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Meet the Best Brazilian Mail Order Brides: Brazil Girls for Marriage Here

The ultimate guide to Brazilian women dating to make your dreams come true

Brazil is not only the fifth largest country in the world - its total land area makes up almost 50 percent of the continent of South America. The name of it can be translated as "red embers." All because of the unique local sort of wood, reddish in color. Timber extraction was, at first, the main reason for sailors' voyages to this region. They came from Portugal, by the way. So clearly, that's the most apparent ground for why Brazilians are the only nation in Latin America that even now speaks Portuguese.

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Brazil can be proud of its incredible biodiversity. With around 2800 freshwater fish, 65000 insects, and 57000 different plants - the country is the proud owner of the finest variety of living creatures worldwide. Scientists estimate the number of species in Brazil at up to four million, with the Amazon rainforest playing a major role in this remarkable number.

We bet you know that this land is one of the primary coffee producers. Maybe that's why mail order brides from Brazil have a distinct coffee-drinking culture that is present in daily life. Such an attitude makes this nation the second-largest espresso consumer around the globe. So don't forget to have a few cups of this drink during your stay in Brazil.

Okay, more facts about fascinating local people.

Maria and José are the most common names in this Latin American country. So if you marry a Brazilian woman one day, most likely, that's what she will be called. Also, this lady will probably be a soccer fan. How can someone remain indifferent when the national team has won the World Cup five times?

We believe you have heard about the land's high crime rate. However, the government does its best to change this. For example, Brazilian prisoners can reduce their sentences by four days for every book they read - up to 48 days a year. The person should write a report as proof, though. The idea is to help inmates to reintegrate into the outside world.

Brazil is exciting, don't you see? We are sure - this wonderful country can give you something more than just travel memories. Namely, you can meet your soulmate there! Use the Golden Bride`s experience in this article as the ultimate guide to your future happiness.

What do Brazilian singles look like?

What do Brazilian singles look like?

Brazil is the homeland of spectacular women who grow up in a cult of beauty. Therefore, they usually look like celebrities who have descended from the cover of a magazine (regardless of age and social status). Their natural physical features are absolutely stunning, even without surgeries or treatments.

Although describing the appearance of Brazilian girls, it's difficult to lump everyone together. The country is too racially diverse for it. Thus, with equal probability, you can meet ladies with a typically European appearance and those with African attributes there. Nevertheless, if you try to deduce some patterns, you can distinguish a group with modern Hispanic traits. Less common are females who have Native South Americans among their ancestors.

Anyway, there are hallmarks of women in this nation. The markers you can notice scrolling through the profiles on an average Brazilian dating service. Let's focus on them, then.

Most ladies from this land have curly hair and natural volume. However, they are doing their best to make it straight and smooth. In addition to gorgeous hair, Brazilians have beautiful smiles. They brush their teeth after every meal and take their toothbrush and toothpaste to work, cinemas, and restaurants. Even if nature didn't endow a Brazilian with a Hollywood smile - she would take braces and do whitening without hesitation.

Sexy bronze tan is the authentication of females from Brazil. Sunbathing is one of their favorite pastimes activities. They lie on the beaches for hours, effectively turning from side to side and moisturizing the body with oil. But, oddly enough, despite the relaxed atmosphere, women do not sunbathe topless. So be ready to discover white bikini marks on your sweetheart's curves.

And last but not least - thanks to genetics, Brazilian hotties have wide hips and attractive round buttocks. Actually, that's one of the reasons why so many Western guys search for love in this South American land.

Why are Brazilian women so sexy and beautiful?

Why are Brazilian women so sexy and beautiful?

If we ask you to name the nation that stands for classic Nordic beauty. What do you say? In all likelihood, your answer would be - Swedes. Okay then, and what about vivid Latinas? Who do you think is the most attractive among them? Most presumably, your thoughts will be united with Brazilian mail order wives.

You are not alone who thinks so. One look at the list of female celebrities from this sunny land is enough to understand you are right. Morena Baccarin, Adriana Lima, Chrysti Ane, Lais Ribeiro - the list may continue. How to resist the temptation of marrying one of them?

