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Indian women dating: financial and legal aspects

India is located in the south of Asia. The country is full of incredible holiday destinations to visit! Whether you want to see the majestic Taj Mahal, hike the Indian Himalayas, or taste the authentic, delicious chicken curry - you will find it there. The same goes for national parks with plenty of wildlife, including the extremely rare Bengal Tiger. In other words, if spending a vacation in this land is not yet on your wishlist - it should be! 

But wait, you probably know almost nothing about India and its people. While it takes years to study this country in detail, we like to share a few interesting facts in this respect. So that you have a basic idea of what is going on there halfway around the world. 

Currently, India ranks second worldwide in terms of population. China is the undisputed leader at this rate. The country is estimated to be home to about 1,3 billion inhabitants. In 1951 it became the first developing country to launch a family planning program. Since then, the land's population has quadrupled. Nowadays: the most heavily populated cities are Delhi and Mumbai (with 10 million citizens each). Maybe that's why the majority of singles on Indian sites in the USA come from these two metropolises. 

As you might guess, the country's citizens are very diverse. For instance, 790 languages are spoken there. Not saying a word about the dialects - there are more than 1000 of them! At the same time, India is the largest country in the world in terms of the number of citizens who speak English. Experts believe it is used to such an extent (on an equal footing with Hindi) to reduce language dissimilarities to a common denominator. 

If you have ever tried dating an Indian woman in America, you presumably know how imperfect her motherland is. And, in fact, more people live below the poverty line there than in all African lands altogether. At this point, wealth inequality should be mentioned, though. In 2022, it was estimated that the rich 10% of India's population owned about 81% of all capital. While the wealthiest 1% of them earned 25% of the country's total income.

This becomes even clearer if you see that India has the third largest number of billionaires worldwide (after the USA and China, of course). It claims to be home to about 7000 ultra-high-net-worth individuals with over $30 million in assets and approximately 140 billionaires across the country. Impressive contrast, right?

Also, around 30% of the Indian population is vegan due to cultural and religious beliefs. We talk about Jainism, the teachings of the Buddha, and the prestige of Hindu communities. Meat-free lifestyle is now so prevalent in this land that Western food chains like KFC have vegetarian menus.

What you definitely know about India is Bollywood. But remember that dancing in this country is not just a beautiful body movement. During it, the performer conveys important sacred information with gestures. Every finger move has its meaning. 

Do you want to meet an Indian mail-order bride and see her dancing just for you? We'll be happy to help with making your dream come true! All necessary information will be shared in this article - just read it. 

Who are Indian brides?

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Who are Indian brides?

If you have ever scrolled through Indian dating sites with free chat online, you know how many women search for love there. And indeed, the number of singles from this country who want to find husbands abroad increases yearly. What pushes them to such a decision? There are several reasons for this - experts say. Let's explore them together!

It would be prudent to divide their motivations into two main categories. The first one highlights the complicated economic situation in their homeland. As you already know, India tends to be one of the poorest lands worldwide. Many of its residents do not have decent jobs and opportunities for self-development. The weakest members of society (women and children) are particularly affected. So some Indian mail-order brides are looking for Western boyfriends hoping for a better tomorrow for themselves and their future kids. 

The second category stands for attitude in relationships. The family is sacred to the Indians. Unfortunately, this does not mean local girls, wives, and mothers are equally holy. We can share a few facts in this regard for better understanding:

  • People in this country do not respect single women. They are considered useless and helpless.
  • While Indian females are in no way not equal to men, they should meet tons of strict criteria, from good education to looks and talents for marriage.
  • After a local girl gets married - she starts living with her husband's large family. She must respect a strict hierarchy, where she is never at the top. 
  • A perfect Indian wife only thinks and cares about housework and children. She isn't allowed to have any career ambitions. 
  • Domestic abuse or cruelty by husbands and even other family members was the most frequently reported crime against women across India in 2022.
  • It's almost impossible for a divorced lady to find a new husband. If she's a widow, it's even more complicated. In this case, a woman is not even allowed to have long hair and wear jewelry.

Some may say that these facts do not reflect the whole situation in the country. Yes, life in big cities is different from life in the countryside. Nevertheless, the lives of females across the country are more or less influenced by these views. Some fight for their rights, while others - accept their destiny. The rest join international dating sites in India because they believe that finding love abroad can change their future.

