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Meet the Best Italian Mail Order Brides - Beautiful Italy Women for Marriage Here

Italy seems to be created for entertainment and relaxation. There, you can spend time at a ski resort, swim in the warm sea, and climb a volcano (all on the same day)! However, when considering the country's highlights, it's impossible not to mention the mafia. The Godfather and his ilk are known all over the world. It has long ceased to be just a bandit organization and has grown into something more and unique. Even now, about 80% of companies, enterprises, and small businesses regularly pay something like a tribute to the 'nowadays' mafia. Today, only in three regions of the land: Sicily, Calabria, and Campania.

We all know that Italy is the homeland of fashion, science, culture, and art. This European country has given us many outstanding personalities. Casanova, Da Vinci, Botticelli, and Verdi are known in every corner of our planet. Even now, Gianni Versace, Monica Bellucci, Valentino, and many other famous Italians have significant roles in global history. The conclusion suggests itself: the most exciting thing about this land is its people!

Italian brides

Another curious fact. The daily routine of an average Italian is pretty unusual. As a rule, such a person wakes up at 6 or 7am and immediately goes to the nearest cafe for breakfast. There they calmly spend time until 9-10am and then go to work. A bit later (at 1:20pm), the lunch break necessarily begins - after which all Italians have a siesta (afternoon rest during the hours of greatest activity of the sun). Only then (from 4:00 to 7:00pm) the working day continues. After that, evening activities may begin. It involves visiting restaurants, cafes, theaters, or just walking in the park. Sounds weird for someone from the Western world, right?

Nevertheless, we think you turned your gaze to Italy not because you want new experiences and cultural contrasts. You, most likely, believe that your soulmate might be an Italian mail-order bride. If you are serious about your intentions - read this article because it has all the facts you need to know beforehand. 

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What do Italian singles look like?

It is believed that Italian ladies are one of the most charming worldwide. Let's see whether it's true. Maybe they are just ... different?

There is a type of beauty that distinguishes the women of this country. According to it, an average Italian girl is a brunette with long hair, medium height, and slightly tanned. But we don't want to say all Italians are knocked out by such appearance. For instance, there are naturally fair-haired and even gingers among them! Although when talking about hair coloring, mature ladies usually choose light shades (easier to hide growing gray roots). 

Another interesting fact. Females from the northern part of the land are taller than average (especially youth). Italian single women from the southern regions are usually petite. The latter is also more emotional (even demonstrative) - they speak through their bodies, using many gestures. The northerners are calmer and more balanced, with less pronounced motions and facial expressions - one can feel the closeness of Germany and Austria here.

In some ways, Italians are similar to Russians. We talk about the fact that girls from both nations are already in full make-up early in the morning. The same goes for their love of jewelry and high heels. 

It's no secret that ladies from Italy are very stylish. They pay a lot of attention to clothes and accessories. On the streets, you rarely meet potential Italian bride in sportswear (elements, yes, but not just a sports set). There are always some chic elements: either satin, lace, or leopard print.

These cuties adore bright colors and rarely wear something black. Their passion for brands is known around the globe. Lots of local girls have tattoos.

Why are single Italian women so sexy and beautiful?

Why are single Italian women so sexy and beautiful?

What do you see arriving in sunny Italy? Most likely, it's incredibly nice architecture and unbelievably delicious pizza. However, women in this land are no less magnificent than architectural style or cuisine. 

Perhaps, the local atmosphere and culture make these ladies so unique. Their sincerity and inability to hide their emotions are genuinely charming. They quarrel like there is no tomorrow and fall in love like it's the first time. For sure, this directness can leave no Western man indifferent. 

Still, Italians captivate not only with their manners. The natural yet vibrant beauty they have - is a real national highlight! What are their secrets, then? The answers are right below. 

#1. Lemon and olive oil

If some of your friends or colleagues have tried Sicilian women dating, this beauty trick is no secret for them. Since it's most typical for this sunny Mediterranean island. So let's figure out what it is about. 

Everyone knows lemon juice is used in gastronomy (lemonade, salad dressings, etc.). This citrus fruit is also seen as a universal cosmetic product in Italy. The extract is applied to the nails to infuse them with vitamin C, to the skin as a tonic, and to the hair for brightness. Lemon's antibacterial properties shouldn't be forgotten too. In the famous movie "Malèna" with Monica Bellucci, there is a scene in which the main character performs hygiene procedures without soap, using only water and lemon juice. So this isn't a reflection of the director's imagination. 

