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Meet the Best Romanian Mail Order Brides - Beautiful Romania Girls for Marriage Here

Marry a Romanian bride? Yes, of course! Find out why and how much it costs!

Located in the Southeastern part of Europe, Romania is not only the home of the semi-mythical Count Dracula - but much more. This country also has beautiful mountains, pristine forests, clean rivers, and different wildlife species. A mass of architectural monuments have been preserved on the territory of modern Romania - and we talk not just about the castles! Without a doubt, each of them deserves a visit. 

This land is the seventh largest in the European Union and has a unique geography. There you can see the Danube Delta, the second-longest river on the continent. Thanks to these preconditions, Romania is the wealthiest country in Europe concerning resources. It has oil, timber, natural gas, coal, gold, iron ore, salt, arable land, and hydropower. At the same time, regarding the general economic state, the land remains the poorest in the area. It's problematic to get on its feet again after the revolution (1989) - the process requires time and patience. 

Those with experience with Romanian singles in the USA realize these people are a real treasure. Extraordinary cleverness is their national trait. This statement proves the number of talented scientists and engineers from this country, most of whom have, in fact, changed our world. For example, Nicolae Paulescu was the actual discoverer of insulin; Eugen Pavel - inventor of the CD-ROM; Aurel Persu was a celebrated automotive designer who built the first car with wheels in his aerodynamic line; Petrasé Poinaru invented the fountain pen; Emil Rakovica created the first underground biological laboratory and organized work on speleology; Anastas Dragomir was the creator of an early version of today's ejection seat.

Also, representatives of this nationality are pretty imaginative. The proof is the Romanian language. It has retained many elements of Latin origin, mixing with Daco-Thracian, Slavic, and Turkic motives. That makes it unique and different from other Romance languages such as French, Italian, or Spanish.

The same goes for Romanian cuisine. Experts call it a unique combination of different cultures and tastes. Traditional local dishes include sarma (grape or cabbage leaves stuffed with meat and rice) and mamaliga (a corn porridge often served instead of bread). The cuisine is also known for its delicious desserts, such as papapanashi - fluffy donuts topped with sour cream and jam.

Do you believe dating a Romanian woman can make your life sweeter than any delicacy? Well, it's hard to disagree! In this article you can find out all the necessary information in this regard and, of course, the estimated cost of such an adventure. Have fun reading!

Who are Romanian brides?

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Who are Romanian brides?

Romania is not the largest country in Eastern Europe. Still, the number of singles from this country presented on international dating sites is impressive. They are as often seen as Ukrainian, Polish, or Russian mail-order brides. And it seems all these girls love Western guys: they willingly demonstrate open-mindedness and are not afraid to face cultural differences. But what is actually the reason for such women looking for foreign husbands? Why do they use the services of professional matchmakers? 

We believe there are at least three motivations typical for Romanian mail brides. Here they are:

The quality of life in their motherland

Understand us right: it's not that beautiful ladies who engage in marriage agencies are gold diggers. In reality: their search intentions have nothing to do with expectations to meet sugar daddies. Anyway, Romania has a pretty complicated economic situation. The average monthly salary in this country is only 3500 LEI ($770). So it's hard to judge the locals' desire to move to a better place and have a brighter future. 

Their strive for serious relationships

Romanians usually support the philosophy of traditional gender roles and family values. This means - females of this nation in their 20s sincerely strive to build serious relationships. The problem is that not all young males in Romania are ready for commitment... That is why those ladies who don't want to waste their time on casual dating start looking for foreign boyfriends online. 

The point is that most Western guys when deciding on international matchmaking, have equally serious intentions. And that is exactly what these girls want.

Negative experiences with local men they have

We don't want to sound rude, but males from this country are often not good enough for mail-order brides from Romania. Alcoholism, domestic violence, patriarchal and conservative views - all these issues, unfortunately, are not considered unusual there. 

Obviously, every beautiful, young, and well-educated Romanian woman wants to find a man who will treat her respectfully - and that's what she can get from a Western partner. 

Let's sum it up! Many gorgeous Romanian ladies are looking for a mentally mature partner abroad. The one willing to settle down and put his time and energy into a romance. Local guys can't give them the deserved attitude and care, so these females decided to take their chances worldwide. 

Why are Romanian brides so popular?

