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Meet the Best Turkish Mail Order Brides - Beautiful Turkey Women for Marriage Here

Secrets of Turkish mail-order brides and ways to charm them

Turkey is a country where Western and Eastern traditions meet. The embodiment of this wonder is one of its most famous cities - Istanbul. This metropolis literally unites Europe and Asia. 

Unfortunately, for many foreigners, Turkey is solely a popular destination for a summer vacation. Although, in fact, it's an ancient country with fascinating traditions and rich history. So do locals a favor: don't limit your knowledge of their homeland to the sunny beaches, warm sea, and clean sand. Since, even far from the coast region, you can find a lot of exciting impressions. Let further information change your outlook in this regard.  

As you might guess, Turkey is a Muslim country. However, in contrast to the rest of the Arab world, the institution of religion is separated there from the legislative and executive branches of government. It doesn't mean you can't notice the traces of Islam in Turkey. A good illustration here would be unusual arrow-shaped signs found in public places. They serve to determine the qibla - the direction towards Mecca. This is necessary so that Muslims, during prayer, can pray strictly towards their main shrine. Do you want another example? Here you go! All restaurants in Turkey have two halls - one of them is for single men (so women can't sit there).

The following fact will be shocking, considering what we said just above. It is hard to imagine that the iconic Christmas hero associated with winter and snow actually appeared in the town of Demre in the sunny province of Antalya. In the 3rd-4th centuries, the settlement of Myra was located on this territory, where St. Nicholas of Myra was born and lived. His image became the prototype of the modern Santa Claus. What about one more destruction of a stereotype? It is believed that the tulip is a traditional Dutch product. But this is not true! Ottoman sultans brought these tender flowers to Europe in the 16th century.

Turkey has also given a lot to people worldwide in the culinary field. Its national cuisine is the third most loved after Chinese and French. In particular, the winemaking of the Turks is on top, although they do not boast about it. This sort of alcohol has been produced there for over 4000 years! But oddly enough, as a Turkish dessert, you can get chicken. Don't be shocked: the traditional Ottoman delicacy Tavuk Goksu is prepared from chicken breast. It is a pudding made from boiled meat, sugar, milk, and cinnamon. Despite the strange combination of products, the dessert is really tasty.

Do you want your Tavuk Goksu to be cooked with a dash of love? Then, you definitely need to try Turkish women dating! All nuances in this respect are placed in this article, by the way...

Who are Turkish brides?

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Who are Turkish brides?

We think it's better to reformulate the subheading: why do Turkish ladies prefer foreigners? This question surely pops up in your head - and we have the answer. 

It would be fitting to say that international dating has burst into the conservative society of Turkey like a breath of fresh air. Its appearance has affected their perception of modern technology - not saying a word about the benefits it brings. But, once again, what about the motivation of local singles? Here are the main reasons why they join an average Turkish dating site in the USA: 

Reason 1

Even in the 21st century, females of this nation don't have as many freedoms and rights as Western girls. For instance, gender equality has not yet been achieved. Just so you know: in February 2022, only about 18% of seats in the country's Parliament were held by women. At the same time, officially, ladies in this land (15 years old and older) spend 53% of their time doing unpaid care- and housework. Apparently, getting more independence with a partner from the democratic land sounds tempting to them. And what is wrong with the wishes for a better life for themselves and their future children?  

Reason 2

Turkish women love Western men. They consider foreigners more intelligent, progressive, and intelligent than local guys. Also, these hotties are captivated by what Americans/Canadians/Australians look like. They are always well-groomed and stylish. Nevertheless, they don't overdo it with self-care unlike Turks. 

Reason 3

The dishonesty of Turkish males often pushes girls from this land toward international dating. We talk about their contrasting behavior during romantic rendezvouses and after marriage... As boyfriends - these guys do their best to make a great impression on their potential wives. They behave in a friendly and generous manner. Still, most of the time (after becoming husbands), Turks start to be bossy, harsh, and rude.

