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Meet the Best Vietnamese Brides - Hot Vietnam Women for Marriage Here

Pretty Vietnamese mail-order brides: what are their secrets?

Vietnam is a spectacular, picturesque country with an ancient history and rich culture. It has age-old temples, breathtaking landscapes, a warm sea throughout the year, and the opportunity to travel without a visa for citizens of many Western lands. 

Foreigners are usually sure that Vietnam is a small tropical country without frills. This is a mistake, dear reader. This Asian land's territory occupies 127,882 sq mi (331,212 square kilometers). And the region can surprise even the most well-traveled tourist with exciting customs, traditions, and other cultural features. 

The legacy of Vietnam's magnificent past can be seen literally at every turn, no matter where you are. For instance, it is the religious and architectural influence of China there. The period of French colonization can also be noticed in the local cuisine and language. The presence of Japan in the visual and martial arts can't be overlooked too. Still, thanks to globalization, the country's modern image isn't complete without touches of American culture. How does this affect Vietnamese singles? Let's check! 

Residents of Vietnam get up quite early - rarely does someone sleep until 7 o'clock in the morning because schools and many other public institutions begin to work at this time. However, the working day of most people in this land ends at 4pm. So they can safely devote the rest of the day to themselves and their loved ones. Completely free is only one day a week there (and it's very tiring). 

Business is run in a pretty strange way in this country. Some issues are solved instantly, while others drag on for years! Unfortunately, corruption is firmly set in Vietnam. For example, the number of cafes on the seashore work without permission. But if the commission arrives, someone will notify the owners in advance, and they will instantly disappear. Wait: enough about business - you probably want to know more about romance. 

The opportunities for love adventures, especially in remote villages, are really limited there. That is why the inhabitants of the small town of Sapa (situated in the northern mountains of Vietnam) - arrange the so-called love market every Saturday. This tradition has been helping to connect lonely hearts for several centuries. The way of showing attention is also interesting there - to give a sign to the girl or guy you like, you need to play a melody on a banana leaf twisted into a tube. Anyway: with the advent of the Internet and Vietnamese dating agencies, attendance in the love market has fallen somewhat. It is possible that this tradition is not far from extinction. So try to find time to experience it!

Do you nevertheless prefer modern ways of love search? Are you ready to unite your life with a woman from this Asian country? Great: in this article, you can find all the necessary information. 


Who are Vietnamese brides?

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Who are Vietnamese brides?

Vietnam is not Asia's largest or most populous country. But you can find thousands of singles who look for love abroad if you review an average international Vietnamese dating site. So why do these ladies become mail-order brides and seek foreign husbands? Can't a beautiful and clever girl get enough male attention in her homeland? 

Well, to be absolutely honest - that's not always their wish. Sometimes the women's parents are the motivators here. They want their children to live in a stable environment, preferably abroad. Still, what about the thoughts of the Vietnamese brides? The reasons vary.

Reasons 1

The first is the economic situation in the country. You probably understood that from what we mentioned just above. 

Many Western people find the Vietnamese very hardworking. But not because they love it — they have no other choice. The average monthly salary in Vietnam is around $300. Obviously, it's not enough to live life as you do. That's why those locals who speak English strive to make a career and get married somewhere in the Western world. 

Reasons 2

Another reason is how foreign men (American men, in particular) treat Vietnamese mail-order brides.

There is a popular stereotype related to men from Western countries in Vietnam. According to it, they are kinder, politer, and more caring. Therefore, most Vietnamese women who sign up on international dating platforms believe that US/Canadian/UK men treat their women well and with much more respect than their local guys. So it's hardly surprising a foreign husband is the secret dream of so many girls in this land. 

Reasons 3

The third explanation here lies in the attitude of Western males. What does it involve?

The Vietnamese appear cute and tender - to foreigners, not to the locals. Hard physical labor is put on their shoulders in Vietnam, while men are allowed to do practically nothing. Do you also think it's not fair? 

In this case, it would be craftiness to say it's something reprehensible in the desire of the Vietnamese to live with those who treat them well. 


Why are Vietnamese brides so popular?

Why are Vietnamese brides so popular?

The role of a woman in Vietnam has experienced many changes throughout history. They had a chance to try on such different roles as warriors, nurses, builders, farmers, and many more. One thing is clear: a Vietnamese mail bride is brought up in a society that values hard work above all. The demonstration of appreciation of discipline is another cherished virtue. Although morals are no less crucial, for sure. But what about romance? Which qualities make the Vietnamese so popular on the international dating market? Oh, these questions deserve special attention!