Why are Romanian brides so popular?

If you are no stranger to international dating and have already met girls from different countries - there is, perhaps, a question in your mind. Why are Romanian brides for marriage so popular among Western guys? What makes men look at them, not the rest of single ladies worldwide? 

And, to be honest, words are unnecessary here. We recommend you scroll through the pictures of celebrities from Romania, such as Alina Puscau or Alexandra Poyane - the answer will come itself. 

Females from this country are, indeed, mesmerized by their stunning looks. One brief rendezvous is enough to leave you with a lasting impression. Since it will be impossible to neglect their pronounced femininity, graceful movements, and magnetic charm. They are influenced by a distinct blend of Western and Eastern European culture that sets them apart from other nations in the region.

Okay, but what makes the image of Romanian women? Clearly, it's the beautiful combination of dark hair and fair skin. The same goes for the bewitching facial features: high cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes, and full lips. One could say these hotties exude an enchanting glow.

The magnificent bodies of Romanians add an extra portion of seductiveness to their image. These girls are known for their admirably toned physique, hot curves, and long legs. Remaining healthy and fit is crucial in Romania, so locals demonstrate remarkable athletic abilities. From running to mountaineering, all kinds of activities come in handy in this regard.  

Furthermore, Romanian singles have an outstanding fashion sense. They can ideally mix various styles. Thus, in their wardrobes can be found outfits: ranging from timeless pencil skirts and blouses to rebellious leather jackets and ripped jeans. With a masterful blend of colors and different patterns coming together to create a cohesive look, these beauties always leave a lasting impression! In other words: no matter what such ladies choose, they exude elegance - and that's extremely attractive. 

Pros and Cons of Romanian women for marriage

Pros and Cons of Romanian women for marriage

Romania might not be the first country that comes to mind when planning a vacation in Europe, but the truth is that there are many things to love about it. In particular, we talk about its good-looking and intelligent female population. Another question is: do you know a lot about Romanian mail-order brides? Most likely not... Don't feel ashamed, though - not many guys from the Western world have deep knowledge about Romanians. The paradox here is - they are among the most desired girlfriends around the globe. 

If you check recent statistics, you will discern that thousands of girls of this nationality each year move to the USA or Canada after tying the knot with foreign men. What do these males say, then? Which advantages and disadvantages of Romanian wives do they notice with time? Find answers to all of these questions below.


Their femininity

As you already know, traditional gender roles are still widespread in Romania. Therefore, local women prefer looking and behaving like real ladies. A nice contrast to emancipated American females, right? 

Looking through profiles of singles on an average Romanian dating site in the USA is enough to detect femininity in their appearance. For example, they usually prefer dresses and skirts to jeans and pants. Also, these girls often do expressive makeup that helps them accentuate their beautiful and mesmerizing eyes. Another typical feature of Romanian women is their love for bright accessories and gold jewelry. They wear it not only on special occasions but also daily. 

In addition, brides of this nation show their natural femininity through character traits traditionally expected of girls. These are tenderness, emotionality, sensitivity, compassion, and so on.

Their intelligence

Romanian ladies are known among Western singles for their sincere attraction to education and exploration. They are curious about practically everything that surrounds them! An average girl from this European land strives for excellence in learning. And this is especially noticeable in her broad outlook. 

Hotties from Romania are taught by mothers that they are more than pretty faces. The self-confidence they have creates an entire generation of wise and well-learned women. Throughout their lives, this trait wins men's hearts, as Romanian females live with the motto that genuine beauty lies in their ability to share meaningful thoughts and ideas with those around them. 

Their loyalty and not demanding nature

Romanian women for dating are highly loyal. Their motherland is quite a religious country. The majority of local girls are Orthodox Christians. And their religion makes them believe cheating on their spouse is a great sin. For this reason, they typically remain faithful to their husbands till the end of their lives. 

At the same time, a Romanian girlfriend will not be too demanding. She won't make you work too hard to win her affection. You can be your natural self and expect your beloved one to love you for who you are, not what you bring to the table. Also, your Romanian partner won't constantly expect gifts and special treatment - she will enjoy her time with you no matter where you go. This attitude will make your romance pleasant and satisfying from its earliest stages. 


