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Dating a Japanese woman: a complete foreign guy´s guide

Japan is a unique Asian island state with millennia of fascinating history. It can be compared to the small world with its exciting peculiarities. The one that has turned into a highly developed land, carefully preserving old traditions.

In fact, Japan was a secretive country, free from outside influence, for a long time. Only in the 16th century did Europeans discover the Land of the Rising Sun. But that hadn't significantly changed the mentality of locals. The main transformations occurred after the Second World War when Japan was defeated, exposed to nuclear bombings, and demonstrated to the world its economic miracle. Having absorbed Western technologies and science - the country has remained an autonomous universe. It is to say that even modern Japanese singles aren't like those from the Western world or even neighboring lands of Asia. And spending the rest of your life in their homeland does not guarantee 100% comprehension of their outlook. Let us give you a few examples to intrigue you even more. 

Despite the accepted democratic values, the Land of Cherry Blossoms retained its monarchy. The emperor remains a symbol of Japanese unity and loyalty to tradition. However, the modern world and technology are advancing there as well. So along with mysterious geishas and samurai rituals, foreigners notice open-mindedness in many spheres of life, including sex. As an illustration, in subway cars, men like to snuggle up to women they don't know. And this is considered perfectly normal...  

Okay, the local males' secret passion is clear now. But what about Japanese brides? They are shopping lovers and big fashionistas. These cuties can find extravagant outfits almost everywhere! All famous world brands are represented in their motherland - although much more expensive than anywhere else. But this does not prevent the Japanese from standing in line for several hours to buy new trendy outfits. 

We guess such a high purchasing power of locals has to do with the fact Japan is among the top ten countries in the world in terms of living standards. It is also the second largest economy in Asia, only recently surpassed by its neighbor China. One of the explanations for this success is the workaholism of people who live there. Career takes up to 99% of the time of the average Japanese, which has become a big problem for the health of society. Death from overwork is a common thing for the representatives of this nation. The Japanese government has even begun to pass laws that reduce time spent doing a job. And local companies are forced to turn off the lights in the evening so that their employees go home. This doesn't help, though... 

Japanese workaholism leads to broken families and loneliness. Therefore, in this country, you will find such services that in the Western world would be bewildering. In particular, a family for rent - is something you can legally order there. The offer usually includes a wife and children for a day to escape aloneness. Actors will play their roles according to the customer's wishes. At the same time, local singles can always go to special salons and hug a stranger, touch them, or even ask for a massage. 

So, how's that? You probably need some time to digest what we just shared. But as soon as you are ready - get back to this article. We have everything you need to know about Japanese dating and its price. What if your soulmate comes from this peculiar country?  


Who are Japanese brides?

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Who are Japanese brides?

We cannot say that many Japanese are dating foreigners or are generally open to international relationships, especially with men from Western countries. Do you remember their society was isolated from the rest of the world for a long time? Well, it remains quite reserved even nowadays. That's why some of these women date only locally. Don't panic, though. The number of love seekers abroad continually grows. 

Considering Japan's economic situation, the many opportunities for females, and the cultural nuances, one quickly realizes that brides from this land are not looking for a foreign husband for financial reasons. So what makes them do this? 

The Land of the Rising Sun is economically developed - but everything comes at a price. Local people are prone to work a lot: an average of 50 hours a week. For this reason, the time to find a potential soulmate is limited. So the decision to join a Japanese online dating service appears pretty logical. 

Although Western culture differs significantly, girls from this Asian country are keen to get acquainted with it. Many watch American TV shows and series from a young age and dream of traveling to the USA one day. So they are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and move in with you in your homeland. 

Here are the additional motivations of women from The Land of Cherry Blossoms to look for love abroad: 

  • They don't want to limit themselves to local guys. Thanks to its geographical position, their country seems remote. And now, they want to take advantage of the Internet and every opportunity it offers (in broadening dating horizons, above all).  
  • Japanese mail-order brides believe it's easier to find a partner online (compared to traditional ways). It's also more convenient and practical because they don't have to waste time communicating with people they have nothing in common with. 
  • Ladies in Japan find Western males more perspective, clever, loyal, and manly. At the same time, guys like you are known for being supportive and caring about the well-being and happiness of their family partners. The presence of children from previous relationships, as a rule, doesn't bother them. 

