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Meet the Best Puerto Rican Brides - Beautiful Puerto Rico Women for Dating and Marriage Here

Marrying a Puerto Rican woman: how to achieve this, and what's the final price?

To the east of the Dominican Republic, on a separate island in the Caribbean Sea, lies heavenly-beautiful Puerto Rico. This little piece of America in azure waters is a legendary patch of land. Its colonial history takes us back to the times of Columbus. While the pre-colonial past brings us 3500 years before the discovery of this glorious explorer. 

Although Puerto Rico has been a part of the US for over 100 years, not many Western people are aware of this fact. Perhaps, the reason for it is this territory has not been integrated as a full-fledged American state (notwithstanding its population is bigger than 22 official ones). So locals cannot even vote for the President or have any representation in the United States Congress. On top of that, the distance from Miami to the capital of Puerto Rico is only 1045 miles (1682 kilometers) - it's just a 2.5-hour flight! For instance, it's much faster than 5 hours between Los Angeles and Honolulu.

Puerto Rico is roughly the size of Connecticut, for better understanding. This island has a mountainous center, vast coastal areas, and hundreds of fabulous beaches. Still, about a third of its citizens live in the San Juan area on the north side of the territory.

When you meet Puerto Rican singles, you can notice that they represent a unique combination of different cultures. The original inhabitants of the island were the Taino. This tribe was practically eradicated by Europeans due to disease and aggression. A bit later, Africans were brought to the island as slaves to work on the sugarcane plantations. As a result, various ethnic groups came together to create a local civilization - today known as Creole. The word dates back to the 16th century and was used to describe anything and anyone with mixed European and local genes.

The local cuisine is, therefore, called Cocina Criolla. Like the society that created it, it is a mixture of Spanish, African, and regional ingredients. The Taíno brought in yucca, peppers, and corn. The Spaniards added olive oil, cilantro, beef, and garlic. Africans used bananas and coconuts while everyone enjoyed the seafood. Unsurprisingly, the outcomes are delicious! 

Do you want to spice up your life, not simply by trying Creole cuisine? Is your desire to search for a wife in Puerto Rico strong? If yes - you can get all the information you need right from this article!

Who are Puerto Rican brides?

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Who are Puerto Rican brides?

Anyone who has ever been to Puerto Rico has noticed the impressive number of good-looking people there. And yes, we talk not only about women - local guys are handsome too. The question arises knowing this: why do such girls become Puerto Rican mail-order brides? What makes these señoritas neglect all the hot men around them and look for partners outside the island? 

This, above all, can be explained by statistics. Officially - there are 1.65 million females and 1.52 million males in this not-completely recognized American state. Such a difference in the number of men and women affects the chances of finding a perfect match for singles among local people. The idea to broaden the horizons comes itself. 

Secondly, many attractive men in Puerto Rico do not aim for serious relationships or are somewhat irresponsible. Because of this, single ladies prefer to search for someone more determined to create a family overseas. And, in fact, girls of this nationality are not very picky about the age and appearance of their future foreign husbands. A guy's character and attitude are much more important to them. To have a high chance of winning the heart of a woman from this island, a Western gentleman should be: 


When a man has sincere feelings for his woman and is not shy about expressing them - any Puerto Rican female will be excited. 


Every girl of this nationality wants to have a strong partner by her side. The one with whom she can be weak and feminine. 


For Puerto Ricans looking for serious relationships, this is a crucial parameter. Since the ladies of this nationality are for traditional family values, they like guys ready to take responsibility for the whole family.

What do you think: do you meet these expectations? 

Why are Puerto Rican brides so popular?

Why are Puerto Rican brides so popular?

Okay, we have just figured out what makes these señoritas create profiles on an international Puerto Rican dating site. But, clearly, the interest, in this case, is mutual. What serves as a motivation for Western men, then? Why are women from this tropical island so popular? Let's check!

The Caribbean air and hot climate make life for Puerto Ricans relaxed and delightful, especially outside of the capital San Juan. Local ladies are in no hurry to live and love spending time together talking to each other in temperature-controlled places like bars, cafes, and pubs. Guys who have had a dating experience with girls from Puerto Rico said the Latina temperament and natural beauty captivated them. And these hotties are indeed outstanding!