Their lack of ambitions

Unlike Western ladies, Romanian mail-order brides usually do not work after marriage. They believe that the roles of a housewife and a mother are enough for a woman. The lack of career ambitions makes them satisfied with such a position. However, not all American men are happy with the role of the only breadwinner in the family...

What are the benefits here? Since your wife doesn't work, she can devote as much attention, effort, and time to housekeeping and raising children as necessary. This makes her an excellent home manager who always stays home to ensure the comfort of all family members. Outstanding cooking skills shall be attached. But, once again, this is no financial source.

Their old-fashioned views

After chatting with a Romanian girl, you will definitely get the impression she is a bit old-fashioned. No wonder: females of this nation grow up in traditional families and adopt their conventional views. Thus, you will hardly find a lady in this country who is well-versed in modern American TV shows, music artists, and blockbuster movies. Instead, such a woman prefers spending time with friends and family or enjoys her favorite books or hobbies at home.

We know: when looking at a Romanian lady whose presence can be felt from afar and whose fashion sense is downright original and daring - you would never guess how old-fashioned she is. You can't captivate her with your material possessions, fancy vacations, or winning one of the top management positions at work. All she wants is to find a partner who will make her feel loved and safe. 

Their calm and reserved behavior

When dating a Romanian woman, be prepared to face the negative nuances of her calm and reserved behavior. For example, she is never in a hurry. If you expect her to react emotionally on certain occasions - forget it. Such a girl remembers that things come and go, so why should she waste her nerves? On the one hand, this approach makes her cold-blooded concerning problems and willing to compromise. On the other hand, you will constantly feel like your partner doesn't really care. 

Let us be more specific. You may be faced with a situation where you are promised something (and you expect your girlfriend to keep her word) - but it means absolutely nothing. She is too relaxed to appear in time on a rendezvous or call you back. Therefore, in a relationship with a Romanian woman, you need to be patient and learn to put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

How to find a Romanian wife?

How to find a Romanian wife?

Romania is a lovely country with hospitable people and many historical attractions. Visiting this picturesque land is a good idea if you like to travel. Of course, we can't say Romania belongs to the most popular European tourist destinations. It doesn't mean there is nothing to do there, though. At least you could combine sightseeing with dating local girls! Here are the major cities where you can meet Romanian singles in person: 


This is the capital of Romania and an important cultural and economic center of this country. More than 1.8 million people live there. All other local towns are smaller and much less populated (with 300,000 inhabitants and less).


This is the largest port city in Romania. Constanța is located on the Black Sea shore. So it can be called an ideal place to spend your summer vacation. 


This is a beautiful town in the northeast of the country. Also, Iaşi is one of the most influential cultural centers in Romania.

These were the basics. It's time to give you the compilation of the exact locations in these cities where you can find your Romanian woman for dating: 

In the park 

Many ladies in this European country wisely choose a healthy and active lifestyle. They often go for walks or gather for a picnic in nature. In Bucharest, these are Tineretului Park, Izvor Park, and Herastrau Park. In Constanța - Park Gării, Park Tăbăcărie, and Park House of Culture, while in Iaşi Copou Park, Palas Public Garden, and Voievozilor Park are absolute favorites. 

At the nightclub

Nightclubs are genuinely loved by cheerful Romanians who like to socialize. The best of them are Beat of Angels, Face Club, and True Club (Bucharest); Heaven's Hell, Calypso Night Club, and Cleopatra (Constanța); Babylon, Fratelli Lounge & Club, and Manhattan (Iaşi). 

At the mall

Singles in Romania are pretty stylish. Thus, it's possible to encounter them shopping in such local malls as Bucharest Mall, Park Lake, and Mega Mall (in Bucharest); City Park Mall, Tomis Mall, and VIVO! (in Constanța); Iulius Shopping Center, Palas Shopping Center, and ERA Shopping Park (in Iaşi). 

At the beach

You can find many adorable Romanian girls on the beaches of the port city of Constanța. The most promising locations for rest, sunbathing, swimming, and love search are - Modern Beach, Relax Beach Mamaia, and Zoom Beach.

Only a decade ago, you had the best chance of finding your soulmate if you went straight to Romania and searched there. However, nowadays, we can say one thing. In case your only goal is romance, such a trip can become overly expensive and ineffective. Therefore, it makes sense to choose the clever way - joining an international Romanian dating site. 

