy such a woman? If you still doubt, let's just say it: matchmakers provide dating opportunities that have nothing to do with shopping. No matter where your crush lives (Moscow, St. Petersburg, or a small village), you can't pay someone to make her love you. 

Nevertheless - you can become a member of a reputable marriage agency with offices in Russia to explore the world of local singles. It's recommended to search for the right platform and don't rush to join the first available website on Google. Unfortunately, in most cases, high-quality services can't be given for free - so be ready to invest some money in your attempts. 

To be honest Russian girls, serious in their intentions, prefer the portals where men pay for the membership. In their opinion, it guarantees that guys are not interested in endless chats but have equal goals. By the way - from this point of view, buying a wife from Russia is definitely possible, metaphorically speaking.

More and more single men from Western countries are turning to Russian matchmaking platforms. If you aren't sure whether you can afford such services - this section of our article may help a lot. Together we'll review the typical expenses of searching for love on an international dating site with a high customer satisfaction level.

Site services

Good news for the beginning: many international matchmaking platforms allow their users to register free of charge. So you may get an overview of the female members in the catalog and decide whether the website is worth your money. Therefore, don't panic. 

Depending on the provider, with time, you will be offered to buy a monthly subscription or get an understanding of which services are associated with fees. Remember: a reputable provider makes this information available transparently. Thus, take your time to make sure no hidden costs or other unpleasant obligations come with becoming a paid member. Don't forget to contact customer care managers to discover extra discounts or rewards for new users. 

In many cases, exchanging emails is absolutely free. But if you want to send instant messages, enjoy video chat, or hear the voice of your favorite lady - have your credit card ready. Although here you know what you pay for. Namely: quality communication tools, a safe environment, and 24/7 customer support service.

Unfortunately, we can't tell you exactly how much you'll spend on communication daily or weekly. This cost depends on the portal you choose and your talkativeness. Anyway, based on our experience, average amounts vary between $200 and $700 per month. 


How much does a Russian bride cost?: Presents

Online dating through matchmaking platforms doesn't suggest you can't please your girlfriend with something real. On par with virtual gifts, ordinary presents may be delivered to all Russian cities and villages. As a rule, you can attach a postcard and get the photo confirmation without extra charges. 

Okay, what kind of sweet surprises are usually available in the catalog? Oh, it's so many of them! The most popular is, of course, flowers. For example, 15 red roses and a huge teddy bear are priced at (approximately) $220. At the same time, a gold ring with a similar bouquet costs around $550. If you prefer presenting useful things - there are options for you - such as private English lessons ($400 per month) or a SPA certificate ($280). 

Sure enough, the availability of items from the catalog and prices depend on the provider. 

Offline dating

After meeting a Russian lady online, you should arrange an offline rendezvous. 

Two years ago (before the war with Ukraine), experts recommended visiting Russia for this purpose. Nowadays, such an undertaking is, of course, too risky. However, some dating agencies still offer romantic tours (or agree to vouch for a safe trip). Of course, these services are pretty high-priced.

On our side, we believe the better option is to organize your date somewhere in a third country (for example, in Turkey or Serbia). Either way, you will pay for the plane tickets, accommodation, food, entertainment, etc. The final price depends on the desired comfort level and the distance from your home city to the destination land. 

Also note that if you want to meet a Russian woman, you will unquestionably have to pay for her meals in restaurants, excursions, or anything else she wants. A hint to go Dutch will offend your lady. 

The cost of moving a Russian mail-order bride to the US

A mail-order bride from Russia needs a K-1 Visa (alternate name Fiancé Visa) to come to the USA. At present, the following documents must be provided at the embassy during the interview:

  1. Completed and printed Form DS-160 (you or your lady may download it for free from the official government website);
  2. Two photos;
  3. A valid passport suitable for traveling abroad;
  4. Birth certificate;
  5. If one of the future spouses was married - divorce or death certificate;
  6. Police certificates (from the country of the current resident, as well as from the lands a woman had lived);
  7. Medical examination (health check-up and vaccinations);
  8. Proof of financial support from the US citizen's side;
  9. Evidence the relationship isn't fake.

It won't be expensive if you and your girlfriend decide to pass through the whole process on your own. Then, the only expense it involves is a $265 visa fee. In case you want to play it safe and bring in specialists - add at least $1200 to the mentioned amount. 

How to reduce the Russian bride cost?

Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to tailor the search for a partner according to individual needs. Thus, you can try your luck somewhere outside the paid marriage agency with Russian mail-order brides. This tiny detail, for sure, will help you to save a lot of money. However, be careful with the alternatives you choose. For instance, almost all online relationships started through social media are doomed to fail. In the best case - it would be just time-wasting, but you really can't know whether there isn't a scammer behind an account of a pretty Russian girl. In addition, the language barrier can sometimes be a significant obstacle...