When a man marries a woman, she becomes his mistress, life partner, friend, and mother of his children. If you want to be in a couple with someone who unites all these points - seek love in this Asian country. According to the outlook of locals, marriage doesn't just espouse two people. They believe it connects two families, cultures, and lands. So starting a relationship with a lady from Vietnam, you make your routine pleasantly exotic. 

The motherland of these beauties has struggled with poverty for decades, and families have had to work hard to feed their children. No worries: now the standards of living in the country are better. But the ability to work hard has become part of the Vietnamese genes. It is to say: females of this nation would never sit on their partners' necks. The same goes for begging for expensive gifts. It's a nice contrast to many other mail-order brides. Still, with all their modesty, local women never forget about self-care. They always put on sunscreen when they go out and moisturize their skin before going to bed. 

Wait, what about the prospects in the long run? Western men prefer Vietnamese singles because they make good mothers and wives. They are dedicated to the education and welfare of their babies and ensure their little ones have a carefree childhood. But these cuties always remember to love their husbands passionately, stay romantic and go on dates without kids. 

Do you understand now why the Vietnamese are so desired by foreign guys? 


Pros and Cons of Vietnamese women for marriage

Pros and Cons of Vietnamese women for marriage

The country of Vietnam is located in the southeast of the Asian continent. It offers tourists impressive experiences that are unparalleled in the world. No less unforgettable are Vietnamese mail brides. It's not by chance they are generally among the most beautiful and mysterious across the globe. Not least because females from this land are particularly exotic and feminine. Moreover, their naturalness is enchanting for guys of all ages!

Although girls from Vietnam are no aliens. They, like other women, have their advantages and disadvantages. But you can only get an idea of what is expected of you after you've been with such a woman for some time... 

We guess, at this point, you know next to nothing about the Vietnamese. Here are a few things to get you started (both: pros and cons). 



Their stunning appearance

The first thing you will notice scrolling through the profiles on a Vietnamese dating site in the USA is how beautiful the ladies from this country are. The population of Vietnam consists of 54 ethnic groups that have lived together for ages. Mixed marriages between the representatives of these ethnic groups are certainly not uncommon. This explains the attractiveness of females in this nation. 

The Vietnamese are petite girls with slender bodies. They are somewhat curvy, but those shapes can't be compared to what sexy Latinas demonstrate. 

Cute - is the best word that describes the facial features of Vietnamese girls. They have full lips, sweet dark eyes, straight noses, white teeth, and attractive smiles. These refined traits are usually flawlessly framed by their dark, long, and shiny hair. How can a man resist such attractiveness? 

Their sweet inexperience and loyalty

A typical Vietnamese girl has many interests and ambitions, but deep in her heart, she wants only one thing. All she dreams of - is to find love and marry her ideal man. At the same time, it means such a lady doesn't have much dating experience when she finds her special one. So you will be the first to discover her loving and passionate nature. 

Yes, once a Vietnamese woman starts a relationship with you - she invests her energy in the romance and stops talking to other guys. You will get all her time, attention, and love, expecting the same from you. A female from this Asian land is honest in her feelings and will never cheat on the special one. 

Their romanticism

If you are planning to try Vietnamese singles dating, there is one thing you will immediately love about them. True romanticism is still alive in this Asian country. This, of course, involves traditional courtship and flirtation. Local girls love receiving small signs of attention, cuddling and watching movies together, going for walks, cooking, celebrating anniversaries, wearing matching rings and clothes, etc. They appreciate love gestures like giving a coat when it's cold, protecting from the sun, or holding an umbrella when it rains.

Also, the romantic nature of Vietnamese women ensures they are pleasant to talk to. They are very playful and good at flirting too. This creates an ideal basis for harmony in a relationship. 



Their cultural differences

It is fundamental for mail-order brides from Vietnam not to lose face in public. For this reason, even when problems arise, they react with calm, serenity, and a smile. Such cultural differences (together with additional ones) can drive a foreign guy crazy. 

Thus, if you got used to loud scenes for all to see - a Vietnamese girlfriend is not the best choice for a relationship. The drama in the open will make her feel deeply hurt and offended. Therefore, this kind of conflict will turn out absolutely hopeless. The only solution is to control yourself and clarify disagreements calmly. As a rule, this eases a situation and prevents it from escalating.

Their special body language rules

Body language in Vietnam is even more important than what a person says. The posture speaks volumes when it comes to the people of this nation. For example, they find standing with your legs apart, having hands on your hips, or sitting with your arms crossed unattractive. The Vietnamese interpret it as disrespect for a conversationalist. 

