Expert knowledge people who date vegetarians won’t ever share with you

Expert knowledge people who date vegetarians won’t ever share with you
A healthy lifestyle is gaining popularity over recent years. Social networks are full of pictures of pumped-up bodies, posts about the value of proper nutrition, and all kinds of motivation. Vegetarianism, as a part of this trend, becomes the newcomers almost every day. It is not surprising, by the way, since a great number of scientists see this diet as the only right way of living. «The China Study» book, written by Thomas Campbell, for example, has revolutionized the usual conception about food and eating habits and, therefore, has strengthened the desire of some people to avoid eating meat. According to statistics, around 375 million people worldwide are considered vegetarian. If you are reading this article at the moment, most likely, the woman you are attracted to is also a member of the mentioned above "go-green" team. We bet you have lots of questions in this regard. It is quite possible that you doubt the great future you two can have together. However, is it really so? How to date vegetarians then? Well, at this point, you need to stop worrying because the answers to the most frequently asked questions are compiled in this text.

    Why men love vegetarian girls

    Why men love vegetarian girls Let us start with the advantages. Why searching for a vegetarian girlfriend after all?

    #1 - sexual life on a whole new level

    The University of California, Berkeley has conducted a study on the comparison of benefits and harms of the veggie lifestyle. The most unexpected outcome they got was related, particularly, to the quality of sex life. Scientists have found that people who don’t eat meat as a bonus get an increased sexual appetite. There are certain tofu components to thank for that. This element of plant-based nutrition has a positive effect on the hormone level of vegetarians. Also, a meat-free diet has a significant effect on the frequency and quality of lovemaking. According to the research, vegetarians usually have sex four and more times a week, compared to two-three times a week for meat-eaters. Interesting fact, veggie-lifestyle fans are «givers» rather than «takers» when it comes to naughty pleasure. In other words, the partner’s satisfaction is more important to them than their own.

    #2 - it is inexpensive

    Okay, just imagine: you invite your lady to a restaurant. It doesn't really matter how fancy the place is - if you want to show your gentleman traits - paying a bill will be the fitting end of your date. So, what do you think: which order would cost more? Smoothie bowl and falafel burger or t-bone steak and pho bo soup? Exactly, veggie dishes are always much cheaper than contained meat ones. Makes sense, actually. Consequently, by choosing a girlfriend who prefers plant-based food, you get another advantage - the ability to spend less money on your vegetarian dates.

    #3 - vegetarians are more energetic and optimistic

    Vegetarians are more energetic and optimistic «Psychology Today» journal reports that vegetarians tend to be happier and less likely to suffer from depression. They usually do not complain of anxiety, aggression, or any other mental health problems. Because of the Omega 3 fatty acids and EPA, such people get from fish and seafood - their brain activity increases and lets vital body processes proceed more quickly. On the other hand, soya, as a key veggie-nutrition element, gives certain feel-good hormones that have an impact on their mood.

    How to date vegetarian girl

    How to date vegetarian girl Oh, they are so perfect: positive-minded, active, sexy… But is it really so? What do you need to know about dating a vegetarian girl? What does she like and what is absolutely not appropriate?

    #1 - resist the temptation to ask her standard questions

    Always remember that vegetarians do not tolerate banal questions, foolish jokes, and stereotypes concerning their lifestyle. Far too many people, from time to time, make them feel super uncomfortable with the narrow-mindedness and intolerance. Therefore, please never say anything like this, dating vegetarian ladies:
    • In my country you will simply freeze without eating meat!
    • Man, by his very nature, is a hunter.
    • Where do you get your protein then?
    • Don't you feel sorry for the plants you eat? They are living either.
    • When you get pregnant, will you eat meat during these nine months?
    • Oh, you are young and stupid yet. It will fade in time.
    • Without meat - you will die! Take this burger and eat it immediately!
    • My mom is a doctor, and she is strongly against such a diet.
    • Do you eat fish? It is also a living organism, isn’t it?
    • Do you profess Buddhism? Are you crazy about yoga? Does your religion forbid you to eat meat?

