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Meet the Best Green Eyed Russian Brides Here

The gorgeous owners of this emerald eye color appear often in movies in the role of military or medical personnel. True green eyes are socially accepted as a symbol of will, inner force, and impressive purposefulness. This is most likely because of their Icelandic origins. Historical isolation and cold climate have altered the character and nature of pretty girls with Green eyes, revealing their pugnacious nature.

They are fierce, wily (when needed), protective (when it comes to their family), and ambitious.

Sexy green eyes together with natural passionate dark curls create a dazzling blend of unpredictable temperament with wild and highly attractive features all at once. Be sure that you can handle this kind of pressure if this combo draws you in.

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Green-eyed Russian Girls Features 

Green-eyed Russian Girls Features

Green-eyed girls are great communication partners. You can easily chat with them and they will never make you feel shy or uncomfortable. Their natural charm along with their ability to reveal their best traits will make you get in touch with them from the very first moment.

Green-eyed women are known as:

  1. Smart. A lovely green-eyed woman is persistent in educational issues. They are eager readers and focus mostly on their growth. They realize their future belongs to them, and they do their best to transform their reality to have a more successful and happier future. They desire the same qualities in their partners. You may feel shy and reserved, yet if you have a backbone and show it, she will be completely yours.
  2. Leaders. Their sweetness and sympathy make the people surrounding them a part of their everyday goals in life. No, it doesn't mean that girls looking like green-eyed models will use you for their purposes. It simply signifies that she understands ways to profit from communicating with people. She is ready to help you all the time knowing that you can be useful back in return.
  3. Mysterious. She likes it very much, but when it comes to private communication, a woman with green eyes can become reserved and quiet. This does not mean that she is not interested in you. Her silence shows that she is willing to get to know you better. Just take your time; you will never be disappointed if you have the courage to be sincere with her.
  4. Creative. Green-eyed girls are often interested in all kinds of art, including photography, cinema, music, and applied arts. When they have time, they do their best to improve the world around them with their own hands. They like to renovate their homes themselves because they want to control every step of the way to create the perfect environment for their family and themselves.
  5. Jealous. Yes, this is bad news. But that doesn't mean that chicks who look like models with green eyes are vengeful. It's just that their jealousy makes them strive for what they want with incredible will and strength.

Green-eyed Russian Girls Temper

Green-eyed Russian Girls Temper
  • People with green eyes usually have a keen mind and are highly motivated in life. Someone with green eyes can focus on a job even in a disturbing situation.
  • People with green eyes are often creatively gifted of some kind. Some can write, draw, play music, or have other abilities that take a great deal of creativity.
  • Not all traits are complementary. It has been found that green-eyed people can be more jealous than people with any other color of eyes.
  • It's usual for people with green eyes to be extremely passionate about the things they do. This includes anything from school, to work, to personal projects and goals.


Since Russian green eyes are so desirable, it's almost to be expected that there are many myths about them. Here are some of the biggest ones.

  • People with green eyes are more attractive.
  • People with green eyes have superpowers.
  • People with green eyes have more intense relationships.
  • People with green eyes are better in bed.
  • People with green eyes have healthier lifestyles.
  • People with green eyes are more connected to the Earth.
  • People with green eyes live longer.

Advices How to Date Green-eyed Russian women with green eyes

Advices How to Date Green-eyed Russian women with green eyes

A green-eyed woman is pretty ambitious, so you need to make some effort to get her to love you. We are going to share with you some dating tips:

  1. Try to be natural. A pretty green-eyed woman will immediately realize your falseness. If she notices that you are lying, she is going to quit communicating with you. Be sincere with her.
  2. Make compliments to her, but do not go overboard with them. Try to think of some original thing to catch her attention (you can say something nice about her gorgeous eyes).
  3. A beautiful girl with Green eyes dislikes routine. Your dates are supposed to be interesting and thrilling. Think about beautiful spots and activities with her.
  4. Let her know about your good intentions. A girl with green eyes is interested in a serious relationship. Don't suggest that you are just looking for sex, that would be offensive to her. If you want to be with her, you should be interested in her health, work, and routine. Do not turn your date into a bed-only affair.
  5. Introduce her to your parents and friends. By doing this, you'll show that you care about her.

Are Green-eyed Russian girls with green eyes rare?

Are Green-eyed Russian girls with green eyes rare?

In human genetics, green eyes are like a pin in a stack of hay. It is most likely present within our DNA somewhere, but being a recessive gene, it is much less probable that it could be inherited by future generations.

Luckily, there are billions of people, meaning that green eyes are widely spread in many populations throughout the world.

But that doesn't mean that green eyes are common. In comparison with more dominant features such as brown eyes, green eyes are considered one of the rarest and most unique eye colors. Only approximately 2 percent of people in the world have green eyes by nature. Green eyes are a genetic mutation that results in low levels of melanin, though higher than in blue eyes.

Here's what we found out about the rarity of green eyes:

  • Just 2% of the world's population has green eyes. This is the most uncommon eye color on the planet, ranking second after purple or red eyes (due to albinism) and heterochromia (two different eye colors), the latter of which may be inborn or caused by health conditions.
  • While there is a genetic predisposition to eye color, blue and green eyes commonly exist in ethnic groups worldwide.
  • Green eyes are most frequent in the European population, particularly in northern, western, and central Europe.
  • Iceland boasts one of the highest concentrations of blue and green eyes in the world, where 89% of women and 87% of men have either color.
  • In the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, green and blue eyes are also widespread in Finland, where 85% of the population has light eyes.
  • There are different shades of green iris according to the amount of melanin and lipochrome in the iris. Certain people may have deep, brownish-green eyes (sometimes confused with hazel eyes) or light green eyes that border on bluish-green.

What is the most attractive eye color for a girl?

What is the most attractive eye color for a girl?

Sometimes it is said that blue is the most attractive eye color, but what happens if you check this scientifically?

Blue is the most attractive or beautiful eye color, but only for some people, research has shown.

Green eyes, which are often considered rare or mysterious, are considered the most attractive eye color at 14%. It has also been found that people are not more attracted to their own eyes than to blue eyes, as blue, brown, gray, green, hazel, and blue eyes are considered more desirable by people with irises. There is an old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what if at least part of a person's beauty physically lies in their eyes? Of course, attractiveness differs from person to person, and the total number of people with attractive eye colors may also play a role in what we consider novel. How can we have the most attractive eye shape?

The eyes are the strongest expressive facial feature and can reveal a lot about a person's feelings. It is important to keep in mind when discussing the most beautiful eyes of the world that different people are attracted to different attributes, meaning that what are the most beautiful eyes in the world to one person might not be to another. The eyes range in a variety of shades, forms, and forms of contrast, which makes each person's eyes truly distinctive.

All different colored eyes are appealing, and we are celebrating this with colored contact lenses, which come in a variety of shades.

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