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Meet the Best Bulgarian Brides - Beautiful Bulgaria Women for Marriage Here

Bulgarian brides in 2023: exciting facts, expense analysis, and legality

Bulgaria is among the countries that are popular tourist destinations at all times. It is often chosen for its affordable prices, beautiful nature, and incredible history. Travelers are usually pleased with mild climatic conditions and friendly locals

But unfortunately, when planning a trip to Bulgaria, Western people do not even realize how many interesting facts about the land remain undiscovered. For instance, many go home without knowing that Bulgaria is the motherland of the legendary gladiator-revolutionary Spartacus and the father of Alexander the Great. The honored Orpheus sang in the Rhodope Mountains many centuries ago. Breathing with history, unique cultural monuments, ancient cities, religious architectural sites, and attractions hide their secrets. Some of them are under the protection of UNESCO, by the way. Even if you can't see all these places of interest with your own eyes yet, with our help, today, you can learn something unusual and fascinating about locals.

The first thing we want to share is pretty funny. Bulgarians shake their heads up and down in denial and to the sides in agreement. This often causes great confusion when communicating with foreigners. One of the versions of why they use these gestures looks relatively plausible. During the Ottoman regime, the Bulgarians had to change their usual motions to protect themselves from torture and demand conversion to Islam. According to the legend, Turks put a dagger to their throat and asked: Do you renounce the Orthodox faith? Apparently, refusal would lead to inevitable death, so the little trick saved many lives. Still, nowadays - you must mind this cultural nuance when chatting with Bulgarian singles. It's time to learn another distinction. In this country, people never say they don't know something when answering a question. Local customs allow inaccuracy in the response or even lying (just so as not to offend with a refusal in this form).

If your head is spinning because of such cultural differences, and you don't believe it's possible to understand a person from this land correctly - we have a solution. You simply need Bulgarian rakia! This national alcoholic drink is strong and is made on the basis of apricot, pear, plum, and grape. Bulgarians also like to add star anise, nuts, or honey. The liquor can be drunk hot in winter (with a bit of caramel, cinnamon, or orange peel). In fact, the level of prosperity of the local family is measured by the number of liters of rakia stored in home cellars.

Who knows, maybe because of this magical drink Bulgaria has a super-low divorce rate, which is steadily decreasing. In 2022, officially, it was around 1,2 separations per 1000 couples. For better understanding, the same rate in the USA is much higher (2,3 divorces per 1000 couples). All joking aside, this could be related to more traditional values of female representatives of this nation. It seems they value family more than modern Western women, so they do their best to solve relationship problems instead of getting divorced right away.

Are you already excited about such prospects? Well, you are not alone who have such desires! More and more foreign guys join Bulgarian dating sites with the same motivation. Do you want to figure out what expects you on this international way to happiness? Read this article - we know all the answers!

Who are Bulgarian brides?

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Who are Bulgarian brides?

Why do single local ladies go to Bulgarian dating agencies? What makes these beauties want to marry men from Western countries? Who are they: desperate love seekers or just cold-blooded fortune hunters? Here is the answer. Or, better to say, the number of explanations.

Let's start with the most apparent one. Located along the Black Sea coast, sunny Bulgaria seems like a fantastic place to live. Unfortunately, the reality differs from the first impression... This country is one of the poorest in the region. So no wonder youth often see no future in their homeland. We're not talking about gold diggers here, though. It's just that many local singles believe they deserve a better life in a more prosperous country with a perfect life partner. That's why thousands of these girls sign up on matchmaking platforms. However, this is not the only reason why pretty Bulgarians are looking for foreign boyfriends.

Some experts say that women in this European land think American, British, or Canadian men make better husbands than their local guys. Ironically, it's basically the same stereotype, Western males have about Eastern-European females. To be more specific, Bulgarian brides for marriage feel it's easier to find a respectful, caring, supportive, and financially stable man abroad than in their country. In addition, they are attracted to the typical Western lifestyle and want to become part of it. During the private communication, we could determine a few more motivations of these ladies:


Bulgarians are curious people who enjoy constantly learning something new. Absorbing foreign cultures belongs to this outlook. And, as you probably know, general interest often arouses attraction.