As you can see, there is nothing indecent in the intentions of mail-order brides from Turkey. And they are serious about their desire to leave the motherland and experience other cultures and traditions. 

Why are Turkish brides so popular?

Why are Turkish brides so popular?

Without a doubt, many Western guys want to meet Turkish singles. But why? What makes them so popular? 

Experts believe it's because of their stunning looks. Women from this country are so outstanding that their beauty has been celebrated in song, literature, and art for centuries! There is no other nation with similar appearance traits - Turks are unique in their own way.

There is a certain notion of the typical image of Turkish ladies. It is established that all females of this land have tanned skin, glowing eyes, and refined facial features. But the magnificence of these hotties is as diverse as the nature and culture of their motherland! What's for sure: the majority of Turks have luxurious brunette hair. In fact, one of the most attractive things about these girls is their curls - thick, shiny, and usually long.

Another extraordinary feature of the appearance of Turkish women is their beautiful, silky eyebrows, which also draw attention to their eyes. Knowing how to use the properties of makeup, they do not forget to emphasize this highlight. By the way, lovely Turkish females like to use decorative cosmetics daily, choosing bright or saturated colors for manicures. But even without makeup, they remain captivating and can inspire many men.

Ladies in Turkey do not like to spend long hours in gyms. They prefer to keep their bodies in good shape by eating well and leading a healthy lifestyle. Thus, these girls would prefer to walk to a specific location rather than drive.

Western males are usually sure that Turks (as typical Muslim women) wear long black clothes. But singles from this country are different. They love to dress fashionably. Trying the latest trends and designs to reflect their personalities is typical among them. 

In summary, we can state that the popularity of Turkish ladies lies in the unique mixture of Eastern and Western traits they represent. Don't you find it extremely attractive too?

Pros and Cons of Turkish women for marriage

Pros and Cons of Turkish women for marriage

There is usually not much Western people know about Turks. That, most likely, goes for you too. It's hardly surprising, though. Women from this country don't travel abroad much because they have many exciting vacation options at home. At the same time, we can't say there are plenty of Turkish female celebrities in Hollywood, so you could get a general idea of what locals are like from them. Clearly, the ladies of this nation (whether they like it or not) remain a complete mystery to the rest of the world... 

But wait, why should you take your precious time to search internationally for a partner in Turkey, then? Fair enough to ask that. Since there is always a lot of effort behind such an undertaking. We've rounded up some of the top points why Turkish girls deserve more attention (or, better to say - their advantages). Likewise, a bit later, will be highlighted the features that may cause problems (their disadvantages). Take into consideration both lists if you want to make the right decision. 


Their traditional values

Turkey is a Muslim country with a conservative and patriarchal society. Although not as traditionalistic as some other lands with the same religion in the region. It is to say that women's roles are well-defined there, so locals, even in the 21st century, prefer to focus on family instead of career and education. However, young Turkish singles from the largest cities have more Westernized values and views.

Why do we call it a benefit, then? Ladies from Turkey who decide to look for love abroad have unique views on life, relationships, and marriage. On the one hand, they are ambitious and strong-willed. They receive a good education and often work full-time before and (when needed) after marriage. On the other hand, they believe that the man should be the leader of the couple. These girls are, therefore, happy to take care of the children and the home. They do not challenge or undermine their partners and give appreciation instead.

Their trustworthiness, coupled with femininity and passion

Turkish women are confident, proud, independent, and strong — but, at the same time, highly feminine and passionate. They may seem reserved and cold when you meet them for the first time, but that is nothing more than a facade. Females in this nation are too well-behaved and modest to demonstrate their romantic feelings right away. However, her passionate side will be revealed once you get to know such a girl better. Your Turkish bride may not have much dating experience - but she is naturally gifted in all aspects of love. 

Also, the trustworthiness of an average Turkish cutie shouldn't be forgotten. Having a girlfriend with this feature means you share your life with someone you can always rely on. Don't underestimate it!

