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Meet the Best BBW Chubby Colombian Brides Here

How to Find a BBW Colombian Bride Without Going Abroad

How to Find a BBW Colombian Bride Without Going Abroad

Who doesn't love curves for days? What's sexier than a woman who is proud of her body and has the confidence to show it off? If that sounds fantastic to you, then a Big Beautiful Woman or BBW is exactly the woman you're looking for.

BBW is an acronym that stands for Big Beautiful Women. It is a term that refers to women (usually single women) who are proud of their bodies and are proud of their size when looking for a partner. The BBW movement is in direct opposition to some of the views propagated by the media that women should be unhappy with their appearance. For many BBWs, it's a way to feel comfortable in their skin and gain the confidence they need to find love.

Bigger women can be fun-loving, bubbly, and have a strong sense of self-confidence. If you have an idea of who you're looking for and a curvy kitty fits the bill, we can help you find her.

In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know about BBW women from Colombia. We'll tell you what BBW means, how you can find a Colombian BBW woman without going abroad, and give you some additional information to help you understand this form of dating.

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Who Are Big Beautiful Colombian Brides?

Who Are Big Beautiful Colombian Brides?

Beautiful Colombian women have several characteristics that make them attractive and desirable to American men. Colombian mail-order brides have stunning beauty, perfect curves, dark hair, and captivating eyes.

Who hasn't heard of the seductive figures of Colombian brides? These brides have sexy curves that drive men crazy. They have slender wastes and feminine round hips that many men consider the ideal body shape. Due to the hot climate in Colombia, brides there usually wear minimal clothing, which only emphasizes the beauty of their shapes. Colombian women have a healthy complexion.

Apart from their voluptuous bodies, brides from Colombia can boast of being exotic beauties. Their diverse looks are determined by their Spanish-African roots. What all these charming ladies have in common are tanned olive skin, bright eyes, and shiny long hair.

Colombian women looking for men are open-minded, friendly, and passionate. They have a warm and welcoming personality. They are also loyal, devoted, and caring towards their partners. Beautiful Colombian women are proud of their cultural heritage and traditions. In professional life, Colombian beauties are hardworking and ambitious.

Why are Chubby Colombian brides so popular?

Why are Chubby Colombian brides so popular?

Certain qualities make women in Colombia the best wives. Below are some of these qualities.

They are romantic

The chubby women in Colombia know how to bring romance into their marriage. These women like to surprise their husbands here and there. They also take time to learn how to best please their partners in the bedroom. They perfect different sex positions and techniques to ensure that their partners are sexually satisfied.

They prioritize their family over other things

Remember that a good wife puts her family above all else. This is the quality that best characterizes Colombian bbw wives. Regardless of their schedule, they try to put their families above other things. These women would do anything to make their home a sanctuary for their families.

They play the role of partner and friend to their husbands.

Don't let the high infidelity rate among Colombian women shape your image of them. Marrying a chubby Colombian woman means that you have successfully banished boredom from your life. They not only play the role of wife and mother but are also perfect conversation partners due to their funny nature and good advisors due to their intelligence.

They are tender and friendly

A good wife embodies affection and kindness; this is what characterizes women in Colombia. Colombian women take care of their families and always want to help their partners. If you are not in the best mood, their compassionate, caring, loving, and positive side will get you back in the best mood in no time.

Affection is significant to Colombian women. They express their feelings openly. If a Colombian woman falls in love with you, you can expect to hear beautiful songs every night and every day. These women consider singing their hobby. Therefore, they will try to impress you with their perfect voice.

How to find a BBW Colombian wife?

How to find a BBW Colombian wife?

Unfortunately, many plus-size women find it difficult to find romance in the real world, so they look for BBW dating apps that are suitable for them. With specialized dating websites and apps, they have the opportunity to meet men who are into bigger women. This is why men love dating chubby women because they are easy to find online. In the real world, there aren't as many big women dating because they lack confidence and can become closed off when approached directly. Nevertheless, online dating creates opportunities and gives them a meaningful chance to meet men, and that makes things easier for men.

If you want to date exclusively tall, beautiful women, it can be a challenge to meet new dates along the way. This doesn't mean that you'll never meet a Colombian BBW that catches your eye in everyday life, but there's no surefire way to meet a tall beautiful woman by chance.

The better way to succeed in these situations is usually to use a dating site or app that connects you with lots of sexy, curvy single women who are looking for someone to love them for who they are. This can be a site specifically for BBWs, or it can mean setting search filters for the curviest of curvy women. While there's more to a woman than just her body, a picture is worth a thousand words, and her profile pictures will tell you right away if she's the right type for you.