Why are Indian brides so popular?

Why are Indian brides so popular?

Many Western guys are interested in Indian women dating. One of the main reasons is the beauty of these ladies. And, in fact, hardly anyone can deny their attractiveness. What do they look like, then? 

Long and luxuriant hair, perfect skin, smooth lines of a slender body with feminine forms, bright and colorful saris, gold bracelets on thin wrists - all these are the essential attributes of Indian magnificence. An average girl from this country is easily recognizable in a crowd by her delicate facial traits and, of course, by her expressive gaze. To make the look even more striking, women use natural eyeliner.

Another distinctive feature of ladies in India is nose piercing. It is not just a piece of jewelry but an integral part of local culture and religion. At the same time, they dress tastefully. Their outfits are always elegant and adorable. Indians love bright colors and aren't afraid to wear gold jewelry. Various oils and Ayurvedic creams used for body care put the final touches on their portrayal. 

Except for their exotic beauty - Indian brides have other unique characteristics that make them extremely popular among Western males. Here they are:


Although many females of this nation are well-read and educated, they do not find it necessary to show off their knowledge and skills. 


Even if a girl from India leaves her traditional society - she remains loyal to the rules she grew up in. For instance, she carries respect and devotion to her husband in the new life. Nothing can stand in the way of that.


No matter what happens, your Indian mail-order bride will be there for you. She will always support her husband and children regardless of the difficulty of the situation.

The list of outstanding qualities of ladies of this Asian land can go further. The point is - these hotties can leave nobody indifferent. 


Pros and Cons of Indian women for marriage

Pros and Cons of Indian women for marriage

India is not only one of the most populous countries around the globe - it is also a place that is home to some of the best women in the world. While some men are chasing after the reserved and overly independent Western females, others are already living their best lives with partners from this exotic land. 

Actually: if you check the official data, you can see that the popularity of Indian dating websites hit record. Girls from this country are more loved than representatives of other Asian nations! No wonder: they have much to offer in the long run. However, it would be unfair to say Indians have absolutely no disadvantages. So let's examine the fundamental points in both aspects to clarify the real state of things. 


Their caring nature

We don't know if it's a trait hidden deep in their genes or is a result of their upbringing - the truth remains. Ladies from India are the most caring individuals you will ever meet. When they are young, they sharpen their skills by caring for their family members. But once these beauties find their life partners - they begin to focus all their efforts on these lucky guys. 

Thus, in Indian girl dating, you will feel like you are the most valued person on the planet. Your sweetheart will always make sure you are warm, full, healthy, comfortable, and happy. She will never let you go to work without a delicious homemade breakfast and will consistently allow you to spend some time with your friends to chill. Sounds fantastic, right?

Their cleverness

Do you want your wife to be not only good-looking? But also an equal partner with sound advice in many spheres of life? We have a solution, dear friend. You definitely can't go wrong with an Indian woman. These females are naturally clever and put a lot of time and effort into maintaining it.

Many Indians do not stop at secondary education. They enter the world's most prestigious universities and earn at least a bachelor's degree. Because of this, they cannot merely take part in any conversation. They have a great chance to build a great career abroad and help their loved ones to achieve more. 

Their relaxed attitude

If you visit India or talk with Indian brides in the USA, you are guaranteed to be surprised. We talk about the easy-going and relaxed attitude these ladies demonstrate. It wouldn't take a lot of effort to start a conversation with a single girl from this country (for example). Also, she will not make you jump through hoops to agree to chat again. 

This becomes even more apparent when you are already in a relationship. Unlike many young women of other nations, an Indian female will not make unreasonable demands or expect expensive presents daily. She will be happy just to be by your side and let you love and appreciate her.


Their conservatism

This country's society has a very conservative moral code. This brings a few disadvantages to Indian girls dating. 

Above all, this nuance means sex before marriage is strictly forbidden. Although the unwritten rule applies more to women than to men. Males may have pre-marriage sexual experiences with the so-called aunts in the neighborhood (married but sexually unhappy females). 

