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Meet the Best russian brides Here

    Are you still single? Were your previous attempts to find a soulmate fairly unsuccessful? Notwithstanding the conviction you are ready to settle down, your local ladies are not meeting your expectations on this matter? Good news: the world wide web is full of opportunities, and you do not have to limit your search to them only! As an international dating service, we offer you to think outside the box. Why don’t you want to draw attention to cute Russian girls? If public opinion polls are to be believed - these females currently hold the leading position in the global matchmaking industry as the most desirable partners for Western men. But first things first, since you probably have so many questions in this regard! That is fine: it is all new to you. However, there is no point in going through the whole process on your own. We are here to help you to find your Russian mail order bride quickly and stress-free. Sounds promising, isn't it?

    Considering that you are just at the beginning of this discovery, we need to talk about some basic things first. So, what comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “typical Russian girl“? Take your time and think. We bet: the person created by your imagination would look like a tall, fair-haired woman with a porcelain baby-face and high cheekbones. She must be wearing high-heeled shoes, mini-dress along with a fur coat. Her name might be Maria, Anna, Alexandra or Natasha, are we right? Please, don’t ask us how we’ve guessed. No offense, but that’s how the majority of foreigners describe Russian single girls before getting to know any of them in person. But who are they after all? What makes these females so extraordinary?

    Most likely, it’s this rare combination of beauty, morality, and intelligence they have. Okay, you certainly need more details.

    Russian bride dating

    So, what is the secret of attractiveness Russians are so famous for? Well, their homeland’s territory sprawls over 8.7% of the Earth’s landmass. No wonder that people who live in different regions of this country have dissimilar ethnic backgrounds. This exciting diversity makes Russian females extremely good-looking and seductive. Moreover, they don’t need thick layers of makeup to be pretty - it just comes from nature. Plastic surgeons can hardly find a job in Russia because their services are not really needed. 

    Such ladies are considered to be particularly fashion-conscious. Their daily-style could be named “feminine elegance.“ Instead of boyfriend-jeans, each one of them, without any doubt, chooses a pencil skirt. Poor weather, even with snow and ice, is no excuse to look less pretty. Actually, many foreigners see it as national talent. A picture is worth a thousand words, though. Mark our words: real Russian brides you can meet in the Moscow subway or in a grocery store look hotter than certain celebrities when walking down the red carpet. 

    However, there is one more thing except for beauty that produces a magic effect on almost every Western man: their high-level intelligence. Yes, an average woman from Russia is a rare example of beauty and cleverness mixed up in one person. This fact has its own historical background too. Slavs were among the first nations that allowed girls to attend educational institutions on equal terms with boys. Nowadays, almost 50% of the female population of this country has a university degree. By the way, currently, women from the Russian Federation make more scientific and technical discoveries than their male colleagues from the same land. So, Russians are pretty smart in the literal sense of the term. 

    Oh, almost forgot to share with you another interesting fact. According to social researches, a happy international family these days most often consists of a husband from the USA/Western Europe/Canada/Australia and a Russian wife. 

    Still not convinced, such a lady might be your soulmate? Check the lists of pros and cons to dot the i's and cross the t's once and for all. 

    Advantages of amazing Russian women:

    Russian brides pros

    Their amiability and sincerity

    When entering a relationship with a girl from Russia, you don’t need to look for logic in all her actions. Because there, in some cases, can’t be found any. Still, whatever she does, every little gesture of it - is full of sweet, childlike innocence and sincerity. For example, anyone of gorgeous Russian girls would not mind climbing over a fence, helping someone throw a surprise party. But never confuse her openness with weirdness. She is definitely not a person you don’t know what to expect from - this woman takes her thoughts, words, and deeds with high responsibility.

    What about the amiability, then? Western men often find Russian females cold and distant. Well, the first impression can be deceiving - this case is no exception. These ladies, in fact, always try to be optimistic and enjoy life in all its aspects. In other words, dating a Russian woman, you won’t have to deal with a constantly depressed partner who definitely misses a bit of drama in her daily routine. As you probably know, the motherland of your potential girlfriend is not famous for its dignified standard of living. Therefore, she knows that life might be very stressful. So why does your lady need to make things worse with the creeping sense of pessimism and permanent worries about the future?  