Due to the risk and cost involved in visiting a Colombian city, mail-order bride platforms are a suitable option. When you visit women in Colombia, you have to pay for hotel rooms, flights, meals, and dates, among other things. Instead of spending all that, you can pay a fee online to meet numerous women in Colombia with different characteristics. Besides, visiting Colombia can be a risky endeavor, especially if you are not familiar with the cities.

How much does a Chubby Colombian bride cost?

How much does a Chubby Colombian bride cost?

Many men strive to find out the prices of chubby Colombian mail-order brides. It is not surprising because these ladies are adorable due to many reasons. They have a loving nature and passion in their hearts. A Colombian bride can make your dream of sitting on a soft couch with her spouse while the kids run around the living room come true. There is nothing better than this experience! That's why you need to discover how much Colombian brides are. Imagine walking your beautiful fiancée down the aisle in the presence of friends and well-wishers and exchanging vows under the blessing of a priest. A wonderful image, isn't it? So, get to work!

First of all, you will be surfing the internet, and reading reviews of websites in search of the best mail-order sites to begin your journey. This is a free option, as are many of the other stages described above. The costs you will have to bear are described below.

Site Services

Some online dating sites require their users to pay an initial fee to use the service, while free membership is also available. However, non-paying users can only use a limited number of features. It is better to invest more and get a quality service to search for mail-order brides.

So how much does it cost to buy a bride from Colombia? Many dating sites offer different packages that allow members to get a certain list of features. Typically, prices start at $30 per month. However, there are other options you can choose from. You can benefit from purchasing credit packages from $2.99-$3.99.


You can surprise your Colombian beauty with a high-end perfume for 140 dollars and a fancy dress for about 200 dollars. You can also give her a jewelry set for up to $400.

Offline Dating

Buy tickets

Once you have built up a good relationship, it is high time to visit your girlfriend in her hometown. This is more advisable than inviting her to your place. The cost of traveling to Colombia to visit your mail-order bride depends on where you are coming from. For example, if you are starting from New York, you will pay around 250 dollars per ticket.

Living in Colombia

An apartment in a 4-star hotel will cost between 15 and 25 dollars per night in many popular cities where you can find Colombian brides. In small towns, the price can go as low as $10.


The cost of local food ranges from $3 to $5. Some meals cost between $1.50 and $3. But you may have to look around the country. Empanadas are cheap and cost around $0.06-0.15. For "Western" dishes you have to fork out around $6-9 each. And if you think McDonald's or Subway suits you, prepare $4.55.

Local transportation doesn't come with much of a financial burden. A one-way trip on the Medellin metro, for example, costs around $0.7. There are also local buses that cost between $0.30 and $0.80.

Arrange dates in real life

Just like Mexican mail-order brides, the prices for Colombian mail-order brides also include courting your girlfriend. If the online dating was successful, it doesn't mean you've already won her heart. You need to come up with a plan on how to impress a local lady on a real date. You can invite her to a restaurant - a meal order for two will cost around 25 to 30 dollars. If you're having a picnic, you'll need to spend about $10 for a bottle of wine and $1 for a bottle of beer.

The cost of moving a big, beautiful Colombian mail-order bride to the U.S.

If you're sure your feelings are strong, propose to your Colombian mail-order bride. You can even take her to a wedding reception in the US. However, you'll have to stay in her country for a while to get her a visa. Or you can return home, and your girlfriend will come to America after obtaining her entry permit.

How much does a Colombian chubby mail-order bride cost? You will pay about $800 for a K-1 visa, but there may be other costs that you must be prepared to pay. Your beautiful wife will come to you after she has been interviewed and received the necessary approval. Remember, however, that she is not an immigrant and that your wife is only allowed to stay in the US for 90 days. So, you will need to organize a wedding and register your marriage as soon as possible.

How to reduce the Chubby Colombian bride cost?

If you are chatting online with a Colombian bride, you could be chatting with a scammer. Unfortunately, scammers love the mail-order bride industry (the country doesn't matter) because there are a lot of middle-class American men there, and when scammers see a lot of middle-class American men, they swarm to it like bees to honey.

In most cases, they use fake profiles to trick you into thinking you're chatting with a real Colombian chick. They might ask you for money or your credit card number (sounds suspicious already), or they might blackmail you - the choice is vast.

Or it could be a fake dating site where most of the Colombian girls aren't real and their profiles are managed by the site's team - in which case they won't ask you for money but will keep making you pay for a premium subscription.

Never send money to a tall, beautiful Colombian woman on the internet. If someone asks you for money, they are a scammer.

