Dating A Virgo Woman: Benefits and Relationship Tips

Dating a Virgo Woman: Tips & Advice

You have met a marvelous lady. She is realistic, logical, and rational. This girl knows what she wants and thinks about every little thing, which helps to achieve her goal through. Strong-willed and charming - many admirers get into her trap. However, it’s not easy to win her heart. Which zodiac sign do we have in mind? It was all about Virgo woman, of course!

Generally, representatives of this zodiac sign are very successful not just professionally: they also have their romantic side of life firmly under control. Another typical characteristic of a Virgo woman is her punctuality. In other words, if you arranged to meet up with such a lady - there is no chance she makes you wait even ten minutes. Since Virgo is always well organized, spontaneity and chaos stress her out. 

    Virgo woman as a partner: what to expect?

    You can always rely on this woman and, in case of emergency, call her even in the middle of the night. However, when the problem, with the help of Virgo, has been resolved - you may have to face criticism. And it can be really tough - since she tends to have high expectations for herself and the people she loves. As might guess, sometimes it can be rather frustrating.

    Talking about the traits of a Virgo woman, we need to mention that she always attempts to educate herself further. This lady finds things which other people would describe as boring - pretty exciting. She is extremely fond of details and loves to do difficult mental tasks. For this reason, astrology considers Virgos as hardworking employees who never complain about too much work.

    In addition to intellect, a woman of this zodiac sign attracts attention with her well-groomed appearance and natural beauty. She seems very unapproachable, which only triggers the interest of her admirers.

    There is an expression, «Still waters run deep» and it is so straight to the point when describing the character of such an amazing lady. Behind her cold facade hides a sweet little girl. She is afraid of being hurt and tries to cover up the sensitivity with the mask of the ice queen. But once you have found a key to understanding a Virgo woman - she becomes a loyal partner. The one who gives you limitless love and passion.

    When you see such a lady for the very first time, it’s really hard to figure out what she, after all, wants. So, getting married and having kids or «no strings attached» romance?

    Dating a Virgo Woman: Tips & Advice

    Let’s find out what Virgo expects.

    Like you already know, representatives of this zodiac sign are not really thoughtless. It means: the woman you are interested in is not likely to start flirting without serious intentions. 

    Basically, she wants to build a stable and long-lasting relationship, but, at the same time, Virgo is very demanding of her potential partner. She likes things in a certain way, so would not fall in love easily. This girl has a lot of care to give, notwithstanding the fact she seems distant at first glance. 

    However, a Virgo female not only wants to be loved - she also needs to be recognized by her partner. And, therefore, sometimes gets lost in him and his desires. Once such a woman is in a committed relationship, she is faithful and loyal. So, if everything goes fine, Virgo would not mind getting married and have kids.

    If your expectations are similar to those mentioned above, then you probably wonder how to attract a Virgo woman. In this matter, we’ve prepared a five-step-guide that guarantees spectacular results.

    Befriend her.

    With such a careful girl, you need to move slowly. She  needs to become acquainted with you and feel comfortable in your company before your relationship can move towards flirt and romance. Virgo wants to know for sure what she is getting into, so, as a first step, you two need to become friends. Be patient: it takes time.

    Anyway, the best things in life worth waiting for - keep it in mind every time you want to give up.

    Set the ball rolling.

    How to know if a Virgo woman likes you when she is so shy in expressing her feelings? Well, don’t wait for any certain signs of affection since it would simply never happen. You must take the initiative at the very beginning in your hands. However, once she gets to know you better, her lack of confidence will disappear. Still, once again, it takes a while.

    You need to make an exact plan of what you want to do and follow it - she will be impressed with your courage and perseverance. Keep your courtship conservative, romantic, and honorable. Describe her step-by-step the details of your first date, and Virgo would not have a chance to resist.

    Try to identify signs a Virgo woman is falling for you.

    In this matter, your victory depends on the success in fulfilling the first step of our guide. Once you are friends, it should be pretty easy for you to understand how she feels about some things without asking a question.

