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Meet the Best German Brides - Beautiful Germany Women for Marriage Here

A full guide to dating lovely and rational German women

As a Western guy, you probably think that you know everything about Germany and its citizens. The lifestyle and mentality of the people of this nation seem understandable and well-known. If that's the case - we are ready to surprise you. Our team has dug up a dozen exciting facts about Germans and their motherland you most likely have never heard of. However, it makes sense to start with the basics...

Germany officially takes the fourth place in terms of the human development index. Such factors as the standard of living, health, education, and many more are reviewed at this rate. Only Norway, Australia, and Switzerland residents have an even better life. 

And what about the melodic German language? More than 107 million people around the globe call it their mother tongue. In addition, around 90 million foreigners can speak it pretty fluently. Do you belong to these lucky ones? Well, don't get your hopes up too fast... There are more than 30 dialects in modern German. The differences in wording and pronunciation are sometimes so significant that locals from the Southern part of the country cannot understand their neighbors from the north! Still, if you plan to search for love through a dating site in Germany - learn the word Drachenfutter (it's used throughout the land, and you will definitely need it). The translation of this term into English literally sounds like dragon food. That's a gift to the wife or girlfriend, which a man is forced to present guilty of something. For example, returning home late drunk. 

And speaking of alcohol, we can't neglect the beer subject. Germans love this drink so much that more than 1500 varieties have been created in this European country. On average, every resident of Germany drinks 119 liters of beer per year. This habit makes representatives of this nation second in the world in terms of consumption after the Irish. Maybe for this reason, the state of alcoholic intoxication in court in Germany is considered a mitigating factor. This does not apply to car accidents, though. Remember this fact when visiting the largest beer festival in the world (Oktoberfest) in Munich.

And last but not least, Germany is usually named "the land of thinkers and poets." No wonder: it has become the birthplace of many philosophers and composers. At the same time, classical music is dominated by German composers. These include Bach, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Handel, Beethoven, Wagner, Brahms, and others. Without a doubt, the people in this country are extraordinary. Therefore, if you believe your soulmate is waiting for you there - special knowledge is required. Although you don't have to worry - a full guide to dating German ladies is right here in front of you. 

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What do German women look like?

What do German women look like?

Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum, Diane Kruger, Josefine Preuss... We hope the names of these celebrities are enough for you to understand that German ladies are not unappealing. It's nothing else but an offensive cliche. The real state of things is radically different. Many women in Germany are blessed with good looks. Plenty of cuties from this land have refined facial features, so their beauty is not striking. At the same time, they don't tend to show off their femininity and magnificence. And most importantly, they typically have sexy bodies: very athletic and fit. The problem of excessive weight isn't classic for girls in this European country. 

As mentioned, German singles adore their natural loveliness and commonly accept themselves for who they are. Therefore, between the scalpel of a plastic surgeon or injections of a cosmetologist and sessions with a psychotherapist, each of them is likely to choose the latter. Still, when it comes to drastic measures - the most popular procedures are breast augmentation, facelift, and skin tightening. 

Common among Slavic females, nail and hair extensions - are not held in high esteem in Germany. Local women prefer classic manicures or do nothing at all. While fake locks are considered too expensive, uncomfortable, and impractical. The same goes for eyelash extensions.

And what about the outfits? In Germany, as expected, you rarely see a girl dressed vulgarly or provocatively. For example, flashy combinations of black and red can rarely be seen on the streets there. The shape and cut of clothes are usually strict and modest. The colors locals prefer are neutral and don't attract too much attention. Perhaps, in this country, all shades of beige are more prevalent than anywhere else. However, it is worth noting that such a style looks awesome on Germans!

Why are women in Germany so sexy and beautiful?

Why are women in Germany so sexy and beautiful?

When looking through the profiles on German dating sites: you probably notice one thing. Yes, ladies in this land do not always meet the classical canons of beauty. But, at the same time, their charm, grace, impeccable sense of style, and slender bodies are unbelievably attractive. 

Even though Germans are used to enjoying delicious food and beer, they generally look sporty. In this European land, diets and strict nutrition systems for weight loss are absolutely not popular. But this does not prevent German females, according to statistics, from being slimmer than English or French beauties.