Misfortune with local men

Girls, who have had unsuccessful experiences with Bulgarian males, don't want to take such a risk again. We talk about abuse, mistreatment, insults, and physical assault.

Desire to be taken care of

Such cuties from Bulgaria look for mature Western gentlemen because they usually treat their younger wives like princesses. This is what they never get at home...

Why are Bulgarian brides so popular?

Why are Bulgarian brides so popular?

Okay, the motivation of women is clear now. But what about Western men? Why do they decide to join an average Bulgarian dating site? International matchmakers believe: the combination of these five qualities makes females from this European land so popular.

Their attractiveness

The beauty and attractiveness of Bulgarians are chiefly determined by the favorable climate in which they live. The sea air and the sun's rays contribute to the health of hair, nails, and the body. Not saying a word about proper nutrition.

Bulgarian ladies consider hair their secret weapon. It's usually long, thick, and well-groomed - the main attribute of femininity, without a doubt. The stunning image is complemented by dark eyes and bronze skin.

Another trait that makes foreign men love ladies from this country is their curves. Slender bodies are given to females of this nation by nature. Young Bulgarian girls don't have to try hard to stay in good shape.

Their friendliness and kindness

These two character traits help them effortlessly get along with new people. That's why you won't experience any difficulties in finding a common language with single Bulgarian ladies. Even if you are generally a bit shy and awkward while communicating with girls - this won't be the case. The females of this country are kind-hearted, tolerant of other people's quirks, and know how to make a new boyfriend feel more comfortable while spending time with them.

Their excellent housekeeping skills and brilliant culinary talent

Women from Bulgaria strive to keep their homes cozy and clean. Therefore, when having such a partner, you will always be pleased with the place you live in. All the neighbors and friends will be jealous that your house is so tidy and comfortable!

When it comes to cooking, Bulgarian wives demonstrate outstanding skills. They are like chefs from elite restaurants! And they are never lazy to pamper their husbands with delicious breakfasts and dinners. Also, they always take care of their spouses having lunch at work.

Their ability to find the perfect balance between family and work

Girls of this nationality are pretty ambitious. Thus, a Bulgarian mail-order wife usually wants to identify herself as a skilled employee to feel successful and happy. And due to her energetic nature, she knows how to find enough time for both (family and work).

At the same time, a child is the center of a Bulgarian woman's world. That's why she makes an excellent mother. Such a girl surrounds her little ones with limitless care and support. She is willing to help her kids in everything, even after they turn 20, 25, and even 30 years old. Children always remain children from the point of view of Bulgarian mothers.

Their positive energy

Taking life easy is a typical feature of the locals’ outlook. So it is almost impossible to see a Bulgarian girl in a bad mood and hear her complaining about routine problems. As a result, communication with such a cheerful person brings only joy. You will never feel upset (or tired) after spending your evening after a long working day with her. On the contrary, she will definitely delight you with positive energy. Tell us honestly, what could be better?

How to find a Bulgarian wife?

How to find a Bulgarian wife?

How can you meet Bulgarian singles in 2023? The first opportunity lies on the surface. We talk about coming to Bulgaria, of course! As you already know, local girls are always open to making new friends and getting to know foreigners. As long as they are not currently involved in relationships, though. Anyway, no matter where you are from - you can count on an unforgettable dating experience in Bulgaria. But some knowledge about the country and its major cities won't hurt.


Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. And this is the best city to find a girlfriend if you want her to be good-looking, chic, glamorous, and clever. Some would even say - the best singles in this land live there! The reason why they think so is simple. Youth from other cities go to Sofia to study at the university or work.

If you like to party hard, the capital of Bulgaria has plenty to offer you. The nightlife of this city is bright. There are dozens of nightclubs where you can enjoy great music and tasty drinks. And, for sure, meet plenty of hot singles.


