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Meet the Best Slovenian Brides - Beautiful Slovenia Women for Marriage Here

Slovenian brides: why they are a good choice and how much they cost

Slovenia undoubtedly is one of the most attractive countries in Europe. And we talk not only about tourists - the same tendency can be noticed among those who search for better living conditions in the Old World. No wonder: in many ways, this picturesque land surpasses the standard of living in most of its European neighbors, providing its residents with a developed infrastructure, unique wildlife, and excellent ecology. Slovenian nature is also exceptionally diverse. There are mountains and coolness in the north - while the sea and a lot of heat can be discovered in the south. 

Slovenia is a small country - its territory takes just 0.004 percent of our planet. Formed after the collapse of Yugoslavia in 1991, it remains an unsolved mystery for foreigners. The only thing many Western people usually know - is that the outlines of this land on a map resemble the silhouette of a rooster. It is not for nothing that Europeans jokingly call Slovenias a cockerel nation. Indeed, if you look at its contours, you can see how its beak rests in Hungary, the tail is adjacent to Austria, the paws are located near Croatia, and all other parts are washed by the Adriatic Sea. 

What else is so unusual about this land, then? Tourists who come to Slovenia for the first time are surprised that there are practically no queues. In addition, the working day there lasts up to three, a maximum of four in the afternoon. The shops are closed at 7pm and 1pm on weekends (exceptions apply only to huge shopping centers). Traffic jams are also rare in Slovenia: a pleasant surprise for those who live in an average Western metropolis. Are you ready for more uniqueness? Unexpectedly, tiny Slovenia has the highest GDP per capita among the countries with a former communist economy. 

Clearly: we understand why this European land is called a dream destination for many. It is quiet and calm there, and the course of life is measured but does not allow people to get bored. It's great to walk along the quiet local streets or paths of parks. The same goes for relaxing in the best Slovenian resorts. For example, many foreigners spend their vacation on the small Bled Island. It's a beautiful place in the middle of a reservoir with clear water, surrounded by a forest. By the way, newlyweds come there to observe the wedding ritual, where the groom carries his bride in his arms the 99 steps way, leading from the pier to the church. It's believed: if he never stumbles - the married couple will have a long and happy life.

Do you want to try on the role of a Slovenian groom? Then, you need to find your soulmate in this country first. Use the information from this article to make the process smooth and easy.  

Who are Slovenian brides?

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Who are Slovenian brides?

As you can understand from what we have described above, Slovenia is by no means the worst country to live in. Still, local singles more and more often decide on international dating. What exactly makes them do this? Why do Slovenian ladies prefer getting married to foreign guys? Here are some factors that usually lead them to take this step:

  • Many women in Slovenia are open-minded and curious. It's their inquiring mind - that stimulates them to look for a partner abroad. In the best case, it must be someone with similar interests. 
  • Slovenian mail-order brides desire to find a man who may take more responsibilities in a relationship (in comparison with his woman). It must be the one they can count on. Their motherland is a pretty matriarchal country, so females usually have more duties than rights and power...
  • The divorce rate in Slovenia is quite high. So those girls whose romances with local males have failed frequently choose to look for future boyfriends overseas. 
  • One of Slovenia's most vexing problems is rampant alcoholism. This addiction isn't only tolerated - it is socially encouraged. Alcohol consumption among young people is also above average. If a person doesn't find it fun to get totally drunk, at least on days off or on certain occasions, they can easily be viewed as someone who doesn't know how to relax. However, women, especially the youth, are becoming increasingly intolerant of such bad habits. They don't want to see their husbands drunk every evening. Thus, the solution is apparent. 
  • Slovenian ladies are highly motivated to start a family when they turn 30. The social pressure is sometimes enormous! Therefore, many local singles join international dating sites to broaden their search horizons. 

For these reasons, a Slovenian girl is unlikely to immigrate to earn more money or to live in a better country. Her homeland is a developed European land, so she doesn't want to escape it. Her motivations are different. 

Why are Slovenian brides so popular?

Why are Slovenian brides so popular?

Many Western guys nowadays are interested in Slovenian singles dating. But what makes girls from this tiny European country so popular? Let's figure it out together!

