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Meet the Best Chinese Mail Order Wives - Beautiful China Girls for Marriage Here

How to find a Chinese girl for marriage and make her fall in love with you

Western people usually don't know much about China and its citizens. But in your defense, we must state the country is very diverse. Be sure, having visited one part of it, a completely different way and rhythm of life awaits you if you travel any other direction there. Also, inhabitants of the PRC speak seven dialects of the official country's language, which differ so much that those from Northern and Southern regions do not understand each other. They have one writing for all, though.

Have you heard that the Chinese invented mirrors, porcelain, silk, gunpowder, paper, umbrellas, the compass, and printed books - as well as many other things that are hard to imagine the modern world without? Well, that's true. But that was a warm-up to get you interested - it's time to move to more shocking facts.

Even in this day and age, in China, the meat of cats and dogs is eaten. Locals love to cook shark fin soup and use wolfsbane as a broth seasoning. Also, one of the most popular Chinese desserts is sweet turtle soup. Oddly enough, representatives of this nation prefer red wine to these strange dishes and rank first in the world in terms of this alcoholic drink consumption.

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On second thought, maybe the Chinese need some doping to survive all the limitations they live in. Their motherland has one of the strictest censorship policies around the globe. Business executives and other liable employees can be sentenced to death for fraud there! In China, there is even a unique practice of hiring a figurehead to be arrested in someone else's place, called ding zui (顶罪). Of course, that's what wealthy people often do.

And what about love, then? A so-called Chinese dating agency for local men and women is organized relatively creatively. In the underground passages of the big cities - special corners are given for publishing personal ads of singles. The Chinese youth devote themselves entirely to studying and then to work, so they do not have time for entertainment and rendezvous in everyday life. Perhaps, that's why in the vast majority of cases, many people marry partners chosen by the labor union.

Anyway, more than 40 million men in China cannot find wives. The fact is that there are much more males among the residents of China than females. This is precisely due to the massive refusal to give birth to girls... In 1973, the country's government offered to send 10 million women to the US to increase the population.

Do you believe you could help the Chinese with the mentioned problem? Is your wish to find a wife in this Asian land strong enough to fight all the mentality differences? Great! This article has all the information you need.

What do Chinese singles look like

What do Chinese singles look like?

The way Chinese mail-order brides look appeals to many Western guys. The typical features can vary depending on which region the woman comes from.

Basically, many females in this nation have a light skin color. However, there can be differences in the pigmentation. Their eye color is usually dark (ranging from hazel to black). The shape is clearly considered very narrow. The face is round and often very slim, while the nose is fairly large. They have seductive lips (not plump but narrow). In the overall picture, all their traits seem refined and beautiful.

The absolute highlight of an average lady from China is her hair. As a rule, it is very long, straight, and jet-black. The secret of its shiny and healthy look is - most females do not dye it or break it in any other form. Although there are many popular modern types of hairstyles in this land. So don't be surprised if you meet a girl with a chin-length bob.

Chinese women like to emphasize their femininity through elegant outfits. They rarely wear tight and short clothing - in their opinion, it's not the best option. In contrast to hot Latinas, these cuties prefer traditional costumes and modest dresses. They believe it's possible to underline their curves without going too much in an erotic direction.

As you probably know, the Chinese are, most often, petite. That's why they sometimes wear high heels. However, clothes are significantly less important than good personal hygiene in China. Locals use numerous care products, the names of which you have never heard. In addition, makeup is always seen as one of the methods to make accents.

Why are Chinese women so sexy and beautiful

Why are Chinese women so sexy and beautiful?

What do you notice on an average Chinese dating site right away? Of course, it's the stunning appearance of single girls from this country.

It's no secret that the Chinese look much younger than their age. Few can guess how old, in fact, the lady is. Because even a mature person can be mistaken for a very young one. Another typical characteristic of females in this nation is their slim bodies.

Believe it or not - their good-lookingness is based not only on genetics. Women of the former Celestial Empire have their own beauty secrets, which significantly differ from what girls from the Western world do. But since they work so well, we must bring some of them to the fore.

Green tea

The so-called body positivity culture has lately become a phenomenon in Western countries. So there, the beauty industry has taken on more opulent curves. Although when talking about China, this tendency can't be seen. It's still asked to be thin by local women. Thus, they strive for the ideal in all available ways.

In addition, while Slavic ladies spend their evenings in gyms to have fit bodies and look attractive in the eyes of others - Chinese singles are not fond of sports. They want to be tender. Therefore, even barely noticeable muscles are considered unattractive in this land.