Nonetheless, you probably wonder now: is their good-lookingness only due to good genes, or is there something else behind their phenomenal gorgeousness? Don't worry: today, our experts reveal the beauty secrets of Brazilian women for you.

Healthy diet

Yes, that's what Brazilians usually do. It's typical for them to consume antioxidants throughout the day. We talk about acerola, mango, passion fruit, or papaya fruit juices. Locals see these drinks as a source of inner beauty.

At the same time, Brazilian national cuisine is healthy too. It has various proteins, such as chicken, beef, pork, and fish. Rice and beans are served as side dishes with almost every meal. Still, without fresh vegetables, one can imagine no mealtime.

But let's stay with the miracle cures. Acai and goji berries, loved by Brazilians, are well-known superfoods. Their consumption guarantees to keep young, firm skin for a long time. Wrinkles, age spots, or dry lines don't stand a chance! No less helpful here is beetroot juice. Its essential nutrients increase blood circulation and remove toxins from cells.


It is always warm in tropical Brazil. So thousands of kilometers of coastline lure locals to spend time there. Then, it's easy to explain why people walk around only lightly dressed. We are sure that, at first, you will be surprised by the number of girls in bikinis on the streets (when traveling through this country, we mean).

It is always warm in tropical Brazil

In this respect, it is also apparent that women, some of whom have the tendency to gain weight, pay a lot of attention to keeping their bodies in shape. Thus, their daily activities include outdoor/beach sports, yoga, ballet, barre workouts, and Zumba.

Do you understand now why ladies on Brazilian dating sites look so hot?

Sandy beach, coffee, and babassu oil

All Brazilian girls see the sandy beach as the source of natural peeling. They consciously and purposefully rub their skin with the sand when being there. After such a massage, the body gets slightly rosy and silky to the touch.

If a woman from Brazil thinks she has noticed something similar to cellulite - the solution is available in her kitchen. She takes the coffee grounds from the filter or just coffee powder and applies them with conviction into the affected areas of the skin. The effect is impressive!

The last ingredient of beauty treatments, typical for Brazilian ladies, is babassu oil. It's obtained from the fruit of the babassu palm. The way it looks and its main properties are quite similar to the coconut. But this oil doesn't only provide the skin with various nutrients. It makes the body soft without leaving a greasy film.

Regular hair treatments

Brazilian mail-order brides invest a lot of time in various treatments to keep their hair healthy and shiny. For example, masks with camu-camu and monoi oil are part of the daily care rituals. By the way, many curly-haired Brazilians don't brush their hair. They just detangle it with their fingers for better looks.

Of course, not all ladies from this land are happy with the beach waves given by mother nature. Their main beauty secret results in silky soft, and smooth hair. Initially, it was all about taming frizzy manes with an innovative procedure once developed in this Latin American land. Now, the term Brazilian BlowOut is famous around the globe. If you don't know what it is yet: the point of this method is in the protein keratin.

The features that make Brazilian mail-order brides so desired

The features that make Brazilian mail-order brides so desired

These women can make the moves with their hips to work magic. They are the embodiment of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Without exaggeration - females have become the symbol of their country.

Exotic and fiery, beautiful and erotic... Precisely these characteristics are usually used to describe Brazilian girl for marriage. If you ask, these girls are in Western guys' good books.

Still, searching for a life partner so far from home won't be easy. After all, you can't spend every vacation in this amazing country. In case you need an extra portion of motivation now - check the list of their features. Following this, no one will stop you on the way to Brazilian women dating.

They are vivid and warm-hearted

There are no such things as distance and personal space among Brazilians. These ladies love to kiss and hug. That's how they show their affection and thirst for physical closeness.

In passing, in Brazil, it is common for people to kiss everywhere: on the bus, on the subway, and in cafes... People do this to say hello, to say goodbye, or just because. They are too warm-hearted to hide all this love inside them. You will appreciate such kindness once you feel what it really is.

And what about the vividness, then? Brazilian hotties love to dance, have fun and spend time with friends. They are full of rhythm, beauty, and charm. Maybe that's what makes local festivals known all over the world.

