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Meet the Best Swedish Mail Order Wives - Beautiful Sweden Women for Marriage Here

Calm, sweet, self-confident Swedish brides: how much do they cost?

Sweden is a marvelous Scandinavian country - the fifth largest in Europe. Everyone has heard about its breathtaking northern landscapes, high standards of living, and serene people. 

Even a child knows that Sweden has given the world safe and comfortable Volvo cars, cheap and stylish IKEA furniture, extremely popular Minecraft and Battlefield video games, and many other things. According to the HSBC rankings, the land is ranked 20th in terms of attractiveness for expats from around the globe. No wonder: free education opportunities, an outstanding health care system, and clean air - that's what makes foreigners move there. 

We can also say this country is popular among tourists too. Its natural treasures can leave nobody indifferent. While Sweden's mild climate enables visitors to enjoy the land's attractions without fear of freezing. But before you start packing your bags, we advise you to learn some exciting facts (so you can understand locals better). 

First and foremost, the Swedes are very sensitive to the environmental situation in the world. Only 1% of waste goes to the trash yard, 52% is used to generate energy, and 47% is recycled. The country is so good at this process that it has to import garbage from the neighbors to keep its power generation facilities running smoothly.

In contrast to modernity in matters of ecology, in some aspects, the Swedes remain conservative. For example, it is one of the few European countries still ruled by a monarch. Carl XVI Gustaf, the current King of Sweden, came into his own in 1973. However, he has no political power and solely represents the country at various international events. At the same time, the rest of Swedish society is almost devoid of hierarchy. Everyone addresses each other by name, regardless of position and social status. 

You must find out a few basics about their life - if you want to put yourself in the shoes of people you see on an average Swedish dating service. These men and women live in one of the most taxed countries in the world. The land's fiscal policy has been worked out to the smallest detail, and the paid amount may take up to 51% of a person's income. Locals have no complaints, though. In their language, the word skatt stands for taxes and treasure. Maybe that's why a typical dream of the Swedes consists of three V: Villa, Volvo, Vovve (villa, Volvo, and dog). As you can see - nothing fancy. 

Do you want to know more about the representatives of this nation? In particular, about its beautiful ladies? If yes - keep reading. This article has everything you need!

Who are Swedish brides?

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Who are Swedish brides?

What are we used to thinking of typical mail-order brides? In our perception, these are the ladies trying to escape poor living conditions in their countries by marrying a wealthy foreigner. Of course, the land such a man lives in must be prosperous, peaceful, and democratic. Meanwhile, no expert knowledge is needed to realize that Sweden can't be called second-rate. Local women have everything they need for personal development in their homeland. At the same time, as it's evident, they are outstanding in terms of looks and character traits. Thus, it seems almost impossible that these superior singles would want to join one of the international Swedish dating agencies. Anyway, their desire is pretty explainable.

While quality of life may not be the main reason to seek a husband overseas, some girls from Sweden just want to make their routine more adventurous. Starting a romantic relationship with a representative of a foreign culture fits this conception perfectly. 

Secondly, many Swedish men underperform in the dating pool (due to the country's formal culture). They also keep a close-knit circle of friends and don't risk approaching strangers. We can give you an example in this regard. Believe it or not, ladies in this Scandinavian land are more likely to be approached by foreigners in bars and nightclubs... 

Thirdly, some Swedes do not want to live in their motherland anymore. You can perfectly understand this wish if you live in California or Florida. Winds, cold Baltic Sea, rainy weather - that's what they want to live behind. 

And finally, the last most common motivation. Beautiful females of this nation choose to become mail-order brides because they want quicker results. In this case, broadening search horizons can help a lot. These girls are not afraid of any possible challenges that may lie ahead and are ready to explore life outside of Sweden. 

In any case, we can assure you - when a Swedish bride falls in love with you, she will put in a lot of effort to make the relationship work, no matter where you live.

Why are Swedish brides so popular?

Why are Swedish brides so popular?

Blessed with breathtaking landscapes, Sweden is the motherland of some of the most fascinating women in the world. Females of this nationality (for many foreigners) embody historically formed beauty standards. And that's what makes them so popular on the international dating market. Let's consider their typical appearance traits in detail, then. 

