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Meet the Best French Brides - Beautiful France Women for Marriage Here

French Brides - Beautiful France Women for Marriage

Finding love might be tough, we get it. You might spend years and years searching in your own country, but at times, it just doesn’t work out. But don’t worry. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Think of widening your horizons and extend your search to another country. Maybe even overseas, as French beauties are becoming more and more interested in marrying foreigners. They embody a unique blend of tradition, romance, and modernity when it comes to marriage. With a rich cultural heritage steeped in love and passion, these women infuse their relationships with a certain twist that sets them apart.

French women are usually not a go-to choice for American men. There were only 220 local brides who entered the US in 2019, as per the U.S. Department of State, compared to 1,676 from Mexico and 860 from Ukraine. It means that France is basically an undiscovered treasure for now, which gives you a chance to pick from a huge variety of profiles. Beware, there is already an increase in the demand for them, which keeps on growing every year.

So, we want to tell you everything you need to know about French women, how to date them and how much it will cost to make them wives. We will also tell you which dating services are the best to use and how we can help you find your true love in France. 

For now, let’s start off with some interesting (and fun) facts about France that you definitely didn’t know. As the local ladies are extremely proud of their heritage, it will benefit you if you know more than just the basics about their home country. 

About France

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About France

France, or the French Republic, is a country located in Western Europe, with the capital in Paris. Its territory extends to overseas regions and territories spread across the Americas, the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. But there is more to it.

France is the most-visited country in the world - 89 million people every year

The status is undoubtedly attributed to its rich history and diverse landscapes. From the iconic Eiffel Tower gracing the skyline of Paris to the picturesque lavender fields of Provence, France offers a remarkable array of attractions that people from all over the world dream of seeing. Of course, French hotties are another reason;

France had a king who was ruling for only 20 minutes

Louis XIX inherited the throne after his father renounced his throne. After about 20 minutes, Louis XIX abdicated, too, at the demand of protestors during the July Revolution in 1830.

Turning bread upside-down in France means misfortune

During the Middle Ages, the town executioners often didn’t have time to collect their morning bread. So, bakers began turning bread upside down, allowing the executioner to get them later in the day. Because of it, upside-down bread gradually transformed into a potent symbol of death, and now people see it as an upcoming misfortune.

UNESCO recognizes French gastronomy as an intangible cultural heritage

French cuisine is famous everywhere in the world for a reason. Did you know there are more than 1,600 kinds of cheese? French people also have a special love for snails. They eat 25,000 tons of snails each year, cooked in garlic butter, chicken stock or wine.

By the way, wine is extremely popular in the country, too. They drink 40 litres of wine per person per year and 26.5 million liters annually throughout the entire country.

French women don’t rush into marriage and look for the one

With a balance of grace and confidence, ladies from France radiate a timeless beauty that attracts all men. But they don’t rush to get into a union. They approach marriage as a journey of partnership, and their weddings often emphasize intimacy and personal connection. 

Now, let’s talk more about how French women are usually described. Obviously, there are some stereotypes that do not characterize all women, but still are true about the majority of them.

What are French women like?

It’s a well-known fact that ladies from France are deeply loving, passionate (keep in mind that they were the ones who invented the French kiss), and romantic. Even though they all are unique and can not be described as one, we can definitely say these women are very feminine, sophisticated, and naturally beautiful. French women don't spend hours in front of the mirror putting makeup and all of their clothes on before going out. They care a lot about their comfort and keeping it real. Even though they might know a thing or two about fashion, French brides are not obsessed with following trends and making their own instead.

What they do care about is their health and wellness. French women don’t push their men to join their routine but usually don’t mind a partner for it. Being born in the world capital of food, these ladies know how to make absolutely delicious yet healthy food. They do sports (most of them are not crazy into it, though), love jogging and basically anything that keeps them in good shape. Thanks to their diet and beauty treatments, they stay gorgeous and confident at all ages. 

Here are some more qualities that women from France usually possess:

  • They are intelligent. Local ladies are very educated and really love to read. No wonder France is always ranked among the top countries with the most students. They are provided with a comprehensive and top-notch education that is on par with that offered to American students. By the way, there are many more females in universities than males;
  • They are flirty. Being naturally charming, these women seem to learn all love languages and know how to attract men. Yet, once they are in a serious relationship, their focus is completely on one. French women are known for being loyal and devoted. They are dedicated to building healthy and happy marriages and know that it takes two to make things work out. Maybe this is why the divorce rate in France is much lower than in most countries of the world, including the U.S.;
  • They are kind. Being soft-hearted and always ready to help, these ladies will definitely try to assist a poor elderly person or a lost animal. 