No less popular ingredient of beauty treatments in this country is olive oil. Italian females know it's good for the skin and hair (thanks to vitamin E). Even Sophia Loren did not hide the fact that she applied olive oil to her entire body and the ends of her hair to give them a healthy shine. 

#2. Sun is not the enemy

Why are Italian women so sexy and beautiful?: Sun is not the enemy

The absolute majority of women worldwide (especially in Asia) do their best to avoid the sun's rays. Ladies are usually too afraid of their unfavorable effects on the skin. Italians are the complete opposite here, though. These southern hotties love the sun! 

Local girls flock to the beaches in summer to relax and enjoy the warmth. However, they don't forget healthy limits and move into the shadows in time. In addition, these ladies use sunscreen and protect their eyes with stylish sunglasses.

Italians are sure - the skin will age in any case. There will be wrinkles and other imperfections no matter what they do. So it's better to worry less and enjoy simple pleasures as long as possible. Maybe that's why they love a beautiful beach tan and never visit the solarium. 

#3. Trends come and go

Italian mail-order brides do not follow every trend that appears. They are more focused on making their good-lookingness timeless. In other words, everything they do to their appearance must remain relevant for years. All details matter - sunscreens, moisturizers, perfumes, lipsticks, etc. 

In fact, Italians pass on their beauty secrets from generation to generation. The most common one sounds like: "Get your hands out of your eyebrows." As a rule, ladies from this country strive to leave this part of the face as natural as possible. So they are a little attracted to the ideal shape with "hair-to-hair" styling. Thus, even if these females resort to tweezers, then, unlike Americans or Slavs, they do not concentrate on the bend of the eyebrow but give it a slightly rounded shape.

#4. No to diets

Why are Italian women so sexy and beautiful?: No to diets

Italian girls have a relaxed attitude to food. They allow themselves to eat whatever they want: focaccia, pasta, ice cream, and more. In their opinion, delicious dishes make routine brighter, so why do they need to limit themselves in this respect? For this reason, not only their physical but also their mental health is stable. Eating disorders can be seldom seen in this land. 

Although typical Italian portions are significantly smaller than, for example, American ones. Also, they prefer minimal use of hot sauces and toppings - this helps to fight the desire to overeat. 

Some experts believe - chocolate is the secret to the beauty and happiness of ladies from Italy. Mitzi Peirone (local celebrity) recommends eating it regularly to promote the production of happiness hormones: endorphins and serotonin. And it's hard to argue: a cheerful face always looks more attractive.

Meet the most beautiful Italian brides for marriage: the features that make them so desired

Melissa Satta, Caterina Murino, Bianca Balti, Emanuela Postacchini, and other Italian celebrities represent the attractiveness of Italian singles. If you are scrolling through their pictures right now, like numerous other men, you probably not only feel captivated by these ladies' charm. You also have a dreamy grin of anticipation on your face. 

However, by no means - do we want to reduce girls from Italy to their hot appearance. They possess numerous remarkable attributes. Those that make them outstanding life partners for almost every modern guy around the globe. Are you excited to find out more in this regard? Great, since it's the right place for you!

Feature #1. Their intelligence

When you meet Italian single ladies, their cleverness will astonish you. It's probably because of the local macho culture, which makes women always do something to deserve recognition. Indeed, an average girl has to be twice as good and effective as a guy to be taken seriously. A perfect example here would be obtaining a university degree just for fun. 

Do you still believe Italians are bad at foreign languages? Talk to the representatives of younger generations! We bet that Italian brides speak English fluently. And the best part is, they do it all with a casual naturalness while looking super feminine.

Running a business together with an Italian girlfriend is like winning a jackpot. Because she is good at communicating, inventive, and imaginative. If such a female says she takes care of something - she will. 

Feature #2. Their refined sense of humor

Oh yes! Italian Ladies are not only brilliant - they are also extremely witty. It's believed their talent developed thanks to unwanted attention from local men. So even when they reject someone, it's usually done in a funny and disarming manner. This approach makes feeling insulted by them practically impossible.  

