How to get a gamer girlfriend

How to get a gamer girlfriend

Let's start with the most straightforward and most suitable. Gamer girls exist, and there are quite a few of them. Even more. Contrary to popular belief, most of them do not come to computer and console games for guys' attention. They are doing it not for the sake of attracting attention. For most of them, it is not even for the purpose of sharing her boyfriend's hobby.

In most cases, when single gamers dating the one who understands their passion. For some of them, playing computer games is a favorite hobby. They devote enough time to playing games and find harmony in it. Ather a long and hard day at work, such girls are willing to dump the negativity and useless emotions in a peaceful way. They choose not to hurt their lover, but to find a way to keep healthy relationships. They relax and free their minds while playing a little on the computer. Speaking basically, it is their work, lifestyle, rest. Do not discount many facts that the video game business is booming and developing. A growing number of girls are building their careers in the game industry. When a person has found the realization of his potential in this area, this will affect the personal aspects.

Suppose that you are interested in how to find a girlfriend that plays video games. You are attracted by the opportunity to create an alliance with such a person. Then it's time to learn more about gaming girls dating.

    5 Reasons to date a gamer

    What is the reason that more and more girls are becoming part of the gaming community? It is believed that girls' interest in computer games correlates with their desire to choose "exact" specialties: physics, technology, engineering, mathematics. At the same time, many call this a nerdy stereotype.

    5 Reasons to date a gamer

    As a result, the researchers found that female gamers were significantly more common among technical students. What's more, each of the girls who already have a bachelor's degree in physics, mathematics, or other sciences plays video games.

    The feedback is also the real one: girls who spent more than nine hours a week in their teens by playing video games - were likely to choose technical professions the three times more than their peers, who did not play.

    A current research discovered the fact that gamers are smarter than ordinary people. The reason could be that video games require a sharp mind and the ability to solve puzzles fast. Games also require the ability to focus, observe and remember the information for a long time. All this keeps the brain functioning. Gamers train their brains daily. Just like pitching trains muscles.

    The possibility of getting to know the gamer has many technological advantages. You can always enjoy the latest gaming chair. Gamer girl always has the best speakers and headsets. As a bonus, you will also have your own specialist in personal computers or consoles. Forget about the time when you have to call a customizer from the service to fix a router or something like that. Usually, a gamer can do everything himself, because it takes too long to call the master. It would be much easier to "google" for the solution of the problem!

    The gamer girl will always look for alternatives and keep trying to do something until the problem is solved. The same refers to her relationship. 

    All of the gamers are used to waiting. They have great patience because they are always waiting for new games. It is not a problem, and if you need three hours to get ready for a trip, the gamer will wait. And the gamer girl will not put pressure on you, demanding the adoption of quick decisions. It would help to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings because of patience. That is why it is a sharp detail.

    When you meet a gamer, you will never get bored. Mostly all of the female gamers have excellent creativity and a good imagination. Since they spend most of their time in fictional fantasy worlds, gamers know how to find beauty in the most ordinary things. It will make your free time together unique and unforgettable.

    Sometimes, many people want to spend time apart from their other half, even if both of them are in love and happy together. Some couples find it difficult to let their partner go to have fun and rest with friends, but it is not for gamers! Most gamers know the value of silence and separate rest. Also, this is an opportunity to play the favorite game longer without a feeling of being under the obligation with your soul mate. That is why if you want to spend the night with your friends, there will be no problem. 

    5 Reasons to date a gamer

    There are several positive aspects of a relationship with such a girl.

    You get not just a girlfriend but also a loyal friend, a tireless partner in games, and an excellent companion.

    Such a relationship is much stronger than usual. You will explore the endless world of computer games. In comparison, when you are enjoying time together with your girl, you may think that it's time to learn English. In fact, most console games have no translation. You can go for a new top-end graphics card together, arguing along the way about which card to take.

    You are no longer tormented by the question: "What to give your beloved for her birthday or any holiday." You could be absolutely assured that she will be pleased with the PSP / 3DS handheld game console, a pair of new games, or a T-shirt with the logo of her favorite game.

