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Meet the Best Filipino Mail Order Brides - Beautiful Filipinos Women for Marriage Here

Filipino brides: who are they, and why are they so desired by Western men?

Pristine beaches, incredible surfing opportunities, tropical vibes, friendly locals, delicious food, flourishing nightlife, vibrant cities, and many more... What do you think: which land have we described right now? No, it wasn't Thailand or Indonesia - we were talking about the Philippines!

This lovely Asian country consists of more than 7 thousand islands. And each one has its own history. However, some experts call the Philippines the isle of bad luck. Because it's the only land in the world prone to all existing natural disasters. Typhoons, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes are not uncommon there. So due to the danger of a tsunami, locals prefer not to live directly on the coast. Although more or less elite housing is sometimes located on the fertile slopes of volcanoes. Don't ask: we can't explain their logic...

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Are you ready to hear another curious fact about Filipinos? Here we go, then! Once, at the end of the last century, in the Philippines, it was decided to hold a "National Week of Punctuality" to teach people not to be late for work. Unfortunately, the idea failed from the beginning. The country's president appeared an hour later for the opening ceremony.

Perhaps, this unpunctuality has an explanation. On average, Filipinos spend 11 hours online every day, including about 4 hours on social media. They are very sociable. Their homeland is even called the text messaging capital of the world. Indeed, locals send plenty of sms daily - about 400 million, to be more specific. It's significantly more than Europeans and Americans customarily write. And that number continues to grow as more people buy mobile phones in the Philippines.

Also, Filipinos are a nation of controversies. Let us illustrate to you what it means. Many of them are superstitious. For example, they believe that the number 13 is a bad omen. The same goes for trips that begin on Thursday or Friday (as it will definitely end with an accident). At the same time, these people are pretty spiritual. They love celebrating Christmas so much that they decorate their houses in September! But it's not only about the holiday itself. Locals always visit the night mass (also known as simbang gabi) that takes place for 9 consecutive days until Christmas Eve and is held until dawn.

Do you already feel captivated by Filipino mail-order brides, notwithstanding their inconsistent approach to many things? Great! You can use this article as a manual, then. Start your journey to your exotic happiness with our help!

What do Filipino singles look like

What do Filipino singles look like?

When you scroll through the ladies' profiles on Filipino dating sites in the USA, you see how seductive and delightful their appearance is. Blessed with natural good-lookingness and charm, they don't need additional decorations. For this reason, women from this Asian country wear almost no makeup and choose simple clothes, like T-shirts and shorts.

Dark-skinned by nature, Filipino cuties are no fans of tan. You will hardly find any of them sunbathing on the beach. If they appear on the shore, then at sunset. To be honest: Filipinas can't understand Western females who visit solariums because their beauty ideal represents white (like porcelain) skin. In this pursuit, they make lime and papaya masks or buy care products that contain whitening ingredients.

Like most Asian women, Filipino girls are petite. A graceful and slender body is their pride. Their thin and long legs disarm men.

The facial features of ladies on this exotic island are so fascinating that male tourists from around the globe come to admire them. Their narrow eyes, a small and neat nose, tar-black shiny hair, magnificent smile, and snow-white teeth - can leave no one indifferent.

Some experts believe they know why women in the Philippines look so gorgeous. Their secret lies in the thriving mix of races. So walking the streets of cities and towns on this island, you will meet absolutely different ladies. The number of them is a hundred percent similar to burning Spanish females. Others are difficult to distinguish from Chinese women, while the rest are the spitting image of affectionate Africans. Thus, as you can see, there is something for every taste there!

Why are Filipino women so sexy and beautiful

Why are Filipino women so sexy and beautiful?

Filipino mail-order wives are a real mystery for Western guys. And we talk not about their mentality. All of them are slim and have perfect skin together with silky hair. How is that possible, then? Or is their attractiveness just a cliche?

No, it's definitely not. One sight of the prominent Filipinas is enough to understand that. We talk about such celebrities as Nicole Scherzinger, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (Miss Universe 2015), or Megan Young (Miss World 2013) - although the list may continue. The question remains, though. How do women from this country manage to look that good? And, as it seems, we have found the answers. Spoiler: it's not just about genetics.