Italian brides features:  Their refined sense of humor

In a relationship with a lady from Italy, be prepared to laugh more than ever before in your whole life. Although it also means, from time to time, she will subtly suggest you know your place. If you can't stand it - well... Better search for love among females of other nationalities. Still, you must agree that things are sexier than a woman with a cheeky sense of humor.

Feature #3. Their family-oriented nature

For an Italian mail-order wife, family values always comes first. There is, in fact, nothing more important to such a lady than her husband and children. It's emphasized in every little thing she does for her beloved ones. 

At the same time, a partner from Italy can cook delicious meals. People from this country (especially women) adore their national cuisine, are proud of it, and can daily surprise family members with masterpieces of the restaurant level. And they think that's completely normal because good food makes everyone happier. Thus, when having this kind of girl by your side - you won't ever have a chance to starve to death. Also, your house will always be clean, great parties organized, and many guests welcomed. 

Women in Italy have a very strong maternal instinct, so they are always ready to do whatever their children want. Their goal is to make the little ones self-confident and optimistic. 

Feature #4. Their openness

Italy women aren't determined to make it harder for a man to understand them. Even if you are meeting for the first time, an average girl from this land will actively try to make you feel as comfortable as possible. She'll ask questions, genuinely listen to your answers, and probably directly ask you out if she notices you aren't brave enough. 

On the other hand, Italians are significantly more expressive than most women you've met before. And trust us - it's good for a relationship. Such a girlfriend's emotional nature not only makes her more passionate. It also allows her to be open about her feelings and wishes. Simply said, she prefers resolving relationship issues as they arise. Because it's better than building up pent-up aggression and disappointment with the partner. 

By the way, this openness is beneficial in the bedroom too. An Italian woman is, as a rule, hot and creative. She goes to great lengths to please her man (anyway, her satisfaction shouldn't be neglected). 

Myths about Italian women

Myths about Italian women

What would a Western guy say about a typical Italian girl? How would he describe her? Well, most likely, in his mind, such a lady is loud and energetic. She has an amazing fashion sense and attaches great importance to a well-groomed appearance. In addition, a female from Italy loves with all her heart and would go through hell for the sake of her loved ones. Do you also think Italians are lionesses with a fire blazing inside their bodies and souls? 

Maybe you are right - but perhaps you are not. There are a lot of clichés about Bella Italia and its citizens. The exact number is similar to the total of grains of sand on Rimini's beach. Below you can read the three most common prejudices and, of course, the truth about them. 

Myth #1. Italians eat and drink all day long.

It is believed - Italian brides sit all day long at rustic wooden tables with family and friends, gesticulating wildly and consuming lots of pasta and wine. Well, saying this is a bit extravagant - let's figure out why. 

As we have already mentioned - Italians love food. They also hate eating alone and prefer being crowded with their special people. Yes, these ladies speak loudly and use their hands a lot. However, such a big event can't take place daily. They do it extensively once or two a week. 

The national philosophy of Italy sounds like love goes through the stomach. For local women, enjoyment is more important than counting calories. And if you think outside the box, it quickly becomes clear that Italians see food as something that brings family members together. And, in passing, wine consumption in this land is only slightly higher than in neighboring Germany. 

Myth #2. Italians are terrible drivers.

When you, as a Western guy, are sitting in a car, and your Italian girlfriend drives - the situation may really put you through your paces. All traffic rules seem to have been suspended: red traffic lights, marked crosswalks, etc. - niente. Car horns blare around their way through the traffic. 

Unfortunately, a survey on driving in seven European countries confirms many clichés. According to it, Swedes are the most careful drivers, while Italians have the reputation of being traffic hooligans. The locals themselves realize this only partially. 51 percent of them described their mates as the most irresponsible drivers.

Why are we telling it to you? Oh, we are pretty sure this subject, sooner or later, can cause a scandal. So forewarned is forearmed. Then everything can be tutto bene again. 

Myth #3. Italians are old-fashioned in terms of relationships between men and women. 

Myths about Italian women: Italians are old-fashioned

It's true, at some point. We can give you a few examples to understand what it is about. 

Even nowadays, the friendship between a man and a woman is viewed with skepticism. Because there (hello, machismo!) It is generally assumed that males become friends with females only for further erotic benefits. Of course, it's often done secretly. 