    When you sit close to Virgo, look deeply into her eyes. Are they full of passion? If yes - go ahead and get closer to your girl - this is the right time to attack. But if her eyes are more like "What the hell is he doing?» - pull back as soon as possible. In this case, you will have to talk about your feelings directly so she will take your efforts seriously.

    Be nice.

    Virgo wants her man to be a real gentleman and prefers to be called "gorgeous" or "sweet" rather than "hot" or "sexy". Always be kind and caring to her. She will not be impressed by any macho sayings or condescending manner. Flirt games are not exactly her thing too.

    In other words, she is looking for a reliable partner. Someone who can calm her worries down and make this girl sure that he would not disappear after the first fight. In short, the easiest answer to the question of how to attract a Virgo woman - is to fit into the description of her dream man.

    Have intelligent conversations with her.

    It is one of those rarer cases when inner beauty is more important than a cute face. Of course, if you are a good-looking man, this fact will give you some extra points, but if you are no shining light, Virgo lady cannot keep herself interested in you for a long time. Then when you chat, casually bring up something that such a well-read personality might find interesting.

    How to talk to a Virgo woman to attract her? Well, it's never easy with this zodiac sign! Her favorite topics are cultural events, politics, literature, music, history, science, and so on. Actually, you must be in line with such a smart lady. Therefore you better start reading right away!

    Whew, it seems like we are clear with this part now. But what about the next one?

    Virgo Women: Dating and Relationship Tips

    How to date a Virgo woman?

    Just keep calm and carry on reading - in our article, we have collected every little thing you need to know in this matter.

    To-do list.

    Try to deal with her eternal quest for ideals.

    Because of her natural curiosity and agile mind, this lady notices every little detail that other people don’t see. So, if your shirt is wrinkled on the back - she will notice. If your cups and plates are disorganized - she will notice. And the list of trifles Virgo detects can go on and on. However, it’s not a big deal to her, rather irritating details of daily routine.

    Some things will, therefore, take a little longer as expected. Some people say that she is a modern Goldilocks from a fairytale about three bears. 

    Help her to worry less.

    One of the negative traits of a Virgo woman is her anxiety. She always worries about something, including herself. 

    This lady needs a man who would be solid as a rock: only in this case she can relax. If you can be that special one, Virgo will never let you go.

    If you notice her in a brooding mood, ask what's going on. Even if she doesn't want to open up to you right away - just keep on trying. Your girlfriend may simply feel uncomfortable asking for support. Let her know that you are there for her when she needs it.

    Be satisfied with yourself, exude confidence.

    Just be sure that your money, height, or clothes are not the decisive factors in this case. Such a lady falls in love with your potential as a life partner. So, without an understatement, it is probably the best possible way of how to make a Virgo woman fall in love with you. 

    A good sense of humor, as a significant part of visible self-confidence, is also required. Still, be careful - the things you say must be funny for both of you. Keep the «below the belt» jokes for your buddies since Virgo girl prefers intelligent humor. 

    Be willing to compromise.

    Representatives of this zodiac sign hate to fight and argue. They will let you do whatever you want but, at the same time, can be secretly mad at you. Such behavior may have a bad effect on your relationship. So, be willing to compromise if you want to know how to make a Virgo woman happy.

    Watch yourself and your temperament. This tender lady would not bother you telling stupid things, so take the time to listen when she talks.

    Get used to keeping some things to herself.

    Virgo does not believe in showing her love in public, talking about it all the time, or posting sweet pictures on social networks. She feels kind of embarrassed when her man wants to kiss and touch her in the middle of the street. Therefore, hold back your affection in public - you two can be passionate at home.

    It has nothing to do with how Virgo feels about you. She only sees feelings as a very personal matter.

    Virgo Compatibility - What's it Like to Date This Zodiac Sign

    What Not To Do When Dating A Virgo Woman

    Do not play psychological games.

    Dating a Virgo woman, you better don't play the psychologist role. She sees mind games and manipulation as lying. Dishonesty is below her dignity. Therefore your girlfriend can recognize such petty efforts from miles away. If you try to act like this, Virgo won't ever trust and respect you again. More likely that your romance will also be over soon.