With striking blonde hair, azure eyes, and stunning facial features, Swedish mail-order brides manifest independence, strength, and self-confidence. They have crystal-clear skin endowed with an enchanting luminous glow. These cuties are too pale to get a peachy-and-cream skin tone. We bet you have read about this kind of attractiveness in fairy tales. But what about seeing it in real life? 

At the same time, an average Swedish girl has a strong jawline, proportionate temples, and naturally plump baby-pink lips. You will also notice sharp cheekbones (usually below the eyes rather than further down) she has. It adds more structure to her face and creates a distinctive chiseled look. 

Okay, but what about the curves? Women in Sweden focus on keeping their bodies fit and healthy. Therefore, you will hardly find singles in this land who are obese or out of shape. Though fast-food joints are making a dent in Scandinavia, youth work hard to minimize their corrupting influence on their lives. That's why most Swedish girls look like they stepped out of the pages of Sports Illustrated magazine. By the way (unline Americans), they do not let go of their fit figures after getting married. Sounds encouraging, right?

And lastly, Swedish girls for dating are very aware of fashion trends and know how to dress stylishly to highlight all their advantages. Their special talent is in combining quality designer pieces with vintage finds, creating unique yet timeless looks. Moreover, Swedish fashion is constantly evolving in popularity worldwide. For this reason, we can confidently name locals among the trendiest in all European countries. 

Well, dear reader, we don't need to say anything more except for one thing. With their sporty bodies and classic Northern beauty, women from Sweden tend to appeal to both (local and foreign guys). With a bit of luck and expert knowledge, one of them can become your wife. 

Pros and Cons of Swedish women for marriage

Pros and Cons of Swedish women for marriage

If you're not a big fan of exotic beauty and want your future wife to have familiar features, strong character, and be both independent and loving, it's time we introduced you to the fabulous Swedish mail-order brides.

And, indeed, experts are sure: if you are looking for a woman to build a happy and lasting relationship with - singles from this country are one of your best bets. Thanks to a unique mix of traditions and modernity in their culture - the Swedes make fabulous partners in the long-term perspective. So, predictably, they and similar-looking neighbors from Scandinavian lands have recently become increasingly desired for their good-lookingness and intelligence.

You probably think: with thousands of Western men rushing to international matchmaking agencies every month to find their perfect match in Sweden, there must be something more about local females that drives males crazy about them. And you are right, they have plenty of advantages! However, to be perfectly sincere, we ought to highlight their disadvantages too...


They are authentic

When you meet Swedish single women, the first thing you notice is how authentic they are. You will never see one of them trying to be someone she is not. They behave totally naturally in any situation. That's why you can take a girlfriend from this country everywhere - she will remain herself - charming and delightful.

The same attitude goes for appearance. Unlike Western ladies, the Swedes won't be pumping their bodies with chemicals and plastic. Like other Scandinavians, they prefer being unaffected. For the same reason, Swedish cuties rarely use makeup. And when they do, it's completely natural and only enhances their God-given attributes. Maybe this has something to do with their feminist values: who knows? The quality is impressive, anyway. 

They are ready to compromise

If you are looking for a partner who is not rigid in her thinking, a Swedish single is ideal for you. Such a girl is very flexible with her expectations and choices. So when a conflict with her husband arises - she always tries to find a middle ground that works for both parties.

Aside from that, women from Sweden are open to taking on some of the chores in the house. Having one of them by your side, you can rest assured that you will not bear the brunt of family building. No less beneficial (in the long run) is their openness to learning new traditions regardless of the husband's cultural background. 

Another variation of readiness to compromise can be noticed during the initial dating stages. The Swedes are satisfied with simple things as long as they have a good time with you. 

They are clever and motivated

When you meet Swedish mail-order brides in chat for the first time, you feel captivated by their cleverness and motivation. They are not naïve, silly creatures who only care about finding a boyfriend, getting married, and becoming housewives. These beauties know they can do much more and use every opportunity to make it happen. Females in Sweden are often just as successful in their jobs and earn as much money as males, which means that while you may have to keep up with your wife's accomplishments, your relationship will also be between two equals.

Also, communication is definitely a strength of Swedish girls. Thus, as a foreign man talking to one of them, you will never feel unwelcome. Once chatting, she wants to get to know the person sitting or standing next to her. That's the ground of genuine interest in other people's personalities and beliefs. 