Plovdiv is one of the most exciting destinations in Bulgaria. At the same time, this beautiful ancient city with astounding architecture and seven hills is the best choice for Western men seeking love in this country.

Various music and art events take place here. The Kapana district has the majority of nightclubs, cafes, and restaurants. Although there are several fabulous spots throughout Plovdiv that only locals can show you...


Burgas is a fantastic alternative for anyone looking for Bulgarian girls dating. This city has a lot to offer both night lovers and those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Still, you must be careful. There are many resorts in this city so you could come across women from other nations there.


Widely known as the country's sea capital, Varna is Bulgaria's second most important city. You can rest and have fun on the sunny beaches, walk in public squares, and enjoy other attractions. By the way, Varna is only a few kilometers away from the famous Golden Sands resort. Thus, you will undoubtedly meet many Bulgarian girls in the various outdoor taverns and cafes. Never-to-be-forgotten moments are guaranteed!

But what if you don't want to travel to meet ladies from this European land? No matter what it is: the lack of free time or not enough energy - it's your choice. We have a solution: you can get to know Bulgarian brides online!

There are specialized websites and mobile apps for finding foreign partners. They are enormously popular among Bulgarians. Hundreds of new members join such services every day. So there are enough beautiful singles for everyone on the Internet platforms of this kind. Also, there, you have a convenient environment for communication right from your smartphone or PC. Then, it is possible to find a future wife without even leaving home!

How much does a Bulgarian bride cost?

How much does a Bulgarian bride cost?

First and foremost, there is no Bulgarian dating site or offline agency where you can buy yourself a bride. It is simply impossible! All you can actually do is: chat with ladies from this country on the Internet and meet them in person. After that, you can bring your beloved one to the land you live in. Be that as it may, you must choose a reputable matchmaking platform for your love search. But you ought to understand that your experience will never be completely free... Experts suggest counting the cost of upgraded site membership to the price of visiting your bride in Bulgaria. The entire dating journey will be pretty expensive. On average, Western men spend between $3500 and $16000 from start to finish. Let's check how much each step costs.

Site services

The first step involves choosing a marriage agency. Reputable international dating platforms usually have two options concerning payments. The majority provides its services with the help of virtual currency (units, credits, tokens, coins, etc.). In this case, you convert your real-life money into the website's bucks to spend on the site's features. As a rule, users pay there $150-$250 per month. But the final amount always depends on your preferred online communication style. For example, if you talk for hours in video chat and order long phone calls with your online girlfriend - it is clear that you will need more than $250. However, in most cases, the price range is close to what we mentioned. Another option is to choose a website where you buy only premium subscriptions. The package usually includes certain communication features, likes, or anything similar. The average price here starts at $100 per month.


International dating sites usually have their own gift delivery services. Don't neglect this opportunity to demonstrate your feelings to the special lady. Distance is no excuse!

Bulgarian women like pleasant surprises. Thus, don't be greedy when it comes to presents. What can you order to please your online girlfriend, and how much does it cost? Experts say it doesn't have to be an expensive gift: your attention matters. So, a bunch of roses (as a rule) is priced at $10 each (the quantity makes the difference). While perfume is a bit more pricey - around $100. Just check your provider's catalog and decide how generous you are.

Offline dating

The next step is about meeting your online girlfriend in person. In most cases - a foreign guy arranges the first offline rendezvous in his bride's country. Therefore, be prepared to spend about two weeks in Bulgaria. Don't agree to a shorter vacation because such a decision may play a cruel joke against you. So remember: even if this girl is a perfect match for you and you have been feeling chemistry with her since the first date, you still need to get to know her better. Below you can check a short list of the main expenses of the two-week trip from the USA to Bulgaria.