But India is a big country, and in some parts, it is freer. Some concepts depend on caste, while others - on social class. Let us be more specific, though. The representatives of the urban upper class are more relaxed in matters of sexuality. These young women and men are also allowed to date before marriage in every sense of the word. Still, they stand for 10 percent of Indians...

Their religious beliefs

While there are some Christians and Muslims in India, the majority of the country - around 80% - practices Hinduism. Can this fact be a reason for conflict in a couple? Yes, it can. Since we would lie if we said that religion is not a big part of an Indian girl's life. 

What could be a solution here, then? Even if you are not religious or have any other faith - you must act respectfully concerning the views of your foreign bride and her family. Participating in some traditional holidays and expressing genuine interest  in their spiritual life is enough to keep everyone happy. 

Their devotion to arranged marriages

In India, dating (as we know it) - is a rare occurrence. Around 90 percent of all marriages in this country are arranged by the couples' parents. Families see unions as an opportunity to secure themselves economically and socially. Even if such traditions seem outdated - this practice still dominates. 

The partner search (in this case) runs through marriage agencies or advertisements in newspapers and the Internet. Education, income, and caste are the principal selection criteria. But arranged marriage is not always seen as an obligation. Many young Indians even wish their parents would look for partners for them! This outlook complicates the search, though…

How to find an Indian wife?

How to find an Indian wife?

Okay, your goal is Indian single woman dating. What should you do? Where do you need to go? How to determine the best price/quality option? These and many other similar questions probably run through your mind now. Don't worry - we have the answers. 

The most obvious way to meet Indian ladies is to travel to their motherland. We know: the trip seems challenging because India is a country of contrasts. On the one hand, even if you have never been there yet, you have heard about its inequality, economic issues, low standard of living, and other problems. On the other hand, it is a great country for tourism. 

What are the top cities for romantic purposes? Check our rate!


Mumbai is one of the leading Indian metropolises in many ways, from population to economy. Also, it's an attractive destination for young and ambitious single women from different regions of the country. So you can meet them near the most famous local business centers and universities. In addition, restaurant Bombay Brasserie, Hakkasan Mumbai, and Bombay Vintage; bars Opa, AER, and My Regular Place; as well as nightclubs Trilogy, Tryst, and Sirkus are worth your visit. 

New Delhi

New Delhi is the capital of India and has all the ins and outs of a typical Southeast Asian city. Still, your trip to ND will probably be one of your most unforgettable life experiences - not only because of its contrasts but also as a place filled with gorgeous girls. 

Where can you meet Indian singles in New Delhi? Try Bukhara, Veg Gulati, and Exotic Rooftop restaurants or Lord Of The Drinks, Monkey Bar, and My Bar Headquarters. If you are a party lover - go to Key, Privee, and Soho Club Delhi.


Kolkata, may not be the most populous or wealthiest city in India. But it does have many beautiful, intelligent, and family-oriented singles. 

Besides the city's parks and streets, you can encounter charming Indian women at Mocambo, Ocean Grill, and Peter Cat restaurants, 10 Downing Street Bar, Monkey Bar, and Roxy Pub, or at Nocturne, Tantra, and Park Street Privilege nightclubs.

If traveling to India (for personal reasons) doesn't look like the best way to find your soulmate - that's fine. Luckily, there is an easier and more effective alternative for Western men who want to date or marry local ladies. We are talking about Indian dating sites with free chat or paid communication services. 

However, you probably won't have much success with your usual dating apps as there are little to no females in this nation there. What you need is an international dating site. The one where its members meet foreign brides in a convenient environment and set their own pace for their new relationship.


How much does an Indian bride cost?

How much does an Indian bride cost?

You already know that women from this Asian country are considered the most desirable on the whole continent. Also, from the previous section of our article, you found out - there is no need to travel to India to meet them. Nowadays, if you have a stable Internet connection - nothing is impossible. Yes, this idea seemed impossible a few decades ago. But thanks to advanced technologies, many aspects of dating have changed radically.  

Thus, when looking for Indian mail-order brides, international marriage agencies can help a lot. With their services, you will feel closer to your foreign soulmate, no matter your today's location. Still, we can't say this search will cost you nothing...

Do you want to get informed of upcoming expenses? We'll examine them for you step by step. 