They are welcoming and willing to help

They are welcoming and willing to help

In Brazil, international dating and marriage abroad are highly acceptable. Golden Bride experts believe it's because local society is generally hospitable. People from this country are happy to welcome a foreigner in their family and treat him as an equal. Brazilian girls grow in an atmosphere of openness toward the culture and traditions of other nations. Thus, if you want to get to know one of them - that won't be a problem. Trust us: you will never get bored in such a woman's company. She will cheerfully show you the best restaurants, bars, or nightclubs in town - and, perhaps, something more...

The Brazilians' willingness to help is world-renowned. So you can count on a partner from this land almost in any situation. She will support you and fight for you no matter what.

They are perfect wives and mothers

A Brazilian wife respects her husband and always stays by his side. She is ready to do everything necessary to make him the happiest person in the world. So if you decide to unite your life with a woman from this country - you get a loving family with many kids.

This marriage has a yummy side too. Married to a Brazilian female, you will have a chance to discover her national cuisine full of delicious food and drinks. Not now, but later such terms as pamonha, kanhika, pato-no-tucupi, corn cake, cheese bread, and karanhejada will become mouth-watering for you. And as for drinks, you can try caipirinhas and cachas! The names may sound strange, but the taste is incredible. Be sure your spouse awaits your return from work every night with a warm and delicious dinner.

They are loyal and sincere

Don't listen to malicious rumors: women from Brazil are loyal. They are proud of it and deserve the same attitude from their boyfriends. These ladies remain devoted friends, lovers, and spouses - no one of them is willing to betray. Therefore, undoubtedly, among Brazilian girls is the one who will go through thick and thin with you.

At the same time, honesty is their typical feature. You can be sure that everything your date tells you is true. However, to develop a relationship with a female from this country, you must be absolutely sincere with your beloved one too. Otherwise - it won't work for you, no matter how good your Brazilian brides agency is.

Myths about Brazilian women

Myths about Brazilian women

Admit it: when someone mentions Brazil, plenty of associations inspired by the media and the Internet arise in your head. Don't worry - we don't want to call it narrow-mindedness or blame you for stereotypical thinking. Almost everyone is free of this sin - so you are not alone here.

In fact, there are certain cliches about each country in the world. For example, it's believed - there is vodka and balalaika in every Russian house. While according to a common view, Italians eat pizza three times a day. The same tendency applies to this South American land for sure. With our expertise, we offer you to deal with the most popular ones before joining a Brazilian dating website.

All Brazilians always choose natural beauty

Don't be surprised by this fact, but Brazil ranks second in the market for plastic surgery after the United States worldwide. Perhaps, the cult of magnificence and perfect bodies leaves its mark. In this country, every girl wants to get a role in a TV series or participate in a model/dance show. And, obviously, only a few can go through the casting. So young Brazilian ladies for marriage start working on better versions of themselves from the age of 13-14.

We can assure you that plastic surgeons in Brazil make very high-quality corrections to the body and appearance. Also, banks willingly give loans for this purpose.

However, Brazilian brides usually avoid one thing - breast augmentation. Indeed, most local girls, by nature, have not big - but firm and symmetrical busts with beautiful shapes.

All Brazilians are poor

All Brazilians are poor

Brazil became an independent country only in the nineteenth century. Therefore, this country can be objectively considered very young. Don't judge this country too harshly, then.

Still, despite its age, the land's economy is developing rapidly, unemployment is falling, and inflation is already lower than in many countries outside of South America. Moreover, now Brazil is the largest exporter of sugar in the world and one of the biggest suppliers of coffee. The fact remains - there are poor people there too. Nevertheless, we can't say that the nation is generally penniless. Officially, it is estimated that around 7% of the population is rich, 45% - representing the middle class, and the rest - don't earn well enough. So girls go to an international Brazilian marriage agency not to escape poverty.

All Brazilians live life like in TV series

Life in Brazil is, of course, not all the same as what is shown in local TV shows. Many aspects are extremely exaggerated there.

However, some things you see in the Brazilian series translate the truth. For example, there are many passionate and very emotional people among Brazilians. And their families are often so huge that the girl's second cousin's great-aunt’s daughter may well be her childhood best friend and one of the closest relatives. Sounds confusing, we know.