Certain habits (mainly in daily routine) help locals to remain not only good-looking but also healthy. Our team has found out how German girls manage to stay appealing even at a mature age. 

#1. Regular skin care

Long before the appearance of the first wrinkles, women in Germany start to actively care for their skin. Their preferences are usually given to locally manufactured organic products - not luxury brands. According to statistics, they spend about two billion euros per year on various creams, masks, and tonics. 

Daily application of moisturizer is a mandatory ritual for German females. This allows them to keep the skin young and smooth for a long time. A tonic skin spray, lip balm, and a pack of oil blotters can be found in the purse of every German cutie. 

On the other hand, there is a wide range of different SPA and beauty salons in Germany. These organizations offer high-quality face and body treatments. And, despite the rather high cost of services, Germans willingly take the opportunity to freshen up and relax as much as possible.

#2. No to the beauty-is-pain approach

German ladies consider any kind of beauty treatment, even the most effective, absolutely pointless if it makes a woman unhappy or stressed. They are convinced that a care session is something - that ought to give pleasure. Because only when the person is pleased can she look attractive. And no other alternative is acceptable. 

This philosophy is reflected in the approach to sports. In fact, gyms have become popular in Germany relatively recently. The reason for it is simple: outdoor activities seem much more exciting than a dusty fitness center. 

Thus, we can formulate one of the main beauty secrets of German girls. Treatments, training, and proper nutrition should relieve stress, not increase it.

#3. Not to overeat

Incredibly delicious national dishes and beer are an integral part of life for German brides. And they never sacrifice this pleasure for the sake of beauty. On the contrary, these women enjoy everything they eat to the fullest but in moderation. 

Germans' inner harmony lies in the ability to become full with small portions. They rarely overeat, even though they never deny themselves their favorite pretzel - quantity is the secret. This, in turn, has a positive effect not only on their curves but also on their general health condition.

Seasonal products are the backbone of German cuisine. And local females tend to make most of their meals from regional produce. That's how they manage to avoid being stuffed with various supplements and hormones. Instead of processed foods, Germans try to eat as many vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains as possible. 

#4. Drinking regime

Another secret of the attractiveness of German singles concerns their drinking regime. They consume plenty of water daily. These ladies believe that the correct habits in this regard allow not only to keep the skin young and beautiful but also to remain so from the inside.

In addition, females in this land regularly drink herbal and green tea. At the same time, many of them start their mornings with a glass of warm water with lemon. In their opinion, this is an effective (and most importantly natural) way to cleanse the body. 

By the way, tap water is of excellent quality throughout the country. 

Character traits that make German mail-order brides so desired

Character traits that make German mail-order brides so desired

One look at German women is enough to amaze men from around the globe with their natural good-lookingness. A bit later, after a while of private communication, no less appealing appears their unique character and outlook on life. However, in many cases, foreigners get the wrong impression that these girls are too cold and unattainable.

Don't worry - it's just an illusion. And one of them can become a perfect wife for you. If you want to discover which character traits make Germans such ideal life partners - keep reading, our guide has the answer. 

#1. Their independence and resourcefulness

In Germany, parents teach their children (both sons and daughters) to be independent. From childhood, they are used to counting on themselves. So when growing up, ladies of this nation do not expect to get any material support from their families. Moreover, the separation comes as soon as they turn 18! If you wonder how these girls survive, we can explain the nuances. Those who choose university education live on campuses and have part-time jobs. And those who are happy with technical school even additionally get scholarships. 

Therefore, by dating a German woman, you get a self-sufficient partner. The one who knows how to set goals and achieve them. Most likely - she will be able to make a career abroad and does not expect financial support from you. 

#2. Their rationality

German females are realistic in their views. No matter what happens, they coolly estimate the circumstances in which they live and their capabilities. That's how goals that they can achieve may be set, and ongoing challenges be faced fully armed. For sure: girls of this nationality never dream of something impossible. 

In addition, Germans like to plan everything. This concerns not only work but also leisure. They think every little aspect should be carefully organized, even a party with friends or dinner with parents. 

The same approach works for a romantic relationship too. Women in Germany are no fans of spontaneity in romance. So if you also like to play your future in detail, without sentimentality and idle dreams - you know where your soulmate lives. 