Site services

It's crucial to mention how affordable the process is, speaking of the simplicity and user-friendliness of an average Indian singles dating site. In fact, some former members report - it's possible to spend less than $100 a month and enjoy the company of dozens of beautiful ladies from this country. Since some platforms offer monthly subscriptions of $50-90!

However, it should be noted that the cost of online communications depends on your preferences, the type of website you have selected, and the website itself. For example, providers with premium features like video or phone calls are more expensive. While those who have only text chat as a communication tool are usually cheaper. So when joining an international dating platform, you must consider all these factors. 


If you want to be successful when dating an Indian girl - follow the expert advice. Namely, make her feel special right from the start.

Many females in this nation have had negative romantic experiences in the past. Therefore, they can be cautious about opening up to a new man (especially with a foreigner). You must show that you are determined to make her happy and will never hurt her. One of the best options here is to buy presents. 

Reputable marriage agencies usually offer their members high-class gift delivery services. There you can order flowers, perfumes, jewelry, and so on. As you might guess: the cost depends solely on your generosity. Although the cheapest one won't be priced at less than $70 (including delivery and photo proof). 

Offline dating 

Indian online dating is definitely fantastic. But your undertaking is not just about chatting. We believe you also want to meet your online girlfriends in person. After all, why would you begin with it if you don't want to bring your experience to real life? 

In case you plan to use it to its full potential, we suggest you travel to India and arrange a rendezvous with a few mail-order brides. Then, the best option is, of course, a two-week trip. 

  • Let's start with the plane tickets. When buying them in advance, be prepared to pay from $400 to $700. The airport of departure here is one of the biggest in the USA (for example, JFK international airport).
  • Next comes the accommodation. For a good hotel room - you will spend from $500 to $1000 for two weeks (depending on personal wishes). 
  • The transportation expenses depend on your travel style and needs. If you visit all major Indian cities during one trip, you will pay $500 or more, but even $100 will be enough if you only stay in one. 
  • You won't manage your trip without food and entertainment. The expenses (for two weeks) may reach $1000, depending on the places you will choose. 

The cost of moving an Indian mail-order bride to the US

Let's imagine your offline meeting with an online girlfriend was excellent. If you have serious intentions, the next step after successful Indian dating would be marriage. 

The majority of American guys don't want to wait. They prefer bringing their ladies to the USA with the help of a K-1/fiancé(e) visa. Since Indians are, as a rule, poor people - you will have to pay for your sweetheart. This visa costs around $2200.

How to reduce an Indian bride's cost?

You can reduce the final cost by deciding to search for love on a free-to-use Indian dating website. However, you must be careful to ensure that your experience does not end in fraud. All joking aside, there are too many pitfalls there...

How can you reduce the risks (at least a little)? First and foremost, do some research to get the correct initial impression. If possible, use the opportunity to create a free account on the respective paid portal to compare how things work. When the platform that meets your expectations is found, pay particular attention to the following details:

  • Are there any single Indian women there whose identities are verified?
  • How does your provider earn its money? Ads or something more suspicious? 
  • Does it have an app?
  • What are the website's structure and communication features? 
  • Can you find enough search options?
  • How can you delete your profile after all?

Anyway: protect yourself from romance scams by not sharing too many details about your private life at the outset. Do not send money to India if you are asked to do so. Good luck!


Are Indian mail-order wife services legal or not?

Are Indian mail-order wife services legal or not?

Yes, of course, they are!

Stunning mail-order brides from India who join trusted dating sites are real. They are indeed looking for a partner abroad. So you can legally date and marry one of them as international relationships and marriages are recognized by Asian and Western countries. According to the Hague Marriage Convention, a valid marriage lawfully contracted in one land consequently becomes lawful in other countries. 

We always say it, and this article won't be an exception. You can't buy yourself a wife on the Internet. No matter where your crush comes from - a person can't be ordered like sneakers. So better don't use such wording - it's confusing. 

What we do and how we can help you

What we do and how we can help you

We,, are an international matchmaking platform. And if dating an Indian woman is your dream - we can help to make it come true. Although in our catalog you can find singles from other Asian countries too. Not saying a word about the members from Eastern Europe and Latin America. 