Sure: there are thousands of Japanese single females on international matchmaking platforms. And they all may have their specific reasons. So don't be shy to ask!


Why are Japanese brides so popular?

Why are Japanese brides so popular?

We could talk for hours about why Japanese girls for dating are unbelievably popular. Still, isn't it better to spend your precious time chatting with them - instead of learning unnecessary facts? The most important thing to know is that an average woman from this country has all the qualities you want to see in your life partner but can't find in your local females. She is self-sacrificing, traditional, family-oriented, and willing to support her man in all undertakings.

Okay, due to the fact you are still reading this section of our article, you still want to hear explanations of the popularity of the Japanese. We'll do this for you, don't worry. Here are the traits that make Western guys want to have a girlfriend from The Land of the Rising Sun:

  • Pretty ladies from Japan are always open to compromises. They don't like to quarrel with their loved ones and cherish peace in relationships.
  • A woman from this Asian country usually has time to keep in touch, notwithstanding how busy she is. This includes sweet good morning messages or even ordering small gifts to make you smile. 
  • Even if your mother tongue isn't English, be sure your Japanese girlfriend will speak it fluently one day. She is persistent enough to learn the hardest languages in the world. 
  • A Japanese mail-order bride loves spending time with her boyfriend - no matter where. Therefore, she will be equally pleased to go to a fancy place with you or just stay home and watch a movie on Netflix. 
  • A partner from this land will encourage you on new achievements. She will be by your side whatever you plan, inspiring you to strive for even more. 

Thus, if you have always been charmed by the exotic appearance of females from Japan, you should take every opportunity to know them better!


Pros and Cons of Japanese women for marriage

Pros and Cons of Japanese women for marriage

International marriages are no longer foreign words for Western people - but trends. However, it is not just about popular tendencies. The statistic shows that such marriages are much more successful and happy. 

As you already know, Japan is the most developed Asian country. And it's not hard to guess that local beauties, who look like anime figures, allure foreign single men. Dating experts echo their desires and put Japanese mail-order brides into the category of the most suitable partners for males worldwide. This is not surprising, though. Since besides their stunning looks, their character traits add even more charm to the female image of the nation. 

In parallel, dating and marrying a lady from Japan appears challenging to many Western guys. And they aren't sure whether the undertaking is worth their time and money. That's why we decided to highlight the main advantages and disadvantages it brings. Are you ready to learn more about these girls?



Their outstanding beauty

The beauty of women from this island state is known far beyond the country's borders. A look at profiles of the ladies on Japanese dating websites is enough to realize: they embody Asian beauty. It's not for nothing that women worldwide are constantly trying to solve the riddle of their attractiveness (albeit not very successfully). 

Have you ever seen fat Japanese females? Agree: most girls of this nationality are like Thumbelina. Gaining extra pounds seems absolutely unacceptable to them. So their slender feminine figures appear even more lovely with smart but sexy clothes.   

The facial features of Japanese girls are simply flawless! Their fair skin, plump lips, and gorgeous eyes are so alluring... Another talent of these beauties is to look like teenagers till retirement. And yes: even in the morning, they look fantastic. 

Their cleverness

If you want to get a Japanese wife - be sure, in this case, you obtain a clever partner who is not afraid to show it. 

Education in the Land of the Rising Sun is known for its wide availability and high quality. So it can be said that local people receive one of the best educations anywhere in the world. And they know how to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. 

Japan is a country of technology, development, and economic growth. This is ensured not only by men but also by women. Therefore, Japanese ladies are given marvelous career prospects (equal to males). And in their pastime, these cuties can support a conversation on any topic and present themselves as intelligent, competent individuals (even in high society). 

Their romantic charm

Their romantic charm

Yes, women from the Land of Cherry Blossoms are romantics at heart. Despite all their professional achievements and do-it-yourself nature, all Japanese women sincerely want a reliable partner and a happy relationship that lasts forever. They adore Hollywood-style love stories, and nothing would make them happier than one of those stories happening in reality. 

Those Western guys who know from their experience what dating in Japan is say - it's impossible to withstand the local females' charm and lovable nature. Even after years of marriage, the Japanese don't stop being amazing with their cute seductiveness. Such a girl's sight can melt the largest iceberg - the same happens with the bad mood of the surrounding people. Indeed, life takes on bright and pleasant colors with a girlfriend from this Asian country. 