Likewise, never point your palm at someone in this Asian land. In particular, waving your arms wildly in the air to flag down a taxi is also unacceptable. Locals do this by extending the arm with a stiff elbow and flexing only the wrist. 

These were just some illustrations of the misunderstandings you may have with your Vietnamese girlfriend. Make sure you learn the basics before you get introduced to her parents…

Their inability to say a clear no

If a Vietnamese bride says yes to you - this can mean many things. Because even if she disagrees with what you say - it doesn't change anything. Your lady will still express consent. The rules of a good upbringing forbid her to say no outright.

Hence meet four possible meanings of what a yea can mean in Vietnam:

  • Yes, I understand what you are trying to say.
  • Yes, I think so too.
  • Maybe, I'm not sure yet.
  • No, but I can't say that directly.

As you can see, the spectrum is pretty wide. And what is in a woman's mind can be understood solely from insignificant nuances. These could be the speed of the spoken word or her facial expression. Do you think you can get used to it?


How to find a Vietnamese wife?

How to find a Vietnamese wife?

Vietnam is a mysterious and distant land where not everything looks or feels as you are used to. It is also one of the friendliest countries for tourists. However, foreign guys have another purpose for their journey to Asia - Vietnam single dating. And, in fact, their interest is mutual. Local females are very keen to meet Western men. For this reason, we can say confidently - you will get a lot of attention from girls anywhere in this land. But there are some places that are sure to get you a date:


Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. It significantly differs from other Asian metropolises that you may have ever visited. Hanoi is a relatively quiet city with many historical sights and cultural adventures. So why don't you give one of the numerous attractive Vietnamese women who live there a chance? 

Experts suggest you visit Duong’s, Little Hanoi, and Green Tangerine Restaurants for this purpose. No less promising are Nineteen Bar, Infinity Club, and The Opera nightclubs (especially if you want to meet the most open-minded singles). 

Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is the exact opposite of Hanoi. It is the largest and busiest city in Vietnam. There are countless business centers, malls, and cafes where you can meet ambitious and intelligent Vietnamese brides. Of course, you can't pay a visit to all these places. Therefore, it's better to focus on those locations that may be a lucky hit. Among them are the restaurants Sorae Restaurant & Lounge, Propaganda, and Poke Saigon. Nightclubs Lush, Lost in Saigon, and NASA represent how vibrant the nightlife in Asia might be. 

Ha Lang

Ha Long will captivate you with its views as soon as you set foot in this lovely city. It is considered one of the hottest tourist spots in Vietnam. We talk not only about foreigners: local ladies looking to have a good time arrive from the whole country there!

After you have seen the natural attractions of this city, visit Ha Long By Night Club to meet the most stunning singles. Karaoke Gala and Halong View give a calmer dating atmosphere. Vinace, 1958 Restaurant, and Hutong Hạ Long will impress you with their food and attractive female guests.


How to find a Vietnamese bride without going abroad?

How to find a Vietnamese bride without going abroad?

Although Vietnam is a rather touristy country - you will find it difficult to encounter singles who want to marry foreigners there. Matchmakers say that finding a girl to have fun with is easy when you travel to her homeland. However, if you have serious intentions, you must go online to join a Vietnamese dating site. This is a simple, fast, and affordable option. Let us show you the whole process step-by-step:

  • First of all, you should choose the right international marriage agency. The problem is not finding anything to join - selecting a trustworthy and reliable provider is challenging. Unfortunately, there are many scam websites or services full of fake profiles on the Internet. So take your time to determine the best one. 
  • Secondly, create an account and fill in the questionnaire. You will be asked several questions about your personality traits, perfect Vietnamese girlfriend, ideal relationship, and dating goals. We highly recommend answering all these questions correctly to get excellent matches. 
  • Then, you can finally start searching for a Vietnamese mail-order bride of your dreams. Use all the tools available to speed up the process. 
  • Once you have found a profile of the lady that seems attractive to you - send her a message. Don't worry if the first one you contact won't be your soulmate. A good dating service has thousands of girls online - thus, it's crucial not to give up too quickly. Keep communicating with women until you find the one you like most. 
  • Meet your online Vietnamese girlfriend in real life, propose, and marry her. 

So it's not that bad, dear reader? 


How much does a Vietnamese bride cost?

How much does a Vietnamese bride cost?

An average mail-order bride from Vietnam is more modern than you might think. She uses the World Wide Web to meet foreign guys like it's no big deal. However, your usual dating services and apps might not be helpful here. They are not really popular in this Asian country. 

