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Meet the Best Mail Order Mexican Brides - Beautiful Mexico Wives for Marriage Here

Proven strategies and cost for meeting and marrying Mexican women

Mexico is a country with a rich history and a hot climate. Its unique culture was born at the junction of indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica customs and European traditions. This fascinating land has given the world tequila, chocolate, corn, chili peppers, and endless telenovelas. You also have an opportunity to watch color TV, use oral contraceptives, refresh your breath with chewing gum, and write with indelible ink - thanks to representatives of this nation. 

Modern Mexican singles embody a mind-blowing mixture of descendants of many civilizations: Olmecs, Zapotecs, Toltecs, Maya, Aztecs, Incas, French, Spaniards, and Africans. Do you want to know more about them and their homeland? Here we go, then!

Not everyone knows - this country's official name is the United Mexican States (Estados Unidos Mexicanos). It consists of 31 provinces and the capital - Mexico City. By the way, with over 21 million citizens, the land's major city is the largest Spanish-speaking metropolis in the world! 

Another remarkable thing about Mexico is its unusual holiday: the Day of the Dead. It is celebrated at the beginning of November. Locals believe that the souls of deceased relatives return home during this feast. Carnival, as a rule, is an essential part of the celebration. Its participants decorate everything around them with thematic paraphernalia and paint their faces with skulls.

Mexican cuisine is definitely no less marvelous than the country's customs. It has incorporated Spanish and Aztec traditions with hints of the Middle East. However, the history of some local dishes is horrifying... Before the conquest of Mexico by the colonists, its tribes prepared this ritual soup from human meat. After the arrival of the Spaniards, the indigenous population abandoned cannibalism. And the recipe for this traditional meal since then includes pork or chicken.

You have probably heard that the border between Mexico and the United States is the second longest in the world (after the one between the US and Canada). It is also the most crossed in the world. So no wonder you personally know some immigrants from this land. Just imagine: every month, Mexicans living in America send about two billion dollars to their relatives in Mexico. These revenues make up about three percent of the country's economy. 

Okay, enough general information? We think so too! Let us better focus on Mexican woman dating: the cost, tips, and fundamental facts. 

Who are Mexican brides?

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Who are Mexican brides?

Needless to say that not every woman from Mexico is willing to leave her motherland to marry a foreigner. So mail-order brides become only those physically and emotionally attracted to men from abroad. And it's necessary to mention that their number continues to grow (not by chance, though). 

Anyway, when talking about guys interested in Mexican interracial dating, their desire usually seems understandable. The female immigrants from this country have demonstrated how many remarkable qualities they have. But let's get back to the motivations of Mexicans. Some experts believe they are looking for things in life they cannot get in their home country. And, without a doubt, a relationship with a foreigner promises new fascinating opportunities. Are they so materialistic, then? It's time to dot the i's and cross the t's in this regard!

Attraction to Western males

There can be many reasons why these charming women want to marry foreigners and move abroad. Still, the main one is the charisma of Western guys. An average Mexican girl has comprehended what it is through Hollywood movies and personal experience. So, when joining an international marriage agency, she feels attracted to such men: their looks and behavior toward others.

Thirst for stability

Many Mexican single women are perfectly content with the life they have in their homeland. However, there is also a large percentage of those who do not feel safe and comfortable in the place they live in. From crime to troubles with the economy - many things seem disturbing. Thus, it's hard to judge their strive for a better future (not forgetting that true love is part of it). 

Better attitude

One of the reasons females from Mexico look for husbands abroad is that they are not very happy with how local men treat them. It is not uncommon for these guys to have fidelity issues, be rude to ladies, or not be fully ready for the role of breadwinner in the family. Such (and many additional) factors make girls of this nation look for better attitudes from foreign males. 

Adventurous nature

Life can be difficult for Mexicans, especially if they don't come from wealthy families or don't have mighty admirers to support and protect them. These women are spiritually strong and optimistic, though. They always hope for a better tomorrow and don't just passively wait for good things to happen to them. Thanks to this adventurous nature, they are willing to take active steps toward happily ever after with a Prince Charming from abroad. 

Healthy ambitions

Some ladies from Mexican dating sites for marriage might want to become wives and mothers - nothing else. Good news: it's less common nowadays, as the majority of such girls prefer to earn their own money and contribute to the family budget. It doesn't take an economist to realize there are more personal and professional growth opportunities in Western countries. And this is what also motivates Mexicans to seek love overseas. 