    Choosing brides from Russia, you get a wife who is willing to see good sides in all kinds of situations and support her husband with kind words, smiles, jokes, or just hugs. Take this woman as a symbol of stability you miss so much in the chaotic modern world. 

    Their natural talent to cook and run a household

    Experience has shown that women from Western countries usually don’t attach great importance to developing basic household skills. This, unfortunately, does all family members no good. Everything has changed, and - nowadays, even young men, no matter where they live, have fundamental knowledge about cleaning, doing laundry, and preparing meals. That’s why girls that pass the whole number of domestic chores to specialized staff, in the opinion of beautiful Russian brides, must be ashamed. 

    In Russia, you can hardly find a lady who doesn’t know how to cook a perfect steak, only in ten minutes or bake a delicious birthday cake, using simple products. Just so you know, in both cases, their secret ingredient is love. Actually, Russians use tasty home-made masterpieces to emphasize their feelings towards the men they are together with. 

    Hot Russian chicks not only provide their boyfriends with the lasting effect of their gorgeous appearances. They also know how to keep their home tidy and welcoming. Such a woman, as a rule, is careful, well-organized, and down-to-earth. She minds the little things and doesn’t like to spend too much money - a natural-born housekeeper. 

    Their fortitude

    This side of the mystery Russian soul foreigners have not been able to unravel for centuries. These ladies are blessed with incredible vital energy and impressive willpower. However, to be honest, their strength lies in patience, the ability to forgive, willingness to sacrifice themselves in the names of people they love. Girls from Russia have learned to stay strong and keep a public face despite all the hurdles in life. 

    Still, sociologists say that their national “superpower“ is that Russians are not afraid to demonstrate their weaknesses, especially in relationships with men. Western ladies, in contrast, rarely have any of the mentioned above qualities. 

    Their romantic nature

    Slavic females throughout history have taken family and genuine love as the most essential and valuable life aspects. Even now, any modern Russian woman is not spoiled with high expectations. She doesn’t dream about upper-class boats and vacations on Bora Bora. Her perfect date looks like a long walk with the special one, accompanied by kissing in the moonlight and a tender declaration of love. She will be happy with a modest and delicate bouquet of flowers, so you don’t need to spend half of your salary on diamond earrings. We bet: your local ladies would call it a holdover from the past, but not any single Russian girls could say the same. Well, if you are tired of having a partner with a pragmatic outlook on life - choose romantic ladies from Russia. 

    Their tolerance

    The Russian-women-seeking-men section of every international matchmaking platform is always about committed relationships. These females are searching for classic unconditional love. At the same time, they are ready to accept their partners with all advantages and disadvantages: not even trying to change anything. Getting married to a hot Russian mail order bride, you get a good friend who will be tolerant of all decisions you make. It all - thanks to her sensuality and emotionality. Your family will always get all possible preferences. However, don’t take the compromises she makes for granted. She needs to know: you two make gestures towards one another even on matters where it seemed, at first, to be difficult to narrow the gaps between your initial positions. Never forget: this tender girl can defend herself in every possible way if you try to overstep her boundaries.

    Their concept of motherhood

    If you chat with Russian women about the most notable phase of life everyone goes through, each one of them would say - parenthood. Call it whatever you like: their natural mission, calling, or anything else. The point is such ladies dream about becoming a mother from a very young age. They’ve got used to the traditional role of a woman and don’t mind following this pattern. It makes sexy Russian ladies caring, attentive, and the most loving mums in the whole world.

    You might think these girls are too family-oriented and even a bit boring. If they are interested only in motherhood and household tasks, not in career or self-development - what kind of conversations can you have? Well, Russian wives proper child-rearing as creating conditions for wholesome personal growth for a little one and for his parents. Moreover: they can easily combine work, hobbies, and motherhood. Impressive, isn’t it?

