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Who are mail-order brides, and how to get married to one of them?

Finding a true soulmate is sometimes not that easy as it seems to be at first sight. Nowadays, singles often turn to various matchmaking services on the Internet. This choice is easy to understand, though. Stressed out by the hectic daily routine, they don't really have plenty of options. The typical day of a modern person could be described as a way between work, subway or traffic jam, and Netflix at home. It's hardly surprising online dating sites are a sort of life preserver for many today. The ads are also highly promising - pithy promoting slogans guarantee, the special one can be found there in just a few minutes. It is, of course, up to you whether you believe these words or not.

Who are mail-order brides, and how to get married to one of them?

If you wonder what we think in this regard - the answer is certain. Maybe not that fast, but everything is possible as long as you want it with all your heart. However, in our opinion, it's not always true that your soulmate can only be found in your homeland. Sometimes people who were born in the same country and even city - just don't go together. In such a case, the wisest decision would be to pay attention to international dating platforms. By choosing them, you practically travel around the world for love - without leaving your own four walls! Who knows, what if your future wife is an e-mail-order bride? Don't laugh - that's how Western men in this day and age call these ladies.

That's why there are now tons of websites that can help you and make your search easier. Some of them are open to everyone. While others - only for the limited number of approved members. Our service, obviously, belongs to the first category because we don't like to say no to love seekers. But enough about us - you'll have a chance to find out more about us a bit later. This article is actually intended to make clear what mail-order bride platforms are. Since there is a lot of information on the Web in this respect, that is pretty creepy. So, let us begin, then?

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What are mail-order brides services?

Did you know that men who marry foreign women are, as a rule, happier? Sadly, this fact is not really well-known. Thus, if you want to discover new ideas of romance and open your mind to a whole new culture, you most likely will be merry with one of the online mail-order brides!

What are mail-order brides services?

Who are these girls, after all? In this way are called women who register on international dating sites. Their biggest desire is to marry a man from another country. These singles mostly come from poorer lands: often from Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Economic motives, lack of career prospects, and political instability can be the reasons why they seek refuge so far away. But many actually and honestly are looking for love and marriage.

Not every lady who joins such a platform is the same. But a closer examination shows that the general success rate is really high. Therefore, it is well worth the effort to try your luck with one of these females. Ultimately, what makes life pleasant are new opportunities and experiences, don't you think so? Still, let us consider the subject of international matchmaking platforms in more detail.

These websites are a kind of brunch or further development of the classic dating agencies. Many years ago, singles could try to search for a life partner through advertisements in local newspapers. The main difference is, online matchmakers have a much larger customer base and broader geographical spread nowadays. If you refer to market leaders, the Latina, Asian, or Russian mail-order bride catalog could be found with more than 200,000 singles. It's needless to say that we are talking solely about active users, though. As you can see: there is no need to complain about the scarcity of selection. However, the whole point of a high-class international dating platform is the so-called matching algorithm. This is a computer program that determines suitable partner suggestions for each user. A protected and secure environment makes the experience even smoother.

For people who want a committed relationship, such dating agencies on the Internet are objectively the most used, most effective, and most promising way to find a new partner. We bet you have at least one couple in your circle of friends who met in this way.

How do mail-order brides services work?

How do mail-order brides services work?

The first step is pretty simple. You just need to become a member of an international dating site with real mail-order brides. You need to be very careful in your choice since some platforms have proven to be disappointing. Others, however, are worth every penny. Check the next section of the article for exact tips on this matter.

Then you need to create a profile so that other singles would find you attractive. Upload a nice picture of yourself, or maybe even a few of them. Users without photos, unfortunately, don't get much attention from the ladies. It is also not less crucial that you share a clear idea of the woman you are looking for.

You can use the Search button to determine the features of your potential girlfriend. So you can get the links to all suitable candidates in a split second! Don't forget that on international dating sites, you will find females from all over the world. Just click on the profiles of those you like most to see more and, maybe, add them to your favorites list.

After that, you can finally start chatting with mail-order women (brides). A reasonably polite language during communication is, of course, always an advantage. On the other hand, nobody wants to be bored with a dull conversation. Express yourself in such a way that you understand each other correctly, notwithstanding the cultural difference.