As you already know, Puerto Rican ladies embody a combination of three races - Indian (Taino), Hispanic, and African. Other nationalities have also helped to create this exquisite national mix not found anywhere else in the world. Their ethnic background is undoubtedly rich! Maybe that's why Puerto Ricans have won recognition of the most sophisticated specialists in the field of female beauty and femininity. They have also been finalists and award winners in international contests (such as Miss Universe)

Once you meet Puerto Rican singles, you realize they look like goddesses on Earth. They can charm you in a few minutes and make you want to spend your life with them. Every moment you communicate with these ladies, you feel excited and long for more. But what are their appearance traits that conquer men from abroad so quickly?

Puerto Rican señoritas have big deep brown eyes, long curly hair, full lips, and soft skin. At the same time, they know how to accentuate their beauty with makeup and accessories (not saying a word about their natural sex appeal). Bodies of females in this nation deserve particular attention. They represent all the wildest dreams of Western men: curvy yet athletic enough to attract everyone. However, they don't dress provocatively at all. Flashy minis and tops are not for them. Most commonly, girls from Puerto Rico wear long chiffon dresses that emphasize their femininity. As you can see, they don't need overly sexy wardrobe details to seduce males. 

Thus, dear friend, how can you refuse to date a woman like that?

Pros and Cons of Puerto Rican women for marriage

Pros and Cons of Puerto Rican women for marriage

Puerto Rico is an island that attracts thousands of tourists every year. The magnificent Atlantic Ocean to the north and west of the country, the picturesque Caribbean Sea to the south, a pleasant year-round climate, and a rich variety of flora and fauna - dreamlike... We guess you don't need more explanations why this destination remains so popular.  

At the same time, everyone who has ever visited Puerto Rico has been blown away by local women. Still, what do we know about them except for dozens of stereotypes? What about their outlook and manners? Are they worthy of your attention? 

We have a suggestion here. Read the advantages and disadvantages typical to a Puerto Rican girl's character before you fall in love with her (online or offline doesn't matter). This knowledge will help you to make the right decision. 


They are passionate and sensitive

Needless to say: Puerto Rican singles are the ones in whom the passion burns and the fire never goes out. Legends can be told about their emotionality and threshold of sensitivity. Perhaps, that's because they have the bliss of being near the soft, warm ocean under the gentle sun 365 days a year. But the point remains: these beauties appreciate each moment of joy and know how to please their loved ones in all forms. 

Women of this nationality are, indeed, very sexy. Their natural seductiveness drives men from all over the world crazy. It doesn't mean they are easy to get, though. To win the affection of such an exotic lady, a guy should make an effort first. In addition, romantic and long-lasting relationships must be in their intentions. 

They are loyal

When talking about the personality of Puerto Rican señoritas, one of the main traits that should certainly be emphasized is their dedication to the relationship and partner. So having such a girlfriend, you can be sure she will remain faithful to you no matter what.

A wife from Puerto Rico is not someone who will let you down at a crucial moment of life. Neither would she suddenly have second thoughts after planning something important. Puerto Ricans are not quick to make promises and promises, but they always keep them. Therefore, when one of them says she is ready to share her life with you, she absolutely means it. 

They are open and liberated from social stigmas

Without a doubt - you will be delighted by the appearance of Puerto Rican girls. But beauty means nothing without a riveting personality. Luckily, Puerto Ricans are considered some of the funniest and most delightful females you'll ever meet. These ladies always know how to have a good time, no matter what kind of activities are planned. 

What is even better in the context of Puerto Rico dating, women of this nation always speak directly about their feelings and desires. If one of them is fond of you - she will, most likely, tell it immediately. In addition, it is not taboo for them to talk about sex. Not only will they openly say that they would like to get physical, but they will always keep you informed of their wishes and will not forget to ask about yours.


They are affected by negative Western trends

If you dream of finding a girlfriend with a typically Latin mentality - Puerto Rico is the wrong place. Locals are too affected by negative Western trends. Let us give you a few examples. 

First of all, the divorce rate is pretty high on this island. According to the United Nations, there are 3.71 divorces per 1000 Puerto Rican residents annually. This automatically brings them into the top-5 leaders in this regard worldwide. Apparently, locals today are not as traditional and conservative as they were a few decades ago.

At the same time, the fertility rate is ultra-low in Puerto Rico. Women in this territory usually have only 1 child. The situation was better a few tens of years ago. But after the archipelago was hit by Maria in 2017, everything changed...