Their emotionality and zest for life

Some men might say that being emotional isn't really beneficial for relationships. But it really is because Turkish ladies don't bottle emotions. And this helps to make feelings in a couple more lasting. Since no hidden grudge means partners love each other for years!

Although girls from Turkey tend to be quick-tempered and prone to arguments, they are very forgiving. Their affection doesn't go away after sorting things out. Conversely, when they express their true feelings - they leave no resentment and anger that destroys relationships.

 Perhaps that's the reason why Turks have such extraordinary exuberance. They stand for open laughter and a zest for life. That's something you can learn from them, by the way. 


Their jealousy

Oh, this famous Turkish jealousy... The grounds for feeling so are numerous and do not necessarily arise from romantic connections. For instance, Turks often feel jealous of their relatives, colleagues, and friends. And when taking into account the ego representatives of this nation usually have - this creates an explosive mix you might get hurt from. 

The forms and manifestations of jealousy that may be experienced during Turkish single dating are the most diverse (from loud arguments to cunning intrigues). Do not even try to guess where the next (not the first and certainly not the last) misunderstanding will occur and what it will consist of. Everything can come into play: a look at a pretty girl on the street or greeting a female coworker in the morning. 

Their touchiness

If you want us to give you an accurate list of what a woman from Turkey can be offended by - we must disappoint you. It can be literally everything. Yes, it's equally unpredictable as the case of jealousy. The most common examples are disrespect for local tradition or religion, inattention, insensitivity, or unwillingness to follow the authoritative advice of the girl's parents.

Did you hurt the tender Turkish soul? Feel free to pay the full price without any discounts. Your sweetheart will shoot at you at the most sore spots. She will not talk to you for days, completely ignore you, or come up with many more cunning things. Anyway, if you don't give up - you can count on an equally stormy reconciliation in the bedroom…

Their unpunctuality

In case punctuality is an essential feature of your future girlfriend - it's the reason not to join a Turkish dating site. There is even a corresponding expression in this respect - balık hafıza (translated: fish memory). Yesterday was yesterday, and today is today. Thus, don't wonder if your crush can't remember the exact rendezvous time. In fact, this inaccuracy of Turks has long become a byword.

We suggest you cancel the concept of punctuality in the classical sense of the word in a relationship with a girl from this land. Hours and minutes are not needed in Turkey. Also, learn what these phrases actually mean to avoid frustration:

  • 5 dakika (5 minutes) - up to fifteen minutes.
  • Hemen (immediately) - up to half an hour.
  • Biraz sonra (a little later) - up to an hour.
  • Yolda (on the way) - a few hours.
  • En kısa zamanda (in the shortest possible time) - up to a few days.
  • İnşallah - most likely never.

How to find a Turkish wife?

How to find a Turkish wife?

Turkey is a fabulous country with a centuries-old history and thousands of landmarks. That's why it is a popular destination among tourists from around the globe. Still and all, Turkey definitely belongs to the countries full of contrasts - those that become slightly different with each visit. 

But we are not naive and realize that many single guys book their trips to this land hoping to meet beautiful Turkish ladies. And if you are one of them - here are the best places to check out.


Istanbul is one of the most prosperous cities in the country. Local women have a lot of experience with foreigners, and it's a huge benefit. Because you just need to turn on your charm and be a gentleman with a lady you like. 

The Roof Mezze 360, Olive, and Old Ottoman restaurants are extremely popular among Istanbul's female singles. The same goes for Masquerade, Kalimera, and Ruby nightclubs, along with the Balkon and Rittim bars.


Ankara is the capital of Turkey. It is a city with the most fascinating historical sights and beautiful architecture. However, we can't say that local ladies often meet foreigners. With a bit of knowledge, you can turn it into an advantage. After all, if you don't look like a typical Turkish guy, it won't be hard for you to stand out from the crowd. 