It's nearly impossible to meet a girl from the Philippines who would have skin problems (such as acne or black spots). What is their secret? Well, one may say it's because these ladies wear practically no makeup. Others believe - it is possible thanks to a thorough skincare routine that includes various masks, tonics, and creams.

However, we can state that both are only partly right. The main explanation for this phenomenon is - Filipinos basically do not eat animal products. They sincerely believe that these goods are very harmful to the skin. So yes - sausages, meatballs, and even steaks can't be found in their refrigerators. The result is apparent - elastic and radiant skin even at the age of 70!


In regions with high temperatures, it's typical for pores to become clogged. While the skin turns oily, shiny, and contaminated. But Filipino brides for marriage are inventive enough and have found a way to resolve this unpleasant issue. At the same time, the solution they have developed helps skin to always look well-rested.

What is it, then? You will be surprised to hear that, still - even when it's hot outside, Filipinas go to the sauna. No, they don't do this just for fun like Finns. They believe it's the best place where the skin is instantly cleansed of toxins. The motto remains, though: the more, the better.

Indeed, according to doctors, saunas have practically no side effects. In addition, regular visits contribute to general slenderness.

Filipinas are lucky to have them fresh


As you already know, the Philippines is a number of islands. That means the ocean is almost everywhere there. Consequently, algae are accessible to all country's residents. Unfortunately, in Western countries, we get seaweed only in canned form as food. Filipinas are lucky to have them fresh.

Due to the cheapness and availability of algae, local ladies use them wherever possible. They add it to food, make various decoctions, and do face masks. However, seaweed can be applied to the body and hair too! The point is in the vitamins this simple thing contains. For example, it makes hair grow faster, keeping the locks moisturized and well-groomed. Isn't it one of the things Western women are so jealous of?

Aloe juice

An average Filipino bride takes care of her hair very reverently. The recipes for making it look even better are simply uncountable.

While representatives of other nations use aloe as an immunostimulant - Filipinas find the cosmetic properties of this plant more beneficial. With its help are made plenty of beauty rituals in this land. And the antibacterial effect of aloe juice improves scalp health and increases hair growth.

Plus, jojoba oil is sometimes added to aloe. These two ingredients are usually mixed in equal proportions and applied to the skin. So local ladies keep it for about an hour and then wash it off. The results are always impressive!

Character traits that make Filipino mail-order brides so desired

Character traits that make Filipino mail-order brides so desired

The Philippines is a popular tourist destination in South Asia. So the events in this country are often featured in the news and media worldwide. The journalists report about the election results or another natural disaster. But they never say a word about local people. Thanks to this inattention, most Western guys know little (or nothing) about Filipino girls. This is why so many men are pleasantly surprised to realize those adorable women make one of the best wives anyone could ask for. Still, aren't these merely insinuations?

From our experience, we can state that ladies in this Asian land have much to offer as life partners. In fact, those males who have tried Filipino interracial dating once - don't look at women from other nations.

Let us here list some of these females' character traits that make them so desired.

Their passion

It is widely believed that Latinas are hot and passionate. Although no one, as a rule, says a word that Filipinas have equally fiery personalities. In fact, each of these pretty ladies believes a happy relationship can't exist without intense emotions. So you won't waste your time to liven your girlfriend up. Right from the beginning, you will experience the most seductive partner in your life!

Still, it doesn't mean a Filipino woman will invite you into her bedroom after the first date. She is not a bit puritan, just prefers to take a new romance slowly. Especially if she feels a man has serious intentions.

Therefore, if you wait a little - you will get a woman who is shy in public but passionate in bed. An exciting combination, don't you think so?

Their ability to handle the stress

Women who join an average Filipino dating service to find a foreign husband usually don't grow up in a wealthy family. Yes: they didn't have all the trifles they wanted, so what? We don't try to hint at their mercantile purposes, though. We like to remind you that most Filipinas have a very humble background that has nothing to do with luxuries. This situation didn't anger them - it made them stronger. Another quality - their outstanding ability to handle stress - helps to resolve almost all problems without losing control.

From a young age, a Filipino girl takes on numerous tasks in the family: taking care of younger brothers and sisters, cooking for all relatives, earning money on part-time jobs, and many more. For sure, females from this land are among the most resilient and independent women in Asia.