They are overly attached to their families

As you already know, family always comes first for Puerto Ricans. They are often large and include, in addition to parents and children, also grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins, and sisters. Godparents are considered second mothers and fathers. Therefore, old family members end up in nursing homes - this is considered strange. And youth must do everything possible to make their last days comfortable. 

It is not uncommon for representatives of this nation to make important life decisions under the influence of relatives. Those who live separately constantly communicate by phone and visit each other. Furthermore, newlyweds ought to settle not far from their parents. Loyalty to family ties is placed above personal wishes. Is this attitude okay for you?

They are very tactile and emotional 

Puerto Ricans are known for their emotionality and are often too friendly to strangers, in the opinion of Western people. Not everyone can accept local behavior patterns as normal. For example, a handshake won't be enough when meeting your girlfriend's friends or relatives. More cordial greetings are expected (a kiss on the cheek or a whole ritual of hugs and kisses). This could be a problem if you aren't a very tactile person. 

Also, in the communication process, much attention is paid to gestures. In Puerto Rico, body language - is a fundamental element in conveying one's thoughts. The standard gestures are quite emotional, diverse, and very different from Western ones. So you'll probably need some training to learn how to act. 

How to find a Puerto Rican wife?

How to find a Puerto Rican wife?

Puerto Rico is a relatively small island. Even its largest cities are less populous than medium-sized cities in the United States. However, we advise you to consider this travel destination not only because of its beautiful views and numerous attractions but also because of the dating opportunities such a trip brings. Here are the best places to meet your potential girlfriend: 

San Juan

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico. The city currently has little over 300,000 inhabitants. Here you will find beautiful beaches on the spectacular Atlantic Ocean and a wide range of nightclubs and bars. San Juan is indeed a paradise for tourists looking for entertainment and love. So don't miss a chance to meet gorgeous local girls who don't mind going out with foreigners. Try the Cheesecake Factory, Barrachina, or Chocobar Cortes to combine flirtation with a brand-new dining experience. While nightclubs La Respuesta, District San Juan, and Ocean Club will give you the night to remember. 


This is a small town 20 miles (32 km) away from the Puerto Rican capital. Thus, once in San Juan, you can easily visit Caguas too. There is no access to the sea in this municipality, though. This makes it less popular with tourists. But it also means you have less competition to meet local singles!

The most exciting places in Caguas are the Historical Museum and the Botanical and Cultural Garden of William Miranda Marín. It's either advisable to go to El Pueblito Nightclub or CaReKi Bar.


Bayamon is a Puerto Rican city that doesn't lie directly near the ocean. Still, it has an incredibly picturesque nature and even more impressive architecture. 

If you are looking for a Puerto Rican wife with very little experience with foreigners - Bayamon is the right place. You won't go unnoticed, even just walking the streets of this city. To increase your chances of success, head to the Olive Garden, Essencia, or Tazon Coffee Shop to eat and meet local singles. Bayamon's nightlife hasn't much to offer, but you can flirt with girls at popular bars. 


This town is very close to San Juan. It has stunning beaches and vibrant social life, but it's considerably quieter and less crowded than the country's capital.

You have a good chance of finding local single ladies right on the seaside. Additionally, you can visit Alambique Beach Lounge, Kintaro Sushi Bar, Llave Del Mar Restaurant, or Club Bravo. These are the most popular hangouts for Puerto Rican women in the area.

Although you don't definitely have to travel somewhere to meet a representative of this nation. You can use a Puerto Rican dating site for this purpose!

Some US guys believe that females on this island are stuck in the past, but they are just as modern as those in your city. These hotties actively use the internet daily for all sorts of activities, including love searches. With one crucial nuance, though. They may opt for the usual dating sites and apps when looking for something casual. But when Puerto Ricans want long-term relationships or marriage - everything changes. Their choice is specialized matchmaking services, then. 

Such providers have a clear purpose: they help to broaden their horizons. These sites are available to singles around the globe, providing safe and convenient matchmaking. You can find thousands of Puerto Rican women on a trustworthy international marriage agency - plenty of potential matches are guaranteed. 

How much does a Puerto Rican bride cost?

How much does a Puerto Rican bride cost?

Modern technologies offer a solution - luckily for those who don't have time to travel in search of a life partner. We talk about the specialized platforms on the World Wide Web where singles thousands of miles away from each other can meet. 