Another illustration. Ladies, even nowadays, see guys as their protectors. We know it sounds like exaggerated masculinity, but you can't change this fact about Italian ladies. On the one hand, they enjoy being the weaker sex. On the other hand, they know one thing well. At the end of the day, they usually wear pants in the house. But that's not the only reason relationships in Italy are complex and a little old-fashioned…

How to find an Italian bride without going abroad?

We have no doubt that you will enjoy your stay in Italy. However, this country might appear too big to experience everything it offers in one visit. Thus, some of the most attractive singles in distant land regions will be out of your reach. At the same time, a trip can become quite expensive - and no one can promise you the desired outcome...

Considering the cost and low efficiency of going to Italy in search of love - we suggest you focus on options that don't involve going abroad. For instance, you can join an Italian marriage agency on the Internet. It's usually free to become a member of such sites to meet Italian brides. Still, be ready to pay after all. According to experts, going online to meet a soulmate from this European country costs between $3000 and $12000. The price includes all expenses: from full access to a dating site to the money for an offline rendezvous. The investment is worth every cent: this option gives the highest probability of finding an Italian woman who will make you the happiest man on the planet. 

There is another alternative, though. If you don't like international matchmaking - pay attention to those Italian mail order wives from Italy who are already in your country. Various localities that have something to do with this land are always ideal in this respect. For instance, your future girlfriend can be met in an Italian café, Gelateria, or in a nightclub where Italian music is played. You have free access to such information, so study the options of your city!

How do I get an Italian girlfriend? Best tips

After years of dating an Italian women from your country, you decided to try your luck abroad. We have news for you: such a relationship will have slightly different rules. 

So what about Italian dating and marriage, then? What should you expect, and how to behave? At first, the whole thing probably sounds much more challenging. But we are happy to report that an average woman from this southern land isn't an alien. She will equally invest in the success of your romance and do her best so you can find a common language. Below are three points concerning how to make your relationship even smoother.

#1. Look attractive

Since Italian women attach great importance to a well-groomed appearance, the partner should also pay attention to his looks. In other words, if you are a clumsy guy with messy hair, dirty fingernails, and a wrinkled T-shirt - a girl from this land won't find you attractive. She is just too beauty-conscious. Therefore, expect her to be dressed to the nines when you meet up for a date. 

How do I get an Italian girlfriend?

Okay, no one says you should spend hours in front of the mirror or in the barber's chair. Just a little more effort is required. It's no secret that ladies from the land of blooming lemon trees appreciate serious compliments and small gifts such as chocolates or flowers - with an untidy appearance, they won't help, though…

#2. Be charming and walk her home

Do we need to mention that Italian women for marriage like to be invited to a restaurant for a romantic rendezvous? We guess you already understand that. Although the place shouldn't be fancy - the atmosphere and food quality matter. And, of course, you need to show the best sides of your personality: be charming and talkative. Your sense of humor is no less crucial - thus, you better prepare some jokes in advance. 

When the date is over - walk your girlfriend home. Remember that many young Italians don't rely on public transport. So if your date doesn't have a car, there are usually only three options: promenade, use a taxi, or take the lady home in your own automobile. No matter what you choose - needless to say, you need to be by her side until she gets home safely.

#3. Mind Italian cultural nuances

Traditional views are typical for Italians. So if you wish your new girlfriend thinks as modern as Western females - you will be disappointed. That's indeed far from true, especially if her family comes from a small Italian town or village. For example, we want to emphasize how much an average young girl from this country longs to create a family and have kids. Therefore, if you aren't sure you are ready for exclusivity - let her go. 

Another example. You might be tempted to get your Italian lady to invite you home for a drink or to have dinner together. But your plans may be disrupted by the fact that your sweetheart probably still lives with her parents, as many single Italians do. So be sure you're ready for it when she offers to come in!

Dating Italian girls: typical mistakes

If you follow our tips from the previous section - it won't take long to make an Italian woman fall in love with you. As long as you're open and honest about your feelings - everything should go right. 

Still, there are some common mistakes Western men often make with girlfriends from Italy. Discover them and use the information to your advantage. 

Mistake #1. Be outraged if she is late

Seriously: don't make a big deal of your Italian woman's constant being late. Just get used to the fact - that Italians aren't among the most punctual nations in the world. If this nuance is critical to you - better focus on dating ladies from other European countries. 