They are introverted

Not only to extremely extroverted Americans but also to many Europeans, the Swedes, with their Nordic character, seem too introverted, cold, and uncommunicative at first sight. In fact, it is not customary in this country to demonstrate emotions, share too private information, and maintain overly friendly relations with colleagues and neighbors. As a rule, it takes some time for Swedish singles to demonstrate their inner warmth. However, much depends on the region: Stockholm’s citizens are especially reserved, but the inhabitants of the northern part of the country are much easier to communicate with.

Just remember: in Sweden (even in small villages or towns), people do not visit each other uninvited. Personal space must be respected by introverted locals. 

They are highly modest

The Swedes do nothing to show off. They do not wear expensive jewelry to the envy of others and never buy pricey goods just to impress the guests. If this doesn't bother you yet - don't rush. Although we can bet after a few months of relationships - excessive modesty might appear annoying. 

Some Western guys say they have a feeling: Swedish ladies live not for joy but for conscience. On the one hand, they ignore public opinion and focus only on necessary things. On the other hand, they do not know how to enjoy life - their requests are too humble and minimalistic. The locals even consider their national literary character, Karlsson-on-the-Roof, a model of selfishness and indiscretion. This figure from Astrid Lindgren's book is disliked for showing off and constantly attracting attention to himself.

They are rational 

Everything is according to plan and under the rules, with complete predictability and no spontaneity... This approach sometimes depresses Western guys concerning Swedish women dating. 

Like it or not, people in this country plan their lives for years to come. They get used to their comfort zone and do not want to leave it. Foreigners even joke about spreadsheets in Excel, where the Swedes enter all their plans for each month in the year. 

Nevertheless, the rational Swedish soul requires certainty and stability, so vacations here are planned six months in advance, parties a couple of months in advance, and a visit to the veterinarian with a cat a few weeks in advance. So don't ask a local girl you like to have a rendezvous tonight - she surely has something else to do...

How to find a Swedish wife?

How to find a Swedish wife?

If you are lucky enough to have a chance to visit Sweden for work or as a tourist - you can combine sightseeing with dating local women! As a rule, they are fluent in English, so wherever you go - you won't face difficulty in translating. 

But wait, where exactly can you meet Swedish singles with the highest probability of success? There are plenty of places you can find beneficial for this purpose. Here are a few of the most promising ones: 


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. And, as expected, it's also home to some of the country's most attractive, ambitious, and open-minded singles. 

When you're done visiting Stockholm's top tourist attractions and walking its historical streets - you can give the rest of the day to romance. Go to Mancini, Grodan, or Bar Nombre for an exciting dining experience (coupled with a chance to meet pretty local girls). The Colosseum, Riche, and Bern nightclubs are also popular locations for dating. 


Gothenburg is one of Sweden's most populous and most developed cities. It's genuinely loved by tourists. Thus, ladies who live there are used to attention from foreigners. 

There are dating opportunities both during the day and at night in Gothenburg. Check out Shiraz, Norda, and 2112 nightclubs if you like to dance and drink cocktails. Restaurants Trädgår'n and Yaki-Da are particularly popular with mature singles. 


Malmö is a relatively small Swedish town. But it is well known for its culture and active entertainment scene. After touring the local streets, parks, and shopping malls, you can visit Kitchen & Table, Bastard, and Yello Mello restaurants. All these locations give you a good chance of meeting beautiful local women. Or come to Ice and Babel nightclubs for evening entertainment to see how romantic the night could be. 

Without a doubt, traveling to Sweden is an effective way to find the girl of your dreams. You may face certain problems in your search, though. From the fact that not every local woman is ready to leave it all behind and move to a foreign country with you - to the total cost of your adventure without any guarantees. Therefore, if you are looking for the most effective way to get yourself a girlfriend from this country for a serious relationship or marriage - you can't go wrong with international Swedish dating services. 

Sites with mail-order brides are in demand nowadays. It has many benefits, from instant access to thousands of the best single ladies worldwide to the apparent desire of the members you meet to move abroad to live with their ideal partner. Plus, it's inexpensive, fast, and can be done no matter where you are. In short, international matchmaking platforms are the most secure way to meet your Swedish dream girl.

How much does a Swedish bride cost?

How much does a Swedish bride cost?