Pros & cons of BBW Colombian for marriage

Pros & cons of BBW Colombian for marriage


  • Dating a confident woman. - There is so much societal pressure for women to be slim, muscular, and in traditional supermodel mode. We all know that there is more than one beautiful shape, and dating a woman who calls herself BBW is a surefire way to find a woman who knows her curves are beautiful. A big, Beautiful Woman is a compliment, and she's not going to waste her time with someone who doesn't understand that.
  • She knows she'll accept you for who you are too - women have a type too, and she'll know from the start whether you're her physical type or not. Just as she is proud of her body, she will probably expect you to be proud of yours. Be yourself, and let the sparks fly.
  • You'll have an easier time feeling comfortable - If you're dating a BBW, she knows who she is. There's no need to beat around the bush. She may not be everyone's type, but she knows she's your type right off the bat, so there's no need for an icebreaker.
  • Let's face it - she's gorgeous! - Looks aren't everything, but if you're looking for Colombian BBWs to date, you like a curvy woman. There's no reason to settle for a skinnier woman when there are BBW stars that catch your eye.


  • Colombian BBWs are hard to find - Outside of a big city, it can be difficult to find your curvy dream date nearby. And even if you do, the two of you may not hit it off. This is where a good dating website or app comes in - it's never a bad thing to have a choice.
  • Some people just don't get it - Some people are so focused on society's expectations that some of your friends don't understand the appeal of a BBW date. Ignore them! They have their type, and you have yours.
  • It can be hard not to fetishize - You love curvy, confident women, but that's not all there is to it. If you want a lasting relationship, you also need to get to know the woman in your body.
  • Know that she has many admirers - Chances are, you're not the only potential partner your Colombian BBW can meet. She knows she's beautiful, and she knows there are plenty of fish in the sea. Treat her with respect or she'll cast her line again.

Chubby Colombian: Wedding Traditions

Chubby Colombian: Wedding Traditions

Colombian weddings are lively and cheerful celebrations with music and dancing. The candle ceremony, las arras, and la hora loca are well-known Colombian wedding traditions.

Las Arras (gold coins)

Las Arras, the gold coins, are probably the best-known Colombian wedding tradition. The tradition shows the deep connection between Catholicism and the practice of Colombian weddings. A priest blesses thirteen gold coins for the couple. The thirteen coins symbolize Jesus and the twelve apostles.

La Hora Loca (The crazy hour)

Colombian wedding celebrations are known as wild parties, due in large part to the tradition of la hora loca. La hora loca, the crazy hour, begins after midnight. The bride and groom usually choose a special theme for this part of the reception, e.g. Mardi Gras or Brazilian Carnival.

Shoes under the dress

The tradition of placing the bride's shoes under her dress is similar to throwing the bouquet. During the wedding reception, all the single male guests slip one of their shoes under the bride's dress. The bride closes her eyes and chooses one of the shoes. According to tradition, the owner of this shoe will be the next person to get married.

This custom is often performed in addition to the bride throwing the bouquet, which is still a popular custom.

Candle Ceremony

The candle ceremony is a Colombian wedding tradition and takes place after the exchange of rings. It begins with the bride and groom lighting separate candles, which they then use to light a candle together. They then extinguish their candle. This act symbolizes their unity and commitment.

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Why is marrying a BBW Colombian a jackpot?

Why is marrying a BBW Colombian a jackpot?

Colombian chubby brides are very popular with foreign men. They attract potential grooms like a magnet with their irresistible beauty, femininity, and passion. These brides become loving wives and their love does not fade over the years. Colombian women are very interested in marrying foreigners. They become Colombian mail-order brides and eventually mail-order wives for a chance at a happy future abroad. There is no reason why you should suppress your desire to date these big, beautiful Colombian women.


Are Chubby Colombian mail-order brides a real thing?

Colombian women are traditional, devoted, loving, and fairly cheap to buy. It's quick and easy to find a Colombian mail-order bride if you search online, and it's also possible offline if you speak Spanish. All in all, it won't take much time to find a bride and start dating online as soon as possible.

Can I meet BBW Colombian mail-order brides online?

So, can a man meet chubby Colombian single girls without traveling to Colombia? Yes, and it's pretty easy if you choose the right dating platform with detailed profiles that offer great dating services. The algorithm is simple - you find a woman, date her online, and meet her in real life. So, if you want to meet a Colombian woman, you just have to make the right choice.

Why it’s better to choose paid Chubby Colombian mail-order bride sites?

Try out the best features to meet Colombian women faster. Use different filters to refine your search. You'll find a Colombian woman who matches your criteria faster.

Why are Chubby Colombian Mail Order Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Colombian women are friendly and respectful towards foreigners. However, they demand the same respect. These women can be aggressive and disrespectful when they are insulted or disrespected. Their concern for foreigners is the same as for their fellow citizens.

How much does it cost to get BBW Colombian mail-order brides?

It depends on the pricing policy of your dating site, your dating style, the number of trips to Colombia (when you decide it's time to meet your girlfriend in real life), etc. Still, most men spend around 6 thousand dollars for 1 year of online dating + 2 trips to Colombia.

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