Our team's many years of experience in the field of dating are paying off here. Those who need professional advice - may get it 24 hours/7 days a week, just by writing a message to a customer support service. 

In case you want to take a look around first - we understand. Use the features offered by free membership. Let our system give you some matching suggestions. Enjoy how simple and suitable for users who have not yet had any experience with this form of dating the website is. A detailed search function will bring quick results. 

But enough words - join and get a feel of!


Indian wedding traditions

One of the reasons people love weddings is because they tend to be full of different rituals. It is the cultural elements that make them unique and meaningful. Traditions are usually passed down from generation to generation, linking modern lovebirds to their ancestors.

Although in many lands similar rules are established concerning wedding dress, flowers, cake, etc. Some parts of our world, even in this day and age, live their own unique customs. And today, we want to highlight a few of them. Are you ready to discover that not only dating in India - but also weddings are fabulous? 


It is one of the most exciting wedding traditions in India. Following it, the groom and bride’s families get together to celebrate love through music and dance. Sangeet is usually held a day or two before the wedding, and it is all about having fun and letting loose.

Haldi Ceremony

Another popular wedding tradition in the country. In which turmeric paste is applied to the Indian bride;s and groom's bodies. It is believed that the yellow color of the paste brings good luck and wards off evil spirits. The future spouses are showered with water and flowers at the end. 


Baraat is the groom’s wedding procession. According to it, he (together with his family and friends) arrives at the ceremony on horseback or in a decorated car. His relatives dance to the beat of the dhol and walk towards the wedding venue, where the bride’s family is waiting to welcome them.

Jaimala Ceremony

Jaimala is a traditional Indian wedding ceremony in which lovebirds exchange flower garlands (jaimalas) to signify their acceptance of each other as life partners. The girl's friends and family usually lift her up during it. It is made to complicate the task for the guy. 


Varmala is a fun tradition in which the groom tries to steal his Indian wife;s veil while she playfully tries to protect herself. His friends and other guests are allowed to help. One of the newlyweds who wins has the upper hand in the family. 

These are just some of the many exciting Indian wedding traditions that make the country's traditional ceremonies unique and vibrant. We bet you already want to take part in one!


How to bring an Indian wife to the USA?

How to bring an Indian wife to the USA?

As dating experts, we don't have access to your personal information or circumstances that might affect the immigration process. However, generally, there are several steps you can take to bring your Indian mail-order bride to the USA: 

File an I-130 petition for an alien relative 

This is the first step in the spousal visa process. You must file Form I-130 to determine the relationship between you and your spouse.

Wait for approval

Once the USCIS approves your I-130, it will be forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC) for further processing.

Complete the NVC Process

The NVC process involves submitting various forms, including the Immigrant Visa Application (DS-260) and supporting documents.

Attend an interview

Once the NVC approves your wife’s application, she will be invited for an interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate in India.

Obtain a visa 

If your sweetheart’s visa is approved after the interview - she will be given permission to enter the United States.

Enter the United States

Once your spouse arrives in the United States, she must apply for a permanent resident card (green card).

The process can be lengthy and complicated, so it is highly recommended to consult not representatives of Indian dating sites - but an immigration attorney for assistance.



Are Indian mail-order brides a real thing?

Yes, Indian mail-order brides are a real thing. At least when you meet them through a reputable dating site, not a dubious one

Are Indian mail-order brides still a thing?

Yes, Indian brides are still a thing. Even nowadays, they are among the most popular foreign partners for Western guys.
Moreover, marriages with females from this country have the lowest divorce rates. Only 13 out of 1000 marriages ended in divorce in 2022. Perhaps, it's because of their conservative views and opinion that separation is seen as a moral taboo.

Can I really meet Indian mail-order brides online?

Of course! Many Indian singles join international matchmaking platforms to meet their future husbands. Although their motherland is a poor country - relationships with these women are not about money.
Yes, you meet them on the Internet - but they will date and marry you if they genuinely like you. So pick a trustworthy site, get to know ladies, show interest, and be romantic and attentive - maybe one day, your dream girl will say yes.

Why is it better to choose paid Indian mail-order bride sites?

We advise using websites when dating Indian women because they provide a higher security level and better communication tools.

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