Experts are united in the opinion - a relationship with a woman from Slovenia can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Unfortunately, spotting her sharp intellect or family-oriented nature takes time. Hence, the initial interest is, as a rule, awoken by such a lady's appearance. Below you can find out more details in this regard.  

First and foremost, Slovenians belong to Slavic nations. And this fact alone tells a lot! Their outstanding looks combine plenty of typical Eastern-European traits and deserve great admiration. For example, Slovenian women are of average height, like Russians. Due to an active lifestyle, they remain in the right shape at any age. Their bodies are lean and toned.

When it comes to facial features, they are simply irresistible. Slovenian females' hair colors range from light to dark. Their green or blue eyes, sensitive lips, and pale skin make their faces soft and delicate. As you might guess, these ladies don't need makeup to look sensational. 

Slovenian girls have a flair for fashion and always want to look their best. They know how to mix the outfits' parts to make their looks stylish and comfortable. An ideal illustration serves to pair luxe items with basics like sneakers or jeans. For Slovenians who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, looking stunning is a given!

In addition, women in this country invest a lot of time and effort to always look their best. They don't only watch what they eat and exercise regularly - these beauties don't neglect luxurious spa treatments such as massages, facials, or manicures. They realize that appearance is closely related to self-esteem. That's why Slovenians make it a point to look good so that they feel just as great on the inside!

Pros and Cons of Slovenian women for marriage

Pros and Cons of Slovenian women for marriage

Slovenians might not be the first to come to mind when you think of conventional foreign mail-order brides. And that's a mistake. Given the country's small population, the number of women looking for love abroad appears even greater than somewhere in Asia or Latin America!

Thousands of men flock to international marriage agencies to find their soulmates. What makes them choose Slovenian ladies? Experts say these cuties have enough perks to make a Western guy want to spend the rest of his life with a representative of this nation. 

Do you adore classic Slavic beauty but can't handle the typical character traits that come with it? Then pay attention to Slovenian girls. They are highly charming (like all Slavs) while self-sufficient and prefer relationships on an equal basis (like Western females). To be more specific, we want to emphasize three characteristics that make them particularly attractive as potential girlfriends or wives - not forgetting about the disadvantages they also have. 


They are self-confident

Slovenian women are not just beautiful - they are also confident in what they say and do. These ladies do not hesitate to make an important decision because they are sure they can make the right one. 

In the context of relationships, it's crucial to note we are talking about positive self-assurance. Abuse isn't typical for Slovenians. The real state of things is the opposite: they know how to behave politely and make a good impression. As soon as you start talking to such a girl, you will be surprised at how friendly and sweet she is. 

In other words, go to Slovenia if you dream of getting a girlfriend who embodies strength and independence. The one who has firm beliefs in her abilities and worth. 

They are well-educated

Education plays a primary role in the life of a young Slovenian girl. It stands first on the list of her priorities as she understands it can be a great start to a successful career. That is why all females in this nation from adequate families study at universities. Therefore, their erudition is enough to keep any conversation going and bring a lot of exciting topics to discuss. 

Another impressive feature in this respect is the language skills of Slovenians. The point is that almost all of them are fluent in English. Locals learn it at school or even take additional one-to-one lessons. As a result, it is easy for a foreign man to communicate with these ladies. Even though you can get translation services when speaking to your girlfriend online, her English knowledge becomes a benefit in a real-life rendezvous. 

They are natural

Unlike many other Slavic nationalities, showing off and wearing provocative looks are not typical for the Slovenian outlook. Girls in this land never choose evening dresses to work or high heels for a walk in the park. They prefer casual instead. These hotties take on simple jeans, shirts, or T-shirts, and low-heeled sneakers or boots when possible. So you won't feel frustrated seeing your girlfriend overdressed on a dinner with your parents. 

Also, ladies in Slovenia are not big fans of makeup. They don't think it's a must-have for naturally good-looking ladies. Females in this country can even go to parties without using cosmetics. Trust us: you will love this relaxing attitude (in particular, if you have experience with other Slavs). 


