Dating A Married Woman - Guide for Dating a Married Woman Secretly?

So you are dating a married woman: how to deal with that?

When it comes to a relationship, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Very likely, you begin to think about two people who are madly in love and cannot live without each other. However, what if the third person is trying to wedge their way to a happily ever after? How about if you are this heartbreaker?

It may sound a bit pessimistic, but affairs exist as long as humanity has coined the definition of committed relationships. Since the dawn of time, most brilliant minds can’t explain this phenomenon. The question of why people hold onto a marriage that runs themselves ragged has no answer. Just like the one about eating fast food knowing that it’s not healthy.

Okay, we are not here to judge anybody but to help and support instead. In this article, you can find all relevant information on the situation you are dealing with. From the list of advantages and disadvantages of such a decision to best places to meet married women, in case you still want to do this. As a bonus, Golden Bride experts will give the best possible advice on that matter. So… Buckle up: it’s about to get really frank!

    The Pitfalls Of Dating A Married Woman

    The Pitfalls Of Dating A Married Woman

    All right, from the very beginning, we will be assuming that you haven’t had a chance to meet a married woman and are only thinking about the possibility of doing so. Therefore, just like Brian Tracy teaches us - we are going to eat that frog. It is necessary to start with the pitfalls of this kind of relationship.

    Let us say your girlfriend sees your romance only as an affair. It means such a lady doesn’t necessarily value you because of your sweetest temper or a great sense of humor. She takes you rather as an escape from routine, adrenaline kick. Is that really what you want? Better think twice, mate.

    It is also quite common that married women never give their lovers any kind of clarity and openness. They resolve all issues through sex, leaving their partners with a sense of moral dissatisfaction. Sounds not really hot, isn’t it?

    Moreover, dating a married woman is always about cheating. We mean the fact she is unfaithful to her husband - are you really okay with that part? The majority of men who have been through this can say - it is the toughest dilemma you will ever face. Yes, they may be unhappy together, but you will have to play the constant game of hide-and-seek anyway. There is always the fear of getting caught.

    So do you want to turn into the character of a bad comedy and hide in the closet from her husband, who's just got back from a business trip? If no - avoid such affairs and look for another, single girl.

    The Dangers of Dating a Married Woman

    The Dangers of Dating a Married Woman

    Er, well, to be completely honest, being caught by the spouse of your lady sounds pretty unpleasantly - sometimes even life-threatening! What other dangers of dating a married woman, you must be aware of? We are not trying to scare you off - therefore, it’s better to focus on the three primary risks.

    You may appear to be the source of their family drama

    Your beloved assures her family has turned into a pure formality, and they don’t feel anything to each other. The only link between them is kid/estate/bank loan (underline whichever is correct). But what if it’s not really the truth? It’s quite common that, unfaithful to their husbands, women are not completely honest with their lovers. In other words, there is a chance your lady is just looking for a little sidebar action. In this case, you automatically become the status of the homewrecker. If you want to continue this relationship no matter what - be ready for public shaming, disapproval of your decision from family members, confusion, and ignorance by your friends’ side.

    Her imposition

    This particularly applies to someone who starts dating a married woman going through a divorce. Such a lady often is at a very low point in her life. Everything changes - she finds herself far beyond the comfort zone. What does it mean for you to accept her bad mood time over time? Well, your girlfriend may be a bit clingy (or even not only a bit). Actually, she might be trying to fill the emptiness in her heart, nothing more. Countless calls and messages during the day, surprise visits, shared plans with over a year in advance - that’s what many men find dangerous!

    No happy ending to this story

    The best way to meet married women is through the Internet. And, if they don’t hide their marital status, it means there is no plan to end the current marriage. They are searching for an affair, trying to spice up their lives. However, life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan.

    There’s a chance you and your married girlfriend will fall in love madly. She can even decide to leave the husband and choose you. Still, over time, when adrenaline and courage don’t heat your crush anymore - reality replaces fantasies, you may get disappointed with each other. In the end - everyone loses.

    Where to Look for a Married Woman to Date

    Where to Look for a Married Woman to Date

    Okay, you are not afraid, aren’t you? If your desire to build a relationship with a lady who is not really single is still strong, welcome to the pleasant part of our article. Here you will find out the best place to meet married women (apart from the dating websites), figure out how to seduce them, and get a list of practical advice. Using our experience, there is no chance to be ignored!

    Hold on, let us tell this in order. So, where to meet married women except for various online platforms?

    Working environment

    Getting to know someone at work is usually pretty uncomplicated. Most likely, you already know some personal details about the women you work with. Statistic reports, more than 15% of respondents have had affairs with their co-workers (notwithstanding the marital situation). No wonder: you have something to talk about from the very beginning, spend a lot of time together, celebrate corporate events. In other words, almost the easiest opportunity to meet married women and get intimate with some of them is to work together.