Why are Mexican brides so popular?

Why are Mexican brides so popular?

What makes an average Western man contact a Mexican girl on a dating site? Why are female representatives of this nation so popular? We can explain!

It's time to admit that ladies in Mexico are incomparable beauties. Some experts think that their looks are perfect: from the shape of their faces to the color of their skin. Others come up with the opinion that they overdo it with their ideal appearance. For instance, they find, Mexicans use too much makeup to fight the imperfections - or wear appropriate clothing to hide those extra pounds. From our experience, we can state that women in this exotic land don't like to lie and have nothing to suppress. Of course, they use cosmetics, like most modern girls, but they look no less beautiful without lip gloss or mascara. Let's take a look at some of the characteristics of these hotties. 

Often the first thing you see about a Mexican señorita is her eyes. These are dark, almost black, and framed by thick lashes. At the same time, her face is outlined by jet-black hair. Locals usually have it long and slightly curly. The skin is a little darker, which makes the white teeth shine even more.

Females in Mexico are tall, slender, nevertheless, curvy. Therefore, catch a glimpse of profiles of Mexican brides for marriage, even if you are a fan of athletic and fit bodies. Trust us, their natural curves look much sexier than a manlike six-pack. 

In addition to their stunning appearance, Mexican girls have a unique ability to choose an excellent outfit. Their style usually consists of a mix of traditional and modern clothing. But if such a lady puts on a classic suit for a business meeting, then, in daily life, she will dress differently. For instance, you will most likely see her in a casual dress - sexy and embroidered with bright colors and designs. Anyway, no matter what a Mexican lady has on - she remains charming and seductive. 

Pros and Cons of Mexican women for marriage

Pros and Cons of Mexican women for marriage

Mexico is a genuinely unique place. There you can combine a great vacation with spectacular expeditions. Breathtaking nature, white sandy beaches, coral reefs, snow-capped volcanoes, and seemingly endless deserts... Add to this rich history (Aztec and Mayan archaeological sites, colonial palaces) and friendly local people. Now you have a portrayal of this fascinating country. 

Let's focus on Mexicans, though. Women of this nation are also unique. Fiery and emotional, they have conquered the world with their beauty, independent character, and determination. Their mentality is somewhat similar to that of the Spaniards. Certain differences and peculiarities shouldn't be forgotten, though. 

In this section of our article, we want to discuss the characteristics of Mexican mail brides. Not all of them are positive since these ladies (like others) have their advantages and disadvantages. We advise you to read both lists carefully to make the right decision. 


Their traditional views

Single women in Mexico, even in the 21st century, remain family-oriented. They feel ready to create families of their own from an early age. Because of this, females of this nation also make excellent mothers. Giving birth to children is one of their main priorities. 

Unlike European or American ladies with strong feminist beliefs, Mexicans have preserved traditional values in their relationships with guys (no matter where they are from). They are ready to give a man a leading role in the couple and expect gentlemen to take the initiative in dating and courtship. However, don't think that time stands still in Mexico. Traditional views don't mean complete patriarchy, in this case! 

Their easygoingness, along with loyalty

An average Mexican single woman is always happy about getting new acquaintances. Thus, it's pretty easy to build a romantic relationship with her. If a girl of this nationality likes you, she will go out with you at short notice. Such a lady also realizes that the fact you are now in love doesn't assure you will get married. But meanwhile, she is ready to try to find out whether you are her perfect match. 

A hot Mexican señorita gets emotionally involved very quickly. However, everything changes once you are in a committed relationship. From that point, your sweetheart won't look at other men and always be by your side. She will share your concerns and support you. Such a lady is a team player by nature. So her loyalty may never be questioned. 

Their openness

When dating a Mexican woman, you will never suffer from understatement. A girlfriend from this land won't try to hide her feelings - she prefers showing what is on her mind. For this reason, you will hardly find another lady who can talk so openly about everything. She is straightforward about all sorts of topics and is not afraid to chat about her character traits or to be self-deprecating. In addition, a Mexican woman will notice your disadvantages and address them directly…

The openness of Mexicans extends to physical contact. They enjoy hugging those close to them, kissing their loved ones in public, and sharing whatever is on their hearts. No wonder Western men usually adore this part - the contrast with their local females is huge!