There are, of course, international dating websites where Western guys can meet beautiful Puerto Ricans. Such services have thousands of users, handy search tools, and everything you need to keep in touch anytime and anywhere. So if you don't want to waste your time looking for a potential soulmate offline - register on a special platform where all female members are single and don't mind falling in love with someone overseas. In case that's the dating way you choose - be aware it's not free. By the way, just like the further steps you must make before the long-awaited happily ever after. So let's calculate the amount you will probably spend. 

Site services

If you are interested in Puerto Rican women dating - it's better to use a specialized marriage agency. There you will not waste time wondering what the girls want, and you can find out who they are at the initial stage (thanks to the profile information). This will make creating your online relationship easier. 

There are many great dating sites with fabulous communication features. Some of which have a subscription business model. While others have a credit system, meaning you can control your spending and only pay for the features you use.

Note: you cannot buy a lady from Puerto Rico online. The price we talk about includes service fees that all reputable providers have. But you don't have to worry - it's usually very affordable. Although the charge depends on the platform you choose. The amount you will spend per month (as a rule) varies from $100 to $200.


Once you are in a relationship with a Puerto Rican woman (even if it's virtual yet) - be a gentleman from the start. A female of this nation will never tolerate rude or suggestive behavior, especially from someone she barely knows.

For this reason, gifts and flowers are a must. Just so you know: showing up to an offline date without a present is considered rude in Puerto Rico. It doesn't mean you can do nothing in this regard when your romance is only online. Matchmaking platforms can deliver everything you want. But this mustn't be an expensive present - choose something cute and romantic instead. The expenses here depend on the amount you can spend on this purpose. 

Offline dating

Let's imagine - online dating in Puerto Rico is not enough for you anymore. You communicate with a lady for a while and believe she might be your special one. What's next? Of course, you need to start planning your trip to this exotic island because the following step involves personal meetings! This is how much such an adventure will, on average, cost: 

  • A flight from New York (or a similarly big city) to San Juan is usually priced at $150-$250 (round trip). 
  • The island isn't perfectly safe for tourists, so we suggest you stay in a hotel. The Bed and Breakfast option would cost about $1500 for two weeks, while for a nice resort with All Inclusive, you will pay approximately $2900. 
  • For transportation (such as a taxi), you will spend around $250 for two weeks. 
  • Entertainment and food will cost you about $2000. The price includes not only your expenses - but also everything connected with your lady. 
  • The cost of moving a Puerto Rican mail-order bride to the USA

Do you remember Puerto Rico is neither an independent country nor an official US state? It is recognized as an American territory, where locals do not have the same rights as mainland citizens - but most federal laws apply to them. The main thing here is that all people born in Puerto Rico after January 13, 1941, are citizens of the United States. So unless you are interested in adult women in their 80s, your Puerto Rican girlfriend does not require a visa to enter your country. You can simply propose to her, arrange the wedding ceremony - and that's all! The governmental fees for marriage and getting a license are about $150 (+ an IRS stamp).

  • How to reduce a Puerto Rican bride cost?

Having romantic relationships with Puerto Rican girls is not as expensive as many guys think. Especially if you compare the cost of dating Eastern European, Latin American, or Asian mail-order brides. You don't have to pay for transatlantic flights, the services of immigration lawyers, and many more. Actually, you don't completely leave your homeland in this case! Still, how to reduce the cost of the process that is faster and cheaper by default? 

A traditional Puerto Rican wedding will cost you an arm and a leg. On a party (with all rituals, banquet, and 125 guests), you will spend around $50,000. But you can save up to $15000 by moving it to your city, inviting fewer people, and cutting some additional nonessential expenses.

What we do and how we can help you

What we do and how we can help you

It's time to introduce ourselves. We, GoldenBride.net, are more than just another dating platform. We are an international marriage agency with a memorable and well-designed interface in addition to outstanding privacy- and anti-scam features. Our professional team does its best to create an ideal environment for finding a partner for life. 

Try our services to meet dedicated and family-oriented singles from Puerto Rico. Our female members have various relationship interests, including online flirting, long-term unions, and marriage. You only need to sign up to find those who match your expectations. The process takes a few minutes and involves no obligations. Although you can get a premium membership after filling out your profile with the required details. 

Luckily, it won't take you long to find potential matches. GoldenBride.net has extensive search filters such as age, location, education, interests, hobbies, and many more. Then, when you decide on your favorites, you can use the site's communication features to build your relationship. With our help, you can send letters, chat, make phone calls, and even order presents. But enough words - join and see everything with your own eyes!

Why is marrying a Puerto Rican woman a jackpot?

