Dating A Gemini Woman: All Things You Should Know

Gemini Woman Dating: Facts for brighter relationships

Today here, tomorrow elsewhere - this statement describes the personality of a Gemini woman, who has a birthday between May 22nd and June 21st, best of all. This lovely lady always appears at the center of events, keeps up on the latest news.

However, she can spend hours making philosophical conversations about God, politics, or art. Some people find her manner of speaking pretty annoying since chats with Gemini often look like university lectures. So, if you think that she goes too far in her concept of reflection - don’t be shy to say it right. Considering the fact you will not be able to avoid hours of continuous phone calls or texts - your girlfriend needs to know how to build the proper communication way. Anyway, be ready to receive the most recent information about her friends, relatives, co-workers, and just from all over the world. Good news: dating such a lady, you can unsubscribe from Washington Post or any other paid news portal and save some money - sounds like a nice benefit.

    Read it before dating a Gemini woman

    By the way, all joking aside, curiosity, among other traits of a Gemini woman, helps her professionally. She never gets tired of obtaining new knowledge and taking part in varied workshops. Almost everyone has something to learn from her.

    Even in the free time, this lively lady attaches great importance to gaining new experiences. Her favorite way, in this matter, is traveling, of course. Thus, if a Gemini spontaneously decided to take a trip - don’t even try to talk her out of it.

    However, above all, the representatives of this zodiac sign are rather easy-going creatures. Sometimes they lack emotional depth. No matter how open the personality of Gemini may seem, still, only very few people know what is really going on in her mind. Due to her active social life, she has a lot of casual contacts. This lady easily meets new people; many of them are really nice and friendly, but whether these acquaintances last long is pretty questionable.

    Another important thing you should not necessarily expect - your Gemini girlfriend to keep a promise. So, don’t get offended if she forgets about something. There is a proverb «He who expects from a promise a lot must wait for three years or maybe not» - allegedly looks like a life motto of this sign.

    If you are impressed by the personality and not afraid of Gemini woman's negative traits - the next thing we need to clarify is her expectations about relationships. What does she want then? Create a family, or simply have fun?

    Dating A Gemini Woman

    Gemini woman traits in a relationship

    In all honesty, no one else deals with love as easily and light-heartedly as Gemini. She, without difficulty, finds the right words to make the object of her desire interested in developing their relationship. This lady flirts like the world champion, but without serious intentions. By the way, Gemini's list of phone contacts is usually pretty long when she is single. Such a creative girl masterfully juggles her admirers, so they can’t even notice what is really going on.

    In other words, by default, think that Gemini girl may only be looking for erotic adventures. But fortunately, even such a light-headed zodiac sign with the time is willing to build a strong relationship and get married. 

    Now you probably wonder how to help her feel this way? Well, slow down, cowboy! We are not really at that stage yet. Let’s start from the very beginning and find out how to attract a Gemini woman.

    Tip #1: demonstrate your cleverness.

    A Gemini lady wants to be with someone who continually blows her mind, both: physically and mentally. Relatively speaking, she needs to make sure that you play in her league. 

    So, the next time you see the Gemini, tell her about the book you're reading at present. Is it necessary to refine that it should be something more intellectual than «50 shades of Grey»? 

    Another good idea in order to attract such a lady would be to invite her to some bohemian event. For example, ask her to join you at the exhibition of contemporary art. Without any doubt, she will find you and your offer fascinating.

    Tip #2: show that you can deal with her dual nature. 

    Gemini woman sexuality has two sides - submissive and dominant. The same can also be noticed in daily routine. Sometimes you can see this lady shy and a little flirtatious, batting her eyelids at you. But wait, just in a few minutes, may appear the dominant side of your potential girlfriend. There really is no need to worry, as Gemini is naturally a twofold and contradictory person. That is to say that you need to let her control the situation when she wants it and hide behind your back when she is tired.

    This star sign doesn't need a dominating as well as a submissive partner. A Gemini girl dreams about being committed to a man who can handle and complement her challenging individuality.

    Tip #3: let her talk.

    One more Gemini woman trait is her communication talent. Especially when the childish side of this lady comes out, her speech flow becomes unstoppable. 

    So, if she flies into passion and can’t stop talking - sit back and relax, it’s her golden hour. Simply watch Gemini and let yourself be entertained.