Okay, if they don't do sports, how do the Chinese manage to be slender? They drink a lot of green tea! The experience has shown it stimulates weight loss without dangerous side effects. In addition, green tea is rich in catechins, is an antioxidant, and has properties that help to get rid of cellulite and tighten the skin.

Rice and eggs

Chinese brides pass on the secrets of soft and smooth skin from generation to generation. Here we'll focus on two main ones.

Firstly, ladies from this country wash their faces with the water left from rinsing rice. According to locals, this simple beauty ritual has brightening and anti-inflammatory properties. At the same time, it evens out skin tone and improves the elasticity. The water in which the rice is boiled is used for better hair growth (after the fermentation process, though). Women apply it as a mask before washing their locks.

A face mask with raw egg whites is needed to prevent wrinkles. The Chinese spread it carefully, hold for about 15 minutes, and wash it off. This treatment makes the skin silky and radiant. Even the famous supermodel Liu Wen mentions the effectiveness of this method!

No dairy products

No dairy products

It is often seen as a prerequisite for the well-known thinness of women in China, by the way. If you have ever been to this Asian land - you have probably noticed that locals rarely eat dairy products. The explanation for it is simple - they believe such goods are unhealthy. Also, locals often say that nature created milk so that, in a year, a full-fledged 450-kilogram cow can be made from a 45-kilogram calf. Do you understand the hint?

In addition, acne is currently a kind of epidemic in Western countries, where almost everyone consumes dairy products. This occurrence attracted the interest of scientists, and (study after study) they confirmed the connection between such eating habits and bad skin conditions. The same with obesity, diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, etc. So, perhaps, this Chinese beauty secret can be implemented outside Asia…

The regime of the day and drinking laws

The essential component of Chinese culture is self-discipline and daily routine compliance. We talk about getting healthy meals regularly. As well as sleeping and waking up at the same time every day. Women in this country usually go to bed before midnight and get up with the first rays of the sun. It is also customary to take a short nap after lunch - for example, office workers do it right behind the workplace and students - in the library.

Then, wherever a Chinese bride goes - she always takes a bottle of distilled or boiled water. They drink a lot to prevent dehydration of skin cells. Moreover, locals do not allow the air around them to dry out - air humidifiers are installed in homes, offices, and cars in China. They also regularly spray themselves with thermal water.

The characteristics that make Chinese mail-order brides so desired

The characteristics that make Chinese mail-order brides so desired

So you are a Western guy who has been thinking about joining a Chinese brides agency. Then you have come to the right place because we will tell you everything you need to know about their character traits. In particular, we want to focus on the qualities that make these women so desired.

What are the basics here, then? An average Chinese girl is reliable and loyal. At the same time, she is cuddly and warm-hearted. However, don't think she would miss a chance to make a career. Maybe, for this reason, her dream man is successful and self-reliable. It's not just about financial independence, though - it's more about being a family person.

Okay, enough general information. Below are 4 points concerning the Chinese lady's character that will certainly excite you.

Their submissiveness

We know this point might sound controversial - but we talk about submissiveness in the best sense of the word. Most Chinese females, indeed, share the traditional views regarding relationships between a man and a woman. In other words, they like the boyfriend to be a boss from time to time.

Let us give you a small example. If you kindly ask your Chinese girlfriend not to drink a second can of beer, as it is unhealthy, she will look unhappy first. But a few moments later, she will express gratitude for caring for her well-being. In all honesty, a Slavic girl will not always obey in such a situation. While a Western lady will get angry at the violation of her freedom of choice.

Still, this doesn't mean your Chinese sweetheart should always be controlled - such an approach is unacceptable. But a proper balance will be beneficial for both.

Their seriousness

Of course, your attitude towards this point depends on what you want. Are you looking for a suitable partner to create a family with? Do you want your future wife to be sweet, loyal, loving, and fond of children? Then your dream woman might be somewhere in China. In contrast to light-minded Latinas, she seriously wants to get married and - is excited about taking care of the kids.

Also, many of the Chinese brides for marriage are experts in getting rid of household chores. They really love to cook and make home cozy. These cuties know exactly where to buy this or that thing at a discount price (when there are sales) and have all possible coupons and cards for all shops in the area. Their cooking skills are no less impressive! Chinese cuisine is diverse, so you will undoubtedly find something to your taste.