    Their charm and sex appeal

    These traits won’t be expressed through half-naked bodies or sexy dresses but through a mysterious smile, accidental touching, or a playful look. It’s the kind of seduction hot Russian ladies use, and they are unrivaled in it. They have mastered the art of flirting so no foreign man could resist their charms. 

    Still, don’t think that a woman from Russia likes to demonstrate her sex appeal on every occasion. Believe, she knows the essential etiquette rules and prefers showing her good manners rather than an inappropriate manifestation of femininity. You’re going to be proud of her attitude, but in the meantime, could not stop yourself from thinking of what is going to happen when you two finally get some one-on-one time.


    Russian brides cons

    Language barrier

    You already know that beautiful Russian ladies are also clever and well-educated. At the same time: girls who live in big cities such as Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Vologda - pay more attention to learning foreign languages. Females from small towns are usually not that fluent since they don’t need such knowledge in daily life.

    Therefore, when starting to date a woman who lives in a village far away from a metropolis, keep in mind that the language barrier may become the main obstacle on the way to proper communication. There’s no need to panic, though. How good your potential girlfriend’s English is would be clear at the time of your very first chat. If, for some reason, she wouldn’t be able to express her thoughts clearly - you can close your talk at any moment and try your luck with another girl.

    Cultural differences

    Modern Russian culture had its roots in the 10th century. Due to historical circumstances, many traditions and habits of this fascinating country are strange for Western people. However, if you really want to date Russian singles, many of those national specificities would become a part of your life too.

    For example, you will have to face such a phenomenon called “Russian family.“ It’s a big group of relatives (commonly 3 to 4 generations) that occasionally live together or meet frequently. Particular attention should be given to a grandmother (babushka) - an overly caring and wise elderly woman. 

    Family meetings, in this case, are always about eating together. Well, there are some surprises here too. Beetroot with herring? Pancakes with caviar? Why do they put the cabbage in cakes?

    Sure, some cultural realities might look bizarre or even a bit crazy to you. But aren’t you excited to try something new? By the way, dumplings Russian girls for marriage love to cook, are absolutely delicious - just try it!

    Country to live in

    The cliché, media in Western countries advance states: Russian single women create accounts on dating sites for foreigners with one goal - to escape their poor hopeless life in the motherland. In most cases, though, this myth has nothing to do with reality.

    Yes, the Russian Federation has undeniable problems nowadays: from corruption and bad economic conditions within the country - to strained relations in the international arena. On the other hand, its beautiful nature and unique culture can leave nobody indifferent. So trust us, not all sexy Russian brides want to leave the land where they were born. In such circumstances, the future of your romance must be discussed in advance. You will have to decide in which country your family and, maybe, children should live in. Sometimes such a decision is damn hard to make.

    Long-distance relationship

    Of course, modern Internet technologies work wonders, but - nothing can replace real-life dates as the best way to understand whether you two match or not. No matter how good it feels to have a chance to communicate with the hottest Russian girls online, it will come a day when you want something more than talks: real kisses, touches, hugs…Unfortunately, flights to Russia usually cost a lot of money. It means you can hardly afford short weekend trips every week to see your beloved one, and it’s hurt.

    Still, the most important is that you two wish this relationship to grow up into something serious. True love knows no distance, and thousands of happy international families prove everything’s possible if you put your mind to it.

    Their distrustful personality

    Young Russian brides are rather mistrustful than gullible. Even if you are dating one of them for a while, and your relationship is stable and strong - she would still need every possible demonstration of the seriousness of your intentions. Such a woman doesn’t want to appear an easy-going girl in your eyes, so she would surely not take any initiative. Therefore, be ready for long talks about your feelings. Be careful when choosing words because you need to represent yourself as a reliable gentleman that will never let his girlfriend down.

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    Okay, the pros and cons of dating pretty Russian women are clear now. What else do you need to know to make the final decision, then? We think it’s the right time to figure out: are stereotypes about these ladies true or just myths. Below you can find the five most widespread of those cliché.

    Russian Brides - Myths and Facts

    Russian brides facts and Myths

    Only a rich man can get married to a girl from Russia.