In this day and age, looking for a soulmate in real life doesn't make much sense. Evidently, online dating is a more convenient and time-saving alternative. This is particularly true for women in Sweden who want to meet and marry Western guys. 

Let's clarify the basics for the beginning. Matchmakers don't offer you to buy a bride. Here is how nternational dating in Sweden works. You choose the best provider among dozens presented on the Internet, sign up/purchase premium subscriptions/credits, pick potential matches, chat with them, meet your favorites in real life, and get married. Of course, each step has its price. 

Now it's time to find out how much it costs to turn to Swedish mail-order brides. You clearly need to know whether your budget is enough for this undertaking. But please note that the expenses can vary depending on your financial capabilities and lifestyle. What we provide here - is only an average amount. 

Site services

Once again, Swedish online dating (its international branch, to be more specific) is the best solution if you are looking for a serious relationship and marriage. The opportunities on these platforms enable you to make new acquaintances, build online romances, and maybe find the perfect girl to spend the rest of your life with.

Trustworthy providers have hundreds or even thousands of profiles in their catalogs. As you might guess, among them are usually not only the Swedes but also members from around the globe. Additionally, there you have advanced features like personality tests that help match you with compatible singles. A perfect environment to find your soulmate!

Anyway, all of the best websites with mail-order brides are paid. As a rule, they cost from $100 to $300 monthly. You can spend more or less than the indicated amounts, depending on the services you will be using. For example, daily video chats cost more than just a letter exchange. 


It's crucial not to appear overly materialistic once in a relationship with a Swedish lady. Females in this Scandinavian land are more than capable of taking care of themselves. So, each of them will only love you for your personality, not your financial wealth.

However, it doesn't mean you shouldn't bring gifts at all! Yes, your girlfriend from Sweden doesn't need to be courted with expensive presents. But she does appreciate small but meaningful signs of your attention and respect. If you don't know her well enough, experts advise you to choose classic things to avoid risk. Wines, sweets, and flowers would work perfectly in the beginning. The expenses depend on your generosity, though. 

Offline dating

No matter how exciting your experience concerning dating Swedish women online is - this cannot go on forever. The Internet is just a virtual world. And it doesn't completely replace offline life. By the way, the embassy won't give your lady a visa if you haven't seen each other outside the World Wide Web. So, let's estimate the cost of a trip to Sweden for dating purposes. 

To meet your Swedish girlfriend, you must begin with buying plane tickets. A round-trip one - from, for example, New York to Stockholm will be priced at $700-$900. It might cost you around $2000 or even more if you spend the whole time in an average-priced hotel (we talk about two weeks). You'll also have to pay for transportation. The total amount you could spend here - is about $350 (including buses, trains, taxis, etc.). Eating out will cost you around $600 for 2 weeks, but may vary according to the restaurants you choose. As for entertainment, be ready to shell out around $500-$900 for the whole time. 

The cost of moving a Swedish mail-order bride to the USA

It's no secret that Swedish brides do not teleport to the United States. They require permission, officially given by the embassy. Almost always, such couples decide on a K-1 visa. Because it doesn't just allow a woman to enter the country - it lets her get married to an American citizen. 

Be ready to pay a pretty penny if that's the option you and your sweetheart give your preferences. The price of the K-1 visa is about $2025 (without the obligatory medical exam). 

How to reduce the Swedish bride cost?

As a rule, the wedding is the most expensive part of a Swedish woman's dating. Experts give the amount from $10000 to $20000. 

Engagement rings, wedding rings, buying things to respect each other's traditions, live music... These and many additional factors affect the final cost. For this reason, many Western guys who marry beautiful girls from this Northern European country decide to save money on the celebration. For example, arranging a small wedding somewhere in Thailand is much more affordable than doing the same in Sweden. 

What we do and how we can help you

We are GoldenBride.net - professional matchmakers. Whether you don't have the time in day-to-day life - or you're just too shy to approach people, with our help, you can search for your soulmate anytime and anywhere.

We have been successfully bringing together singles for more than 10 years. Our managers do their best to make the dating experience smooth and stress-free. Meeting the needs of our members is an integral part of our principles. 

Thousands of lonely hearts are now looking for a partner for life with our help. These are not only Swedish mail-order brides, though. You can find women from Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, and more in our catalog! A few years ago, the general group of our users was aged between 30 to 50 years. In the meantime, young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 and those between 60 and 70 who enjoy their retirement are also taking the opportunity to search online for special ones! 