  • A round-trip ticket from one of the major cities of the USA to the Bulgarian capital Sofia will cost you around $1000. Still, the price may vary depending on the time of the year, how much in advance it is bought, etc.
  • For an accommodation (a hotel room), you will be charged $500-$700 for two weeks.
  • Transportation (especially if you play to make intercity trips) will cost almost as much as accommodation - about $350.
  • Food and entertainment won't be cheap too. Be prepared to pay around $1000 (for you and your potential wife, though).
  • The cost of moving a Bulgarian mail-order bride to the USA

When the dating stage is over, you may ultimately be able to bring your Bulgarian soulmate to the USA. The most popular type of visa for such purposes is - K1. You probably know it as a fiancée visa. How much does it cost, then? American husbands usually spend about $2200 on it. The price includes all fees and law support.

How to reduce the Bulgarian bride cost?

Apparently, the easiest way to reduce the cost, in this case, is to communicate with Bulgarian mail-order brides through the websites with free membership. Yes, there are such platforms, too - you can find them almost effortlessly. And in doing so, you will save practically half of the budget. Still, we need to inform you that these providers demonstrate a low-security level of service. For example, you can meet scammers and fraudsters there.

How can you protect yourself? It is recommended to review literally every review you can find online before joining a platform. After that, you should register on a website and check the quality of the profiles — chat with some ladies, google their photos, use a video chat feature, etc. If everything is fine, then this site is reliable. Otherwise - run away.

Are Bulgarian mail-order wife services legal or not?

Are Bulgarian mail-order wife services legal or not?

Many doubts arise when talking about Bulgarian women dating through the Internet for inexperienced users. For instance, Western men often believe the process is not totally legal. Do you also have such worries?

If yes - we can assure you that the whole thing is lawful. International matchmaking is permitted in the majority of countries worldwide, including the USA, Great Britain, and Canada. You don't buy yourself a wife there, remember?

Marriage registered in Bulgaria is 100 percent legal too. After that, your wife can get the visa and come to your country, having all the corresponding rights. In most cases, she automatically obtains permission to work.

What we do and how we can help you

What we do and how we can help you

So, have you finally decided? Have you become convinced that one of the Bulgarian single women may be the love of your life? If yes - great! Then, beforehand, you must find an Internet agency with plenty of females from this country. But be careful with the providers. The platform you choose should have a good reputation and many satisfied customers. And, by sheer chance, we can help you here.

Our international dating website GoldenBride.net has many members from Eastern Europe. It is to say you can meet not only Bulgarian but also Ukrainian or Russian ladies here. Not saying a word about pretty Asians and Latinas who come to our agency every month. Thus, in most cases, Western guys find the one they have been looking for. Yes: we can bring you success because we are experts in this field! Say no to amateurs - they only hinder.

The question logically arises: what makes us different from other reputable providers? Above all, it is an individual approach to each customer. Secondly, this is the significant number of active members. Then, you will not wait long to get an answer from the woman you are interested in. Relationships can’t wait!

If you have any questions - contact our managers. They will always be happy to help you. Or you can join our website today and rest assured that the initial step to better tomorrow is done.

Bulgarian wedding traditions

The culture of this European country is rich in traditions and customs. This is reflected in various aspects of life. We have already highlighted some things concerning Bulgarian dating. Still, among the most notable ones are wedding rituals. Such an approach helps locals to celebrate the endless love of two people romantically and symbolically. In this section of our article, we want to discuss the unusual and fascinating ones. Who knows, maybe you will need this knowledge soon...

Beautifying the bride (Nakrivane na nevestata)

On the big day, all female members of the bride's family and her girlfriends come to help their sweet girl dress and do make-up. This act of adoration is an essential part of the wedding routine and an important ritual that symbolizes the purity and beauty of the lady.

The handfasting ceremony (Obvivane na rytse)

A central element of the traditional Bulgarian wedding is tying the hands of the newlyweds with a cloth or scarf. This custom signifies the union of the two people and their future life together as spouses.

Breaking of bread (Chorovod)

A special bread must be broken together by the newlyweds during the big day's celebrations. It is called Pitka. The custom stands for sharing happiness and sorrows in a couple. As well as the importance of working together as a team in married life.