    No panic: it’s a myth. You don’t need to be extraordinarily wealthy to start looking for a Russian bride online or in real life. Such a female would never ask you to provide information about your annual income, just after the casual questions regarding your hobbies and interest. Your character and a good attitude - that’s what is important. 

    In fact, this stereotype has a rational ground. Like it was mentioned before, tickets to Russian Federation are pretty expensive. Visa, accommodation, and other additional expenses also cost an arm and a leg. As you can guess, not everyone can afford it. On the other hand, there are many other opportunities to meet, for example, going on holiday together in a third country. 

    A relationship with such a woman never lasts long.

    Some fake experts say couples, where man and woman come from different countries, are doomed to break-up. They also admit that the divorce rate among those who choose Russian mail-order wives as life partners is even higher. In reality, the opposite is the case. 

    The USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) conducted a study a few years ago. It actually put together the true picture of reality. According to them, 80% of couples who found each other through international dating agencies are happy together and don’t think about breaking up. When talking about men and women from the same land - the success rate is only around 50%.

    Most beautiful Russian women make money, communicating with foreign men.

    Unfortunately, it’s only half a myth. There are certain dating websites, often free to use, where staff either don’t bother with preventing scams or can't find any single fraud case. This is all because of the lack of personnel. 

    Still, when speaking about legitimate Russian-bride sites, this scenario is absolutely impossible. In such a case, all women go through the verification process before their accounts get activated. They are also prohibited from receiving any kind of material reward for communication. Violation of the rules shall usually be punished by website administration (immediate account deactivation without notification and right to restore). Of course, these services can’t be free to use since they need many resources to keep it all under control. 

    At this point, you need to ask yourself - what is better: free of charge chats or your own safety? Anyway, take care of yourself before creating a profile on any of the platforms mentioned above and check the reviews in Interest first. 

    Russian single ladies like getting expensive gifts from their boyfriends.

    It’s true, but don’t see this fact as an attempt to cash in on you. 

    Let’s get back to the theme of Russian traditions. For this nation, it’s completely normal to give each other expensive gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, winter holidays, and so on. They even officially celebrate Women’s and Men’s Day each year! So, no wonder if your girlfriend from Russia would appear with a new iPhone or a PlayStation at your Christmas party. But wait a minute, of course, she awaits a similar present from you.

    Okay, everyone wants to get special attention on holidays. What about the ordinary days, then? It’s not easier, mate. When a woman in the Russian Federation comes to visit someone, she always brings home-made sweets, good wine, or anything else her friends or relatives might like. So, remember, if you want to make a good impression on such a girl, never stand in front of her door empty-handed.

    Hot Russian brides just want to have fun but not get married.

    And we keep on talking about cultural differences between Western and Russian ladies. Comparing the average age of first marriage in each culture, it becomes noticeable that Russians make this significant step much earlier than Americans. The reason for it is the dissimilar set of priorities for each country.

    In Russia, girls don’t dream about some big career to be happy. They want to create their own families and raise children. It means no addiction to things or business - only feelings are essential. That’s why they start searching for committed relationships from a young age. So, there is no reason to question the seriousness of ladies who put their profiles on dating platforms. Even if your potential Russian wife is not much older than 21.

    Have you made up your mind yet? Did every fact we’d given you confirm your desire to search for the Russian bride on the world wide web? If your answer was yes - the information placed below might appear pretty helpful. Check out our primary tips on dating a girl from Russia to avoid the most common mistakes in this regard. 

    Dating a Russian Woman: Rules & Basic Tips

    Perfect Russian Bride

    Use some initiative

    You are online as well as the girl you like. What are you waiting for? Show your interest and send her a message right away!

    Many ladies from Eastern Europe think that the initiative must come from men. Russians share these views. They are not emancipated like Western females and still have a traditional idea of how relationships between men and women work. Therefore, even using such a modern way of finding a life partner as Internet matchmaking, gorgeous Russian brides want to see their potential boyfriends showing activeness and perseverance. In other words: the first letter, invitation to chat for the first time, a suggestion to meet each other offline - it all should come from your side. 