They are emancipated

As you already know, Slovenian women are highly educated and have expertise in many spheres of life. They use these attributes to make a difference and change the world. When meeting them, you can easily notice they constantly strive for excellence and are never satisfied with mediocrity. They take pride in their work and are dedicated to their careers and personal growth.

Females in Slovenia are very emancipated. Movement upward on the social ladder is in their daily routine. Clearly, not everyone wants to see this quality in his mail-order bride. So if you dream of having a submissive partner - that's a false choice. At the same time, such a girlfriend will earn her own money rather than live off yours.

They are indirect in communication

Slovenian mentality involves the desire to communicate indirectly. What is appreciated in the Western world as a culture of debate is frowned upon in this European country. Therefore, when arguing with your girlfriend of this nationality, be prepared to face her reserved behavior. Since her opinion will be formulated solely in hints and allusions. Metaphorically speaking, she will pack her message to you into many packages. So it will take a while to figure out what is going on in her head... For this reason, you must always listen carefully to every word your sweetheart says. 

Unlike Americans, Slovenians perceive the too-great physical distance between two people as reclusiveness and disinterest. Closeness and eye contact are essential signals of warmth. And that can't hurt, especially when flirting - just get used to it.

They are highly rational 

If you want your dating experience with a Slovenian woman to be exceptionally romantic - we must disappoint you. Her mentality is absolutely different. In the opinion of such a girl, everything in her life should be useful and play a specific role. Yes: she is awfully rational. 

Females of this nationality prefer not to do things that do not lead to a specific goal. At the same time, they never buy nice but impractical things and always look at price tags to decide if something is worth the cost.

Almost forgot to mention: Slovenians believe that order is a fundamental element of everything in life. For instance, they rarely wear light-colored clothes. The same goes for clothing that isn't properly ironed or super tidy. 

Do you think you can cope with such an attitude of your special one? 

How to find a Slovenian wife?

How to find a Slovenian wife?

Slovenians are an enchanting nation in the heart of Europe. Their homeland offers mesmerizing panoramas and unparalleled cultural experiences. So it's hardly surprising that many Western men, succumbing to the atmosphere of tranquility and romance, start searching for love during their vacation in Slovenia.  

Here are the best locations to get to know gorgeous local women: 


Ljubljana is an ideal destination - if you want to meet as many potential girlfriends as possible. As the country's capital, it has a lot to offer! You can stroll through the old town and visit the lively bars and restaurants, perfect for chatting with girls and making new acquaintances. You can also explore natural attractions such as Tivoli Park or be involved in one of the many festivals that take place throughout the year.


Located on the banks of the Drava River, Maribor has an abundance of vineyards and ski slopes - an ideal option if you love outdoor adventures. In addition, the historic old town with its ancient architecture is genuinely impressive. But what about the dating opportunities? 

Do not worry! This city has a lot to offer when it comes to love search. You can spend your evenings in various bars, restaurants, or nightclubs - they are adored by local singles. 


Postojna Cave is famous for its spectacular limestone formations, such as stalactites and stalagmites. Take a journey through the tunnels or, if you dare, try one of the exciting adventure tours guided by local beauties! When you're done exploring this magnificent region - share your impression with Slovenians you can meet everywhere in Postojna. They will be pleased to hear how amazed by their motherland you are. 

If you have little free time, going abroad to look for your soulmate probably does not sound like a good idea. Firstly, it takes a lot of time to travel to Slovenia. Secondly, you must count on spending a few weeks or even months to meet a suitable partner and get the desired result. For this reason, we advise you to pay attention to online matchmaking. 

But you are very unlikely to find many ladies of this nationality if you join one of the most popular dating apps like Tinder. Do you remember the algorithm of such applications mainly shows the girls who are geographically close to you? The solution is clear, we guess. You need a specialized online platform - an international Slovenian dating site. There are usually placed profiles of local singles who dream of foreign husbands and are ready to move abroad. These preconditions ensure the best and quickest outcomes!

How much does a Slovenian bride cost?

How much does a Slovenian bride cost?

Of course, you can always go directly to Slovenia to meet your special lady. But what if you don't have the time or money for such a challenging trip? Fortunately, modern life gives you an outstanding chance to find your Slovenian soulmate without leaving the comfort of your home!