As for the hottest spots for romantic meetings, try Fige, Goksu, and Niki restaurants. Manilya, Havana, and Miami nightclubs are also popular hangout locations.  


Antalya is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey. Are you planning to go there too? Great decision! Since there, you can try not only dating Turkish women. You can get to know foreign ladies who also spend their vacation there! 

Besides the beautiful beaches and beach bars of Antalya - it's advisable to visit Seraser, Arma, and Castle restaurants. Gaga Club, Sensation, and Olivia nightclubs (as well as Soho Bar and Diesel Pub) attract local singles, too. 

How to find a Turkish bride without going abroad

How to find a Turkish bride without going abroad

Turkish girls may be a bit traditionalistic in many ways. But they are perfectly modern when it comes to the latest technologies. Nowadays, women in this country are using the internet to look for jobs, take online courses, and (of course) look for love. 

Local females willingly become Turkish mail-order brides because dating foreign men is a kind of trend now. Still, you won't find many of them on your usual flirting sites and apps. You need international matchmaking services to meet potential matches from this outstanding land. Such platforms are designed so that people from different countries (and even continents) can communicate in a comfortable environment. All members there are not only real - they demonstrate a sincere desire to date or marry a representative of the alien culture. Therefore, your chances of success will be higher than ever.

Finding an ideal online marriage agency is not that difficult and not too time-consuming. Just follow this simple step-by-step guide to know what to do at each phase: 

  • First, choose an online dating service with Turkish girls. Read all reviews and test sites to understand whether the provider is worth your time. 
  • Then visit the website and create a profile. Upload your best photos and make sure your user information is catchy and exciting. This part is crucial if you want Turkish females to reply to you. 
  • Buy some credits, and don't forget to take advantage of a bonus offer for new customers. The point is that most international matchmaking platforms are not free to use. You have to buy a subscription to chat with the women. 
  • Start chatting! The best sites with Turkish ladies have thousands or even tens of thousands of members willing to marry abroad. All you have to do is use advanced search filters to find women who meet your requirements.

Good luck, dear friend!

How much does a Turkish bride cost?

How much does a Turkish bride cost?

Before trying Turkish dating, you probably wonder how much this international romantic adventure costs. From our experience, we can say that your expenses depend on many factors:

  • How much and how long do you communicate with your girlfriend from Turkey online. 
  • Gifts (virtual and real) you send to her. 
  • Travel expenses if you wish to meet in person, in the same vein as dating locations and events you choose for your rendezvous (cafes, restaurants, excursions, etc.). 

As you can see, we can't tell you the exact amount. But, as a rule, each step is affordable, and the prices are reasonable for an average Western man. Either way, your dating experience with a pretty Turkish woman will certainly be worth it. Check it out yourself a bit later, while now we'll share the average costs of those stages. 

Site services

Let's start with the basics: you can't just buy yourself a bride from Turkey or any other country. An average international matchmaking platform is focused on finding and bringing together singles from different parts of the world. So you simply spend money communicating with the girls of your dreams there - since such websites aren't free. 

As a rule, international online dating can't be called ultra-expensive. A member generally spends from $100 to $250 per month. However, this amount depends on the services and features you use to contact your Turkish crush. Typically, messaging tools like live chat are cheaper than those with video or voice communication instruments. But such individual things as your habits and preferences leave their mark on the final amount.


Remember: you will pay for everything once in a relationship with a Turkish woman. Females from Western countries are usually unwilling to let their boyfriends foot the bill, so they prefer to split it. In addition, they can even pay for you. It's not the case with Turks, though. Therefore, keep your credit card ready for gifts and flowers, even during the online dating stage. 

You must be generous when trying to impress your Turkish sweetheart. Your presents ought to be elegant and fancy. A surprise vacation abroad is, of course, an ideal option. Anyway, be prepared to spend a lot on various pleasant surprises (from $200 monthly). 