#3. Their wisdom

Those who have tried interracial dating in Germany are highly impressed with the wisdom of local women. This quality applies to their views on everything in life. For example, an average German wife is very prudent when managing the family budget and raising children. She would never waste money on unnecessary trifles but only buy the essentials. This helps to avoid unexpected expenses and getting into debt. 

At the same time, the natural wisdom of German ladies supports them in finding a solution to any problem without undue emotions. Thus, they become reliable life partners for their spouses. The husbands of such females can always benefit from this trait. 

#4. Their family values

German girls do not get hung up on only one sector of life. It's a myth that they are interested only in their jobs. Their family values are strong. And thanks to successful time management, these hotties find time for everything! Not forgetting about social life and hobbies, by the way. 

Women in Germany love their husbands very much but are not rich in emotions. Usually, they express their adoration not with tender words or hugs - but with concrete actions. 

In matters of pregnancy, a lady from this country takes the process super seriously. She begins with preparation in advance, reads books on the proper upbringing of children, and so on. This helps her to be a wise mother capable of raising happy and independent individuals.

Myths about German women

Myths about German women

The topic of this part of our article is rather delicate. Why? Because (you must admit it) there are plenty of things you have already heard about female representatives of this European nation. Perhaps, the cliches in your mind even postpone you from going to German dating agencies... 

It won't be hard to find a guy who thinks that qualities such as: feminine, beautiful, warm-hearted, generous, and emotional can't belong to a woman from Germany. Spoiler: it's a misconception. But unfortunately, the truth is often hard to discover - especially without expert help. So let's review the three most popular stereotypes about Germans and comprehend the real state of things. 

Myth #1. German women have a poor sense of humor. 

Calm yourself down: it is not true. Moreover, the opinion Germans have a poor sense of humor - is fundamentally wrong! It's just their own concept of fun and jokes. And even if it differs from yours, why should it be terrible?

Without a doubt, there are also peculiar individuals (so-called unsmiling princesses) in Germany. But this is more of an exception than a rule. 

In addition, we need to note that an average German girl will not accept certain jokes said by a colleague in the workplace. Only beyond the threshold of private communication (outside the office) may be revealed such a lady's fun nature. 

Myth #2. German women drink beer and eat sausages with potatoes daily. 

Yes: we have already told you that German mail-order brides like to drink beer. But it doesn't mean they do this daily! At the same time, according to statistics, local girls prefer wine. Although in a recent survey, 58 percent stated they would choose coffee over alcohol. 

In the same research, 72 percent of ladies mentioned they seek variety in everyday nutrition. However, the most popular in Germany is Italian cuisine. While the best-loved vegetable is the tomato. Potatoes nowadays aren't as favored as they used to be in 1995. 

So don't worry, a wife from this country won't make you drink beer and eat sausages with potatoes day-to-day. 

Myth #3. German women save on everything. 

No, not at all, and we can explain to you why. 

Thanks to the stable economic situation in the country, interest on the loan are pretty low there. Thus, why should a German lady save her salary on something she can get today? With this approach, she can get more, for sure. That's the reason Germans nowadays prefer spending their money. 

In fact, officially - these people consume now more than they ever have in 13 years! Experts say: this is also because most of them are not afraid of losing their jobs. No wonder - there are more and more old and fewer young men and women in this land... 

Do German women make good wives?

Do German women make good wives?

If you want to date German singles and are not sure whether one of those can become a perfect wife for you - this section of our article has the answer. Let's consider how such a marriage would work, then. 

First and foremost, girls in Germany build relationships with men based on the principle that they must rely on themselves - not their partners. A couple can break up, or anything else may happen - so it's better to save some level of independence. This means: each one takes action to build a family only when she is ready. But at the same time, getting married is not the final goal. Furthermore, they are okay with the fact that the union won't survive after the challenges of family life.   

A German lady is pretty straightforward in a relationship with her husband. When she doesn't like something - she directly reports it. Simply said, your marriage with such a woman will be free of doublespeak, empty insults, and cheating. The same can be said about misinterpretations and unwillingness to do something. But, at the same time, if your sweetheart doesn't want to go to a meeting with your parents - she won't do this either and without excuses...