Anyway, if you can't afford platforms where membership or services cost something - join a free website. Of course, no one guarantees your search will go smoothly there, but it's still better than nothing. Here is what you should do before joining:

  • Review the Terms and Conditions agreement;
  • Check the number of active members;
  • Study the site's users' data protection and privacy policy;
  • Examine independent reviews of former members. 

In case you don't want to risk being fooled and prefer paying for the membership - there is a way you can save some money after all. You can reduce the fees visa specialists provide for their assistance. Especially if you reject immigration lawyer services. Yes, it will be a fight with bureaucracy, and if anything goes wrong with your woman's papers - this will be a problem. But when you have no other option - why not?

How to bring a Russian wife to the USA?

How to bring a Russian wife to the USA?

You already know that your Russian mail-order bride needs a Fiancé Visa. But what if you are already married? What is your action plan in this case?

As prescribed by law, your woman, in that event, needs to apply for a marriage-based Green Card. It's also known as a Permanent Spousal Visa. The difference with the K-1 Visa is significant. The one we describe in this section of our article allows your Russian wife to live and work throughout the United States. Moreover, in three years, she may apply for US citizenship!  

Experts call obtaining a Permanent Spousal Visa a three-step process. The first one involves the marriage ceremony itself. As evidence, the government wants to get Form I-130 from you. The second one is - applying for the Green Card. And, finally, the third one - an interview in the embassy. We advise you and your lady to be well-prepared for this event and search for the typical questions you will be asked. 

Once again, it's possible to hire experts to guide your couple through each of the mentioned steps. It will cost you a pretty penny but promises the best results. Don't expect to get through this quickly - on average, the whole process takes up to 20 months. 

Are Russian mail-order wife services legal or not?

Are Russian mail-order wife services legal or not?

Western guys often see the services of marriage agencies as illegal. It's not so in reality, and we'll explain how such a stereotype exists. 

An average matchmaking platform doesn't sell Russian mail brides. A reputable provider can't be compared to a department store. You can't order women according to your taste there (this isn't permitted by law). A dating agency helps its clients to find their true love - nothing else. 

Of course, you can have certain expectations when you start the search. However, it doesn't mean you should consider women's profiles similarly to descriptions of the online shop, clicking here and there and adding favorites to the shopping cart. International matchmakers are bound to ensure that the relationship feels good for both sides. That means if (after a certain period of communication) a lady doesn't want to continue - it's okay. She doesn't have to. And on the opposite, when both partners want to exchange their private contact information - this desire will be supported by managers. 

Always be aware that females from Russia register voluntarily with dating agencies. If you get in contact with women, you should always take this into account and proceed in the way you would like to be treated. Then, your actions will be completely legitimate. 

What do we do and how can we help you?

What do we do and how can we help you?

Are you longing for a happy marriage? Have you always secretly wanted to meet your perfect mail-order Russian bride? Then you are exactly right with!

We are equally fascinated by ladies from this country. Your idea that they represent the ideal of a woman isn't foreign to us. Still, thank our experience - you can learn how to deal with their outstanding beauty combined with romantic gentleness, tolerance, and sincerity. This offer is hard to refuse - don't you think so?

We bet you want to know more about us. Thus, here you are. is neither a classic matchmaking platform - nor just a dating site. We choose the golden middle way and take the best points from both. That means: we don't bind you to a long-term contract (the sooner you find your soulmate - the happier we are). Also, we have no hidden costs or commissions. All service prices are fairly-calculated, freely selectable, and fixed from the start! You alone decide how many or which girls you want to contact and get to know better.

Our team consists of dating experts from around the world. The customer support managers will gladly assist you in your attempts to find a partner abroad. So welcome - we are pleased to see you here!


Mail Order Russian Brides FAQ

Are Russian mail-order brides a real thing?

Yes, they indeed are. Russia is among the countries famous for its women. And it's not for nothing - local ladies are good-looking, smart, family-oriented, and loyal. What else could a man nowadays want? 

Are Russian mail-order brides still a thing?

Notwithstanding all complications connected with international dating in this land, Russian brides are still a thing. 

Can I really meet Russian mail-order brides online?

In fact, we believe that Internet dating is the only way for Western guys to meet Russian ladies. In today's reality, it's pretty dangerous for a foreigner - to travel to Russia. Furthermore, if you check the governmental websites of your land (most likely), you will be warned about such journeys. So becoming a member of a reputable platform is obviously the best thing you can do here.  

Why is it better to choose paid Russian mail-order bride sites?

Are you serious about finding your future wife from Russia through the Internet? Choose paid portals, then. 

Above all, women who become members of such platforms have similar desires. It is to say - no flirting games and wasting your time. Secondly, there you pay to avoid the risks of facing scammers. Respectable sites invest a lot of money in customer security (free apps don't have funds for it). Thirdly, matchmakers have plenty of experience and professional knowledge that may help with your search. 

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