    Do not take her for granted.

    Describing the characters of Virgo woman, we need to emphasize her loyalty and devotion. She gives 100% of herself to loved ones, but this lady will definitely not let you take all the things she does for granted. 

    Once the Virgo realizes that you don’t really appreciate her efforts, she will immediately show you the door. 

    Unfortunately, representatives of this star sign are rather adamant: they don’t give a second chance after a break-up. So, no matter how emotional such a decision might look like - Virgos take it with a cool head, influenced by logic.

    Do not forget about your hygiene and appearance.

    At this point, you can say that we are contradicting ourselves. However, notwithstanding the fact your inner beauty and set of mind take priority, the simple hygiene rules must be observed.

    As you already know, a Virgo girl is a perfectionist. It means she takes care of her appearance, and the clothes she wears are always tidy. Therefore, pay attention to your fingernails, smell, and hair. How to tell if a Virgo woman likes you in this matter? When she tries to help you with self-care, of course! So, don’t be offended if she offers you to iron your shirt or brings a new perfume. It doesn’t mean that she is not happy with your look or scent - it’s the way she shows her care.

    Do not try to point out her weaknesses.

    Don’t worry, even if you don’t say anything, this girl is aware of her weaknesses. You don’t need to rub her nose in that she is not perfect. 

    If for some reason, Virgo is unable to do her best in any regard - the resulting situation makes your lady very upset. Yes, she knows all disadvantages of others, but especially her own. 

    Another important thing you should know is that the representatives of this zodiac sign are extremely sensitive to criticism. They can never forget when someone tries to humiliate them. And, trust us, an angry Virgo woman must be the last thing you want to see in your life.

    Okay, now you have all kinds of information which can be useful on the first date. In this article, to your attention, we prepared a few locations a Virgo lady is going to love. And, as a bonus, the variants of gifts you can bring to this rendezvous.

    How to Survive Dating a Virgo

    What is the best place to invite such a lady?

    Amusement park? Rock concert? Library? Well, all wrong. Those places would absolutely not excite your Virgo girlfriend.

    The easiest way here is to ask her directly where she wants to go. The organizational talent of this zodiac sign is irrefutable. Thus, she would only be happy to take the threads into her own hands. In other words, if you can't make up your mind, just transfer this responsibility to your lady.

    However, if you want to decide for yourself, the best place to go would be a cozy cafe or restaurant, as well as a park. Nice and quiet, with a great atmosphere, away from fuss - this is the way how to get a Virgo woman to chase you. Try to find out her favorite cafe through friends or relatives and thereby determine the ideal place for the first date.

    With the right choice of location, you also show a down-to-earth and well-organized character, which such a lady will definitely like.

    No-go places, when talking about Virgo, would be, for example, disco or concert. Loud, superficial, and simply too much for everyone with this sign of the zodiac. The only exception - if she suggests it! Then you can agree to this alternative. 

    It’s important not to offer something she doesn’t like - Virgo is one of the most careful star signs so she can run away from a pushy man right away.

    The location is a bit clear now, but what is the best gift for a Virgo woman?

    This girl will be happy with every practical and meaningful present. Therefore, if she loves to cook and watches MasterChef every Wednesday - a cookbook written by a famous Chef, will make her delighted. If you could find some rare exemplar from the classic recipe book, it would be even better.

    Another option here can be an organizer. Virgos usually love to plan their life in detail. It means every day of your girlfriend is planned out as well as a week. It’s almost impossible to keep all the appointments in mind: an elegant organizer can be rather useful in this matter. A bonus you get, every time she writes something in this planner - her thoughts come back to the person who gave it. Isn’t it romantic?

    If you want to bring a bunch of flowers on the first date, please don’t choose roses or carnations. Moreover, Virgo prefers a potted plant to any cut one. Remember, she is realistic. So, don’t waste your money on something unnecessary. 