Their thoughtfulness and kindness

Their thoughtfulness and kindness

If there are problems in the relationship, a Chinese mail-order wife will do everything to solve them. This contrast can be particularly well seen when compared to the typical behavior of Latin-American and Western singles. So we can tell you confidently: a girlfriend from China will work on your romance in a situation where a girl from another nation offers to break up.

In a difficult moment and during a personal crisis - such a lady will always be there for you. Whether you are experiencing financial problems or need banal help when moving abroad, she will lend a shoulder to cry on and help both (in deed and in word). A Chinese cutie will take care of you and won't begin to undermine you morally even more.

Their commitment and friendliness

At first glance, Chinese brides online appear reserved and passive. However, most of them are very strong and brave deep inside. The powerful and, at the same time, warm-hearted nature is often hidden behind a tender facade. Likewise, many ladies from this Asian land are very ambitious and goal-oriented. So if they face something unknown - they never say that the task cannot be mastered. Nothing is impossible! You must agree: this approach is advantageous after moving to the foreign husband's country.

Plus, Chinese beauties may be shy - but they are incredibly friendly. They are oriented on the feelings of those around them and are empathic. You will always have a pleasant conversation with one of them. Since criticism shouldn't be expressed in front of other people. And when this is the case - it is formulated in a sweet manner.

Myths about Chinese women

Myths about Chinese women

What do Western people know about the Chinese? These, in most cases, are two things: there are many millions of representatives of this nation and strict discipline that reigns in the country. That's why locals are surrounded by rumors (sorry, but information from news releases isn't always true).

In reality, China and its citizens have shared with the world their rich culture that, in many aspects, remains a mystery to the rest of humanity. The misunderstandings give rise to stereotypes about Chinese men and women.

Some of the rumors are quite funny, but sometimes locals are told such things that it becomes clear: even in the age of information and the Internet, few are able to separate the wheat from the chaff and comprehend what is worth believing and what can be ignored.

Thus, let's take a closer look at the three most-commonly heard myths about women from China and figure out why they have nothing to do with actuality.

Chinese women are disenfranchised and oppressed

It is often heard that local women join Chinese dating sites for foreigners because they are considered second-class citizens, and such an attitude creates a life like a hell for them. Although, in reality, the policy of the government of China regarding its female residents is generally more progressive than in many other countries in Asia.

For sure, certain problems exist. But it would be unfair not to say that various measures are taken to deal with them. As an illustration, nowadays, ladies get employment benefits there. Furthermore: over the past six years, the number of Chinese girls with secondary and college education has increased significantly. So don't believe that they are disenfranchised and oppressed.

Chinese women all look the same

Chinese women all look the same

It is a pity that modern individuals still believe in this myth. Today we will once again explain why it's not true.

Firstly, there are so many Chinese citizens on the streets that you don't have time to look at their faces - they merge into a single blinding mass. Secondly, this is a repeatedly proven fact: people need time and practice to distinguish between representatives of other races. That's why one who has lived in China for at least a year or two perfectly recognizes his colleagues and neighbors by sight and never confuses them.

And don't laugh now - we were trying to say that, for the Chinese, all Western people look similar. So your girlfriend from this country will probably need a moment to find you in the crowd…

Chinese women live according to Feng Shui rules and constantly work

Western people often think that Chinese wives do nothing that contradicts Feng Shui. They always walk with a compass, ensure the front door is not opposite the window, and so on. Not forgetting to put a mirror hanging by the dining table, of course. But it's just a myth. In reality, only a few females in this nation are still true to Feng Shui - mostly wealthy ones. The rest don't take this philosophy seriously anymore. And, actually, the Communist Party doesn't support such feudal prejudices.

What about the constant work, then? Oh, this myth is firmly rooted in the minds of Western men. There is even a joke: if a Chinese lady doesn't work, it means - she is sleeping or dead. In fact, these women can be equally lazy. And in general, the lunch break in this country officially lasts two hours - what kind of excessively hard task is it?

Do Chinese women make good wives

Do Chinese women make good wives?

Initially, men who want to meet Chinese brides search for an independent partner. They appreciate this typical Asian determination but feel attracted to their charm and sweet shyness. No less sexy Western guys find the assertiveness and self-confidence that women bring with them. Do these qualities make Chinese females excellent wives, then? Of course! And in this section of our article, we'll highlight other factors that prove our words.

Above all, as already mentioned, for an average Chinese girl - there is nothing more important than getting married and starting a family. So don't be surprised to hear such thoughts from a young lady. It's not a lie - it's the way she is taught. Also, no Chinese woman wants to be called Sheng Nu, which can be translated as an old maid or leftover. Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, the one over 30 who hasn't found a life partner and hasn't started a family is often described with these words...