Offline dating

After online communication on a Turkish dating site, you surely must meet your favorites in real life. In most cases, American men who date women from this country spend about two weeks there. Such a duration of stay is normally enough to meet several girls and have a few dates with each of them. 

This is how much a two-week trip to Turkey will approximately cost you:

  • Plane tickets from the US to Turkey are priced at $800-$900 (round trip). The amount depends on the season, comfort level, and the number of stops. For example, a direct flight would always be more expensive than one with multiple connections. 
  • A hotel room will cost around $100-$350 per night. Your expenses also depend on the accommodation type and city. As an illustration, in Antalya - you may get an All-Inclusive option for this price. 
  • Local transportation (buses, taxis) isn't expensive - about $100 for two weeks. Intercity traits are more costly - add at least $30 per day you use them. 
  • Food, entertainment, and other activities are pretty cheap in Turkey. You, most likely, won't pay more than $500 for the whole stay.
  • The cost of moving a Turkish mail-order bride to the USA

Of course, that's not all. After online dating and offline meetings comes the most exciting part. We talk about starting a new life with your Turkish bride. But how can you bring her to the United States?  

From our experience, you and your beloved one will choose a K-1 visa. This type of permit is extremely popular among American men who marry women from abroad. A standard K-1 visa fee is $1200. Don't forget the additional $100 for a Green Card a little later. 

How to reduce the Turkish bride cost?

Unfortunately, there aren't many ways to reduce the cost of a Turkish mail-order bride. We can't say that choosing a free dating platform for your search is a good idea. Too many dangers connected with scammers, fraudsters, and personal information sellers, come with this decision. At the same time, Turkey isn't an expensive country for offline meetings. So transferring your dates somewhere else won't bring much. 

For this reason, we can suggest you save on the wedding ceremony. The one in Turkey can be incredibly expensive. Let's compare for a better understanding. The average cost for a marriage in the United States is around $4000 - $5000. While the lavish wedding reception, which includes hundreds of guests, live entertainment, and a designer dress (all these aspects are obligatory in this Eastern land), turns into expenses of $15000 and more. As you can see, the difference is huge…

What we do and how we can help you

What we do and how we can help you

It is high time to introduce ourselves. We are an international dating platform GoldenBride.net. Our team has had more than 10 years of success, which proves that our approach works. We've connected thousands of singles from around the globe: across languages and cultures, helping them to experience true love. 

You must agree: traveling to Turkey involves spending a lot of money on the trip - but there is no guarantee that you'll actually meet someone. We make it easy for you to meet pretty ladies from this country and make a first impression. So when you finally meet in real life, the probability of getting what you want significantly increases. 

On GoldenBride.net, you can get to know plenty of like-minded singles and connect with them at lightning speed. You can use your computer, tablet, and cell phone for romantic communication. Thus, chat until the wee hours if you feel like that. Post photos, share your interests and dreams - show your best side! Our modern tools will help you in all undertakings. 

Still, in the dating jungle, things can get tough at times. But we do our best to make your experience stress-free. Here with us, you can benefit from internal verification logs, top-notch data encryption, and the support of a customer support team that also keeps fraudsters away. 

Join GoldenBride today to begin your path toward happy and lasting relationships.

Why is marrying a Turkish woman a jackpot?

Okay, imagine you sincerely enjoy your communication with a Turkish mail-order bride. Perhaps, you even have the time of your life dating her in the offline world. But what next? Is proposing to her after a while a good idea? Yes - and experts are united in this opinion. Girls from Turkey (thanks to their unique character traits) make fantastic wives. We'll highlight several of their qualities you will certainly be impressed by. 

Unconditional respect and support

For a Turkish woman, a husband is not just a sponsor or a father to her children. Above all, he is the person she wants to spend a lifetime with. That's why such a lady will do everything to make you feel comfortable with her. She will always support your efforts, cheer you up when things go wrong, and treat you with the respect you deserve.