    Don’t take such an attitude as a distinct lack of interest. It’s nothing else but the result of a traditional upbringing and social environment in which your lovely Russian lady grew up. 

    One old saying describes the mentality of Russians best of all: a true woman’s beauty is her modesty. For this reason, many girls still believe that it’s better to remain unmarried than show the initiative and come off as pushy or desperate. Of course, there are single Russian females who don’t follow these rules anymore and don’t mind demonstrating their interest. You just need to figure out which type of mentioned above you are dealing with.

    Be charming and positive during your online communication

    Russian women are looking for American men because, in their opinion, Western people have a more optimistic approach to facing challenges and to life in general. So, when corresponding with such a girl, try to be energetic, emotional, and cheerful. A few jokes during chat never hurt. Remember: it should be witty but not vulgar or offensive.

    Try to avoid constant complaints about your life. Yes, time over time, we all have bad days. And if after a long conference you are on your last legs - it’s okay to tell her that. Still, it would be better to stop expressing pessimism on a daily basis. You should also refrain from gossiping and writing insulting stories about your ex-girlfriend. This doesn't really make any man look good. At this point, it would be more appropriate to talk only about nice moments from your past. 

    Never forget: Russian women chat with you not because they've got bored and have nothing else to do. Each one of them is trying to form an opinion about your personality. Just after a few conversations, it becomes clear whether you guys are fit for each other or not. So, in case you like your conversationalist, do your best to show what an intelligent, caring, trustworthy, positive, loving, and romantic person you are. In that way, the chances of success would be increased tremendously.

    Be patient and stay on the ball

    It’s not that easy to win a woman’s heart through letters and chats, especially if you are dealing with beautiful Russian girls. You can’t just write one or two messages and expect a woman to fall head over heels in love with you. It takes time, so you need to equip yourself with patience. 

    According to men with such experience, sometimes it takes a few months to evoke first little feelings. But, let’s not forget that there’s an exception to every rule. Who knows, what if you are that lucky one who can make Russian singles feel passionate about you with just a single message? Anyway, at this point, we are trying to say that real gentlemen shouldn’t give up so quickly! 

    Arrange a video chat or phone call

    Texting is an awesome thing - we are not trying to question this fact. It’s so comfortable to communicate with your virtual girlfriend through chats. You don’t have to get your hair done, put on something other than pajamas, or make any other preparations, right? However, if you are in close contact with your Russian lady and the letters you send each other sound promising - it’s the right time to arrange a video chat or phone call. How else would you know you two are on the same wavelength?

    It’s such a great opportunity to see your conversationalist live! Have you ever asked yourself, how does she move? Is her smile as charming as in the pictures? Don’t you want to hear her voice after all? By the way, experts advise making this step sooner rather than later, so not much time would be wasted on the wrong person. What if you and your Russian bride would not feel the chemistry finally seeing each other with cameras switched on?

    Send her flowers

    Local men know this secret of Russian women dating, and now we want to share it with you. With flowers you can solve any problem, but shh!

    Your online girlfriend will be absolutely delighted to get a bouquet of beautiful flowers (in particular if you won’t stop on one order). A man who gives flowers cannot, by definition, be a bad guy. But all joking aside: in Russian culture, females have learned to feel loved from these tiny signs of attention. It gives them confirmation that everything is going well.

    You need to figure out how all nuances in this regard work, though. For example, if you two have argued and it is a time to apologize - such a situation requires a large bouquet. In this case, most likely, your woman will forgive you. Never bring yellow tulips - hot Russian girls see it as a harbinger of breaking-up. The quantity is also important. An even number of flowers in a bunch is supposed to be brought to the cemetery only. For more information, you can ask your potential Russian mail order wife personally - she would be glad to help.

    Don’t try to make her jealous 

    Some men think that they can make cute Russian women more interested, making them jealous. Such males, for example, post pictures with other ladies on social networks or accidentally drop a hit on how many letters from other site users they get every day. Forget about these games, please - such behavior can have only the opposite effect. 