Thus, there is someone in our catalog who can make you happy no matter how old you are and where you come from. What are you waiting for, then? 

Why is marrying a Swedish woman a jackpot?

Why is marrying a Swedish woman a jackpot?

We have no doubt that you will have the time of your life with Swedish women for dating. But you can make yourself the luckiest man alive if you get married to one of them. Why do we think so? Well, there are at least four reasons for it. 

They are fantastic mothers and wives. 

Women in Sweden have a reputation for being highly freedom-loving. But once they decide to create families - everything changes. These ladies become some of the most altruistic partners one will ever meet! That's what makes them such great wives for Western men. 

When you are married to a Swedish girl, be sure she will support all your undertakings. And as soon as you have cute blonde children, you will experience a whole new impressive aspect of her personality.

They enjoy being with their loved ones. 

A Swedish woman is not someone who is constantly looking for opportunities to go out alone or with friends instead of spending time with her loved ones. In fact, nothing will make a Swede happier than a weekend shared with family members. 

They are competent multitaskers.

Most Swedish girls start working right after graduation and are rightly proud of their careers. Therefore, even after marriage and the birth of kids, they will not be in a hurry to give up work. 

However, if you're worried about your Swedish wife's inability to take care of the home and your little ones due to work commitments - don't do this. She is an excellent multitasker and can fit whatever she needs into her schedule.

They are fans of active lifestyles. 

Swedish women may be very busy at work and with family matters, but you will never catch them sitting on the couch watching Netflix when they have free time. There are too many fascinating activities you can enjoy together! Thus, if you want to spend time with her, she will find a way to make it memorable. Whether it's by trying a new couple's hobby, cooking an exotic dish, visiting a scenic spot nearby, or reading a book near a fireplace - you will surely adore it!

Swedish wedding traditions

Weddings in this Scandinavian country are rich in traditions that reflect the land's culture and history. So you might like to discover some of them if you want to tie the knot with one of the wedish brides. Here are five of the most exciting rituals you will be thrilled to experience:

Wedding crown

In Swedish weddings, it's common for the bride to wear a special crown adorned with myrtle leaves, symbolizing purity and fidelity. This accessory has been passed down through generations and is often made with silver or gold. It is usually worn during the ceremony and then replaced with a veil.

Coin in the shoe

The Swedish custom of placing a silver coin in the bride's left shoe and a gold coin in the right shoe is said to bring financial prosperity to the couple. It's a gesture of good luck and is often carried out by the girl's father before she walks down the aisle.

Midsummer dance

A traditional folk dance called the "polska" is performed at many Swedish weddings. This dance involves lively movements and is often led by the bride and groom. Guests join in, forming a circle around the couple, creating a joyful and celebratory atmosphere.

Kranskulla and Brudgum

In some regions of Sweden, it's customary to have a "kranskulla" (wreath girl) and a "brudgum" (groom boy) accompany the newlyweds during the big day. The kranskulla carries a wreath of flowers on her head, and the brudgum brings a small cushion with the couple's rings.

Kissing tradition

A fun and light-hearted ritual involves the guests clinking their glasses to encourage the newlyweds to kiss. However, it's not as simple as it sounds. In Sweden (when the glasses start clinking), the bride and groom must stand on their chairs and kiss. They may even have to climb onto the table if the noise continues!

These traditions contribute to the festive and meaningful atmosphere of weddings in Sweden, creating a memorable experience for the couple and their guests. Still, certain customs vary from region to region. Thus, perhaps - your wife-to-be will suggest something completely different!


Are Swedish mail-order brides a real thing?

Yes, of course! Swedish mail-order brides you meet with the help of reputable matchmakers are definitely real.

Can I really meet Swedish mail-order brides online?

Sure! But always read reviews to understand what former users say about the site. Then, test the platform yourself to make sure it feels right to you. During testing, pay special attention to the quality of the profiles — which must look real. Ideally, a good dating site must have a personality verification option.

Why is it better to choose paid Swedish mail-order brides sites?

In short, free dating websites are usually untrustworthy at all. They often fail to protect their users from scammers. For this reason, we recommend you choose a paid and popular matchmaking platform with serious Swedish wives.

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