To be honest - in German couples and families, the distribution of responsibilities and roles between partners has changed over the past decades. Although the model where a man is the major breadwinner dominates (in a somewhat modified form). More and more females remain engaged in professional activities. Thus, most children in Germany grow up in conditions where the father works full-time, and the mother combines part-time work with unpaid work - household management. Sociologists call this "the improved model of the housewife" because this employment type doesn't really influence the family budget. 

We need to mention that no matter what happens - a German wife never becomes merely a supplement to her kids. Motherhood is as much a part of her life as everything else. The appearance of children in the family will not force her to give up her former hobbies or other social activities. She always remains true to her interests. 

So, were we able to convince you that getting married to a girl from Germany is a good idea?

How to find a German bride without going abroad?

How to find a German bride without going abroad?

You won't be surprised to hear about the ways single Germans get to know each other and start relationships. In principle, it works in the same manner as by residents of other countries. The youth of this European land are happy to get acquainted with potential matches at traditional places for this - parks, restaurants, gyms, parties, etc. 

But what should you do if you live far away from Germany and don't want to travel there now? Good news: as elsewhere, today in this country, more and more people search for love through the Internet. And, in fact, according to sociologists, this method will soon become the most popular.

Perhaps, one of the explanations for this tendency is that locals demonstrate a very practical approach to everything in their lives. Finding a future spouse is clearly no exception here. Therefore, for many, joining a German dating agency seems the most effective, convenient, and time-saving way to look for a soul mate.

Do you want to become a member of such a platform too? Great idea! In this case, you get a team of international dating experts ready to provide professional assistance at every romance stage: from matchmaking to arranging offline meetings.  

German ladies love to meet handsome foreigners on the Internet. Often these online chats end in committed relationships and happily ever after. By the way, there are also many single mature women on such sites. Thus, you don't necessarily have to choose from much younger girls. 

Good luck!

How do I get a German girlfriend? The best tips

How do I get a German girlfriend? The best tips

Sometimes it seems easier to take over the country than win a woman's heart. How is a man supposed to understand a girl? Her mood swings, ideas, and dreams. The situation becomes even more complicated if the desired one comes from another country... 

It is all the more surprising - that some guys have no trouble with it. On the contrary: they only have to enter a room, and females can't take their eyes off these Don Juans. What do they have that you don't? 

Let us put your mind at ease: you are just as good as everyone else. What you need for success is a bit of knowledge. And this is accurately our offer! 

Check the three tips below to find out how to captivate every German bride.

#1. Have and show genuine interest in a woman

This task is more complex than it seems. Because being genuinely interested and showing it means two things. Firstly be honest, and secondly - react to what your girl says. 

A German woman immediately senses whether you are honest with her. So if you want to give a compliment - don't try to reinvent the wheel - really meaning it is enough. Sincere words of adoration concerning your crush's eyes or hair will hit her heart directly. While the super creative lie can't bring you a lot. 

In addition, you have to be interested if you want to attract a lady from Germany. So listen up! When you notice she is excited about a certain topic, jump in and ask questions! Many Western men find it difficult because they are not used to perceiving or observing their conversationalists. For this reason, successfully managing such an undertaking will surely give you extra benefits in communication with a German cutie. 

#2. Be sure what you want

When dating in Germany, you have to know what you want. And indicate that too. It doesn't have to be perfectly right - the point is you have your own views. 

Women in this country love men who can make decisions. Your German girlfriend must take the lead if you are stumbling and mumbling. As a result, thanks to her strong character, she will become a little boy's mother - the one's who would rather play than grow up and identify himself. 

It is understandable and logical that you want to see what's going on first and don't share all your thoughts. But for a German girl, this is hell. How is she supposed to feel safe in such a relationship, then? And if she doesn't feel secure - she can't be sensual either. Yes, it means no sex. Is that what you want? 

#3. Be playful, humorous, and extraordinary

No, it's not just a cliche - you ought to become playful, humorous, and extraordinary. Do you now think you don't want to make yourself look like a fool for a German girl? Well, calm down - you're not supposed to be. 

Having a good sense of humor doesn't mean cracking jokes all the time. Funniness is a certain relaxation (especially the ability to laugh at yourself). Therefore, laugh with your German crush, and don't take everything so seriously. 