    Since this zodiac sign needs a partner who can stimulate her mind - ask her questions, share your thoughts or theories. It would be nice to discuss with the Gemini woman the things that bother you or what you worry about. Making such a first step will definitely help you to attract this lady.

    Tip #4: try to understand her.

    When you get to know Gemini better, it will be easier to say which of her sides you are dealing with presently. Knowing what to expect and properly managing your lady’s mood swings - can not only attract her but also get such a freedom-loving personality down the aisle. If you do everything right, there is no chance she will run away.

    Just accept the fact that her changeable nature will be the greatest challenge of your relationship. When you find out how to deal with a Gemini woman - the rest will go smoothly.

    Tip #5: give her a bit of uncertainty.

    Since this lady is so full of surprises, she wants a partner who can surprise her in return. For example, tell her you are going out for dinner and instead take your woman to the planetarium. Another option here would be to write a small poem and bring it to your next meeting. Those little things will make Gemini attracted to you.

    Also, keep her in the dark about your personality: don’t let it all hang out. If from the very beginning you are an open book to Gemini - she will lose interest long before the moment you can call her your girlfriend.

    Well, well, well, unless you screwed up with the attraction part - you need to get further instructions.

    Gemini Woman Dating: Facts for brighter relationships

    So, how to date a Gemini woman? 

    Great news - it will be a step-by-step guide. For better effect, we want to divide our advice into categories: what is recommended to do and from what you better refrain. 

    Let's start with our to-do list:

    Realize that relationship is hard work.

    Having a romance with Gemini is like a roller coaster: her mood changes drastically. Don’t confuse it with a little psychological instability - this is just the temper given by your lady’s zodiac sign. However, such a behavior can be a bit irritating. Therefore, you will have to work hard on this relationship to overcome the moments when she is cold as an iceberg and give her all your warmth in periods of harmony.

    Remember: the love story you write with Gemini is not about you only. It is necessary to learn to understand your new girlfriend and accept her for who she is. It is a primary rule because Gemini wants to be absolutely sure of her partner when she makes a commitment.

    Do not expect her to be interested in girly things.

    Loving a Gemini woman, don’t expect her to be a fan of varied beauty stuff or girly magazines. She is too smart and too naturally beautiful to waste her brain on something unnecessary. And when it comes to journals - no thanks. This star sign prefers to read Tolstoy or Hemingway, but not Vogue.

    However, it doesn't mean a Gemini woman is not feminine - she is. At least half of her fickle personality. This lady just doesn't see the point of admiring something only because society dictates it. And don’t even try to change her mind - it’s impossible.

    Be prepared for spontaneity in her life.

    This woman might be watching a movie with you on the sofa today, and the next day, she flies away to Italy for a weekend, letting you know about this decision through SMS. Gemini doesn’t want to make you worry: her curious soul is just always looking forward to the next adventure. 

    Such unpredictability is pretty nerve-racking. It may happen that you begin to take her spontaneity as a sign that your feelings are not mutual. In reality, Gemini is loving and caring, but she needs to realize her full potential. And more importantly, if you wonder how to love a Gemini woman - the answer is simple: just be there every time she comes back.

    Find out how creative and funny she can be.

    Almost no one is as quick-witted and creative as Gemini lady is. She can make jokes not worse than any stand-up comic! Moreover, this lady can laugh at herself. It means you can use humor to tell about something you don’t really like about her character. However, expect a cutting, witty remark in response!

    Another interesting fact: representatives of this zodiac sign often enjoy spending their free time doing something related to music, art, or literature. So, don’t be surprised to hear a song or read a novel created by your girlfriend one day.

    Give her freedom.

    Still, don’t know how to get a Gemini woman to chase you? Just give this girl the confidence that her valuable liberty won’t disappear even if you two get married and have kids. 

    We suspect you already understand how strong is the desire of this star sign to keep its independence at any price. So, sometimes, she just has to be left alone for a while to find some space for the new adventures.

    Okay, that’s it.

    What It's Like to Date a Gemini

    Now, we are going to represent you our please-don’t-do list:

    Don’t criticize her constant change of mind.

    The Gemini girl is known for: a) having a hard time making decisions and b) being able to change her mind very quickly. 