At this point, we need to mention, no matter how sweet your conversationalist is - don't neglect basic safety rules. Remember: just words are no proof that a lady is genuinely interested in you. The Internet is full of scammers, at long last. You should therefore take a few precautions before you set up a real-life meeting with someone. So before the rendezvous, try to conduct a kind of research. Search the full name of your bride by mail-order in Google, check her social networks. You need to make sure she is not a scammer.

Modern dating sites, undoubtedly, take a hard line against those who disobey the rules. If this is the case, let the administrators know. Your help in this respect will be appreciated. The safety of the customers is the top priority for respectful websites. Still, It is always advisable to read reviews from other users of the site beforehand regarding the quality of the services they offer. Usually, these should be testimonials from people who have found their happiness there. If most reviews speak against the site, then it's probably not worth joining.

If you wonder how much does a mail-order bride cost - there is no certain answer. The site owners determine the prices, so they differ. The point is to pick the affordable one. If prices are too high, experts advise looking for something that fits your wallet and heart.

It's rare, but some of such platforms are even free. If so - consider yourself lucky. But chatting alone will not get you anywhere. Sooner or later, you will have to move the online romance into the offline world.

Choosing a good mail order bride service, but how?

Online dating services are a dime a dozen on the Web. Some of them are pretty expensive, while the others are absolutely free to use. Which of them are really worth your time and effort? How can you separate the wheat from the chaff? Our advice will help you to choose the best site for mail-order brides!

Choosing a good mail order bride service, but how?

So, above all, when choosing an international matchmaking platform, you should always pay attention to details. After all, you will spend many evenings communicating there. You should not underestimate any point if you truly want to change your marital status from single to married.

Step #1

The Internet is full of various reviews and ratings. Either online marketplaces, restaurants, social media, or mail-order Latin-American brides sites - it remains. The testimonials of other users create trust and provide information about personal experiences with the product or service. Because everyone knows that what ads promise is not always true. So let it be the first criteria of finding good international matchmaking.

First of all, the more reviews an online dating site has, the better. Just like in surveys, only a large number of results can demonstrate the general tendency. If a platform has very few customers' opinions, you can conclude that:

  • The site is very new or rarely used.
  • The few reviews that exist may be fake.
  • The probability of meeting your dream girlfriend there is low.

A partner search with many reviews is more trustworthy. Unfortunately, many people don't find it necessary to share their positive experiences with mail-order brides. They write only about something unpleasant instead. You, therefore, need to appeal to your good sense when reading them all. Still, if you see too many scam reports - it is better to stay away from the platform.

If you have time, read expert reviews of your favorite websites. They are more comprehensive than regular customers' opinions and highlight a wider variety of criteria.

The Internet is full of mail order brides sites reviews and ratings

Step #3

Can you really get a mail-order bride like you if the platform where you two communicate doesn't work properly? Of course, not! But in addition to usability, the features it offers are no less significant. High-quality international dating agencies usually have a wide range of services. It includes all necessary assistance that helps users on each stage: from getting acquainted - to moving in together. Of course, the extent of such guidance can vary depending on the website. Some will organize an offline meeting for you straight away. While others will only be at your side solely to make online communication possible. Therefore, think about what kind of services you need.

Good customer service is essential for the best online dating sites. Without a contact person and only a few getting in touch options, the search for your future wife can be difficult. Rely on providers who really support you.

Benefits of using mail-order brides services

Without any doubt, such a way of dating seems pretty controversial at first glance. But how to get a mail-order wife without giving it a chance?

Naturally, like every undertaking in our life, it involves certain risks and complications. Still, in this part of the article, we want to highlight the most significant benefits of international matchmaking services. We hope they will help you understand that flirting on the Web with foreign girls can turn into a happy relationship!

Benefit #1. The high number of hot mail-order brides willing to start committed relationships.

Single girls who have decided to search for love on a trustworthy dating website are clearly more serious in their intentions and want a long-term relationship. Often their specific goal is to get married and start a family. This is the absolute opposite of what women from typical flirting apps want. The probability your online girlfriend will say no to your proposal or offer to move to your country is really low.

The high number of hot mail-order brides willing to start committed relationships

Benefit #2. The extremely high success rate.

The self-learning computer algorithms, developed by specialists, lead to an ever-higher success rate than any dating method has had before. Based on couple-psychological selection criteria, you will receive only optimally suitable partner suggestions.