Their traditional family values

Filipino girls in their teens or early 20s can have fun and date casually. However, they are typically ready to start families earlier than other foreign women. These hotties don't see marriage as a restriction on their freedom or as an end to their career ambitions. On the contrary, they usually see loved ones as the source of constant inspiration for self-development and hard work.

When looking at the stylish, beautiful, and skilled Filipino female, you can never guess how much she loves doing anything around the house. In contrast to Western ladies, she actually enjoys it!

Cooking is a skill women in the Philippines gain at a young age. Most of them can do a lot with very little, so having fresh, nutritious food in your house will never be a problem. Each of these cuties is willing to do 100% of the cooking duties - and you will definitely want her to do this!

Their cleverness

Regrettably, due to financial difficulties and the complicated economic situation in the country, many Filipino mail-order brides don't go to college or university. However, those limitations don't stop them from being some of the cleverest women you'll ever meet!

It might happen that your girlfriend from the Philippines doesn't know much about modern art or your favorite poet - but she is always willing to learn and make herself better. More importantly, a typical lady from this country appears wiser for her age. And therefore, she can effortlessly find the right thing to say in any chat.

It is to say, you won't ever get bored with your Filipino wife. When talking - she will share all her longing for life and happiness with you.

Myths about Filipino women

Myths about Filipino women

The Philippines is a fascinating country that inspires foreigners with its paradisiacal natural attractions and unique wildlife. But the real pride and magnet of the island are its girls. So you are clearly not the only guy who dreams of starting a relationship with one of them.

Today, thanks to the Internet, countless opportunities are available for almost everyone in this regard. Therefore, if you have already made up your mind and don't see any obstacles on the way to happily ever after with a Filipino lady - it's time to do something. To be more specific, now you should clean your thoughts from the stereotypes about the females of this nation. It won't work otherwise.

Below, in this article, you can find a review of the most common myths about Filipinas. Read them carefully, and don't fall into this trap.

Filipinas don't speak English

We are glad to tell you this stereotype has nothing to do with reality. Let us explain a few nuances, though.

Most men and women in the Philippines use their mother tongue when communicating. Its name is Tagalog, by the way. Still, there are almost 200 separate dialects of it spoken in different regions of the country. According to the linguists, about 180 are actively in use, while the remaining 20 are considered obsolete.

At the same time, all Filipinas learn English (along with Tagalog) at school. Even though some of them speak it with a distinctive accent, English-speaking guys don't experience any notable problems with Filipino dating.

Filipinas may never become equal in the Western world

We probably need to start with a few basics for better understanding...

Girls of this nation often have to leave their motherland and work abroad. They are able to do practically anything to make ends meet for their loved ones at home. For this reason, such women are nationally recognized as the new heroes of the Philippines. Their hard labor and the monthly remittances they send to their families are primarily responsible for the boom in the country's economy.

Unfortunately, many Filipinas must tolerate discrimination (in particular, in Western countries). They are, therefore, seen as capable only of lower-income jobs. These ladies rarely get a chance to achieve something more. However, with a bit of help - each one can quickly integrate into the new society and become equal.

Filipinas are uneducated and impolite

Interesting fact: this cliche is usually accepted by those who consider people of certain nationalities generally worse. Shame on you - if that's your way of thinking.

All Filipino wives go to school. They learn such subjects as Math, Biology, foreign languages, and many more. Some may say - their educational standards are much lower than in the USA or Europe. And this is the place for improvement there. But Filipinas are far from being uneducated.

At the same time, politeness is a kind of art in the Philippines. Usually, locals address foreigners as sir or ma'am (no matter how old they are). While younger men and women refer to mature citizens as ete (big sister) or kuya (big brother) without being related to them. Also, pregnant women, the disabled, and the elderly have their own queues, so they don't have to wait too long. Do you need any other reasons why the impoliteness of Filipino ladies is just a myth?

Do Filipino women make good wives

Do Filipino women make good wives?

Do you want to find a Filipino wife but aren't sure whether it's a good idea? It's time to figure out what you are in for in this case.