Dowry (Zestra)

In some regions of the country, it is customary for Bulgarian brides to bring dowry into the union. This usually consists of household items, textiles, and sometimes furniture - all given by their families. The dowry is intended to help the young couple organize their home together.

Dance on the cloth (Nastupvane na ruschik)

It's another exciting wedding ritual in Bulgaria. A cloth is laid on the floor, and the bride and groom dance on it. It is believed that the couple who steps onto the special towel first will take the lead.

Drinking honey and water (Med i voda)

As you might guess, following this tradition, newlyweds are given a glass of honey and water. They must drink it together. The ceremony symbolizes the sweetness and purity of love the newlyweds feel for each other.

The kidnapping of the bride (Odvlechenieto na mladata)

In some land's provinces, it is customary to "kidnap" the Bulgarian bride during the wedding ceremony. Friends or relatives of the groom take and hide her in a secret place. The groom must then find and "free" his beloved one. This custom is humorous and playful and serves to entertain the guests.

How to bring a Bulgarian wife to the USA?

How to bring a Bulgarian wife to the USA?

Here is an action plan on how to bring your Bulgarian wife to the USA:

Petition for a Spouse Visa

As an American citizen, you'll need to file an immigrant visa petition on behalf of your woman. The primary form used here is - Form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative). You'll need to provide evidence of your marital status (such as a marriage certificate) to establish the validity of your relationship.

Financial Requirements

To sponsor your Bulgarian partner for immigration purposes, you'll need to meet certain financial criteria. This typically involves submitting Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, which proves that you have sufficient income or assets to support your spouse and prevent her from becoming a public charge.

National Visa Center (NVC) Processing

Once your petition is approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), it will be forwarded to the NVC. This organization will guide you through the necessary steps, including finding additional documents, paying fees, and completing the required forms.

Consular Processing

After the NVC stage, your wife's case will be transferred to the U.S. embassy or consulate in Bulgaria. Your sweetheart will be required to attend an interview for an immigrant visa. She will need to provide supporting documents, such as medical examination reports and police certificates. It's part of the application process.

Immigrant Visa Issuance

If your woman's visa application is approved, she will be issued an immigrant visa to travel to the United States. It's important to note that obtaining an immigrant visa does not guarantee entry into the U.S. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the port of entry have the final authority in this respect.

Remember that this is a general guide, and the specific procedures and requirements may vary based on individual circumstances. It's crucial to consult the official website of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and seek advice from an immigration attorney to ensure that you have the most accurate and up-to-date information for your particular situation. Good luck!


Are Bulgarian mail-order brides a real thing?

Definitely! Bulgarian mail-order brides you meet through reputable matchmaking platforms are all real. Most such ladies are willing to move abroad. They are serious in their intentions and aren't shy to demonstrate it. Just join an international dating site such as GoldenBride.net to experience them!

Are Bulgarian mail-order brides still a thing?

Of course, they are! Eastern European beauties (such as Bulgarians) are extremely popular among Western guys. They have many captivating qualities that make them perfect wives and life partners.

Can I really meet Bulgarian mail-order brides online?

Yes, because Bulgarian single ladies can also use all benefits of online matchmaking. Anyway, all joking apart, finding a girlfriend from this country through the Internet may be one of the easiest romantic experiences ever. You don't have to try too hard to please your woman during communication - she will be equally interested in the success of your romance as you are. Moreover, she will notice everything you do for her and be grateful.

Why is it better to choose paid Bulgarian mail-order bride sites?

In Bulgaria, dating through the Internet can take place on paid or free-of-charge platforms. You just need to choose a respectable provider. Make sure it's trustworthy, effective, and comfortable to use. Unfortunately, those without premium subscriptions often don't meet these requirements. Furthermore - they might be dangerous because of the scammers and fraudsters.
If you can't afford to buy a dating site's membership and want to try your luck with free apps - it's okay. We strongly recommend reading all reviews beforehand, though.

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