Also, we can explain the usual drama source. In Brazil, kindness and friendliness are valued above all. Therefore, it is considered impolite to refuse to do something. But at the same time, having said yes, locals, as a rule, simply do not fulfill the given promise, referring to fictitious circumstances.

How to find a Brazilian bride without going abroad?

How to find a Brazilian bride without going abroad?

If you want to try dating Brazilian women, you can be sure that the process will, most likely, be smooth and very natural. Since these hotties genuinely enjoy meeting foreigners and talking with them. At the same time, Brazilians are incredibly outgoing and definitely not shy.

But how can you get to know them? Good news: you don't necessarily have to get on the plane and look for a soulmate on your own. You can save yourself the hassle. Here are the best options your country and city offer:

Soccer match

By the way, Brazilians call it football. And this kind of sport is loved by all of them without exception! They watch all the matches and are proud of the players of their favorite teams. Isn't it sufficient ground to buy tickets to the next game?

Cafes with live Latin music

Brazil is a very musical country. So women with Brazilian roots love to listen to music with feelings and the soul. Spoiler: it must be something Latin.

Choose cafes with live music in your city. There, you can discover local artists, meet Brazilian singles, and try traditional dances! Whether samba, lambada, or bossa nova - passionate ladies will teach you basic moves.

Online Brazilian dating

As our experience shows, females from Brazil also like to use the Internet to look for love. In fact, international matchmaking services are booming there! Thus, don't miss this chance if you are serious about marriage. Take advantage of modern technologies and various communication tools.

Don't rush, though. There are a lot of platforms on the World Wide Web - the most challenging is to pick the right one. Golden Bride`s experts advise you to invest your time in studying customer reviews before becoming a member and using your credit card to buy the subscription. Remember: better safe than sorry.

How do I get a Brazilian girlfriend

How do I get a Brazilian girlfriend? The best tips

It is precisely the joie de vivre that men find particularly appealing in dating a Brazilian girl. It's the inner fire such a woman has and, of course, the unique eroticism. The liveliness and the fun of great experiences often are the unexpected advantages of getting a partner from this country. So even a mature guy starts feeling more alive and happier.

But what about her desires? What does she expect from her boyfriend? Our experts say: above all, it's about financial security, cultivated character, and good education. These are only the basics, though. You need something more to convince a woman from Brazil that you are the right choice.

For this reason, uncertainty often arises with the issue of - whether beautiful Brazilian women are actually interested in a lasting relationship and marriage. It's all because of the wrong wooing strategy. Therefore, if you want to be successful in your search - check our tips.

Mind your manners

Now - seriously: how many times have you heard that Brazilian females don't like good guys? That they are attracted only to rude idiots and machos? If that's what you think - stop it right now. Because cavemen are certainly not sexy - they are disgusting, according to these girls.

What should you do to captivate a lady from this South American country? Mind your manners, of course! Unfortunately, the majority of Brazilian guys have forgotten simple gentlemen's gestures. We talk about opening the car door for a beloved one or paying the bill at a restaurant. Having this knowledge, you can win! Just treat your girlfriend with respect and care - this will be enough for the beginning.

Make decisions

Following the first tip doesn't mean you need to lose your self-confidence. Yes, mail-order brides from Brazil want to be treated with respect - but it doesn't involve them wanting to make decisions all the time. It is to say, you can take the initiative in certain situations. For instance, don't constantly ask your woman which restaurant she wants to go to, when you meet in person, how you two will get there, etc.

How about once in a while taking the reins in your hands and arranging everything yourself? Just call her and say: "Hey, how about I pick you up at 4:00pm in my car. Don't ask where we go - I want to surprise you." Trust us: your sweetheart will love this idea!

Make compliments and use physical contact

Give compliments, really! It is critical if you want to charm a girl from Brazil because she can't live without words of admiration. So feel free to describe how you admire her and how unique she is at least a couple times a day. An average Brazilian woman wants her beauty to be appreciated - remember that.

And don't forget to make regular physical contact and touch her! That means you're welcome to stroke her shoulder every moment she laughs. If your Brazilian girlfriend tells you that she had a bad day - immediately hug her to make things look a bit better. And remember to look deep into her eyes and smile as you do so. Glance at her lips occasionally so she knows you're interested in kissing her.