They are difficult to communicate with 

Unfortunately, communication can be an issue when you open a Japanese singles chat. As you can see, we don't even say a word about the fact that men and women see many things differently anyway. Due to the constant misunderstanding, even those from the same country understand each other wrong... 

But what if you and your sweetheart speak distinct languages? Some syntax and phrases don't make sense in Japanese and, for example, English. So neither you nor your girlfriend won't be able to fully express yourselves (at the beginning, at least). How do you get over this problem? 

The solution to this issue is obvious: discovering each other's culture and languages with the help of love! But it's easier to say than to do...

They are passive-aggressive at times

Society in Japan demands people avoid conflicts at any cost. As a direct result, some women from this country might appear passive-aggressive and let you down when it's least expected.

What does it mean in the context of Japanese woman dating? Well... A girl you like might be nice to you even if she secretly thinks you're a fool. She might smile at you when you approach her, albeit you don't have a chance to win her heart. In the Western world, this is sometimes called fakeness and manipulation. In the Land of the Rising Sun, such behavior is perfectly normal. Thus, don't judge. 

They are shy and calm

Japanese mail-order brides are awfully quiet. Hot temper, sarcasm, assertiveness, and similar traits are not about them. They will consistently avoid being loud or contradicting their partners' words in public. Each of them sincerely believes that the chosen one is always right and never be cast out by it.

At the same time, ladies from this country are overly shy. There are so many routine situations that can embarrass them. For example, they will not be willing to discuss the juicy details of their romantic life with friends. They dislike gossiping and being the object of the stories others tell too. 


How to find a Japanese wife? 

How to find a Japanese wife?

Millions of people worldwide dream of visiting the Land of Cherry Blossoms one day. It is, in fact, one of the most mysterious and fascinating countries in the world. Such an experience might be life-changing if you commit to it. In particular, in case your goal is finding a Japanese wife. 

Here are the top three cities you can travel to for dating purposes: 


Tokyo is the capital of Japan and, therefore, the main focus of many foreigners. This city has a lot to offer, even if you have already been to the most exotic places in the world. 

Why do you need to choose Tokyo for your love search? As it is the most popular destination for tourists, local Japanese girls have significant experience with Western men and don't treat them like a wonder. For the best matches - we advise you to go to Tapas, Nobu Tokyo, Robot restaurants, Bauhaus, Geronimo, and Rooftop bars or Ibez, Odeon, and Harlem nightclubs.


Osaka is not as big as Tokyo, but it is the country's cultural and architectural center. In addition, it is known for its vibrant entertainment industry and nightlife. So if you are not lucky enough to meet Japanese singles in the streets of Osaka, you can try the many popular spots around the city. These include Osaka Tacos, Gautama, Alto Tritone restaurants, Nayuta, Voyager Stand, and Babushka bars. While the best lounges are Giraffe, Ghost, and Owl Osaka. 


Yokohama is one of those Japanese cities that is quite big compared to others but doesn't attract many foreign tourists. This is definitely unfair because it has many fabulous sights to offer. 

On the other hand, Yokohama is full of women with no experience with Western guys but open to meeting them. Therefore, you have the best chance of reaching your goals there! Just visit Bills, Charcoal Grill Green, and Truva restaurants or The Craftsman, The Green Sheep, and Full Monty pubs. Milano, Disco Groovy, and Motion Blue nightclubs offer a fun opportunity to dance the night away with local beauties. 

But wait, what if you don't want to travel to Japan now? Do you have any option in this case?

It's easy to guess that women in the Land of the Rising Sun are among the pioneers in trying new technologies and services. For this reason, online matchmaking has been popular in their motherland since its invention. 

You can meet thousands of singles through a Japanese dating site in the USA! But don't use your usual platforms and apps. When a woman from this country wants to meet a foreign partner for a serious relationship or marriage - she prefers becoming a member of an international marriage agency. In her opinion, the assistance of dating experts is crucial for quick and lasting results. 


How much does a Japanese bride cost?

How much does a Japanese bride cost?

We often get messages from Western men with such text: I want to meet and marry a Japanese lady - does it cost money? It certainly does. Unfortunately (like most things in modern life), this undertaking can't be free. How much, then? 

Since you don't have to pay a fixed price for ordering a bride from the Land of Cherry Blossoms - you only have to cover the mandatory Japanese online dating expenses. You'll also have to pay for your trip to Japan when the time comes. We talk about the real-life rendezvous, without which you can't move further in your romance. All in all, your spending will likely be within $5000 to $20000. If you want to calculate the budget more carefully, check how much each step usually involves. 