As we have already mentioned, women from the Philippines believe family is the main element of their lives. In their motherland, these females are expected to help around the house and care for those in need right from childhood. Thanks to this, they, after a while, become excellent homemakers because they are perfectly aware of their duties. Some even call them masters of the household chores, much to the delight of their husbands.

A Filipino partner will never leave her husband hungry since fresh meals are cooked daily. She also adores her children and enjoys teaching them various things. In addition, such a woman is staunchly opposed to divorce. She will do anything to avoid it, including fighting for her marriage.

However, we can't say that serious disagreements will definitely take place. A wife from the Philippines accepts her husband's leading position in the family. And she wouldn't think of competing with him for the boss role. This lady doesn't see a problem with accepting the life decisions made by him.

A girl from this Asian land will always be there for her darling. She realizes that family is a big commitment and is absolutely ready for it. According to an average Filipino female, marriage is a union of two individuals who care about and support each other. And that's what she wants to do in her family.

We guess: everything stated here confirms one fact. Filipinas are indeed superb wives.

How to find a Filipino wife without going abroad?

Apparently, nowadays, the best way to find a Filipino girlfriend without going abroad is through the Internet. Of course, before this journey begins - some professional knowledge and experience are needed. Luckily, we have it all. Right now, we want to share the most essential aspects of a successful partner search on a Filipino dating site:

  • Protection of your personal data

Be sure to read the privacy policy of the platform prior to joining. Pay particular attention to the points affecting sharing data with third parties. Make sure your personal information is protected.

Another indication of the seriousness of the website is that your profile is not visible to unregistered users.

Filipino dating
  • Effective partner search tools

Reputable websites offer a professionally-made questionnaire when new members create their profiles. The results of which are used to match potential partners. It is to say, Filipino singles will look not only at your photos - they also want to take your personality traits into account. This approach helps to avoid many disappointments in the future. So we advise you to take your time and provide as many details as possible.

  • Reasonable pricing policy

Respected dating sites, as a rule, offer free registration. This gesture allows you to test their product and decide if it's what you need. On the other hand, websites that provide their services completely free should be used with caution. Ask yourself a question: how do they get their money, then? Unfortunately, the best thing that may happen to you there is endless ads. In the worst case - scams and fake user profiles.

  • Quality of services and customer support

The quality of dating site services is directly related to the class of users. The first-rate ones attract serious Filipino singles.

Another benefit of reputable matchmaking platforms is professional customer support. We talk about people with whom you can discuss issues and make suggestions. These guys ensure that all your comments on the site are forwarded to the relevant department to improve the general rate of the services.

  • Information in profiles

A trustworthy dating agency has profiles of Filipino ladies with detailed information. You won't find anything offensive, overly personal, or suspicious. Just like, for example, photos of famous people.

Experts advise paying attention to what women write about their character traits, habits, desire to have children, and ideas about ideal relationships. The rest can be clarified during private communication.

How to get a Filipino girlfriend? The best tips

How to get a Filipino girlfriend? The best tips

You already know how beautiful, incredibly optimistic, kind, and caring ladies from the Philippines are. And even more importantly: you have understood: when they choose a partner, it's for life. Sounds like the gift of the gods - is that what you are thinking right now?

Well, your experience in Filipino women dating is almost guaranteed to be one of the greatest in your life. Although only if you know the basic rules of this romance game and, perhaps, do some research regarding cultural differences. Here are a few helpful tips on how to make a relationship with such a girl work.

Honor her religion

A Filipino woman's upbringing typically includes a strong emphasis on religious values and a commitment to her family. Therefore, the last thing you want to do is ridicule or criticize her beliefs in any possible way. No matter how peculiar her views seem - respect this strange mix of the canonical church, superstitions, and exotic practices.

Remember: buying your girlfriend from the Philippines flowers won't make her as happy as showing her that you respect her religion and the things she values. She'll appreciate it a lot more if you try to be involved in certain rituals. It could be the Holy Week celebration, for example.

Arrange exciting dates

When you meet Filipino singles, they don't seem particularly demanding. Neither are they, especially in a new relationship. So no one of them will ever tell you directly that she wants to go to a fancy place. However, you should know that a fast way to your Filipino lady's heart is to offer her a fine dining experience or even to travel together!