We can admit that the popularity of international dating in this European country continues to grow. Local females are not afraid to share their future with representatives of other cultures. There aren't that many websites oriented specifically towards Slovenian women, though - you can discover profiles of such ladies on platforms dedicated to Slavic or Eastern European mail-order brides. Still, how much will you spend (in total) when deciding on this option? 

There are a few elements that make the final amount here. They include online dating, presents, offline meetings, and visa fees. Let's take a closer look at each one for a better understanding. 

Site services

We must begin with a fundamental thing: there is no fixed price for a Slovenian girl. You can't buy yourself a partner through a matchmaking platform. Such a provider takes money for online services intended to bring together singles from different parts of the world. The whole process is totally legal, of course.  

Let's discuss the subject in more detail. The overall cost of using an average international marriage agency (by and large) depends on the choices a particular member makes. This relates to the provider he picks, the number of potential girlfriends he contacts, and how long he communicates through the site before deciding to meet his online crush in person. 

For example, websites with only standard communication features, as a rule, provide a relatively low fee. In this case, you will spend around $150 per month. Providers with advanced features are slightly more expensive. Be prepared to spend $250-$300 on their premium attributes monthly. 


Slovenian women, like all other females in the world, like it, when men pay attention to them. So even if you are only at the initial stages of your romance, a small present won't hurt. An advantage here is - all reputable international matchmakers have their own gift delivery services. 

What is better to choose, then? You will be surprised to hear that rational Slovenians adore nice-smelling flowers. So ordering a bouquet is a perfect way of showing your interest. The price, therefore, won't be high (from $50).

Note: there's no need to buy fancy things if you don't know a lady well enough! This could cause her to misinterpret your intentions. Thus, be a gentleman and don't try to buy your girl's love. 

Offline dating

If your intentions are more serious than just an online romance - meeting your Slovenian lady in real life is an absolute must. The total amount you spend depends on several factors. These include the number of trips, the land you visit (Slovenia or a third country), and your travel demands. Let's take a 2-week trip to Slovenia as an example. The prices will be given in the context of not being a too picky traveler. Here they are:

  • Airfare for the round trip from New York or a similarly big city is usually priced at $900. 
  • A hotel room with breakfast will cost you about $1000 for the whole duration of your stay. 
  • Public transportation (such as taxis, buses, etc.) won't be expensive. Count with $200 for two weeks. 
  • On meals and entertainment, you will spend approximately $1000 (on both you and your Slovenian girlfriend). 

Simple math tells us: a trip to this European country will cost you about $3200. 

  • The cost of moving a Slovenian mail-order bride to the USA

A US man can marry a Slovenian girl or a mail-order bride from another foreign country only if their relationship is sincere and authentic. In addition, the lovebirds ought to have offline meetings in the last two years. Check all official requirements to make sure your special lady receives her K-1 visa. 

Anyway, if you propose to your girlfriend from Slovenia and decide to live with her in the United States - be prepared to pay fees of around $2025. Mind that this amount does not include the cost of the mandatory medical exam (the price here varies by provider). 

How to reduce the Slovenian bride cost?

It's hard to give you an idea of reducing the Slovenian bride cost. The only opportunity that comes to mind is to choose a free-of-charge dating platform for your search. However, from the experience of many Western guys we know in person, this adventure may end highly unsuccessfully. Starting with facing fraudsters' activities and continuing with theft of your bank data - free websites give you almost 0 levels of Internet security. So think twice before seriously considering this option to save money…

What we do and how we can help you

What we do and how we can help you

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Since 2013 we have been a reputable, effective, and modern online matchmaking platform. We are specialized in mediating contacts between mail-order brides from different countries and Western men. The representatives of our marriage agency can be met in person worldwide: from South America to Australia. With a modern concept, personal commitment, perfect service, and the highest standards - we have everything necessary for finding the life partner of your dreams. 

We rely on the competence, personal qualities, and professional work of the GoldenBride team. Our staff consists of people qualified in sociology, psychology, and anthropology with a focus on international dating. The tools developed by our programmers are convenient, while the prices are among the lowest on the market. As a member, you can live chat with the women from our catalog, send letters, call, or arrange video conferences. 