    Each one of the single Russian women for marriage wants to be together with a faithful man. If you are hers, you are hers alone. The greatest fear of such a girl is to waste her precious time on someone who would just take advantage of her and quickly disappear. And now think. How could she build trust with you, seeing not devotion but unfaithfulness in the way you act? Exactly, by doing that, you minimize the chances of success to zero. 

    Give her as much attention as you can

    Like flowers need water to blossom, beautiful Russian women need attention from their boyfriends to be happy. Yes, you are far away from your beloved one and can’t make her dinner or give a nice massage after a long working day. Still, you can send her messages anytime you want. It’s an ideal way to show your girl, no matter how far from each other you are - your heart and thoughts are always with her. Just send a small good-morning text when you get out of bed. The time zone where you live doesn’t matter - attention is the point. Just so you know: compliments or love confessions don’t need to be sent at a specific part of the day. 

    That’s all fine and good, but how can you find a Russian bride? She lives halfway across the world, a million miles away. Of course, the Internet offers lots of opportunities - you must feel like a kid in a candy store. How to settle for anything less than perfect, then? Well, you don’t have to because this article will help you to sort things out. 

    How to Find Russian Brides?

    Beautiful Russian Women for marriage

    The three most popular ways that allow Western men to meet Russian beauty are traditional offline agencies, free dating sites, and international matchmaking platforms. We want to discuss in greater detail each one of them, so you could make a decision based on an objective review of the facts, not on the speculations. 

    Traditional offline agencies

    Such marriage bureaus, many years ago, were the world’s international dating pioneers. Thanks to them, from as early as the 1990s, came into use new terminology - mail order Russian wives. Their work methods might look a little out of date at present - but, still, many Western men over 50 prefer this kind of matchmaking service as a classic environment for partner search. No wonder: in this case, you just need to go to the nearest office and get personal assistance from start to finish. It is probably the best option for people who have a low experience with computers and don’t feel confident using them, all alone. 

    Okay, what kind of services do you get when applying to support of traditional offline agencies? Let us just go through the procedure step by step. 

    First of all, you will be offered to take a look at a gallery of Russian women looking for marriage with their help. When the list of favorites is ready, your personal manager on your behalf contacts potential girlfriends. He makes something like a sympathy check with each one to find out who has a mutual interest. Moreover: this independent mediator will be a part of your communication with these ladies at all stages. He translates letters, organizes video conferences, plans real-life meetings and trips. However, if the woman you like speaks good English - you two can immediately exchange personal information and continue communication directly. 

    As usual, when Russian brides search is over, these marriage bureaus also provide visa services for those who want to make the most important step and get married (no matter in your country or her’s).

    Free dating sites

    If you’ve just decided to start looking for your love abroad, free dating platforms might seem to be the best way to meet a Russian girl. In such a case, you’ve got nothing to lose: the services here won’t cost you a penny, and you can try as many sites or apps as you want. It’s not all butterflies and gumdrops, though. There are lots of drawbacks you need to be aware of. 

    Unfortunately, site administration of free dating platforms is not responsible for proving the personalities of its users. In some cases, you can even create an anonymous account or use a nickname - and it would not break any rules. As you can guess, it doesn’t help in fighting fraud and scams. We don’t need more dramatics, but how can you be sure that those Russian brides for marriage you are talking to really exist? Well, that’s the risk you have to be ready to face.

    On the other hand, if your goal is a non-binding online romance or simple flirt - it would be a perfect choice. You can break off all unwanted contact at any time, after all.

    International matchmaking platforms 

    Such a Russian girl dating site usually has many advantages compared to the other two options. Although it is not absolutely free. Still, relative to the traditional marriage bureaus, the costs here are significantly cheaper because you don’t get so much personal assistance. 

    Choosing one of the legitimate Russian dating sites, you can usually use its essential functions straightaway. Due to the free-of-charge membership, as a rule, you get an opportunity to look through profiles of other members, check what kind of paid services they offer, and even add photos along with personal information to your user page. Any reputable dating agency verifies the identities of its users to provide more security. Nevertheless, caution is advised. There are good and bad people everywhere, and you can’t be 100% sure with whom you are dealing with right from the first message. 