    People say this sign of the zodiac blows hot and cold. Yes, this characteristic of Gemini woman may be annoying, but it is an integral part of her. So you should better hold off on educational talks.

    Don’t ask her to be less talkative. 

    All representatives of this zodiac sign are real chatterboxes. Just like your new girlfriend: she talks and talks, and talks... But as well as chatting herself, Gemini can also patiently listen. 

    With an open heart, she tries her best to support beloved ones. For this reason, this lady feels particularly under fire when you judge her for the talkativeness. In the worst case, she can completely close herself off from you after a couple of thrusts.

    Don’t go negative.

    As you already know, Gemini always lends a sympathetic ear to people she loves. However, it is not the reason to stick all your worries in her face - at some point, this lady will no longer feel comfortable in your company. 

    So, don’t paint all your chats in a negative light. We bet you have a lot of nice things to share with the new girlfriend. Still, if someday Gemini would not want to dive into your new melodrama - don’t get offended.

    Don’t call for seriousness.

    This lady usually likes to have fun and is happy when some other one laughs with her. Astrologists say that it’s some of secret Gemini woman signs of attraction. However, even if the conversationalist doesn’t want to share her joy - such an oversight can’t put this lady in a bad mood. 

    Your girlfriend hates it when someone asks her to be serious when she is having the time of her life. So, you better don’t be a very made guy when it is not crucial to your relationship.

    Okay, something about this zodiac sign convinced you that she is the special one, and now you want to make her feel the same way. Obviously, the next step here is to ask her to go out. In this chapter, we’ll tell you...

    How to seduce a Gemini woman right on the very first date.

    How to Attract a Gemini Girl

    Females with this star sign usually are artistic and clever. So, don’t be surprised to find out that, in fact, it was the Gemini lady who made the first step in your relationship. Such a move would not be something exceptional for her, though. For the same reason, it is pretty possible that she will be the one who offers to go on a date.

    However, let’s work backward from the variant where you take the initiative. Unfortunately, capturing the heart of Gemini is not an easy task. She is constantly on the move in search of new exciting experiences. Thus, if you don’t want her to get bored - picking out fascinating places for your dates would be helpful in this regard. 

    The first option we offer is also the simplest one: a nice dinner. It is an excellent opportunity to get to know your new girlfriend in a relaxing atmosphere. Gemini will love the idea of visiting an exotic restaurant - it can be African, Brasilian, or even Arabian cuisine. The whole point, in this case, is not in the taste of dishes they serve - it’s about widening the horizons. On the other hand, a chic lounge in the city center will also have the desired effect on your lady. Anyway, come up with something extraordinary, and the Gemini girl will definitely appreciate that!

    If you still wonder how to tell if a Gemini woman likes you - another alternative for your first date can be helpful in this matter. Offer her to make something extreme, like zipline. If she doesn’t mind sharing such an experience with you - good news, this lady is fully interested! Additional possibility in this context would be inviting her to an amusement park or any other similar activity - adrenaline is the point.

    If you now feel obligated to do something exceptional - this is not the case. You just need to show Gemini that you can satisfy both sides of her: the calm one and the curious one. So, variants like taking her to a wine tasting or even a pottery class - would not be a mistake too. 

    Above and beyond that all, when you are in love with a Gemini woman - show her that the relationship you try to create will never be monotonous and uninspiring. For this reason, make your next dates varied by switching between either relaxed or active pastimes. Give up on your intuition, and triumph will be unavoidable!

    Probably, as a real gentleman, you don’t want to leave your lady without a present on the very first date. Great idea! It will significantly increase your chances of success. So what kind of gifts for Gemini women do you need to choose to charm her?

    In this case, you don’t need to rack your brain to make a surprise for this lady. She loves to read - it means books would count as a universal gift here. A dictaphone will also make Gemini happy, as she has a lot of thoughts that must be recorded. 

    As you already know: this lady is always on the move. Sometimes, it’s quite a problem for her to stay in one place for very long. Thus, for further dates, an e-book reader can surely please your girlfriend. Just like an iPad, preferably with a matching case. So to speak: help Gemini to pack the essential parts of her life in your gifts.