Their educational level

Unfortunately, education in Mexico is not at the highest level. Therefore, you can call yourself lucky if your Mexican mail-order bride is well-read and eager to learn something new. Generally, representatives of this nation can't be described as broad-minded. They don't spend money on new books or traveling - their wishes are more down-to-earth. 

On the other hand, the way Mexicans think isn't full of cliches and prejudices. That is to say: they don't give a damn (in the good sense of the word) about many things that ought to bother them. Still, your job is to help if your beloved one has a craving for knowledge - do not destroy this spark with careless words.

Their slothfulness

Most commonly, the character trait that irritates foreigners during Mexican girls dating - is their slothfulness. Although this can be noticed not only in love life - people of this nation are either somehow careless about their work responsibilities. 

You won't hear the popular in the Western world saying, "Time is money" in Mexico. Moreover, one could say the time for them is endless: they are never in a hurry. They also often add a diminutive suffix to the word "now" (ahora) and say ahorita instead. Which means: this moment can stretch almost indefinitely. So be prepared that your Mexican girlfriend often comes too late to your rendezvous or forget about the arrangement. 

Their national tendency toward corpulence

A hard disappointment awaits those who expect all Mexican mail-order wives to look like Salma Hayek. It's not a cliche - this nation has a tendency toward corpulence. Thus, you ought to search well if you want your girlfriend to be super slender. 

We can't explain this phenomenon to you. Maybe it's because of the unhealthy food with all those corn tortillas or the climate that encourages people to move less - who knows? Good news: the situation is somewhat better in large cities where citizens have a mentality closer to the Western. They take care of themselves, choose healthier food, and play sports. Girls in small villages, in contrast, are usually plump and don't worry about how they look. 

How to find a Mexican wife?

How to find a Mexican wife?

If you live in the United States, Mexico, depending on the city you live in, is just a plane or car ride away. A trip to this exotic land can be fun and memorable - but it can also be life-changing if you use it as a Mexican wife finder. 

People in this sunny country are very open, like to talk to strangers, and are quick to make new contacts. Socializing is in their blood! But where should you go to meet the best singles? What are the most promising locations? 


There are numerous festivals throughout the year in Mexico. For instance, there is a famous jazz feast in winter. A colorful carnival is held in late February/early March, not forgetting about the one on the day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. As you probably remember, November 2nd is celebrated as the Day of the Dead. And these are only a few of the holidays of this fabulous land, on which gorgeous local women flock to the cities, dressing appropriately for the occasion. Isn't it a perfect opportunity to meet your soulmate? 

Cafes and bars

You already know that Mexican girls are very outgoing. Therefore, they spend plenty of their free time in bars and cafes with their friends. In such a relaxed atmosphere, it becomes easy to strike up a conversation with a lady of your dreams, don't you think so? 


The beaches of Mexico are among the most beautiful in the world. And that's no wonder: white sand, warm turquoise water, and exciting roads through the jungle. A better location can hardly be imagined - if you want to get acquainted with a woman who loves to sunbathe and swim. 

But you shouldn't necessarily go abroad to search for love. Since dating sites have become a thing, you can meet Mexican singles without leaving the house. And that was solely one of the benefits of online matchmaking. It is also convenient, inexpensive, and, above all, gives you a real chance to get to know those ladies who are serious in their intentions. 

However, not all dating sites are effective on the international market. What you need is a specialized service. There you will find thousands of Mexican brides seeking relationships with Western guys. Such a provider is much more likely to lead your attempts to success. 

Still, remember that you can't find your soulmate immediately after joining a dating website. Months (or even more than a year) can elapse between the moment you chat with Mexican ladies and the point you propose to your future wife. It is important not to abandon the process and always keep the end goal in mind. 

How much does a Mexican bride cost?

How much does a Mexican bride cost?

As we said, meeting a single girl from Mexico online and marrying her is now available to all with a stable Internet connection. Success comes at a price, though. Since not only do you spend time chatting with hot señoritas - you need money for it. 

Okay, let us get this straight. Ladies from a Mexican wife agency don't have price tags. The cost we talk about relates to the total amount you will have to pay during each relationship stage. And it is impossible to marry a girl from this (or any other) country without meeting her in real life. Otherwise, you won't be able to prove that your romance is not fake to immigration officers, so your sweetheart may come to the United States. 