At first glance, it might seem a potential Asian or Russian mail-order bride is not what you need. Experts, however, advise following their tips since they bring success. With full responsibility, we can say, the modern computer programs of international matchmakers deliver a surprising number of direct hits.

Benefit #3. More targeted partner search.

When you think of regular dating sites, the partner search process doesn't seem to be easy. It's like sitting in a stadium full of singles, among those you need to choose the most suitable. You must agree, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack!

But when it comes to mail-order Ukrainian brides sites (or other similar platforms) - everything changes. Such services offer their members a party-alike atmosphere. The targeted search algorithm ensures that singles that go well together see each other's profiles first. This saves time and nerves, doesn't it?

Benefit #4. The incredible level of anonymity.

If this aspect is crucial for you - choose international dating websites, notwithstanding the final mail-order wife cost. In particular, anonymity can be maintained in every phase of getting to know each other. And you can disappear very discreetly if your gut tells you that you and your online girlfriend aren't soulmates.

Remember: on a serious matchmaking platform, each user decides for himself how open he wants to be. You, for example, can reveal your personal contact information only after a while of communication.

Benefit #5. No pressure.

As a rule, the gender ratio on popular flirt apps is not favorable for men. It's almost always more male users than females. The pressure it makes is so intense that its impact shouldn't be underestimated. In fact, without a super-attractive photo in your profile, you won't stand out from the crowd.

It is, fortunately, not the case with international dating services. Usually, such a woman becomes a mail-order American bride because she is very family-oriented. So this girl is rather interested to know you as a person above all. And, by the way, there are more female than male members on these platforms.

No pressure on mail order brides services

Who can use online dating services with mail-order brides?

The following checklist will tell you whether websites with Asian, Latina, or Russian mail-order brides are good to you. You just need to answer with all honesty.

1. Am I seriously looking for love and marriage?

The best international dating agencies are usually used by singles who are seriously looking for a life partner. So if you don't feel ready to settle down - better don't break someone's heart with online romance.

You can find quick and superficial flirtations on various sites and apps. Moreover, many of them are free to use.

2. Am I at the right age?

Singles over 30 (or at least over 25) are clearly in the majority among members of these platforms. So if you are younger than this age - consider other options available.

Older than 70? It's no problem at all! Foreign brides, in their majority, don't mind the age difference.

3. Is international matchmaking right for me?

Among females of such services (particularly Ukrainian and Russian women), you are more likely to meet singles with at least one university grade. They then stand on their own two feet and are financially independent. Are you equal to a girlfriend like this?

We want to summarize. An international matchmaking platform is particularly suitable for people who want to find a partner to spend the rest of their life with. Or at least someone for committed relationships. The fact that the use of a dating agency is often associated with certain costs implies that only those singles who have serious intentions are registered there.

Is international matchmaking right for me?

How to meet in person?

Okay, above all, no one says that long-distance relationships are easy to have. To love, when you and your mail-order bride from Russia are thousands of miles away from each other, makes lots of matters different, and things seem complicated. Loneliness and sadness are often associated with this type of romance. However, the extra distance that separates partners also ensures that the simplest moments become the most beautiful ones.

So, the initial question we want to answer at this stage is the following. When is the right time to meet offline for the first time? Well, there is no point waiting months and years for the perfect moment - it doesn't exist. You just need to see your online girlfriend in person to realize whether there is chemistry between you two. If not - it's better to continue your search. In the context of the location, things are much simpler. It's advisable to travel to your woman's country. But don't feel sad about it! If you have an Asian mail-order bride, you can combine dates with a fascinating vacation!

The second frequently asked question in this respect is - how often should you arrange offline meetings?

We bet you have surely asked yourself this question and not only once.

Still, how often you and your lady will see each other depends on a few factors, such as the distance, your job, and what you want. For example, if you work in the healthcare industry - you often have night shifts, and this makes the whole thing even more complicated. Anyway, if you want to see each other every weekend, it's amazing! If you're more of the type that every 2 or 3 months is enough - that's fine too. In fact, if your loved one is one of the Russian mail-to-order brides - a meeting once in 6 months is pretty okay as well. You shouldn't ask yourself how often is good enough but what you can set up instead.

What we do and how we can help you

We are an international matchmaking platform Since 2013 we have been a serious, efficient, and trustworthy online dating agency. Our specialization is - bringing together women from Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, and English-speaking men. We are headquartered in the United Kingdom.