    Another great gift idea for frequent travelers like representatives of this star sign: a qualitative suitcase. 

    One more thing - Gemini girls usually adore bracelets: made from gold, silver, or even leather. Therefore, if you can afford it, such a gift will definitely leave your lady impressed. And the typical Gemini perfume is fresh, mysterious, and exciting, like «Bergamotto di Calabria» by Aqua Profumato.

    Well, we sincerely hope that your first date was perfect. But then you probably need to find out how usually Gemini woman in relationships behave, right? And, no less important, what does expect you in sexual life? This and much more you can learn in the next section of our article.

    Pros And Cons Of Dating A Gemini Woman

    Gemini Woman in a Relationship & in Sexual life

    This zodiac sign has two personalities, and from now on, you must have them too - since Gemini needs diversity in everything. For example, she always wants to be in a rush, even during holiday time. Two weeks at the beach or in the same hotel sound like a catastrophe for her.

    Besides, never spill all your secrets to Gemini girl - better let her be groping around in the dark, a bit. She needs to remain curious about you. The knowledge that there is still something unidentified in your character even after many years together makes her excited.

    When talking about the Gemini woman in love, it must be clear that she needs to have her own life outside of your relationship. The same rule holds true for you too: because that will always give your girlfriend the feeling that she has a self-sufficiency partner who gives her enough freedom.

    Involving Gemini in interesting conversations and discussions, you give new impulses into this woman’s life. Objectively speaking, she can’t live without it. If you find out how to entertain your lady - she will keep on falling in love with you over and over again.

    Talking about the Gemini woman's sexuality traits, we need to notice that the variety of locations and poses performs the most important thing in her erotic satisfaction.

    This lady loves foreplay, as the game of seduction, maybe even more than the actual love making process. So, if you want to turn her on - pay special attention to the breasts, back, and generally the upper body. A gentle shoulders massage will also put her in the right mood. Actually, arms and fingers are the erogenous zones of your girlfriend.

    Communication for this sign remains important even in sex. She loves dirty talks: the nastier - the better. 

    By the way, in a relationship with such a hot lady, you better buy a Kamasutra book. Trying a different position every day - that's what Gemini likes most of all.

    The theme of compatibility between zodiac signs, talking about horoscopes, can’t be avoided. So, before it’s not too late, let’s find out who are the Gemini woman’s matches and love disasters.

    Gemini Woman Compatibility With Men From Other Zodiac Signs

    Gemini and





















































    Leo man compatibility with Gemini woman is very high. He knows how to charm and keep this lady - she inspires him with her talent of thinking out of the box. This team can go through thick and thin together because the word boredom doesn’t look familiar to both of them. As another benefit, they become a lot of nighty flirt and hot nights.

    The high compatibility between Aquarius and Gemini helps them to create almost an ideal couple. Crazy ideas are on the Aquarius’ order of the day, and, since the Gemini is anything except the average - these two people complement each other perfectly. Full of ideas and joy of life, they aspire to an eventful future where routine certainly doesn’t play a role.

    The compatibility of Libra male and Gemini female is significant. They both are very companionable and love to be the life of every party. The colorful big city life magically attracts the lively Libra and the adventurous Gemini. Together these zodiac signs can be very successful: friends, lovers, and spouses at the same time.

    Gemini woman and Aries man compatibility is also pretty high. His energetic nature immediately fascinates beautiful Gemini. Aries just has this something that drives her crazy. Such a man is generally difficult to pin down, and that attracts Gemini even more. With so much energy and power, there should be something unforgettable when talking about lovemaking. Ask him if you want to know how to make a Gemini woman miss you.

    The compatibility between the two Geminis is quite good. These people capture each other’s hearts with intellect and style. The problem is that both of them are so full of ideas and chaotic energy that makes the feathers fly. So, a relationship between a Gemini man and Gemini woman seems to be a good idea rather for a short affair than for marriage.

    Sagittarius man and Gemini woman compatibility is well enough to give it a try. Such a lady doesn’t want to open up her heart for everyone - he doesn’t mind investing time in solving the riddle of her soul. By the way, Sagittarius, as well as Gemini, is constantly changing and usually likes to try something new. So, if they are honest with each other, the future of their relationship is pretty bright.