    Public places

    Bars, night clubs, restaurants are still on the list of places where men and women make acquaintance. It doesn’t really matter where exactly you go: a small pub for an after-work beer or fancy wine saloon - married ladies, are somewhere among its guests. Another bonus you get from choosing one of these places is the atmosphere. Everyone there is having fun, feels relaxed and cheerful - a perfect moment to flirt and become a bit naughty.

    Gyms and sport activities

    Whether it is a jogging group, bowling team, or stand-up paddling course - all these sports activities give you a great chance to get to know girls who are not usually single. How to meet married women in a gym? Well, you don’t need to do anything special. Just pay attention to regular customers of your fitness center. Your common interests create an excellent basis for a very first conversation. After all, at least, you have time and the possibility to win the heart of the girl you like.

    Gyms and sport activities

    Anyway, if you find it better to meet married women online - we advise you to choose the usual dating websites and apps. The majority of such services offer an advanced search option. It means you can filter users’ profiles and make only pages of married girls visible.

    How To Date A Married Woman - 9 Tips and Points to Remember

    Okay, with places, we are clear now. Still, what does the guide to dating a married woman say about the ways of how you can impress and seduce her? Our experts share complete step-by-step instruction on what to do.

    Slow down

    The very first thing you need to do is to ease up a little. No matter how good you two know each other, start the seduction with quick innocent meetings. Find out about your girl's favorite places to go: cafes where she usually eats her lunch or coffee shop where she buys coffee every morning are just perfect. Make those meetings look like an accident, and after a few unexpected encounters, invite the lady of your dreams to a real date.

    Make eye contact

    Conversations are a huge part of making someone attracted to you, especially when it comes to married women dating. So, try to make eye contact every time you chat. It gives your potential girlfriend a sign that you’ve got caught by her charm and want to develop your relationship further. If she keeps eye contact, it means your interest is mutual, and flirting can get started.

    Do not get physical too soon

    Take your time to get mentally intimate with the lady you like. After all, you don’t want to give her an impression that your romance is nothing more than a bed story for a couple nights. So, your mission, at this moment, is to show your girl that there is something more than sex in your mind when you ask her out. Establish physical contact slowly, make her feel safe in your arms before asking for more. Only when she seems to enjoy small touches and personally initiates them - good job, it’s a perfect time to get naughty.

    Become her best friend

    You may find it funny, but many married women, looking to date someone else because they don’t feel emotionally connected to their husbands. Therefore, do not limit your romance to the physical part only. Even if it’s electric between you two and you can hardly keep your fingers off each other - understanding and harmony are above all important.

    Become married women best friend

    Do you think we’re done here? Unfortunately, no, mate. You already know the basic rules of seduction, but what about the things that come next? How to date a married woman? Check the list of do’s and don’ts if you don’t want to get into trouble thinking that it’s no difference between this kind of romance and your ordinary dating experience.

    Treat her with respect

    This point is particularly true for someone who is dating a married woman with kids. You need to represent yourself as a gentleman and show that you respect her choice, whatever it is. Demonstrate to your girlfriend that you are ready to cross boundaries, but she is the one and only pacemaker here. However, it doesn’t mean you always need to be behind the scenes in a relationship. As soon as you realize that the whole situation becomes unbearable - a long open talk must immediately dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

    Do not persuade her to do anything

    It would be a big mistake to force your lady to get divorced if she is not really sure about it. Such decisions should be made of her own free will, without any pressure or ultimatum. Doing what you want her to do, especially under duress, can lead only to misunderstandings and arguments. For example, if you are dating a married woman who is separated, do not insist that she needs to get a single status. There is always a chance that things will not work for you two what makes her, eventually, regret the fact of official divorce.

    Find out what she is missing in her current relationship

    Statistics say: married woman dating a single man case is usually about searching for someone who can give what a husband can’t. Depending on how long your girlfriend’s marriage exists, her desires may be dramatically different: from better sex to common hobbies. So, this is your chance - find out what it is and fill the gaps! After a few open chats, you will quickly realize where the real problem lies and what her dreams are about.

    Make her miss you

    Well, that’s not as difficult as it sounds. When the right basis of your romance is created, the gaps are filled - the ultimate goal is to make your lady miss you. Make sure she feels happy and safe with you. Your meetings must be really bright (ensure she enjoys them all). The effect you are trying to get is, when your beloved is back to her husband again - she wishes to be with you instead. Your girl should develop the feeling she is missing something if you don’t see each other for a while.