Why are French brides so popular nowadays?

Why are French brides so popular nowadays?

They have been gaining more and more popularity in recent years due to a combination of appealing qualities that men from all over the world discover when talking to them. These women have a reputation for elegance, sophistication, and natural beauty, which does not fail to capture attention. Their emphasis on authenticity over excessive makeup and trend-chasing resonates with modern values, which a lot of men find more important. Their dedication to health, vitality, and wellness aligns with contemporary lifestyle trends.

Furthermore, their intelligent and well-educated nature contributes to their allure. Married French women are committed to building strong and loyal relationships, which is reflected in their lower divorce rate and appeals to foreigners seeking lasting partnerships. The charm and flirty charisma they have, along with their genuine kindness, create a captivating package that helps them to stand out.

What are French dating sites services?

What are French dating sites services?

In France, dating platforms have gained immense popularity as a place for discovering authentic love and engaging with local women. While these sites often come with free access, they also offer premium features to elevate the user experience. We definitely recommend GoldenBride. With a variety of filters at users' disposal, thas platform streamline the process of finding a perfect match.

If you want to know if a dating website is good, look at what people say about it on different websites This helps make sure that the women you talk to there are real and safe. Be careful if you see people complaining about getting too many spam messages or coming across a lot of fake profiles.

Why do French women want to live abroad?

Why do French women want to live abroad?

France is a very good country to live in. Compared to some Eastern European and South American countries, it has a stable economic situation, offers a chance to have a great work-life balance and many more benefits. Overall, it is a good place to live in.

So, those women who actually want to go abroad are not leaving France for a better life. They move either because they want to get the experience of living in a specific country or because they found the love of their life and understand that partners need to live together. So, we would say that if a lady is looking for a husband abroad, she will be ready to compromise and move to her spouse’s country.

How to find a French wife?

How to find a French wife?

If you are seeking a deep cultural experience, a chance to connect with locals, and maybe want to try the renowned French cuisine, a journey is highly recommended. For the search of brides, France is a great country.

However, it's important to note that such an adventure will be costly. Think about joining a dating website as a starting point. This way, you will have the opportunity to select a potential bride from numerous profiles of eligible hot singles. Explore some of the widely recognized websites that we highlighted earlier for this purpose. But be aware that French women need to feel your genuine interest and dedication, proved by actions. They are not easy to get.

How much does a French bride cost?

How much does a French bride cost?

Obviously, you do not pay for a bride herself. But building solid relationships and proving that your intentions are serious will definitely need some investments. We are talking about some nice gifts, romantic gestures, and, of course, travel and date expenses when you meet. 

For your information, a lot of French singles enjoy being independent and have a feminist outlook. So before it comes to any financial questions, have a casual conversation about her thoughts on that and ask your potential wife what she is comfortable with.

But, some expenses, like site services fees, presents, and offline dating, will be mandatory. 

Site Services

When choosing a dating website, we suggest opting for a premium account that offers valuable features, simplifying the quest for a life partner. Generally, the cost of upgrades starts at $70 and can reach up to $250. It depends on your level of engagement and how active you plan to be.


These are mandatory. French ladies are very romantic, so they would appreciate a sweet gesture from a potential husband. They do not care about the price of the present, so it could be an aromatic bouquet, macaroon delivery, or a cute necklace. What she pays attention to is how attentive and caring you are with her. Always ask what a woman likes before getting something for her.

Depending on how long you date and how often you send gifts, the price may start at $500. Different brands offer different price ranges for their goods, so it is always possible to find something you will be most comfortable with.

Offline Dating

When you get to the point when you both are ready to meet in person, you will need to plan a trip to France. The cost will depend on the dates and length of stay, so it is hard to calculate. So, we can not count it now. Your romantic nights out will be a minimum of $700. Plus, think about transportation, gifts, and all additional expenses that might unexpectedly happen.

The cost of moving a French mail-order bride to the US

Overall, the cost of a French bride will be a minimum of $1550. Plus, expenses for flight tickets, accommodation, and transportation.

How to reduce the French bride cost?

How to reduce the French bride cost?

Entering into marriage with a partner from a different country might cost a lot, yet the value it brings is undeniable. Reducing these expenses could involve opting for budget-friendly brands when selecting gifts or grabbing the best deals during sales. You can also try to find lucky hours in cafes and restaurants that you plan to visit, but do not go to extremes. Women want to feel comfortable around their men, and cheapskates are definitely not on their green list.