Site services

Japanese online dating usually begins with choosing a suitable platform. It must be safe and user-friendly. You also ought to be protected from scammers and be sure the provider won't use your personal information elsewhere or for indecent intentions. The quality of the profiles of female members should be good too. Do you understand now why such services can't be free-of-charge? 

Of course, we can't give you the exact cost here. It depends on many factors (partly individual, partly connected to the website). From our experience, we can say that the platforms with credit systems instead of monthly subscription plans allow users to save money. In this case, you will pay, per month, $100 to $400 for communication. 


One of the major dating rules in this country sounds like this: don't disappear for too long. As a Western man and Asian woman, you and your girlfriend probably won't get to see each other in person as often as you would like. However, modern technology gives you many ways to keep romance alive even when you are not physically together. Instant messaging, video chats, and phone calls are just a few tools you can use in your relationship. Still, experts suggest not forgetting about presents. 

Good news: every reputable Japanese wife agency has its gift delivery service. The price of using it depends on your generosity, though. A box of chocolates is much cheaper than golden earrings...

Offline dating

No matter how great your Japanese dating site is - online communication alone is not enough. Sooner or later, you will have to travel to your girlfriend's homeland. How much does such a trip cost, then? 

Western men usually say that two weeks is enough for the first time in Japan. For our part, we can state that spending 14 days abroad will not make you understand the cultural background and differences of locals. But you will still have a chance to get to know your woman better, discover her personality traits, and maybe even meet her family members. 

Okay, for two weeks in Japan, is this minimum to consider:

  • A roundtrip ticket to Tokyo from New York or any other big American city costs $700-$1200. However, it depends on the season, personal discounts, etc.
  • You will pay about $100-$150 per night for the accommodation.
  • Transportation (if you don't rent a car) won't be expensive - $20 per day.
  • Food and entertainment, as a rule, are priced at $100 per day. 

The cost of moving a Japanese mail-order bride to the USA

Another thing foreign men need to understand before planning a wedding ceremony and buying symbolic gifts - there are additional expenses to expect. We talk about applying for the K-1 visa, of course. Namely, this type is typically used by international couples. Therefore, most likely, your Japanese mail-order wife will need it too. 

All fees here are official and can be checked on the website of the US Embassy in Japan. Although we can say, together with flight tickets, be prepared to pay $2700 to bring your sweetheart to America. 

How to reduce the cost of a Japanese bride?

When it comes to reducing the cost of international matchmaking, you always have a choice of two alternatives. The first one suggests joining one of the Japanese dating agencies with free communication services. Unfortunately, we can't support this idea. Paid platforms tend to be intuitive and have many IRL features. Also, you chat only with the ladies who went through identity checks there. They all are single and interested in building a serious relationship with a foreigner. Free-to-use websites generally don't have such benefits...

What is the second option, then? Obviously, many countries in Asia (or elsewhere in the world) are significantly cheaper than Japan. So arranging a trip with an offline meeting there wouldn't be equally expensive. We find this alternative better since it isn't dangerous and uncomfortable. Highly recommended!


What we do and how we can help you

What we do and how we can help you

We are GoldenBride.net, and it's nice to meet you on our website!

We are not just a classic Japanese dating service, though. Our members say we are the best international marriage agency on the Internet. 

On our platform, you can create and fill out your user profile free of charge. On this basis, you will also receive match suggestions, be able to scroll through the feed and use our advanced search. It's a perfect opportunity to look around and decide whether we have what you want. At the same time, as a customer, you have support from our staff 24 hours/7 days a week.  

There are paid services on GoldenBride.net too. They include communication features, video calls, and gift delivery. In this way, no matter how far you are from your crush, staying in touch has never been easier. All prices are made available to you transparently, so unpleasant surprises will be avoided. But wait, why don't you join and see everything with your own eyes? 


Why is marrying a Japanese woman a jackpot?

Why is marrying a Japanese woman a jackpot?

Women from the Land of the Rising Sun have gained wide popularity as potential girlfriends. But is marrying one of them a jackpot? Are Western guys happy with such a decision? Yes, they, in fact, are. Let's see whether a Japanese mail-order wife can tick all the boxes for you. 