There is another thrilling option, though. People in the Philippines have a pronounced cultural fondness for singing. This pastime activity has a reputation for boosting morale. Thus, karaoke is another custom that is still practiced today - mostly at parties and other social gatherings on this Asian island. Don't be shy, then - demonstrate your singing talent or perform a duet with your girlfriend. She will love such an evening!

Take the initiative

The art of waiting is one of the traditional behavioral patterns of modern Filipino girls. Cultural norms, courtship practices, and etiquette were taught to native inhabitants by the Spaniards during the colonial era. At that time, it was common for males to make the first step in a relationship. And it was typical for guys to do standard gentlemanly things and ask the ladies they like out.

Much like females of many other Asian nations, Filipinas aren't as shy as they used to be. But they still want a man to take the initiative and play the role of Prince Charming. Sometimes (really not often), a woman from the Philippines may initiate a contact - it happens only online, though.

Dating Filipino girls: typical mistakes

Dating Filipino girls: typical mistakes

Successful dating of a Filipino girl is a necessary step that must be taken before you can marry her and have kids. In the previous section of our article, we have told you what is advisable to do in this respect. The following three points will highlight the mistakes foreign males commonly make during romance. Read them carefully if you don't want to ruin everything.

Mistake 1. Criticizing her culture and heritage

No matter how warm-hearted and genuinely kind your Filipino mail-order bride is - speaking negatively about her motherland's heritage or culture is a huge mistake. The comments like: "What I hate about the Philippines is..." or "I can't wait to be finally back home. The Philippines isn't my favorite country -" are prohibited.

Filipinas are delighted to hear when foreigners say pleasant things about their land. And on the other hand, they can't tolerate criticism on this subject. Also, locals do not like to be compared with representatives of other nations you have met. Like it or not - obey this rule if you don't want to screw up.

Mistake 2. Public displays of affection

Demonstrating your feelings in public isn't welcome in the Philippines. In particular, if your love games are seen by the older members of society. This is because traditional religious practices like minimal physical contact are still strong - even in the 21st century.

Filipinas don't like how modern Western men and women behave when they are dating. They feel uncomfortable sitting in front of the couple promoting the suck-face sideshow. So if you're out with your Filipino girlfriend - slow down with public displays of affection. The only acceptable option is holding hands…

Mistake 3. Asking her to pay the bill

Never suggest to a woman you have met through a Filipino bride agency to go fifty-fifty on a date. This will be a fatal mistake in your relationship.

You may be used to Western women constantly trying to split the bill or even pay for dinner themselves, but Filipino ladies are not like that. A girl from this country can take out her wallet as a nice gesture, but she will be appalled if you accept her offer. So better don’t!

What are Filipino women for marriage like

Filipino dating FAQ

What are Filipino women for marriage like?

The attractiveness of Filipino females enchants at first sight. These hotties have caramel skin, long black hair, and facial features that look absolutely flawless. They are not tall, but their sexy curves will surely make you admire them.

Furthermore, Filipinas are fully aware of the impression they leave on Western men. It's self-love that makes them so charming - with the help of stylish outfits and very little makeup.

Why are Filipino mail-order brides looking for foreign husbands?

There is no shortage of single guys in the Philippines. So why do local women choose to seek their love abroad? Experts are sure - there are two main reasons for this:

  1. They are attracted to Western men.
  2. Yes, don't be surprised, but Filipino girls find Western males incredibly attractive. They love the way these guys look, talk, act, and treat their girlfriends like royalty.
  3. They want to have a better life.

You probably wouldn't be surprised to know that the Philippines isn't the wealthiest country in Asia. Many people there struggle financially and cannot find enough career opportunities in their home states. Therefore, they see marrying a foreigner and moving to another country as a way to give themselves and their families a better life. Don't call them golddiggers, though!

Is ordering a Filipino bride legal?

Oh dear, it's a pity you don't know it's impossible to order a human being through the Internet. You can get to know a Filipino bride there - nothing else. The process would be absolutely legal, then.

How much does it cost to get a Filipino mail-order bride?

The whole process of getting a Filipino wife costs, according to experts, around $10000. It includes dating site services, travel expenses, and the wedding ceremony.

The price is reasonable, we guess. Since in the United States - for the wedding alone, you may spend up to $40000!

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