Anyway, we can state that notwithstanding certain carelessness, girls from Italy don't become less charming. Then, get to your date location on time, having a backup plan in your head in case your girlfriend is more than 30 minutes late. Don't hesitate to order coffee or a drink while you wait!

Mistake #2. Faking yourself

In other words: don't try to be someone you're not. Actually, this sort of behavior doesn't do anything good to a relationship with any woman worldwide. 

One thing is clear, though: there are no limits to the sincerity of an Italian bride. Therefore, she wants to unite her life with an equal man. The one who may be imperfect but stay true to himself (without trying to look more experienced, successful, and so on). Thus, allow your girlfriend from Italy to see your flaws - it will make your love stronger.  

Mistake #3. Talking about your ex

Dating Italian girls: typical mistakes

Dear friend, please, avoid talking about your past relationships and ex-girlfriends. Like it or not: Italian ladies are jealous, and that's just a fact. 

What should you do, then? Well, apparently: it's better not to mention other females besides your family members (it's totally out of the question). 

Even if you dated these women many years ago - the main rule stays. No matter what you say - you will be faced with irritation and a lack of understanding. The only exception is if you have been married to this person before and have children from that marriage.

Italian dating FAQ

What are Italian women for marriage like?

Italian ladies are too beautiful to express with words. This is the number one fact you learn just by looking at them.
An average girl from Italy looks striking. And she doesn't need heavy makeup or plastic surgeries to make it obvious. Her dark hair and tanned skin make a perfect combination with her brown, captivating eyes and plump lips.
The majority of Italians have sexy bodies (something between fit and curvy). Their exquisite fashion sense can leave no one indifferent!

Is ordering an Italian bride legal?

It's absolutely legal, with a small adjustment to understand the situation right. A woman (no matter what country she comes from) can't be ordered - she isn't pizza. Internet dating is lawful.

How much does it cost to get an Italian mail-order bride?

Let's see how much Italian women dating costs nowadays.
The easiest and fastest way to find a girlfriend from Italy is through the Internet. The trustworthy services can't be free, though. So be prepared to pay around $1000-$2500 per month.
Of course, later - you will decide to meet your online crush in real life. A trip to Italy will cost around $4000 (depending on the hotel and airlines you choose). Also, to win the heart of an Italian lady once and for all - you need to arrange romantic dates and pamper her with gifts and flowers. That can cost up to $5000 (the amount is influenced by your wooing style).

Why are Italian mail-order brides looking for foreign husbands?

Italy may look like paradise on Earth. And it definitely is to some extent - but things aren't as fascinating in this country as they seem.
For example, only 58% of Italian single ladies have a job - this is the lowest percentage among any EU country. And unemployment is just one of the problems local women face! For them, marrying a foreign man is more than a way to find your perfect match. It's also a solution that helps to change their lives for the better by moving abroad.

What are the characteristics of Italian women for marriage?

Italian women are known for their beauty, elegance, and passion. They value family and relationships, making them ideal partners for those seeking a long-term commitment.

How common are mail order brides from Italy?

While the concept of mail order brides may not be as prevalent in Italy as in some other countries, there are still opportunities to meet Italian women interested in finding love internationally.

How can I meet Italian singles?

You can meet Italian singles through various avenues such as online dating sites, social events, or by visiting Italy and exploring the local scene.

What makes Italian brides so desirable?

Italian brides are often praised for their beauty, sophistication, and warmth. They are known for their strong family values and dedication to their partners.

Is marrying an Italian woman a good idea?

Marrying an Italian woman can be a wonderful experience for those who appreciate romance, culture, and a close-knit family life. It offers a unique perspective on love and relationships.

What are some interesting facts about Italian dating customs?

Italian dating customs often involve a strong emphasis on romance, gestures of affection, and quality time spent with loved ones. Italians are known for their expressive nature when it comes to relationships.

How common are Italian mail-order brides?

The concept of mail-order brides is not as prevalent in Italy, but there are still opportunities to meet Italian women seeking international relationships through online platforms or matchmaking services.

Where can I find brides for marriage in Italy?

You can meet potential Italian brides for marriage through online dating sites, social gatherings, or by exploring Italian cultural events and communities.

How can I date an Italian woman successfully?

To successfully date an Italian woman, it's important to appreciate her culture, show genuine interest and respect, and be prepared to indulge in the allure of Italian romance and traditions.

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