Okay, but what happens after the marriage ceremony? A wife from China isn't afraid to demonstrate her happiness to the outside world. Also, she takes every opportunity to spend time with her lovely husband. It must also be mentioned that in this Asian country, children are considered part of perfect happiness. And there ought to be more than one, if possible.

Chinese females are characterized by their ability to outstandingly combine career and family. So they run the household and make the home cozy with a lot of love. Delicious and varied meals will certainly belong to the routine.

For these reasons, it's hard to disagree that Chinese ladies make great wives.

How to find a Chinese bride without going abroad

How to find a Chinese bride without going abroad?

Is it possible to find a Chinese girlfriend without going abroad? Indubitably! We know at least two ways that, as a rule, bring desired results.

The first one is perfect for those who live in big cities. Since there are large Chinese communities in many countries worldwide. For some reason, representatives of this nation choose to live in one neighborhood - this explains the phenomenon of ChinaTowns. Still, it doesn't mean that they want to have nothing to do with the rest of society. Such girls do seek contact with locals. Also, they look for career opportunities through their exceptionally high level of persistence and reliability.

But again: you are more likely to meet a lady with Chinese roots in metropolises than in the countryside. She likes to go to beautiful places worth seeing, visit theaters and operas, or have dinner in a restaurant. Of course, Asian cafes are preferred.

What is the other option, then?

Apparently - it's the Internet! In fact, getting to know a potential girlfriend through a Chinese dating service is even easier. However, you ought to look for a reputable agency first. Here we can give you a few points that serve as an indication of a trustworthy provider.

Above all, pay attention to the reputation of the website. What is the opinion of the customers who have already used it? Were their attempts successful? If possible, check the reviews written by experts. Trust us, these guys often discover the nuances no one else can see.

Secondly, you shouldn't be left alone with your problems. Serious platforms know that members sometimes have questions about the process or want advice - so customer support service must be available 24 hours/7 days a week.

Thirdly, don't forget about the money. Be ready that a reputable site will provide only some basic functions for free. The communication tools are usually available only for paid members. Therefore, make sure the platform's charges are affordable.

Fourthly, keep your eyes open for fake profiles and so-called romance scammers. Chats with these people will only take your time and funds.

Fifthly, stop looking for excuses - finally, go and try your luck with Chinese singles! Practice makes perfect.

How do I get a Chinese girlfriend? The best tips

How do I get a Chinese girlfriend? The best tips

We probably need to begin by telling you who women from China want to see as their potential partners.

Without a doubt, such ladies are looking for well-educated and successful men. For this reason, males from Western countries are very popular among singles in this Asian country. Namely, these guys are considered exceptionally prosperous, reliable, good-looking, and self-confident. So you are already in the winning position.

Likewise, the desire to be in a relationship with a strong man is pronounced here. It's about dominance, mental strength, and inner peace. Having fun jointly, laughing together, and solving critical problems as a couple... These are essential principles when dating a Chinese female. Romanticism shouldn't be forgotten, though.

Do you want more expert tips on this subject? Keep reading, then!

Take care of your appearance

If you are a plump guy - sorry. It is necessary to start losing weight before beginning Chinese women dating. This is one of the most critical points regarding your appearance.

Remember, if you have at least 5 kg of excess weight - it becomes much more difficult to find a girl in China. Due to the natural shyness, your crush might not say it straightforwardly. She will just quietly break up with you...

No less significant are your outfits. Of course, you don't need to wear a tailcoat on a date. The clothing should be high-quality and preferably branded (copies are welcome). It won't be easy to start a relationship with a Chinese cutie getting shorts and flip-flops for a rendezvous. Choose something elegant instead! Do not forget about accessories - watches, bracelets, and the like. Believe us or not - the Chinese pay much attention to such trifles.

Make her feel special

Gifts, gifts, gifts...

It is customary to give gifts (especially to girls) in China. Thus, when dating a lady from this land, you must do this regularly and without stinting.

Although a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates is not an option. But a bunch of expensive peonies or pretty golden earrings make a better option.

Anyway, to be perfectly honest - we don't want to state that Chinese females will not appreciate a simple and cheap present. It must be made with love and soul, though. A good example here may be an album with your shared photos or a book she has long wanted to read.

Notwithstanding the price and sincerity, one thing remains - there should be plenty of gifts during the courtship. And everything you bring ought to be meaningful.