    Alternative gift for Virgo woman can be found among those: a book about plant care, massage brush, hairdryer, manicure set, shawl.

    Earlier in the text, we mentioned how does a Virgo woman act when she likes you. However, we still know nothing about this lady in relationships! In the next part of our article, we are going to right the wrong and tell you what to expect when you are in love with this sign of the zodiac.

    Dating A Virgo Woman: Things You Should Know

    Dating a Virgo Woman - Relationship Advice

    If such a girl begins with a relationship, then there will certainly take place a so-called trial period. Virgos generally are very thoughtful and never let emotions win over logic. Romance for them is like a business in some way. So, it’s also necessary to calculate the risk and a return on investment. Therefore, in this period of time, you must pay attention to how your relationship is developing. 

    If you wonder how to win a Virgo woman heart once and for all, present yourself as her like-minder. To achieve this effect, you need to educate yourself further and chat with your new girlfriend about the new knowledge you earned. She finds her intelligence very sexy - therefore, stimulating conversations can appear as perfect foreplay for a hot night.

    Virgo woman in a relationship will clean your house, cook, do laundry, and fix every problem in your life with ease unless you stop her. Actually, it would be nice to help this lady at some point. If it’s possible, take some of her responsibilities, thereby freeing the romantic time for both of you. Such a gesture will be highly appreciated by your girl.

    Virgo never loses her head. She can withstand even the most elegant arts of seduction. But once her mind said yes - be ready to meet all shades of her sensual personality. 

    So, how to seduce a Virgo woman?

    In this matter pretty helpful can be adult movies and erotic literature. These two things can immediately make your lady hot.

    Talking about the positions she prefers, the missionary and the spoons would be nice for the beginning. When you are together for a while, such a gift as a Kamasutra will make Virgo excited and bring new bright colors to your sexual life.

    Secretly, almost everyone who was born with this zodiac sign wants to try on the bad girl’s role. So, don’t be surprised if your girlfriend would offer you sex at some public place, like a cinema or bar’s rest room.

    Notwithstanding the things mentioned above, astrologists are sure that only certain zodiac signs know how to love a Virgo woman. Let’s check the level of harmony concerning each of them.

    Virgo Compatibility: Which Signs Are Most Compatible?

    Virgo and





















































    The most compatible with Virgo woman is Cancer man. He intuitively knows what Virgo needs, namely a nice massage to relax, so that she can finally forget the sense of duty and enjoy the moment. This man is a good listener and always has advice for every problem Virgo shares. Together they discover a whole new world of eroticism.

    The compatibility between Scorpio man and Virgo woman is extremely high. Actually, this lady is a natural analyst. But talking about such a couple, this statement becomes rather questionable. The Scorpio instinctively knows all truth about Virgo woman. It feels like he can even get under her skin. This man is aware of all secrets of seduction and is not confused by his girlfriend’s cold manner. Virgo, for her part, once inflamed, becomes wax in his hands.

    Virgo woman and Taurus man compatibility is also high. His down-to-earth personality slowly charms Virgo. Because of the reliability this man exudes, Virgo gives up with her carefulness and lets him lead the relationship. These two are kind of homebodies: they like to spend evenings home, watching TV, and drinking wine. 

    One of the most compatible couples is a Virgo woman and Capricorn man. They both are physically very active and initially hold back with their emotions. These two just give each other time to get used to a new relationship status before moving forward. When a Virgo woman is in love with Capricorn, their sexual life can be unexpectedly passionate. However, with the time they cool down a bit, what, in fact, has no impact on their relationship.

    Virgo man and Virgo woman compatibility is pretty high. Both take a relationship seriously and choose their potential partner with all carefulness. Virgo+Virgo romance can certainly be characterized by arguments due to the characters’ similarity. Still, as long as there is no boredom in this couple, the chances to get married and have kids are quite good.

    What about the Virgo woman and Pisces man compatibility? Mind and organization meet intuition and dream when these people fall in love with each other. Pisces knows how to text a Virgo woman to receive her hot photos, but what next? Most likely, a serious relationship would not work here. However, an unforgettable love adventure might be the case.