Be that as it may, estimating the exact cost of this process is quite difficult. After all, a lot depends on you and your preferences. For example, you can choose a mid-range site or a high-end matchmaking platform, stay in a 3-star or 5-star hotel, etc. So below, we give some average expenses that most guys in your situation have. 

Site services

International matchmaking platforms have various business models. For this reason, using each one involves different expenses. We'll emphasize the three most common ones for a better understanding:

Those with credits

Credits are virtual units that help you buy various advanced features of a dating site. These include chat, letters, video calls, virtual gifts, etc. Usually, you can get credits in different packages. But the more you purchase at once - the less each token costs. 

Those with subscription

A paid membership allows you to achieve more on a Mexican dating site, as it unlocks certain features. These could be diverse things: from highlighting your profile in search results to sending free signs of attention to your favorites. As a rule, you can buy a subscription for 1 to 12 months at once. Like with credits, the more months you choose - the cheaper you pay for each. 

A combination of both

Some providers combine both mentioned business models. You can get both there: a paid membership with a premium dating experience and credits for communication features. You don't always pay more with this option, as some sites offer free VIP status with the purchase of credits.

We don't know which platform you will choose. Thus, generally speaking, the cost of using a legit niche site with mail-order brides from Mexico ranges from $150-$300 per month. 


It would be fair to say that Mexican single women love new experiences and live for fresh emotions. So don't be afraid to surprise your online girlfriend with a spontaneous video call or buy her a present. It mustn't be something over-expensive: a small but memorable gift will bring much more.  

Every trustworthy matchmaking platform has its own delivery service - do not hesitate to use it. With its help, you can arrange for your lady a SPA weekend or just order her dinner. You'll see the full spectrum of emotions no matter what you choose! The price depends on your generosity, of course. 

Offline dating

After a while of online communication, you must consider transferring your Mexican dating into real life. We bet you are already excited about this trip. But it's essential to estimate the price of this undertaking beforehand:  

Flight tickets

Mexico is one of the cheapest countries American citizens can travel to. Depending on your location in the US and destination in the neighboring land, plane tickets can cost you between $300 and $700 (on average).


The cost of a hotel in Mexico depends, once again, on its location. Spending time in an All-Inclusive resort will cost you more than a similar accommodation in a small Mexican town. The average cost for a two-week stay in Mexico-city is priced at $550-$1500. 

Food and entertainment

Note: your meals budget includes not only what you order - but also what your girlfriend eats. Street food is more affordable, while restaurants and bars may appear expensive. And what about the entertainment, then? You can't walk in parks all the time. Museums and galleries, nightclubs and arcade centers, shopping malls and beaches together - that's what you must plan. Be prepared to spend the amount of $2000 or more. 


When it comes to transportation, you have two options. You can count on buses and taxis. Then, it costs around $200 for the whole duration of the stay. The other option is to rent a car, which gives you more mobility but is priced at $500. 

The cost of moving a Mexican mail-order bride to the USA

It's absolutely legal to marry a mail-order bride from abroad. So you don't have to worry that your relationship doesn't have a future. However, if you want to bring your Mexican wife to the United States - there are several aspects to consider here. For instance, one of the main steps is helping your sweetheart to obtain a K-1 visa. It is a necessary document for all foreign citizens wishing to be officially married to US residents. 

Once all the application procedures are complete, you will need to fill out some additional forms and pay the required fees. We talk about the total amount of $2000. 

How to reduce the Mexican bride cost?

Unfortunately, we don't see many opportunities to reduce the cost of a Mexican mail-order bride. Of course, you can try your luck with free-to-use dating platforms. But, in this case, be ready to face fake profiles and scammers. We don't think that the risk is worth it.

Also, a better option than going to Mexico can hardly be imagined - when talking about offline meetings. Governmental visa fees are clearly established, too (you can't ask for a discount). 

Anyway - we are sure that every cent you spend is a building block of your happy future! 

What we do and how we can help you

What we do and how we can help you

You must agree, a trip to Mexico promises a good chance of getting to know one or the other local woman. Females of this nation are easygoing and like to flirt. Still, in today's hectic life, the opportunity for such a journey does not come often. Therefore, the perfect solution appears itself: you can search for love online!