    These matchmaking platforms are focused on bringing together people who look for committed relationships and marriage. So if you are not ready to settle down - it would be wise to decide on a free Russian dating website without throwing money down the drain. 

    FAQ - All you want to know about Russian Brides

    Your future Russian wife

    Wow, what a long text, full of interesting facts and advice we have written! It would seem that you are aware of every small detail connected to the search for your dream girl now. From the truth about Russian women's personality to tips on choosing the most fitting to your desires, dating platform: everything any Western man needs you can find here. Is there anything else we want to say in conclusion? Yes: we owe you answers to all frequently asked questions in this regard! Only after reading them - you'll be fully equipped with the knowledge and could make initial steps on the way to your happiness. 

    Why are Russian women so beautiful?

    Russian ladies have been known for their beauty for thousands of years. Many centuries ago, foreign traders got caught by their attractiveness and proposed marriage, together with the life of wealth, without a second thought. A long time has passed since then - but these women remain one of the most desirable brides for men worldwide. They take part in various beauty contests and often win. Still, their prettiness is not only caused by good genes - intensive facial, body, and hair care has a significant impact on it.

    What else do perfect Russian girls do to look so stunning? The secret is in their way of life. They like to walk and it, as one of the main factors, helps them stay fit and healthy. On the other hand, Russians are willing to do whatever it takes to be even more attractive. Well, such knowledge is just in their blood! However, regular visits to fitness studios, fashion stores, SPA, and beauty salons play an important role in approaching their own idea of beauty.

    Why do Russian women become mail-order brides? 

    When Russian ladies start looking for a husband abroad, they, in most cases, have an unsuccessful experience with local men behind. Such girls then want to build relationships with Western males because they are fundamentally different in life outlook and mentality. 

    Okay, more specifically, what qualities do they want to see in a foreign prince? First and foremost, these women look for a partner who would be faithful. The one who gives all his love, time, and care to his wife. Unfortunately, their local men can hardly be loyal due to a large number of single beautiful girls around them. 

    What is more, Russian women are looking for love in foreign lands because such a female wants to be treated like a queen by her partner. She, as a child, definitely watched hundreds of Hollywood movies, where Western men were represented as gentlemen. This stereotype was rooted in the minds of many Russian ladies long ago. Therefore, each of them expects you to open doors when she comes, help with putting on and taking off her jacket, carry her heavy bags…

    Still, here we’ve mentioned only general reasons that explain why Russians become mail order brides. Each one has her own motive, though, so it’s always better to ask your girlfriend personally. 

    How to get a mail-order Russian bride?

    Gorgeous Russian women don’t look for an athlete with a perfect body or a celebrity with a charming smile. However, if you want to make one of them interested, you should have a nice appearance and be tidy. For this reason, we advise you to pay much attention to the profile pictures you post. Give yourself time and choose those where you look your best. Forget about bathroom selfies - better ask your friends or relatives to take some good photos of you. 

    On the other hand, as a Western prince, you need to give your girlfriend from Russia stability and financial security. Don’t worry: it doesn’t necessarily mean you should be rich - having a steady income would be enough. Just show your willingness to give your lady and future children a carefree family life. 

    Russian girls for dating are realistic. They understand that after moving to a foreign country, the chances of finding a well-paid job right away are pretty slim. It means, for some time, you would have to take the whole responsibility in this matter. Therefore, men who write “unemployed” in their profile information don’t get so many responses. In their opinion, these people need to resolve all personal issues before considering a long-distance relationship with a woman from another part of the world. 

    Can you really buy a Russian bride?

    Dear gentlemen, single Russian women have nothing to do with the things you can pay online and just pick up at your local hardware store. Such a lady is a life partner, lover, friend but definitely not a slave on a medieval market. You are on the same level of equality. She is not going to dance to your tune or always be there where you want her to be. 