Matchmakers aim to make it easier for Western men to meet beautiful single girls from this country without leaving their homes. When choosing this option, you can talk to as many women as you like and gradually narrow down the selection until the best one is found. And who knows where the online relationship may go from there – you might even find yourself happily married to a Romanian lady sooner than you think!

How much does a Romanian bride cost?

How much does a Romanian bride cost?

In this day and age, the World Wide Web offers various opportunities for finding love abroad. These are mainstream apps, niche matchmaking platforms that connect a specific category of singles, and marriage agencies that bring together Western men and single women from a particular country or region.

In this section of our article, we'll review representatives of the last category. Namely, we'll talk about an average international Romanian dating site because there - you have a much better chance of getting what you want. The fact all female members are seeking relationships with foreigners means a lot! However, such platforms are usually paid and are not always cheap... And when looking closely - it becomes clear that online dating is only the first step toward happiness. The final amount will also include presents, offline meetings, and governmental fees for visas. Do you want to estimate this cost? We've done it for you!

Site services

Once again, if you want to try your luck with Romanian dating - niche online platforms are one of the most convenient options. Many providers specialize in singles from this European country and offer various features that make it easy for members to find someone special.

You can start your romantic journey today by choosing a website you like, creating a profile, and exploring the world of possible matches. Advanced filters (like age or zodiac sign) help to find someone who fits your expectations. 

Don't forget that access to premium features like unlimited messaging and photo viewing usually require payment, but it will be worth it! Using a trustworthy website will cost you around $200 a month. Still, the final amount depends on the tools you need. For example, instruments like video chat or voice calls tend to be a lot more expensive than regular messaging. 


Romanian females you can meet through international dating platforms love romantic gestures and fun activities. No matter how exciting your chats are - you can impress a potential girlfriend with real and virtual flowers or gifts. It doesn't have to be something overpriced, though - your attention is the point. So how much you spend is only up to you. 

Anyway, the best thing you can do is add a note written in the Romanian language. It shouldn't be anything profound, but the mere idea of you learning your lady's mother tongue will make her attracted to you. 

Offline dating

After a while of online communication, you must meet your Romanian mail-order bride offline. Experts suggest spending at least two weeks in the country your sweetheart lives in. This will help you understand whether this person is your special one. 

This is how much a two-week trip to Romania usually costs:

  • Plane tickets from New York (or a similarly big city) to Bucharest are typically priced at $700-$800 (round trip). 
  • You will need to book accommodation next. We advise you to stay in a hotel instead of an apartment. It will cost just $400-$1000 for two weeks. 
  • The transportation expenses won't be high - only $300 for the whole vacation.
  • On food and entertainment for you and your Romanian girlfriend, you will spend about $600 in total. 

The adventure is not extraordinarily costly, don't you think so?

  • The cost of moving a Romanian mail-order bride to the USA

Sooner or later, you will decide to bring your woman to the USA. Since it's hard to assume you will fall in love with Romania and choose to live there. 

To legally enter the United States, your girlfriend will need to apply for a K-1 visa and go through the corresponding interview in the embassy. During it, the USCIS officials verify your feelings are sincere. If everything goes fine, in 3 years, your Romanian lady can lawfully become a US citizen!

As far as we know, in 2023, a K-1 visa costs about $2200. Remember that this process is quite time-consuming and may take up to 6-12 months. 

How to reduce the Romanian bride cost?

We guess from the provided above calculation you realize - finding a bride in Romania is not costly as many Western guys think. You will be pleasantly surprised, especially if you compare the expenses with those associated with Latinas or Slavic beauties. Therefore, we can hardly offer any opportunity for you to save even more money. The only apparent option is - to arrange a modest wedding celebration without inviting all relatives and friends of your Romanian crush. Trust us, this will bring gigantic savings!

What we do and how we can help you

What we do and how we can help you

Since 2013, has been helping countless singles worldwide meet new people, make connections, and find love. We not only believe in long-term and functioning relationships between men and women from different countries - we have seen that thanks to hundreds of success stories of our former members. Perhaps, it has something to do with the fact we attach great importance to seriousness in the intentions of those you can find in our catalog.  

In today's world, the Internet is an increasingly important way for people to get to know each other. This is where we come into play. Our team of professionals has done everything possible to make stand out from similar providers. The keywords here are easiness, transparency, and authenticity.