Also, being playful and extraordinary does not mean you have to perform a triple flip with five twists on the first date. That is to say: trust yourself and demonstrate your best sides. For example, if you notice your German lady has uncomfortable shoes so she can hardly walk - just take her in your arms and carry her to the taxi when the rendezvous is over. Do you understand the right way of thinking now?

Dating German girls: typical mistakes

Dating German girls: typical mistakes

Do you want to win the heart of a single female from this European land? Well... Our tips concerning German women dating highlight the right steps in this respect. But what about the wrongs? 

In conclusion of this article, we decided to emphasize the typical mistakes foreign men often make in relationships with Germans. Avoid them - otherwise, your romance will end faster than you think. 

Mistake #1. You immediately surrender your life to her

Of course, when you are in love, you think about that one woman night and day. You want to have her around you 24/7. That's perfectly fine - but not with a German girlfriend. So don't surrender your entire life to her! Remember: if you keep calling your crush, are always available, and say yes to everything she says - she will quickly lose interest in you.

Do you want to know why? A bit of independence is very sexy. No woman from Germany wants a faithful appendage without his own life or an opinion. That doesn't mean you should make yourself constantly unavailable, though. Just live your normal life: go about your usual routine! And sometimes, put your phone down when you're having a great time instead of longingly waiting for your love to text you.

Mistake #2. You are shy and insecure

Unfortunately, a shy and insecure guy does not have a chance to build a happy relationship with a German mail-order bride. So do something if it's your problem. 

Experts think that relaxed confidence has to do with body awareness. Sad to say - many Western guys don't know what it is nowadays. Moreover, many can no longer look deep into a woman's eyes on a date! And pauses in conversation, which could allow a certain closeness to arise, make them downright panic. When a German lady sits at the table with a man who is not comfortable in his body or who is nervous, how is she supposed to relax? 

The best thing you can do to calm yourself down (before the meeting) is to practice outdoor physical activities. Trust us: everyone who has spent an hour riding a bike in the woods has a completely different charisma. Why don't you try this method next time?

Mistake #3. You confess your love too quickly

It is one of the biggest mistakes when you confess your love to the German lady too quickly. Sure, genuine affection justifies a lot. When you are convinced that this is the woman of your dreams - you want to spend the rest of your life with her and tell her that too. We strongly advise against it, though - especially if you have not yet gone through the necessary phases (several dates, hints of her, sexual experience). 

Anyway, what you feel in the first few days or weeks cannot yet be love. Real feeling only develops over time! And your rational German partner knows that. 

The outcome is clear, then. Before you confess your love to her - you should have been in a relationship for a long time and trust each other. You must also be able to explain why you absolutely adore her. And, in the best case, this has nothing to do with the fact that she is good-looking or that you are attracted to her body.

German dating FAQ

What do German women for marriage look like?

Germans prefer being natural in everything: appearance and behavior are no exception. They dress casually and don't try to look glamorous in everyday life. The same goes for the romantic rendezvous. An average lady from Germany doesn't consider going out with a guy to be a reason to wear something luxurious. So it is customary for a girl from this country to come to a date or a party in casual clothes. As for makeup, she is usually quite restrained in this matter. She is not a fan of dramatic looks and prefers a minimum of cosmetics.

Why are German mail-order brides looking for foreign husbands?

There is no particular reason why German girls want to date foreigners. They just don't limit themselves to the borders of their homeland. Although there are certain qualities that singles from this country want to see in potential partners. Thus, to be attractive to a German lady, make sure:

  • you have common interests;
  • you are equal (at least, your education and income levels);
  • you have the same outlook on life.
As for age, German women prefer mature men - the younger partners don't seem attractive to them. In particular, when they are ready to settle down...

Is ordering a German bride legal?

If you sincerely believe it's possible to order a wife in Germany in the 21st century - we must disappoint you. Human trafficking is illegal, dear reader. But you can use a German dating site to look for your soulmate in this European country. And this process is absolutely legal.

How much does it cost to get a German mail-order bride?

If you decide to look for a German wife through the Internet - the whole process, from the first chat to the offline meeting, would cost you around $5200. The marriage ceremony, visa, and lawyer services expenses are not included.

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