A life partner from this country is good-looking and youthful. But, at the same time, she is also mature for her age. Such a lady is perfect to start a family because she is ready for everlasting commitment. Also, she is respectful and quiet but can be confident when protecting her loved ones. 

It's no secret that females of this nation have more traditional values than those from your land. For instance, they prefer men to lead the couple and take care of many routine things. Keeping informed is crucial, though. A Japanese wife would genuinely appreciate it if you shared your thoughts and ideas with her because it makes her feel respected. Remember: she is willing to work for the success of your marriage as much as you do. After all, in Japan, people rarely see divorce as an option and will do anything to make the union last.

In case your experience of Japanese dating online grows into something more, you will find that your sweetheart has impressive housekeeping skills. It is to say - she will be a pro at cooking, housekeeping, and child-rearing.

Just so you know, a woman from this country does the parenting job almost professionally. She knows how to find a common language with children, is a good friend to them, and spends much quality time with the little ones. A Japanese wife will always make sure you have lots of activities as a family. Thus, unforgettable adventures are guaranteed!


Japanese wedding traditions

Japanese wedding traditions

Japanese dating and marriage have plenty of fascinating traditions. Of course, we can't describe them all here - you don't have so much time. But here are some of the most exciting ones:

Shinto Ceremonies

Shinto weddings are popular in Japan and involve ancient rituals performed at Shinto shrines. The couple and their families give prayers to the kami (spirits) for a prosperous and harmonious life together. The bride typically wears a white kimono, and the groom has on a montsuki (formal black kimono with family crests).


During the wedding ceremony, a sake-sharing ritual called San-san-kudo takes place. The lovebirds take turns sipping sake from three different-sized cups, each representing a certain aspect of their new bond - past, present, and future. This ritual symbolizes the couple's unity and the sharing of joys and sorrows.


Tsunokakushi is a unique tradition where the Japanese mail bride wears a white hood or hat to symbolize her dedication to becoming a respectful and dutiful wife. This indicates her intention to hide her "horns of jealousy" and be a good wife, maintaining tranquility in the household.

The Exchange of Rings

Like in many Western weddings, the bride and groom exchange rings during Japanese weddings. However, unlike traditions in your country, the rings are typically not worn after the ceremony. They are usually presented in ornamental boxes and stored safely as cherished keepsakes.


Yuino is a traditional engagement ceremony where families of the happy couple exchange gifts like sake, traditional sweets, and auspicious items. This interaction represents the formal acceptance of the children's engagement and symbolizes the unification of the two families.

Once again, these are only a few fascinating wedding traditions in the Land of Cherry Blossoms. Each country's region also has its unique customs and practices. But these five stand out as some of the most captivating and culturally significant traditions. Ask your Japanese mail-order bride if you want to know more in this regard. She will be happy to share!



Are Japanese mail-order brides a real thing?

If you want to meet a Japanese mail-order bride - then the most convenient and legitimate way to do this is through an online dating platform. However, whether the female members on the particular website are real depends on its internal policy.
We recommend you choose a reputable provider to play it safe. Japanese singles on this site will definitely be real. And they are actually looking for a husband from abroad.

Are Japanese mail-order brides still a thing?

Yes, of course, they are! Still, don't think you can succeed in Japanese dating just because you are a foreigner.
Girls from this country are very romantic and dream of a happy relationship. But they won't date everyone who gets in their way. These beauties are self-confident and perfectly know what they want (both from romance and life). Thus, your self-esteem needs to match hers.

Can I really meet Japanese mail-order brides online?

If you want to find a Japanese wife, the question appears. Is it really possible to meet her through the Internet?
Well, if you have a remote job and always dreamed of visiting the Land of Cherry Blossoms - great. You can go there and stay at least a year to discover the culture and get to know local singles. If, for some reason, this option doesn't work for you - not bad. You can meet many Japanese women online without leaving your house! Spoiler: it will be much more affordable too.

Why is it better to choose paid Japanese mail-order bride sites?

Unfortunately, not all Japanese girls you can meet online are real. Nowadays, many scammers want to take advantage of love seekers in different ways. It also happens that women behind profiles actually exist - but their intentions are not decent.
This is why choosing a reliable dating site is essential. And such platforms can't be free-of-charge for apparent reasons. So we suggest you look for your Japanese mail-order wife, not forgetting about your safety.

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