    The compatibility between Gemini woman and Taurus man is really not bad. He is cute and sexy but too down-to-earth. Such a man wants a well-ordered life, while the restless Gemini loves spontaneity. Thus, after the hot hours of love at the begging of the relationship - they both will likely be disappointed. 

    What about the Virgo man and Gemini woman compatibility? Let’s check it out. Gemini is always ready to follow new temptations, and that’s what gets on the Virgo’s nerves. Moreover, such a man likes things well done, so all the mess his lady lives in is simply too much for him. Friendship is okay, but, unfortunately, nothing more.

    Cancer man and Gemini woman compatibility is not the perfect one. Affectionate Cancer attracts Gemini and brings her to a totally new emotional level. However, only for short periods of time. The intensity of feelings of such a man creates pressure on his girlfriend. But as soon as Cancer starts to feel that Gemini is sometimes not capable of the truth - his fascination of her disappears.

    Talking about the compatibility of Scorpio man and Gemini woman, we need to admit that their feelings are about curiosity first of all. His mystical charm turns Gemini on: she starts digging around into his soul. Whether the Scorpio will allow her to do so is pretty questionable. Simply stated - fights can’t be avoided.

    Pisces man and Gemini woman compatibility is quite low. They both are clever and probably have a lot to talk about. However, it’s just a good basis for a harmonious and strong friendship. Unfortunately, Pisces and Gemini just don’t feel physically attracted to each other.

    Gemini woman and Capricorn man compatibility is the lowest one. She likes to talk - he, in contrast, prefers actions to words. They are like aliens, so when talking about the happy couple - it could be rarely said about Capricorn and Gemini.

    We hope, after reading our tips and facts about Gemini woman, you are convinced of the thought that the relationship with such a lady exactly looks like what you need. Yes, she has two personalities: now open and passionate, then cool and detached. Although, think of it as an adventure, like in one of your favorite books. Sounds like a lot of fun, right?

    P.S. For additional information, check the FAQ-section below.


    What sign of the zodiac should a Gemini woman marry?

    There are four zodiac signs which can make Gemini happy in family life: Aries (offers variety and harmony everywhere), Leo (can’t live without adventures, appreciates freedom), Libra (fascinating, exciting connection), and Aquarius (smooth and passionate romance).

    Will a Gemini woman come back after a breakup?

    Maybe, but not likely. This girl is smart and understands that a full person can’t change, so the problems which led to the breakup couldn’t disappear. Of course, you can try to capture her heart one more time, but the chances of success are pretty low.

    Are Geminis loyal?

    Actually, Geminis themselves often don’t know what they are going to do the next moment. They are often looking for people who meet the specific needs of their diverse personalities. Therefore, Geminis are particularly prone to affairs - whether one or sometimes even several at the same time. For this reason, it is quite possible that your girlfriend suddenly finds herself in the arms of another man. 

    Can I trust a Gemini woman?

    Usually, when she is free to express her thoughts, Gemini will have no reason to lie. Still, if this lady feels tied up in any possible way, she is sure to walk away from honesty. This is her first line of defense, so a Gemini girl can stay sincere at least to herself and protect her own little world from tyranny.

    Why are Geminis so hard to date?

    Geminis are like the summer weather - changing by the minute. It’s the biggest challenge every potential partner should face even before dating a lady with this star sign. Another difficulty here is Gemini’s constant desire to try new things. By the way, be ready to accept the fact that your girlfriend can leave you without explanations if something goes wrong.

    Do Geminis fall in love quickly?

    Yes, so the first signs a Gemini woman likes you, can be noticed pretty fast. The question here is: can you keep her after all?

    Who is Gemini's soulmate?

    The status of Gemini’s soulmate can share two zodiac signs - Leo and Aquarius. These two can understand her like no one else.

    How to love a Gemini woman?

    Gemini is spontaneous and won't stay in a relationship that doesn't make her happy. She is like an air goddess who needs her wings to fly - don’t try to cut them.

    What are Geminis like sexually?

    A Gemini woman in bed loves diversity. So, talking about the sexual life, for this lady, it won’t stop in the bedroom: on the back seat of the car or at some public place - she would also not mind having fun almost everywhere! In other words, if you want to satisfy your Gemini girlfriend - forget about the shyness and taboos.

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