We suggest you use specialized international marriage agencies for your search. Local singles believe it's the best opportunity to get to know serious Western males for marriage. Such websites are also easy to use, secure, and effective in connecting lonely hearts from around the globe. All you need is to decide who you want to meet and create an attractive dating profile that will introduce you to the most suitable girls.

As you might guess, such a complicated process can't be free. Thus, let's examine each step to find out the approximate cost. 

Site services

Important disclaimer! Please remember: you cannot buy yourself a partner in a Vietnamese wife agency. It does not work like that, no matter how confusing the terms sound. What can you do, then? Meet a woman from this Asian country online, arrange a rendezvous in real life, and (if everything goes well) bring your sweetheart to the USA. 

Okay, how much does a reputable provider take for its services?

There are two types of dating sites: subscription-based and credit based. The first option demands you make a single purchase every month. It's a fixed amount, typically $150-200. The latter allows you to make dozens of small buys whenever you like. So the total price depends solely on your needs and preferences. Generally, it's around $100-300 per month.No matter which of these two alternatives you pick - don't forget to inform yourself of current promotions and membership discounts. 


It is essential to remember all romantic anniversaries in a relationship with a Vietnamese lady. Consider this a part of local dating culture. 

Couples in this country celebrate every month they spend together. The same goes for almost every little thing, like a year from the first kiss or six months after the first sex. If you can't bear in mind all these dates - put them on your calendar. Otherwise, offenses are unavoidable...

What kind of presents should you bring, then? Relax: it shouldn't be anything expensive. For instance, a small bouquet of flowers works perfectly. Remember that you must avoid chrysanthemums and yellow flowers. For other options - check the gift catalog of your dating site. The expenses depend on your generosity, for sure. 

Offline dating

Of course, your Vietnam dating doesn't end with its online part. Before you bring your soulmate to your country and start building a family with her - you need to meet your foreign partner in real life at least once. 

This country is not just around the corner, so experts find it necessary to arrange a two-week trip. That's how much such a romantic undertaking would cost:

  • Round-trip tickets from NYC or any other big American city to Hanoi are usually priced at $800-1000. It depends on the time of the year and personal circumstances. 
  • Next, you will need to book a hotel room. Luckily, Vietnam isn't expensive - so it won't be more than $700 for two weeks. 
  • Please, don't rent a car in this country! Traffic is too chaotic there. Choose such transportation options as taxis or buses - it won't cost more than $200. 
  •  You will, most likely, spend about $500 on food and entertainment for both (you and your girlfriend). 


  • The cost of moving a Vietnamese mail-order bride to the USA

There are two ways to bring your Vietnamese mail-order bride to the United States. The first one is a CR-1 visa. Your woman may apply for it if you got married in Vietnam before her relocation to your country. The second one is a K-1 visa. It can be obtained if you two plan to celebrate the wedding in the USA. The latter is more expensive but much quicker to get. Still, both opportunities are equally legal. So make a choice under your personal circumstances. 

What about the prices, then? The government fee for applying for a CR-1 visa is $1200. This amount excludes the cost of the mandatory immigration medical exam. On the K-1 visa, you will spend around $2200. This includes the permanent residence application fee, after which your Vietnam bride becomes a permanent resident of the United States. 

How to reduce the Vietnamese bride cost?

There is, in fact, only one way to reduce the Vietnamese bride cost. And, to be honest, it's pretty risky. 

As you might guess, we talk about searching for love through the dating website, which is free to use. But you must be careful since such providers, in contrast to the paid ones, don't control the identities of their users. This results in a high activity of scammers and a generally low success rate. However, you can also find couples who have met on such platforms and are happy together. You have the last word here, for sure. 


What we do and how we can help you

Would you like to search for your love online? Do you believe your soulmate might be one of the Vietnamese mail-order brides? We can help, then! is an international matchmaking platform. It has existed since 2013 and has numerous members worldwide. On our website, you can find not only Asian singles but also beauties from Europe and Latin America. Fill out the small registration form to discover how many active members we currently have and whether there could be any matches for you. If you complete your profile, you will receive initial matching suggestions from our experts. 

You can contact women from our catalog in writing (by letters and chats) or by telephone. If there are problems with understanding, a translator may also be put at your side. We can help you to arrange a trip to the country where your potential soulmate lives too. And what is even more important, each of our services can be optimized to your individual wishes. Just get in touch with us to know more!


Why is marrying a Vietnamese woman a jackpot?

At the moment, you probably feel very attracted to Vietnamese brides. Thus, dating one of them can easily be imagined. But what about something more serious, such as marriage? Experienced guys say a decision to unite your life with a girl from Vietnam may appear the best you have ever made. Below are just four of dozens of qualities that make partners from this Asian land so appealing to Americans. 