    Aries man and Virgo woman compatibility is pretty good. But, just like in the case with Pisces, rather for an affair than marriage. Virgo loves predictability in life. Thus, the never-ending spontaneity her man can't live without becomes a bit nerve-wracking. Well, speaking honestly, not just a bit.

    What can we say about the Gemini man and Virgo woman compatibility? These two can be good friends. They can have wonderful discussions about everything in this world, but how does it relate to love and sexual attraction? So, it’s better to stop in time and don’t ruin the good things they have.

    The compatibility between Aquarius man and Virgo woman is not really high. Such an easy-going man doesn’t suit the Virgo’s mindset. Still, he tries to show his girlfriend how to enjoy life without thinking about the consequences. The cautious Virgo cannot let her worries go that easy. In other words, very small chances in the long run.

    Leo man and Virgo woman compatibility is also not the best one. He finds such a well-groomed lady attractive and can’t wait to win a new trophy. However, Virgo woman as a lover can’t give him the desired variety of positions and erotic games. No later than in one month, Leo will run away.

    The compatibility between Sagittarius man and Virgo woman is almost the lowest one. Experience has shown that in this couple, Virgo is more interested in winning the heart of such a lovely man, which is quite uncommon for this zodiac sign. Relationship with Sagittarius is a challenge - she accepts the rules of it only at the very beginning. Just get used to the fact that they are too different and can't be happy together.

    The lowest compatibility has a Virgo woman and Libra man couple. Yes, he has style and sex appeal to attract the Virgo. But she will not fall in love with his body and soul since the constantly changing feelings of the Libra make her nervous in the long run.

    So, our article can now reach a conclusion. We hope that here you found the answers to the majority of your questions. You know how to tell if a Virgo woman is interested in you and will surely not lose the perfect opportunity to win the heart of your dream girl.

    Benefits of Dating a Virgo


    How does a Virgo woman act when she likes you?

    The typical signs Virgo woman likes you is her desire to support in all undertakings and the willingness to protect from any personal disaster. Her mindset is quite practical, so don’t expect long romantic chats about endless love. If you want to find out how she feels about you - pay attention to her actions.

    Are Virgos intelligent?

    Yes, extremely. Furthermore, astrologists say their primary erogenous zone is the brain. 

    How to keep a Virgo woman interested?

    You need to be on the same page with her. As you already know, the physical part of the relationship is not so important for Virgo as spiritual. In this matter, we can advise you to have a shared hobby. For example, you two can take part in a sommelier course. If your lady is not a big fan of wine, as an alternative, you may choose a book club.

    Who are Virgos attracted to?

    Virgos are usually attracted to Capricorn, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. Still, a romance with Sagittarius can’t be considered a good idea.

    What are Virgos like sexually?

    It’s not a coincidence that Virgo translates from Latin as «virgin». The representatives of this zodiac sign often appear very shy when it comes to sex. Virgo’s partner must be patient to wake her sensuality up.

    How to know if a Virgo woman likes you?

    If such a lady likes you - she will definitely surround you with care and attention. But, Virgos don’t like to show their feelings in public. For this reason, if you want to know for sure - ask her.

    What does a Virgo woman need in a relationship?

    She needs to feel secure, first of all. The knowledge that her partner is not going to run away after the first misunderstanding can significantly reduce Virgo’s anxiety.

    How to make a Virgo woman miss you?

    You need to become her soulmate. Make your relationship an integral part of her life and then disappear for a few days. After some time of «involuntary» silence, wake her up in the morning with a cup of coffee and croissant.

    Are Virgos good in bed?

    If you will give this lady time - yes. She is too shy to show you something from fifty shades of Grey right away. When you get to know each other better, though, sex with a Virgo woman may be the most emotional and passionate than ever in your whole life.

    What is the dark side of Virgo woman?

    She is a perfectionist. Every little thing in her romance and work must be perfect. This fact implies her desire to control her partner and family members since they all should be consistent with this lady.

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