Additionally, savings can be made on travel fares and lodging arrangements by making early bookings or subscribing to their newsletter. This is where companies announce all the upcoming deals.

What we do and how we can help you

Our team will be your unwavering companion throughout this adventure of finding love in France. After your profile is set, you can immerse yourself in the alluring profiles of single hotties who are seeking a profound connection. You can effortlessly overcome any language barriers, if they arise, with the help of our skilled translators. They stand ready to bridge any communication gap that may appear.

When you are ready for a face-to-face rendezvous, we'll help you plan everything. Whether you're traveling by yourself or curating it for that special someone, we'll take care of the important details like papers, visas, flights, and where to stay.

And if you both decide to get married, we'll guide you through the process and help you move to a new country. You won't be alone on this exciting journey.

How to bring a French wife to the USA?

How to bring a French wife to the USA?

Bringing your love to America is pretty easy if she is a citizen or eligible national of a Visa Waiver Program country (France is included), as electronic visas for 90 days are available in this case. But to get it, the goal of the first trip has to be business or leisure. 

To apply, your French bride will need to fill in an ESTA form with a valid passport. Her primary contact details, including her residential address and phone number, are next. Additionally, a safety net is woven through the provision of emergency contact information, both a phone number and an email address. The application fee is $21, which can be paid through a chosen payment method online.

Also, as a prospective traveler, she should be aware of supplementary information that may be asked during the application process. These details, though not mandatory for all applicants, can significantly enhance the thoroughness and accuracy of the submission:

  • Traveler's Aliases or other names: For individuals recognized by multiple identities, it's important to provide any alternative names or aliases;
  • National ID or personal ID number: Depending on the traveler's country of origin, she might be asked for a national or personal ID number;
  • Global Entry/NEXUS/SENTRI ID number: If your potential wife has participated in international travel programs such as Global Entry, NEXUS, or SENTRI should consider disclosing her corresponding ID numbers;
  • Employer address and phone number: Especially in case her journey will be related to occupational framework and underscores her commitment to professional responsibilities.

Incorporating these supplementary elements, when relevant, fortifies the application's comprehensiveness and authenticity. While it’s not universally obligatory, their inclusion reflects a proactive approach to presenting a holistic representation of the traveler's identity, affiliations, and previous engagements. 

But if we are talking specifically about getting a permanent residence, first, you need to tie the knot, preferably in the US. Then, French mail-order brides initiate the process of getting a green card or a K-1 visa to start by submitting an application to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This procedure is known as "adjustment of status." Both you and your spouse will participate in a green card interview at a local USCIS office. If the application is approved, your spouse's status will change to a U.S. lawful conditional resident. It will be the first step towards obtaining permanent residence. 

Are French mail-order wife services legal or not?

France, like many other countries, has taken steps to regulate mail-order bride services. The French government and legal system saw some cases as exploitative and potentially involving human trafficking, which goes against their commitment to human rights and dignity.

In 2013, France introduced a law that makes it a criminal offense to "facilitate the entry, movement, or residence of a person in exchange for remuneration or any other benefit," particularly when this involves marriage or attempts to arrange marriages for financial gain. This law is aimed at combating forced marriages, exploitation, and human trafficking.

For this reason, we strongly recommend you use only reliable paid websites to meet a potential partner. These websites work within the law and make sure all women there are of legal age and it is their own wish to register.


- Are French mail-order brides a real thing?

Yes, they are. More and more women want to give love a try and find their soulmate abroad. French women find foreigners more determined and reliable, so they want to build a family with them.

- Are French mail-order brides still a thing?

Mail-order brides in France are gaining more popularity. Men from all over the world discover all the wonderful traits these women have and dream of marrying them.

- Can I really meet French mail-order brides online?

Absolutely! This is actually the most popular way of meeting a French wife for foreigners. But make sure that you use a trusted platform (check our top suggestion above), as it will help you avoid disappointment and heartbreak.

- Why is it better to choose paid French mail-order bride sites?

These platforms typically provide enhanced security measures, reducing the risk of meeting fake profiles or scams. Paid sites also tend to attract more serious brides who are genuinely interested in meaningful connections. Additionally, the investment signals your commitment, leading to more dedicated efforts in finding a suitable partner. Even though free sites can be enticing, the benefits of opting for a paid service often outweigh the initial cost.

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