    Show your feelings, but don’t overdo it

    Do not try to hide your feelings or demonstrate that your romance means nothing to you. Rather opposite: show your girlfriend that she is in your heart and mind. Still, dating a married woman rules, say that too much of your adoration is also a mistake.

    It doesn’t help if you make a declaration of love too early since it may just scare her off. Unfortunately, females don’t break up with their partners because someone else has feelings for them. It’s much better if you have your mind on this matter and slowly, step by step, convince your girlfriend with your actions how important she is to you. Don’t worry, her love confession will not be long in coming.

    Pros and cons of dating married woman

    Pros and cons of dating married woman

    «I’ve met such an amazing girl. She is not only gorgeous but also smart and funny. There is a problem, though. It’s her marital status. What do I need to do? Help, guys!», you can’t imagine how often we get such messages from desperate men from all over the world. To be honest, there is no clear answer to this subject. We can only advise you to be frank and ask yourself a question, «Do I really love her, or it doesn’t mean anything serious to me?» You need to take this situation as seriously as possible since the lives, minimum of three people, are in your hands then. Making this decision, you automatically get a lot to think about (for example: how to meet your married woman daily if she has not only a husband, but also a job, kids, and a dog?). Below you can find the list of pros and cons in this regard according to Golden Bride experience - weigh all points up.


    There’s no need for marriage

    Here we have an indisputable benefit for all freedom-loving natures. Dating a married woman, in most cases, won’t get you down the aisle. This lady simply doesn’t need it because she already has the wife’s status. So, no pressure on this matter.

    She won’t demand your attention 24 hours/7 days a week

    Keeping your relationship secret is critical for a girl who is cheating on her husband. Therefore, she will definitely not call you twenty times a day, demand that you need to spend every free minute together or drive to visit her mom halfway across the country. It also means a lot of free time for your hobbies, friends, and career.

    Better sex

    It’s quite clear, but, in most cases, married ladies can boast about a good sexual experience. Consequently, choosing such a woman for dating, you automatically get the spiced up love life and satisfaction on a whole new level.

    Stress-free breakup

    Initially, this kind of relationship does not require love’s faithful vows since it’s nothing more than an affair. Your feelings, in that event, are based on cheating. So, if you feel like your romance’s come to the end of itself - simply tell your married girl that she needs to return to her family.


    Exposure always looms

    When asking whether it’s worth starting a relationship with someone’s wife, you need to remember this nuance. Not every man can accept the fact he is a cuckold betrayed by his spouse with dignity. Then, you need to be prepared for a possible verbal argument or even the use of physical force.

    Your beloved belongs not only to you

    Never date a married woman if you are jealous and possessive. If the mentioned above qualities are a part of your nature, a single thought that your beloved girl belongs not to you only will be really painful.

    You two can hardly create a family

    In fact, married females usually don’t want those huge changes in their lives. So if one day you realize that creating a family and having children becomes a priority to you, most likely, it would be the end of the affair. In this matter, we can advise you to look around and choose, for example, Russian women for marriage.

    You two can hardly create a family

    Dating a married woman FAQ

    Why would a man date a married woman?

    Actually, it’s not her diamond ring that makes a married woman so desired, but her status. It gives a kind of guarantee and convinces other men this lady has something that makes her special. As a quality mark, you know. This phenomenon of human behavior may be noticed not only regarding relationships but also in the context of buying goods or services. For example: would you choose a cafe that doesn’t have a single customer? Even if it looks cozy, you would definitely think that it’s something wrong with the place. The same goes for married ladies.

    What is a married woman’s lover called?

    There are certainly some hurtful and hateful definitions in this matter. Still, when referring to the appropriate language - such a person may be called lover or paramour. If you don’t want someone to call you like this (sometimes even ruder, though) - choose a single lady for a romance. In particular, in line with our expertise, Ukrainian women for marriage are exceptionally faithful and loyal.

    Is it okay to fall in love with a married woman?

    Well, it’s easy to be cynical in this case, but the heart wants what it wants. If your feelings are genuine, it’s nothing wrong with the fact of falling in love with a married woman.

    How do you tell if a married woman is in love with you?

    How do you tell if a married woman is in love with you? There are a lot of signs that help you to understand what your unfaithful girlfriend really feels. The most notable from them are:

    • She tries to spend all her free time with you.
    • She wants to know everything about you: looks at family photos, laughs about stupid stories from your childhood.
    • She cares about you: cooks dinner, irons shirts.
    If at least one of those signs is easy to see - congratulations, your lady is in love with you.

    How to stop dating a married woman?

    There are six steps you need to make on this occasion:

    • Realize there is no way back.
    • Don’t expect her to contact you.
    • Keep the distance.
    • Don’t doubt yourself.
    • Shake it off, have fun.
    • Give yourself time.

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