They are supportive wives.

Vietnamese ladies are happy to accept traditional family roles. Those - where you can be the boss while your partner supports you in everything and helps you become a better version of yourself. You will always feel her silent approval and hear wise advice whenever needed. 

They are loyal partners.

Vietnamese girls think that marriage should last forever. Thus, if such a woman unites her life with you - she will stay by your side until the end of time. It means that she will be 100% loyal to you. And it also means that she will listen to your needs and always make sure you have everything you want.

They are skillful homemakers. 

A Vietnamese wife has numerous hobbies and wants to achieve a lot at work. Still, what she really enjoys is managing household chores. She expresses her love for her family through cleaning, decorating, and, most importantly, cooking. Such a pleasant and cozy atmosphere will make you want to come back home again and again, no matter how much fun you have with your friends or colleagues. 

They are loving moms. 

Ladies from Vietnam are capable of giving unconditional love and care. Therefore, it shouldn't be surprising to hear that they make perfect mothers (probably the best you have ever met). Not only do they have all the skills to raise healthy babies, but they also know how to make their little ones happy and prosper in life.


Vietnamese wedding traditions

Vietnamese wedding traditions

In Vietnam, dating and marriage are accompanied by various exciting rituals. The wedding ceremony is definitely one of the joyous occasions filled with rich cultural traditions. Here are the top five wedding traditions commonly observed in Vietnam:

Engagement Ceremony

Before the wedding, there is an engagement ceremony called Dam Hoi. During it, the groom's family visits the bride's family to formally ask for their daughter's hand in marriage. The custom involves exchanging gifts, offering betel leaves and areca nuts, and seeking the ancestors' blessings.

Wedding Altar and Ancestral Worship

Vietnamese wedding locations often include an altar dedicated to the ancestors. Before the big day's ceremony, the couple and their families pay respects to their forefathers by lighting incense, making offerings, and seeking their blessings and protection for the newlyweds' future.

Tea Ceremony

The tea ceremony (also known as Le Tea) is a fundamental tradition in Vietnamese weddings. The couple serves tea to their parents and older relatives as a sign of respect and gratitude. In return, the lovebirds receive blessings, advice, and gifts from their elders.

Traditional Attire

The Vietnamese bride and groom typically wear traditional country outfits during the wedding celebration. The girl wears an elegant, vibrant-colored Ao Dai - a long gown with intricate embroidery - while the guy wears a simpler version called Ao Gam, complemented by a silk turban.

Reception and Feasting

Vietnamese wedding receptions are known for their festive atmosphere and delicious cuisine. The party includes a lavish banquet where guests enjoy traditional local dishes such as spring rolls, noodle soups, grilled meats, and various seafood dishes. Entertainment, including music, dancing, and games, is also part of the celebration.

These are just a few examples of the wedding traditions in Vietnam. Depending on the region and family customs, other unique practices and rituals may be included to celebrate the couple's special day. So ask your special lady if you want to know more!



Are Vietnamese mail-order brides a real thing?

Yes, Vietnamese mail-order brides are a real thing. At least those you can meet on a reliable dating site since they go through an identity verification process during the registration phase.

Can I really meet Vietnamese mail-order brides online?

In principle, the chances of getting to know a woman from Vietnam in her homeland are remarkably high. However, the cost of travel and accommodation should not be underestimated. Together with absolutely no guarantees of getting what you want - the whole undertaking seems risky.
We, therefore, see another option (using an online matchmaking platform) as much more beneficial. There you can meet Vietnamese singles ready to move abroad - and it all for a reasonable price.

Why is it better to choose paid Vietnamese mail-order bride sites?

As we have already mentioned in this article, a Vietnamese dating website with no paid services might be dangerous to use. For example, your sensitive personal information may be sold to third parties. Or you may face scammers or fraudsters who steal the identities of random people on the Internet.
Remember: there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world…

Why are Vietnamese mail-order brides looking for foreign husbands?

It happens because they are often not satisfied with local men. Domestic violence, adultery, poverty — all these things make young, intelligent, and beautiful Vietnamese girls create profiles on international dating services. They think Western men are more caring, loving, and (of course) financially stable than guys from their homeland.

How much does it cost to get a Vietnamese mail-order bride?

The price of a Vietnamese mail-order bride depends on the dating platform you choose. Your lifestyle and other personal circumstances have a significant impact on the final amount too. So the total can start from $3000 and reach thousands of dollars.

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