We are constantly working on adapting our dating service to the needs of every user. Your satisfaction is our main goal. Your success story is our greatest reward! 

Why is marrying a Slovenian woman a jackpot?

Why is marrying a Slovenian woman a jackpot?

You may think you already know a lot about Slovenian dating, and you are right. The information from our article is enough to dive into the world of romance with a woman from this country. But what if your relationship goes well? Would it be a good idea to propose to such a girl? Experts say yes, once again! Here are the qualities that make females of this nation outstanding wives: 

They realize how important family is. 

For every Slovenian lady, whether she is a CEO of a world-class company or a housewife, family is always at the top of her list of priorities. She will not hesitate to change her lifestyle or even make sacrifices if necessary. The happiness of the loved ones is what really matters. 

In other words, although your partner from Slovenia appears the most career-oriented woman in the world - you can always expect her to do her best for you and your children. 

They are caring and supportive.

Most Slovenian females grew up in warm-hearted, loving families where everyone cared for each other. As a result, they turn into the most supportive and devoted wives with time. 

Each of them will always give you good advice about your job, pack you a delicious homemade lunch for work, and have your back when things aren't going well. Needless to say, they expect the same level of prudence from you!

They are passionate about cooking. 

Slovenians are known for their erudition and variety of hobbies. Their activities range from reading to paragliding! But there is a shared passion that unites all women of this nationality. We talk about their love of cooking. 

A typical Slovenian wife feels right at home when working her magic in the kitchen. It can be something as quick as oatmeal with fruits for breakfast or something as complex as a three-course meal for a dinner party with your friends. Anyway, your partner will definitely enjoy the process, and you will undoubtedly be pleased by the taste. 

Slovenian wedding traditions

Slovenian wedding traditions

The reasons why Slovenian brides make excellent wives are clear. Still, there is something that comes before family life begins. As you might guess, we talk about the wedding ceremony. 

Ladies in this country are proud of their roots and sincerely follow many ancient traditions, even in daily life. The big day's celebrations are no exception. And here, we want to share five of the most exciting customs in this regard:

Buying the bride 

During this ritual, the groom must negotiate and pay a symbolic amount of money to his bride's family. Yes, he practically buys his wife-to-be. It's all in good fun and represents the guy's commitment and willingness to take care of his special one.

Bread and salt

The couple is often welcomed at the celebration with bread and salt. The bread symbolizes abundance, and the salt represents the hardships they may encounter in their marriage. This ritual is meant to wish them a life full of sustenance and balance.

Tying the knot

During the ceremony, a ribbon or a rope is tied around the newlyweds' wrists in a figure-eight shape, symbolizing their eternal connection and unity. This tradition is a physical representation of their bond as they literally tie the knot.

Hiding the bride

Before the wedding, the groom and his friends must complete challenges and tasks set by the bride's family to rescue the girl from her home. This playful tradition adds a lighthearted element to the wedding day.

The log-cutting ceremony

A large log is placed in front of the couple, and they must work together to see it in half. This symbolizes their ability to work together and face challenges as a team in their married life. It's a test of their strength and cooperation.

Remember that traditions can vary from region to region and family to family, so these are just a few examples of the many diverse customs you might encounter at a Slovenian wedding (hopefully, your own).


Are Slovenian mail-order brides a real thing?

Yes, of course! We can assure you that Slovenian ladies you can meet through reputable dating sites are a real thing.

Can I really meet Slovenian mail-order brides online?

Yes, you can meet your future Slovenian wife online. You need to choose the website that meets your expectations, though. Make sure it is a trusted dating service with former members who have found their love there. It's crucial that the platform has an ID verification tool and offers many communication features, including the attributes you can do for free (browsing profiles, searching, etc.).

Why is it better to choose paid Slovenian mail-order bride sites?

It's up to you, but if you need an appraisal, we would say - you should use only paid platforms. Free Slovenian dating sites with mail-order brides may look good, but they always have weak anti-scam protection and usually don't have professional customer service. Low profile quality comes to it.

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