    Some guys fear that their beloved gamer girl might not be a good housekeeper. But this is not true. Any self-respecting gamer will blow dust particles off her precious computer. The cooking is even easier: the stomach will always demand its own. As for another positive side of the girl gamer, we could notice. She doesn't spend a lot of time with pointless walks or not-stop communication with friends by the phone.

    What gamer girls like?

    What do these girls like the most? Many girls like jewelry, flowers and cute things. Gamer girls are no exception! Even if she passionately proves that flowers and teddy bears are a waste of money, do not believe her. It is unnecessary to buy huge bouquets, but even the most inveterate gamer will be pleased with one long rose. An excellent bonus of dating gamer girls shows up next. If you are too lazy to go to the store, you can always please your beloved with a new skin or cool item in her favorite game. But do not abuse this advice. It is better to make both real gifts and virtual ones.

    They like open communication with people who understand them. Help her with any request or advice. Keep in mind how to find a gamer girl. Mostly, female gamers are not that different in their preferences. It also applies to the male attitude and life position in general.

    meet gamer women

    What gamer girls don't likes?

    Avoid criticizing her. Girls quite often face gender inequality in the environment of gamers. Therefore, you should choose your words carefully. You can't categorically criticize what games your girlfriend plays! Sometimes girls really play worse than guys, or they do it somehow outside the box. However, some young people ruin network games, or being slow for a long time during the passage of solo campaigns, criticizing girls who are excited about the game. Dating for video gamers should be gentle. Do not tell her that something is not allowed, but show what to do best - this or that game action.

    Don't be jealous of a girl about her virtual friends. She might never see them. But you will spend too many nerve cells on jealousy. If a girl wants to run away from you to a guy on the Internet or date gamers online, then the problem is not in jealousy at all. Remember: virtual friends are practically the same monsters, creeps and mobs. They make her feel emotions, but they will never replace you.

    How do you know if a gamer girl likes you?

    Like any girlfriend, she will be ready to show sympathy and take steps to meet you. There is an opinion, that gamers are insanely modest and choose a more closed lifestyle. It is not true. These are just prejudices.

    She gives crazy energy and emotions. A girl will always try to get your attention with intriguing tales of the capture of the kingdom or quest details.

    Most of gamer girls dating smart men. It is useless for her to appreciate a man for his appearance if he does not understand the strategy of the game battle. If it is impossible to discuss deep thoughts with him. Gamers like books, new knowledge, and interesting conversations. Respect and understanding are needed. They feel bored with ordinary and gray people.

    How to meet a gamer girl IRL

    Where to meet gamer girls

    The most comfortable place where to meet gamer girls is in their natural habitat. Since most gamers do not shout about their preferences at every corner. Gamer girl will not show and loudly state her love for games and tell you how to date a girl gamer. It will be easy to decide how to get a girlfriend as a gamer if you are already familiar with this area. Basically, such players unite in the virtual world and the real one after a while.

    How to meet a gamer girl IRL

    In real life, you can meet a gamer girl. Perhaps one of your colleagues prefers different shooters, without going to the movie. Examine the ground. The more you are interested in others, the more chances of finding a gamer girlfriend you have.

    One option how to find a gaming girlfriend with bumping into her in a store might be a video game store. Will people come to that place, if they are not interested? Pay attention to those who read the characteristics for a long time. They certainly know more than the average passer-by. Perhaps the gamer girl works in the same store. After all, in order to provide quality service, she needs to know a lot about the product she offers. How can you find out the easiest way? Correct, you need to be part of the gaming community. Then work will become a pleasure. After all, you can test a new video game. 

    You can meet a girl at any major exhibition related to science fiction, games, and geek culture. If you have never been to such events, you need to visit it for sure. It is always very bright and unusual. Thinking of how to get a gaming girlfriend, keep in mind that you need to be a gentleman. When meeting a girl at a cosplay festival, don't forget to be polite. You should not be rude or overbearing with her. Her personal qualities are not reflected by anything she is wearing now. 

    Gaming girls dating FAQ

    Gaming girls dating FAQ

    How to date a gamer girl?