Dating Brazil girls: typical mistakes

Dating Brazil girls: typical mistakes

Are you committed to the idea of dating a Brazilian woman? If yes - you should learn not only tips from the previous section of our article. Yes, this advice will help you to get her attention and keep the spark burning between you two. But, in line with our expertise, there are some additional nuances you ought to be aware of. Namely, we want to highlight typical mistakes Western guys usually make in a relationship with a lady from Brazil. Avoid them to secure your happy future with your dream partner with South American roots.

Mistake 1. Lies

Please, be absolutely honest with your Brazilian girlfriend! Female representatives of this nation (like the majority of Latin American girls, though) have fabulous intuition. Don't ask us why: we have no explanation for this phenomenon. Just embrace it, all right?

Even trivial lies are prohibited. So tell your woman the truth if you can't come to her house for dinner because you have to visit your mom instead. Don't say you like what you see when your lady's outfit seems too provocative. Sincere relationships are a rarity that many Brazilian singles appreciate. While constant untruths will definitely ruin trust in your couple.

Mistake 2. Speak ill of your family

Brazil women are family oriented. Under this term, they understand not only mother, father, and siblings - but also grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and so on. That's why they place great value on blood relationships. For example, family reunions on different occasions are typical. But the boss in the house is traditionally the father, whose opinion is listened to by his wife, children, and all younger relatives.

Do you understand now why speaking ill about your family in front of Latin-Brazil brides is a mistake? Each of them dreams of a partner to be happy for the rest of her life. It's crucial for her to realize that you have a similar stable background yourself. Otherwise - forget about the fantasies of dating a Brazilian beauty.

Mistake 3. Talk too much

Really, talking too much is an absolute mistake in a relationship with a Brazilian lady. Please be so kind as to let your girlfriend speak instead. Her speech flow may seem unstoppable, like a waterfall - you can't act the same way.

In such a female's opinion, a talkative American man is good as a friend. But he can't become a reliable life partner. And that's what she wants above all. Namely, she desires a guy who has his own opinion, can decide for himself, and is able to put his words into action...

Also, never say anything about other women in your sweetheart's presence. She can't stand when someone else is praised.

Brazilian dating

Brazilian dating FAQ

Why are Brazilian mail-order brides looking for a foreign husband?

You can meet so many Brazilian brides online because they believe foreign guys have certain qualities that their local men don't have. They believe males from abroad bring romance, loyalty, family attitude, and kindness to a relationship. At the same time, their sense of humor, open-mindedness, and self-confidence are also very much in demand.

Although many Brazilian women appear very self-confident and dominant, especially in the presence of men, they secretly want to have a solid shoulder to cry on. And that's what Western guys, in contrast to South Americans, willingly give.

What are Brazilian women for marriage like?

Men think that the most beautiful women in the world come from Brazil. A quick glance is enough to understand they are right.

Brazilian ladies usually have very dark and thick hair. From nature, they have either slight waves or curls. Their main facial features are often seen as exotic. While the skin is generally darker since it's kissed by the sun.

The body of girls from Brazil seems particularly sexy for Western men. Unlike Asian females - they are not too thin and petite. Instead, although they are often slim, they have large hips and round buttocks. It's hard to argue that these hot curves are part of Brazilian feminine charm.

How much does it cost to get a Brazilian mail-order bride?

First and foremost, if you see somewhere ads with the motto, "free Brazilian brides - " pass go. You will definitely have to pay after all. But let us be a bit more specific.

The cost of a bride from this Latin American country depends on many factors. The website you will look for your special one, and its services belong to initial expenses. Be careful when choosing a platform, so your money wouldn't go to scammers and fraudsters. Although online dating is only a small part of the total process cost. Gifts, the journey to Brazil, and the wedding ceremony may turn expensive. Still, on average, you can expect to spend around $10000 for all aforementioned things (from finding a suitable partner to marrying her).

Is ordering a Brazilian bride legal?

Well, you can't just order a Brazilian bride - you can only find your soulmate through the Internet. Apart from that, the whole process is legal.

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