Our platform - - represents a special kind of marriage agency. Here you can meet not only Mexican mail-order brides - but also beautiful ladies from around the globe.

The main idea behind our services is to help singles establish contact as directly as possible. Various communicational features are beneficial in this regard. You can write letters, send instant messages in chat, put likes, and many more. 

One of the aspects that is particularly important for our team is the perfect balance between male and female members. As a result, in contrast to other websites, we don't have a large overhang of men on GoldenBride. 

Registration on our platform is free of charge. So you can join and set up your profile with no obligations. This can be done in just a few steps. What are you waiting for, then? 

Why is marrying a Mexican woman a jackpot?

Why is marrying a Mexican woman a jackpot?

Before trying your luck with Mexican women dating, you probably want to know why this can bring you what you need. Is marrying a girl from this country really a jackpot? Let's check!

As a rule, Mexican señoritas create a family at a young age. However, this does not mean they are not ready for all challenges of marriage life. Girls are taught to manage household chores and do this job with pleasure. Also, Mexicans are excellent cooks. Their traditional dishes are tasty, flavorful, and unique. Mmmm, the prospects are so yummy!  

At the same time, ladies from Mexico are passionate, loyal, and kind. They let a man be a leader in the family. It means: such a woman doesn't mind raising children and being responsible for the atmosphere of happiness. 

For a Mexican girl, a man's background, financial situation, or career opportunities are not nearly as crucial as his character traits. Here are three of those qualities:

  • Reliability

Such a lady needs to know she can count on her partner in everything. It goes for both (the little things and the most decisive moments in the couple's life).

  • The right work-life balance

Men's ambitious and determined attitude towards work is attractive to brides from Mexico. But they also don't want a guy to think about work 24/7. 

  • Respect for the elders

Women in Mexico are very attached to the older generations of the family. And they expect to see the same level of respect toward their parents and grandparents from the husbands' side. 

Do you think you can manage that? If yes - your happily ever after with a female of this nation is guaranteed!

Mexican wedding traditions

Mexican wedding traditions

In Mexico, weddings are filled with beautiful traditions that reflect the rich cultural heritage of this country. Here are the top 5 of them:

Las Arras

One ancient custom is the exchange of las arras, or wedding coins. The groom presents 13 gold or silver ones to his Mexican bride. This ritual symbolizes his commitment to support and provide for her. The girl then accepts and promises to manage their shared wealth wisely.

El Lazo

During the ceremony, a large looped rope (called el lazo) is placed around the couple's shoulders in the shape of the number eight. This represents the eternal unity of the lovebirds and embodies their binding together in marriage.

Las Madrinas and Los Padrinos

In Mexican weddings, las madrinas (bridesmaids) and los padrinos (godparents) play crucial roles. The madrinas typically assist with the planning and expenses of the wedding. While los padrinos are chosen by the couple to be sponsors and guides, often providing financial support and advice.

La Hora Loca

Near the end of the celebration, a lively and vibrant hour known as la hora loca, or the crazy hour, takes place. It is filled with energetic music, costumes, and props to get everyone on the dance floor and create a festive atmosphere. This tradition adds a fun twist to the wedding reception. Mexican brides and grooms call it the favorite part of the whole event. 

La Torta

Mexican weddings are known for their delicious cuisine and one traditional dish - la torta. It is a sweet and fruity wedding cake adorned with almonds, coconut, and dried fruits. La torta represents the couple's hopes for a delightful and fruitful life together.

These are just some of the dozens of beautiful traditions practiced during Mexican weddings. Each region may have its own unique customs, but all aim to celebrate love, unity, and the joining of two families.


Are Mexican mail-order brides a real thing?

Yes, they are! If you are looking for a family-oriented woman - there is a good chance you will meet her in Mexico. Most ladies from this country who join international dating sites want to get married and have children.

Are Mexican mail-order brides still a thing?

Yes, we can assure you that Mexican mail-order brides are still a thing. They make the best wives and mothers.

Can I really meet a Mexican mail-order bride online?

If you have a remote job and occasionally visit Mexico, you can stay there for a year or two and meet local girls, for example, using one of the dating apps like Tinder. If it doesn't work for you, you can search online for mail-order brides from this country. There are many platforms to choose from.

Why is it better to choose a paid Mexican mail-order bride site?

It's recommended to choose a paid Mexican marriage agency because there you get better service and protection from scammers.

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