    #2 - do not make an emphasis on her dietary habits

    Never intentionally focus the attention of other people on the fact that your beloved prefers plant-based food. Yes, she is vegetarian, so what? Your accent on her dietary habits won’t make things better but surely create some additional issues instead. Therefore, when talking with your relatives or friends, better tell about the character traits of your girlfriend. Trust us, if it is necessary, she will tell everything herself. For example, dating a vegetarian, do not ask your mom to prepare a veggie-buffet for the family party. Such special requirements can really mess up the relationship between potential mother and daughter-in-law. The best option you have here is to make sure that old good vegetable salad will also be available: no eggs, no mayonnaise, no sausage, of course. Do not make an emphasis on your vegetarian girl dietary habits

    #3 - respect her choice

    Dating for vegetarians is about respect, first of all. Either you accept her habits and lifestyle, or your romance is doomed to fail. You don’t need to start eating vegetables, avoiding bologna - just be okay with her dishes. Most likely, your woman will even cook a turkey on Thanksgiving or Caesar salad on your anniversary. Still, let her make those decisions herself. You should not make any assumptions that the dry skin, rashes, thinness, or extra pounds of your girl have resulted from her diet. Any self-respecting lady would not let her boyfriend be that rude. #4 - be careful choosing a date place. At this point, you need to find out the reason why your woman became a vegetarian. Does she have some health problems? Maybe religious matters? Because of the ethical grounds? You will require this information when choosing a rendezvous place. So, where to take a vegetarian on a date? If you want to play it safe, any specialized restaurants would be a perfect way to spend time together. The shared experience of undisturbed nature and fresh air also sounds good. The next situation is a bit harder. Where to take a vegan on a date? Such a person has even more restrictions, so you need to be more careful. The best options, in this case, are farm sanctuaries, museums, and cinemas. However, there are several places you need to avoid in any event. Do not invite your «go-green» girlfriend to the circus, zoo, dolphinarium, hippodrome, or other places where people exploit animals. In her opinion, it’s nothing else but hell on earth.

    #5 - always have veggie-food supplies at home

    Plant-food-eaters usually have a high metabolism. Therefore, if you want to date a vegetarian girl, make sure that some veggie-food supplies will always be available at your home. It is quite possible that your woman suddenly comes to visit you and, when she gets hungry, would not be able to find anything except meatballs. In this case, unfortunately, you can forget about the night-long sex marathon. Always have veggie-food supplies at home for your vegetarian women

    Vegetarian in relationships & love with meat eaters

    You are probably wondering, is there a future for a vegetarian lady and a man who has regular nutrition habits? Is this lifestyle difference a stumbling block for the relationship or just a nuance? Marriage counselors say that dramatically different preferences in eating can hardly be the reason people break up. The true ground, as a rule, is much deeper. However, it’s always easier to find fault in simple things, like food. It means vegetarian and meat-eating couples do have the future! At the same time, both of you need to be ready to make a compromise in any challenging situation. It’s a huge inner work that man and woman in a relationship are doing every minute, every hour they spend together. Through this perspective, you can learn to live in acceptance. Okay, where to begin then? The essential thing you two need to do first is to establish a set of rules. Is she okay with you eating meat in front of her? Does she need the separate dinnerware for plant food? What about the smell of fresh meat? You need to be extremely detail-oriented since this dialogue is going to save you a lot of stress. Time over time, you can organize veggie-dinners. This would be helpful in strengthening the feelings you have for each other. That’s how you can show your respect for the desires of your woman’s heart. What to cook for a vegetarian date, in this case? Well, you are not a Gordon Ramsay, so choose something simple. Fortunately, the Internet is full of step-by-step recipes you can easily repeat. For example, coconut fried rice in Thai style, classic minestrone soup, or pizza. You need to be very careful because not all products are so safe as they seem to be. Always check the ingredients, especially buying cheese, wine, gummy bears, fizzy drinks, and so on. Yes, even those «innocent» stuff may have cow bones or fish guts inside.