With a modern concept, personal commitment, and perfect service - GB has the highest standards on the market. We rely on the competence, knowledge, experience, and professional work of our staff. The team includes specialists with a university degree in sociology, psychology, and advanced technologies.

As a member of GoldenBride, you can chat live with the sexy mail-order brides of your dreams! As well as send emails, arrange phone calls, order gifts, and many more!

We care about our reputation. It means 100% of the profiles of our female members are checked manually. Identities confirmation and activation by our support team - these two simple steps should be gone through by every girl. Furthermore, we take active action against scams and fraud and inform about it. Our customer care service will support your search and offer every possible help. Together with privacy and personal data protection - all risks are cleared away.

We constantly work on adapting our service to the needs of modern singles from all over the world. As well as making them satisfied with us.

Happy customers are our capital. Ultimately, they are what make our job make sense. Your success is our greatest reward. But never forget: the success of international marriage is built primarily on wisdom and honesty.

FAQ about mail-order brides

How much do mail-order wives cost?

Are you interested in a foreign lady? Then you should know that nothing, regrettably, is free in life! The average mail-order bride price only confirms this statement.
So, as you might guess, the best sites can't provide their services for free. The prices charged for communication with such women vary depending on the platform's quality and trustworthiness. But we can definitely advise you to go to sites that are not that tough for your budget. There is no point in spending the last penny on a love search - remember that! Even more irresponsible is to take credit in a bank for these matters.
Okay then - let us be a bit more specific. Some platforms, like GoldenBride, don't ask to pay money for registration and membership but do charge you for advanced features. In this case, the final price depends on your talkativeness. Others require monthly or annual subscriptions for their services. The monthly subscriptions, as a rule, cost between $100 and 200, while the annual one is priced between $400 and 500. To make the process a bit cheaper - use promotions the websites offer.

Can I really buy a mail-order bride?

How to mail order a bride? Men from all over the globe search it in Google. We are very sorry to say that but you, in fact, can't buy yourself a wife. Sure, the ladies registered to such websites come from not rich countries. Still, they all have feelings and can't be placed at an auction like a car or something.
We can't judge you if you have thought so, dear friend. Because of all the ads, it may seem that international matchmaking is able to make miracles. It could definitely help in finding a suitable partner - don't doubt it. But even the most respectful dating agency cannot guarantee your success. Unfortunately, this sometimes involves that your dream woman is not a member of the platform you have chosen - just like when you go to a nightclub to get to know someone. Anyway, you need to be patient and polite - even if a girl says no.

Where do I find mail-order brides?

The answer to this question is pretty apparent. You can find mail-order brides on online matchmaking platforms, such as GoldenBride.
Let us explain to you one more time how it works. So, an international dating agency is a service that is usually offered on the Web by so-called marriage brokers. It is aimed at singles who are looking for a partner abroad.
As the term matchmaking suggests, dating, in this context, is not just about enabling male users to quickly contact foreign ladies. A dating agency also tries to introduce its members to potential partners who best match their wishes and ideas of a dream woman or man. The main idea behind it - is that two people who have good prospects for a long-term and happy relationship should find each other. It is assumed that this is always the case when the two partners have similar personality traits. But also if their values and their requirements for a relationship match in many ways.

Where do I find mail-order brides?

How successful are mail-order marriages?

To give you the most objective answer to this question, we need to seek the truth in the latest surveys and statistics. So, no matter how surprising it sounds, according to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services - the success rate, in this case, is enormous! Especially compared to marriages with local ladies, by the way. While 50% of all marriages in the United States end with divorce - around 82% of families consisting of Western men and mail-order brides live happily ever after. It is probably essential to mention the average number of such couples. The numbers are really impressive: each year, dating agencies unite from 5000 to 6000 soulmates.

Are mail-order brides legal?

When talking about international matchmaking, in general - it is just a brunch of regular online dating. It means, there hardly exist countries where such a way of getting to know each other is illegal.
But we still suggest you check your local law to make sure you or your agency don't do anything wrong. For example, American websites, to be absolutely legal, need to follow IMBRA (the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act).

Are mail-order brides real?

Well, we can't speak for everyone in the industry since it doesn't make any sense. We can only tell you about us.
So, as we have mentioned before, each one of our female members goes through the manual identity check. In other words, we can guarantee that you talk exactly with the person whose pictures you see in her profile.

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