Make her feel special

Today, many of the traditional ideas of Western people about Chinese girls are already outdated. Yes, they can be submissive and ready to fulfill all man's dreams on demand. But it's not always the case. You must be willing to demonstrate the proper attitude too!

What has changed, then? Apparently, there are significantly more men in China than women. This situation has developed based on the controversial governmental birth control policy implemented in the second half of the last century. For a pretty long time, the idea of one child for a family was in effect. Many parents decided to keep boys, causing a shortage of girls in the long-term perspective.

Therefore, a modern Chinese mail-order bride knows her worth, and her self-esteem is high. For this reason, to captivate such a lady - you need to make her feel special. Begin with creative compliments - further actions will come by themselves.

Dating Chinese girls: typical mistakes

Dating Chinese girls: typical mistakes

Most Chinese people are skeptical about Western guys looking for love in their country. They often react extremely negatively when a couple of a foreign man and a local woman is in sight. Thus, starting a romance with a lady in China, be prepared to constantly face the disapproval of those around you. Unfortunately, such stress makes many make mistakes...

Do you want to avoid the common ones? Read the tips below!

Mistake 1. Questioning her slenderness

Since ancient times, Chinese culture has praised the thinnest girls. Some would even say - too slender for the 21st century. That's why all beauties you meet on Chinese dating sites use endless diets and other similar limitations. Do you remember they don't do sports? Well, hot bodies don't come from nothing.

Anyway, in a relationship with such a lady, you will hear 100 times a day: have I gained weight? Does this dress make me look fat? Do you think I can eat a chocolate bar tonight? The point is - never give a hint your girlfriend isn't thin enough. Even in a joking manner - don't do this, please. Otherwise, it will be the last thing you tell her when you are a couple.

Yes, the Chinese have no self-irony when it comes to their curves.

Mistake 2. Getting greedy

This is probably the number one rule of a romance with a woman from China. It sounds like getting greedy will save you from further relationship development.

If you believe you can simply go to the nearest part and buy your girlfriend a cup of coffee at a cheap coffee shop - we must disappoint you. Better forget about such gestures, or you won't ever make a good impression on your crush.

What do you need to do, then? Take her to a good restaurant on a date, offer her to travel somewhere over the weekend, etc. Does it mean you will have to use your credit card pretty often? Yes, but no one plays innocent in China.

Mistake 3. Insisting on being introduced to her parents

Even if your goal is to find a Chinese wife - forget about the idea of getting to know your woman's parents at all costs. Don't be surprised in case this acquaintance doesn't happen even after a year of a relationship. Trust us, this decision has a ground that isn't connected with your imperfections. Nothing is wrong with you - she just protects your love.

The point is - the older generation of Chinese people is almost always cynical about the union of their daughter and a foreign guy. That is why - the day she introduces you to her parents may be the last in your relationship. Especially if it's only beginning.

Therefore, give your lady time if you don't want to ruin everything. Don't make her choose between family and affection - you can't win this game.

What are Chinese women for marriage like

Chinese dating FAQ

What are Chinese women for marriage like?

If you scroll through the profiles of women on a Chinese dating site - you clearly see how different they are. There are some typical characteristics, though.

Ladies in China are usually petite. The average female height in this country is 156 cm (5′ 1 ft), and the weight is 57.3 kg (126 pounds). Usually, these women emphasize their femininity with their long, dark, and shiny hair. The typical hairstyle is loose or pin-up. Their facial features are fine, and their eyes are of standard Asian form (the color is brown or black, depending on the country's region). They have light skin, which is usually heavily pigmented.

Is ordering a Chinese bride legal?

You shouldn't worry - the whole process of getting to know a Chinese woman online is legal. However, it's not about buying your crush - it's about the opportunity to find your soulmate.

Why are Chinese mail-order brides looking for foreign husbands?

Chinese singles prefer Western guys who are seen as self-confident, fond of children, sporty, successful, and family-oriented. Of course, the financial aspect also plays a role. Because, after all, each of them wants to be able to raise the children without any money worries.

At the same time, Western men benefit from their ability to keep calm in every situation. They are also open to a good conversation and welcome all opportunities to laugh together.

Thus, if you are a well-educated, professionally successful man, your chances of getting a Chinese wife through an international dating agency are excellent.

How much does it cost to get a Chinese mail-order bride?

Of course, we can't tell you the exact amount you will spend. It depends on many individual factors. Still, as a rule, experts advise counting with the amount of $7000 -$10000. It includes all typical expenses: online communication, a trip to China, and marriage.

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