    Problems with vegetarian

    What’s next? The unpleasant part, we can’t avoid. When you set rules for your couple, it definitely helps to prevent some issues in a relationship. Still, unfortunately, not to forget about them at all. You already know how to live with a vegetarian, but how to turn a blind eye to problems like these?

    #1 - she can go from one extreme to the other

    Some vegetarians are very tolerant, gentle, and calm. They don't really care about the eating habits of other people. As the opposite, there are some expressive persons among this green team who love to go extreme in their view of life. Vegetarian girl can go from one extreme to the other Representatives of the second category may appear pretty problematic. These ladies can, as an example, steal your mother’s real fur coat and bury it. So, before asking a vegetarian woman to become your girlfriend, find out how far she can go protecting animals’ rights.

    #2 - her attempts to change your lifestyle

    Dating a vegetarian girl is often accompanied by her attempts to change your lifestyle and eating preferences. Convincing you that meals with meat are not healthy can be her motto for the beginning of your romance. She may probably try her best to prove the necessity of saying good-bye to steaks, burgers, chicken wings, and so on, just to save you from all consequences of «dangerous» food. What to do then? Right, the thing to do is stay calm. With kindness and honesty, explain to your beloved one that she needs to respect your choice like you tolerate her decisions. Most likely, the conflict will be over.

    #3 - rejection of your family and friends

    It is not easy to wholly accept someone who is different. For this reason, vegetarian dating a meat eater may often have to face the rejection of the partner’s family and friends. Actually, no wonder, as their life philosophy doesn’t call milk «poison» or eggs «cholesterol treasure.» You need to act as a mediator in this case. Tell the people of your family circle what a wonderful person your girl is. Let them find out more about her interests, professional success. Life doesn’t end with nutrition habits, after all.

    #4 - complications with choosing a place to eat

    Dating a vegetarian woman, you can’t just go and pick a random restaurant. There is always research to make sure that the menu of the place you want to visit has veggie-dishes. To meet up for lunch with coffee and bagels becomes a great strain. You need to bring your girl not a simple caramel macchiato but a cappuccino with almond milk. Do not think it will go away with time since these issues cannot disappear. Complications with choosing a place to eat

    #5 - what about kids?

    It is not a problem if you are not interested in a committed relationship with a vegetarian lady. However, you better talk about it at the very beginning, when your marital status is «single» yet. Do you mind if your children would also abstain from meat? Why? Talk about it with the woman you like openly and honestly. Sometimes those popular among Hollywood celebrities irreconcilable differences can be clarified through simple chat.

    Dating a vegetarian FAQ

    Is it rude to eat meat in front of a vegetarian?

    Like you already know, we advise people who date vegetarian women to set up certain rules they need to follow. The eating meat aspect must be among them too. From our experience, the majority of ladies that prefer veggie-lifestyle have nothing against any nutrition habits of their men.

    Is it hard to date a vegetarian?

    Actually, dating a vegetarian is not simpler, but, at the same time, not harder than a relationship with every other girl. Never forget that your beloved's character traits are not about the nuances of her way of living only.

    Are vegetarians more sexually active?

    Recent research of the US healthcare system proves that vegetarians and vegans are really more sexually active than meat-eaters. The reason for that is the abundance of tofu and soya in their diet.

    Are vegetarians better in bed?

    Well, they definitely turn on faster. Vegetarians, from the emotional part of the process, are rather oriented towards the partner’s satisfaction. The frequency of lovemaking, compared to meat-lovers, increases too.

    Can vegans date meat-eaters?

    Yes, sure. Moreover, the vegan and meat-eater relationship type can be seen more often these days.

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