Why is marrying a Puerto Rican woman a jackpot?

Singles in Puerto Rico seem too easy going. This gives the impression they are particularly irresponsible and willing to have sex with the first person they meet, but that is not the truth. In reality, these ladies only give themselves to those they genuinely love. Moreover, experts are sure - they make excellent wives. Let's figure out why!

Females of this nation deeply respect traditions and dream of meeting the man with whom they will be happy for the rest of their lives. As you already know, they are loyal - concepts like betrayal are foreign to them. At the same time, even when married, Puerto Ricans do not cease to attract the eyes of admiring men (without mutual interest, of course).

Ladies from this island make marvelous mothers. Children have fun with them because these women remain kids deep in their souls. For instance, even as adults, they are cheerful and playful- just like their little ones. 

Puerto Rican brides rely on classic family values. Husbands and children come first for them. Everything else in their lives matters less. Girls of this nationality gladly devote all their free time to their loved ones. They go to great lengths to ensure every family member is happy and satisfied. If the Puerto Rican woman's husband wants her not to work but only to run the household - she will willingly do this. 

Are you eager to visit other countries, meet new people and learn new things? Do you have a bucket list of weird things you want to do together with your wife? Choose a Puerto Rican lady, then! She is increasingly flexible and ready to try everything unusual. She will never judge you - but tolerate your passions instead. 

Puerto Rican wedding traditions

Puerto Rican wedding traditions

In Puerto Rico, dating and marriage are accompanied by various traditions. We guess you don't mind to discover some of the most exciting of them: 

The Vejigante Masks

Vejigante masks are an essential part of Puerto Rican weddings. These brightly colored masks are made from paper-mâché or coconut husks and are derived from traditional carnival costumes. They are worn by dancers during the "baile de vejigantes" (dance of the vejigantes) to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to the married couple.

The Guayabera Shirt

The groom often wears a traditional guayabera shirt. It is lightweight, pleated men's clothing made of linen or cotton. The guayabera features four pockets and embroidered details and may be long or short-sleeved. It is considered a symbol of elegance and is commonly paired with white or beige linen pants.

La Hora Loca

La Hora Loca, meaning Crazy Hour, is a fun-filled time during the wedding reception. It typically occurs after midnight and involves lively music, colorful costumes, confetti showers, masks, and props. This tradition aims to energize the celebration and keep the party going late into the night.

The Coin Ceremony

 A unique custom called the Coin Ceremony takes place during the wedding ceremony. The groom presents thirteen coins, known as arras, to his Puerto Rican bride. This ritual symbolizes his commitment and dedication to providing for their future. 

Such coins are blessed by a priest and subsequently passed on to the woman. It represents the groom's promise to support his new family.

La Hora de los Novios

La Hora de los Novios, meaning The Couple's Hour, is a traditional moment during the wedding celebration where the newly married couple takes a moment for themselves. They leave the reception to change into traditional outfits, typically a white dress for the bride and a black suit for the groom. They then return to the party to greet and thank their guests, enjoying a special moment together.

These are just a few of the many beautiful wedding traditions you'll find in Puerto Rico. Each one adds unique flavor and significance to the matrimonial celebrations on the island. We hope you'll have a chance to experience them!


Are Puerto Rican mail-order brides a real thing?

Yes, of course. Puerto Rican women you meet through trustworthy matchmaking platforms are definitely a real thing!

Are Puerto Rican mail-order brides still a thing?

Without a doubt, Puerto Rican mail-order brides are still a thing - even in 2023. They are among the best life partners you can find worldwide.

Can I really meet Puerto Rican mail-order brides online?

Sure, there is an opportunity to get to know a Puerto Rican girl while visiting her country as a tourist. Women there are talkative and ready for new acquaintances. But this may turn into a dangerous adventure. Puerto Rico is among the countries with a high crime rate. So as you become acquainted with a local beauty, you may make enemies among the hooligans who have their eyes on this lady. Some of these men can be aggressive and even have guns. So it is much safer to meet Puerto Rican girls online. Luckily, there are numerous websites where you can get to know the woman of your dreams.

Why is it better to choose paid Puerto Rican mail-order brides sites?

Reputable dating sites usually ask for money for their services, and it's understandable. These guys offer more security and comfort for their members. Anyway, read all expert and user reviews before joining. Even when some of them are non-objective, hiding general tendencies about the provider is impossible. Also, don't forget to google the ladies' photos to play it safe.

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