While GoldenBride does not guarantee a 100% chance of finding love at first click, we consider that every new encounter brings the opportunity to develop it into a fulfilling relationship. But don't forget that Personal, individual advice on finding a partner is also possible from our customer support team. In this way, every seeker can get what they want. 

Therefore, if you are looking for the best Romanian brides - you know where to start your search with. Your happily-ever-after is in your hands!

Why is marrying a Romanian woman a jackpot?

Why is marrying a Romanian woman a jackpot?

You might be having the time of your life dating Romanian brides, but is that all they can give? Of course not! These hotties have proven they make outstanding life partners! To be more specific, we can give you a few reasons why marrying a lady from this country is a jackpot. 

First and foremost, with such a girl, you will finally have a chance to take a classic man role. The ultimate goal of many females in this nation is to find someone who will take the reins in the family and let them stay home and take care of the children.  

As you already know, Romanian wives are big fans of the traditional family model, where the man is responsible for providing for the family, and the woman does the rest. If you are fed up with the feminist agenda and are looking for a housewife who will be the best mom for your future kids - buy a ticket to Romania. 

Secondly, for a girl from this land, marriage is a union of two loving individuals who support each other every step of the way. She can give you everything: from wise advice (only when you need it) to reassurance when you suddenly lose your job. The same goes for discussing your new business ideas. In other words, you can expect your Romanian wife to be there with you when you face problems or are over the moon.

Thirdly, from the first minutes of communication with a lady from Romania, laughing together becomes a tradition. And believe what we say: it will be something you can longer imagine life without. No matter how challenging the situation seems, such a girl thinks that a positive attitude and genuine smile can solve almost anything. Simply put: with a Romanian by your side, you will have a happy life full of honest smiles.

Do you need more reasons to propose? 

Romanian wedding traditions

Romanian wedding traditions

In Romania, dating and marriage have many exciting practices and rituals. Here we want to highlight some of the most unusual ones: 

The Rescuing of the Bride

A playful tradition where the groom must prove his love and commitment by finding and "rescuing" the bride from her friends or family who pretend to keep her hidden. The guy often faces numerous challenges, such as solving riddles or completing tricky tasks. Once ready - he can take his sweetheart to the wedding ceremony.

The Traditional Dance

In Romania, a wedding celebration typically involves a lively and energetic traditional dance called Hora. This circular dance involves guests holding hands and moving to the rhythm of fast-paced music, often played by live bands. The Hora creates a sense of unity and extravaganza among all attendees and is a highlight of the big day.

The Bride's Kidnapping 

At some local weddings, it's not uncommon for the friends of the Romanian bride to playfully "kidnap" her during the reception. The groom is then required to pay a ransom, usually in the form of money or alcoholic beverages, to have his beloved one returned. This tradition adds an element of excitement and fun to the celebration.

The Money Dance 

During the wedding party, guests have the opportunity to dance with the bride or groom. They must pin money onto the newlyweds' clothing, though. This tradition is seen as a way to support the couple, and the more funds are pinned, the greater the prosperity and luck it brings to their life together.

The Bread and Salt Ceremony

It's a symbolic gesture of good fortune and hospitality. The newlywed couple breaks bread and dips it into a dish of salt. The groom and bride each take a bite while holding hands, and whoever takes the larger one is considered the head of the household. It signifies unity, mutual support, and shared responsibilities as they embark on their journey together.

These Romanian wedding traditions showcase the country's vibrant cultural heritage, fostering a sense of joy, harmony, and excitement among all participants. We hope you will experience them very soon!


Are Romanian mail-order brides a real thing?

It all depends on where you are looking for Romanian mail-order brides. Girls on reputable dating platforms are open to relationships with foreigners and have serious intentions. Thus, they are, indeed, a real thing.

Can I really meet Romanian mail-order brides online?

Specialized dating platforms are the fastest way to connect with brides from Romania. The process isn't complicated. First, choose a good and reputable provider. Then buy some credits or pay for a premium subscription - because most of these sites are not free to use. Next, you can start chatting with the ladies and arrange offline rendezvous.

Why is it better to choose paid Romanian mail-order bride sites?

It's better to choose paid platforms because they offer more security and better quality of services. It's almost impossible to face scammers and fraudsters among their members (the same can't be said about free websites, though).

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