    Actually, this cliche is very offensive since Russian women for marriage represented on different dating platforms do have their dignity. They, in most cases, have a university degree and a good job. These ladies are not obligated to do anything they don’t want in order to follow the orders of matchmakers - the same goes for you. 

    Anyway, to be absolutely honest, we know where the idea came from. There is some amount of money you need to pay to communicate with Russian brides online. However, it doesn’t change anything because the dating platform gets those funds for services and technical support it provides. Not a cent is going to the girl’s pocket.

    How much do Russian mail-order brides cost?

    Once again, we want to emphasize that it is impossible to go to some website and buy a Russian wife. Still, the whole process is not free. 

    We cannot tell you the exact amount of money you are going to spend during all stages of the international partner search. Although we want to take a closer look at it, so you would be aware of the rough cost. 

    Communication price

    Reliable dating agencies usually offer their users a wide range of services: from identity verification to consecutive interpretation of phone calls. As you might guess, it all requires high-quality communication tools and a lot of staff. Therefore, you pay not for messages and letters but for a secure environment and top-level customer support. 

    How much are you going to pay, then? Well, it depends on which Russian online dating platform you choose. We advise using those that offer free registration and discounts. 

    Travel expenses

    Chatting with Russian women online is good, but what is next? Right: you need to visit her. It might be a bit risky if you have no experience in planning trips. In this case, professionals need to come to assistance. Either way, you will have to pay for plane tickets, accommodation, food and etc. Depending on the level of comfort you like to get and how far from Russia you live - the final price may differ. 

    Administrative costs

    At this stage, you have to be ready for a fight with bureaucracy. You might even need to hire a lawyer for immigration law if something goes wrong with your lady's passport or visa. 

    When taking your beloved one to your country, you should be prepared to prove that your salary is enough to provide a decent life for you and your wife. 

    Yes, Russian brides' cost is absolutely not cheap, but isn’t your happiness worth every penny you have to spend on it?

    Are Russian brides legal?

    Yes, marriage agencies are legal almost in all countries of the world as long as you don’t violate the immigration law. 

    For example, you can’t just bring your hot Russian wife to your country as a tourist and let her stay there after the expiry of the relevant visa. Or, among other things, allow her to work without permission. 

    What are Russian brides looking for in their future husbands?

    If you are interested in dating Russian girls, you need to have such qualities as a down-to-earth and realistic personality. They are not looking for dreamers who promise stars from heaven but actually do nothing. 

    Such a woman joins international dating platforms, not for online fun or a flirt with foreigners. She wants to build a relationship that would develop into marriage with time. From her point of view, Western men who become members of these websites should share those views or don’t waste the time of honorable ladies with love games. 

    Also, Russian women are looking for men who have certain masculinity. In Russia, they say, “a wife near her husband should feel as safe as behind a stone wall.“ In other words, your girlfriend wants to see a traditional division of roles in her family. She doesn’t need much to be happy - just pamper her with your love, attention, and care.

    What do you need to know about marrying a Russian woman?

    When talking about the Russian women's marriage, as the last step to long-awaited happily-ever-after, it won’t be as easy as it seems. You two will have to do a lot of paperwork. 

    The marital status of Russian citizens is usually recorded in the Internal passport. It means you need to request a certificate that confirms your lady is single. The same is true for you since polygamy is not permitted neither in Western countries nor in Russia.  

    In principle, all documents translated to English must be provided with an apostille. A Russian dating site you use might be able to give their assistance in this matter. The complete list of required papers you need to prepare, though, can be gotten only in the town hall where the ceremony will take place. 

    Why are attractive Russian women the best wives?

    Loyalty and devotion, beyond physical attractiveness, are those distinctive features that make hot Russian women the best wives. Faithfulness, they think, is the only proper basis for a strong relationship. So even if the whole world would be against you - she won’t think about leaving you. 

    Also, it’s hard to find any other nation which values honesty and humility above all. A Russian girl will always tell you the truth, whether you like it or not. With such a girlfriend, you will never get stabbed in the back - it’s just against her nature. 

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