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Why men like Russian catholic women

We believe that praying Catholic Russian Brides have great power with God.

A peaceful rebellion by Catholic women against their treatment could go a long way toward restoring to law the rights of women, single or married, that are found in Sacred Scripture. St. John Paul II wrote a letter on this subject in 1988. In it, he explained that there are two dimensions to a woman's vocation, virginity and motherhood, both of which fulfill the feminine personality.

Women share in a special way in the great mystery of human fecundity, in the creative power of God that brings forth new human life. Because of the mother's role in bearing and rearing the children, who literally absorb the energies of her body and soul in the nine months before birth, men are especially indebted to women. No program of equality is valid unless it takes into account the demands of motherhood.

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Why men like Russian catholic women

We agree with all of the points below, but judging by the comments on some blogs and other websites, there are many misconceptions about what men really want. Let's clear this up:

1. Passion

A man respects a woman who is interested in something - health, exercise, sports, cars - everything. Nothing is more boring than trying to talk to a person who has no interests. We've talked to a lot of very nice people and thought, "Imagine me doing this for the rest of my life!" We don't expect everyone to pick up a hobby, but you might want to review your life and think about something you'd like to learn more about or explore. Try keeping up with current events or studying some aspect of history. You can only get to know yourself better if you try to develop interests outside of yourself. G.K. Chesterton was absolutely right when he said, "There are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people."

2. Generosity

Once you have children - but even before - the myriad tasks, errands, and responsibilities of married life can be overwhelming.  A generous spouse who steps in when they realize you're overwhelmed can be a lifesaver.

3. Holiness

Last but not least, someone who strives for holiness is a great blessing because let's face it, none of us are perfect.  As a husband, you need forgiveness on a regular basis (i.e., every day). But your wife's spirit of humility and repentance fills the home and inspires you and your children to live more holy lives.  And that's what the vocation of marriage is all about - helping each other draw closer to God, who is the ultimate joy.

4. Kindness

The world is an uncertain, stressful, and sometimes painful place. A pretty face won't make you feel better at the end of the day. But a kind word and a gentle touch can save even the worst day.

How to meet and date Russian catholic women

How to meet and date Russian catholic women

Maybe you've been looking for a relationship or marriage for some time, or the thought of the upcoming holidays have you thinking about how to find that special someone.

Here are 3 places where you can meet your potential spouse.

1. Holy Mass 

If you're looking for a spouse who practices the faith, you probably already go to Mass. But if it's been a while, start going to Mass regularly. Remember to make a good confession in order to receive Holy Communion.

Adore the Lord at Mass. Take the opportunity to make your petitions to the Lord. He knows what is going on in our hearts, but He is pleased when He hears it. Tell Him that you are thinking about marriage, and share with Him your desire to find a spouse.

A young couple we know who attend college together first noticed each other at Mass on campus. With their faith as a foundation, their relationship has blossomed.

2. Diocesan events and parish activities 

Look in your diocesan magazine and on social media for events in your area. If there aren't any, reach out to your diocese's Director of Evangelization and Formation and suggest the idea. You could perhaps help set up a much-needed service in your area.

Check your church bulletin for activities and attend events. Meet other members of the congregation. Join in celebrations, classes, retreats, and conferences. You will learn and grow in your faith while improving your chances of meeting a spouse who shares the same core values.

3. Catholic dating sites and apps

Online dating of catholic girls is the way of the world. An online search for Catholic dating sites and apps will produce a long list of leads. Review a site or app thoroughly before signing up. When the landing page boasts about matching you with the "hottest" Catholics or letting you send free "flirts" or promoting other messages that are not authentically Catholic, you can be certain that this site may not be for you!

4. Be sure to explore volunteer opportunities 

Volunteering is perhaps the greatest way to become closer to your church and develop a powerful neighborly community to cherish.

When it comes to catholic Russian women looking for dating, there are few places better than volunteering. Meeting a person in volunteer service allows you to work with them. Working with a person uncovers the hidden truths about them that you will never find out on a date. It lets you meet someone without pretending and in a natural setting.

Volunteering is therefore a chance to give back to people and meet potential partners. How wonderful it would be to find a Catholic soul mate while doing God's work.

Volunteering can be any kind of work; it is not necessarily confined to churchgoers. It could be a charity run that you can profit from, for example, or perhaps a kitchen service for the homeless. The main point is that you do charity work with the right purposes, and God will assign you the right partner.

If your intentions are clean and the sole reason you are volunteering is to help others, God will grant your prayers and offer you the chance to meet the right people. Be modest and humble when giving to the poor, these are good Christian qualities that will bless you with rewards, in this case with a like-minded catholic woman to marry from Russia.

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