Homemaking skills

If you want your wife to be able to create a welcoming atmosphere, keep the house clean, and never let you (or your kids) leave the house in dirty or unironed clothes - you know where to look for her. An average Turkish bride can do this all and more! 

No matter how career-oriented a modern female representative of this nation is - household chores will always remain her priority. Also, every Turkish lady you will ever meet is an incredible cook. Local cuisine is loved worldwide for its spicy yet refined flavors. Therefore, having a personal chef who can serve you masterpieces every day is a blessing. 

Love for children

For a Turkish girl, a family is never complete without at least two adorable children. If you have little ones from a previous marriage, she will (no doubt) love them as her own. It doesn't mean she wouldn't want to see the embodiment of your love one day. And trust us, you couldn't ask for a better mother for your kids. Your wife from Turkey is incomparably caring and loving. 

Turkish wedding traditions

Once in Turkey, dating and wedding traditions will surround you. Of course, we can't describe them all to you here. It would be so much information - enough for a book! So check the top 5, in our opinion, most exciting ones first: 

Henna Night (Kına Gecesi)

A few days before the big day, the bride's female friends and family members gather for a henna night. The girl's hands and feet are decorated with henna in elaborate designs, symbolizing fertility, good luck, and protection from evil spirits. Traditional music, dancing, and singing are performed to celebrate the upcoming wedding.

Turkish Delight Tradition (Lokum)

In Turkish celebrations, it is common for guests to be served the main local delight (lokum) as a gesture of hospitality. This sweet and chewy treat is often offered in decorative trays during the wedding ceremony and banquet.

Bridal Procession (Alay)

A traditional bridal procession takes place from her house to the groom's apartment. The bride, accompanied by family and friends, walks under a ceremonial canopy held by unmarried female relatives, dreaming of meeting her beloved one. This procession is a symbol of the young girl leaving her family's home and entering a new chapter in her life.

Money Pinning (Takı Takma)

During the big day's party, guests present the couple with gold coins and jewelry known as Takı. A special pin called Zılgıt is used to attach these items to the bride's gown or veil - and sometimes the groom's suit. This tradition signifies guests' contributions to assist the newly married couple's financial start.

Dancing and Celebrations

Turkish weddings are known for their lively and festive atmosphere. Traditional folk dances like the Halay and Zeybek are performed by guests, usually in a circle formation, to celebrate the couple's union. Additionally, professional belly dancers may be hired to entertain the attendees, adding even more excitement and energy to the party.

These traditions vary slightly across different regions of Turkey. Still, they all contribute to creating a vibrant and joyful wedding experience. Ask your girlfriend for further fascinating rituals!


Are Turkish mail-order brides a real thing?

Yes! There are tens of thousands of Turkish mail-order brides on international dating platforms. As a result, checking the statistics, you can see hundreds of ladies from this country applying for a K-1 visa and moving to the United States each year. However, it is crucial to use only verified providers if you want to meet real women from Turkey!

Can I really meet Turkish mail-order brides online?

Without a doubt: you can meet a lady from Turkey on vacation in her homeland. It's not prohibited to fall in love and start a family with a person you get to know during the holidays. But your chances of success are much higher if you register with a dating platform on which international singles are active. So don't neglect this opportunity.

Why is it better to choose paid Turkish mail-order bride sites?

A free international dating site is usually a service with low-quality profiles. Such providers have no ID verification and no other anti-fraud measures. For this reason, if you want to feel safe, it is highly recommended to use paid platforms to get to know Turkish brides.

Why are Turkish mail-order brides looking for foreign husbands?

Many women from Turkey take the opportunity and leave their country to be able to lead a much freer life. Although the majority of females of this nation simply find Western guys more attractive (and we talk not just about their appearance).

How much does it cost to get a Turkish mail-order bride?

Unfortunately, we can't give you the exact amount. The cost depends on many individual factors. The only thing we can say, your expenses will consist of the dating website's membership, presents, offline meetings, visa fees, and the wedding ceremony.

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