    If you have read all of the above and sighed enviously. Someone say that you are the lucky man and "I want to date a gamer girl too." Perhaps you didn't know how to date a gamer girl. Maybe you do not know how and from which side to approach this phenomenon. Whether he is a gamer, an acrobat, or scientist, he feels hostility towards himself how to date a gamer girl. 

    Completely different people come to e-sports, some of them are those who were not understood at school, who were kicked for preferring books and studying. Others just want to find an outlet for difficult jobs or problems. But they all react sharply to ridicule, contempt, the absence of even an attempt to understand how they live.

    The computer universe today is no different from books. Wait, you say, books are perfect, they helps to understand a lot and improve the personality. Games develop us it the same way. A couple of years ago, the Internet was blown up by a case when a boy from Scandinavia saved his sister from wolves' teeth, acting sensibly, quickly and clearly in a stressful situation. Then he admitted that he just behaved the same way as in his favorite game. To take on the new heights, a person must think fast, react quickly, concentrate, and solve doubts. 

    Cybersport is a field that was rated more expensive than official football. Creating a game is not being a joke anymore. It is a multi-million dollar industry with the best artists, technicians and writers in the world. They think over the creation of the game world to the smallest detail, a hole in the hut, and every legend, they draw every feature of the relief and shape.

    People live by it, breath in this atmosphere. You can consider them as romantics, but do not consider them sycophants, otherwise you will never find a common language.

    Where can I meet girl gamers?

    A choice to meet gamer girls online in an online game is a very good option. You just need to use voice communication. So as not to fall for the tricks of pranksters who play female characters.

    The girl will not tell everyone about her hobbies, but in fact, she can be a professional gambler and even earn a living from this.

    You can meet such a girl in any ordinary place where people are. Gamers can go out into the streets, to the cinema, theater and even to a disco. But still, the representatives of the gaming society can be found on the Internet. You can choose how to get a gamer girlfriend. These can be gaming forums, chats, streams and, of course, online games.

    Do girls like gamers?

    When choosing a partner, remember that rule: if you date a gamer girl - understanding is fundamental. When starting a relationship with a female gamer, think about the actual feelings of her passion for games. You don't have to be a gamer. Until you play something, it doesn't make sense to believe what you say about games. Even if a man tells her that she spends too much time on games. She won't pay attention to it! If she teaches you how to play games, you will go into it with your head and try to break the record of hours spent in the game. And it is excellent that she was near you and helped you with advice.

    If a man is also a gamer, it will be much easier for him to date gamer girls. He will not need to explain or prove much. He will join the same guild as she. Such a man will be interested in mass events of gamers.

    Why gamer girlfriends are the best?

    She loves to spend time at home. All your life, you've been dreaming of the ideal girl. And now fate gave you such perfect gamer girlfriend. She will run the house. The gamer girl traits are: the predominantly quiet and calm character. She will be interested in no men except you.

    This girl is calm. That is, like flint. Like a rock. She can understand, care. Gamers drain all the aggression and problems into the adrenaline rush of the game. She can destroy zombies in a shooter for two hours in a row, letting off steam. Then she wishes the children to have a good night and falls asleep. It is great to detente in a hard campaign.

    She's easy to please, and gamers have very low expectations of others. It does not mean that they do not care about everything and will pay attention, even if you change the wallpaper with them. On the contrary, players tend to notice small details as well as Sherlock Holmes. Thanks to the skill of finding artifacts in quests. They can truly love you for who you are. It's also very easy for a gamer to be pleased with a gift. Skin in the game, a joystick, a gamer mouse, a collectible elf statuette - she adores you and is as happy as a child on Christmas.

    She doesn't panic because of spending. Precisely because she understands how expensive the game is, and how expensive is to donate. She understands that if she spends even a couple of thousands into her hobby, you also can have the right to spend some part of the budget the way you want. Probably, she won't make a scandal because of a rash buying.

    She makes decisions quickly enough. She is Caesar in a skirt. She is a commander riding a computer chair, the Einstein of star quests. In a stressful and unexpected situation, she will be calm and reasonable. As long as you act on a dubious plan, she will not lose her control.

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