Online dating services for mature singles, as the best possible way to meet each other

Online dating services for mature singles, as the best possible way to meet each other

We all want to be forever young, just like in a self-titled song of the Alphaville band. But, the quantity of candles on the birthday cake reaches such numbers as fifty, sixty, or even seventy, one day. Does it mean that the search for love and happiness must be stopped? Of course, not! Since only in this age, the majority of people find an extra burst of power directed at rebuilding their lives. Well, there is no surprise in that, as earlier, many of them were focused on careers, children, and relatives' wishes without thinking about what they really want from life. So, in this article, we'd like to support these desires of your heart and talk about seniors looking for love. Special attention, although, will be given to online matchmaking services, as this way of dating is highly recommended for mature singles.

    Who is Older Women Dating For?

    Let’s start with the basics. Who is this special one, experienced women looking for?

    It’s a common misconception, or, in some cases, rather fear that after 40, you will no longer be attractive and interesting to other people. That is absolutely far from being a reality! In fact, men of your age are roaring success on the dating scene. According to the London National University research, around 50% of females between the ages of 21 and 30 are interested in relationships, exclusively with men who are at least 10 or 15 years older than they are. Also, something like 74% of women in the age group 40-78, is actively seeking love. However, if you choose an older woman for dating, check the information below to find out more about her typical hopes and preferences.

    So, when talking about the expectations of ladies of advanced age, they will be completely different comparing to those in their mid-30s. In other words, here you get the benefits of having a partner with certain life experiences, who exactly knows what she wants and what is absolutely unacceptable. These women usually are very realistic, with both feet on the ground. Older females prefer dating men who can keep up with them in all spheres: physically, intellectually, financially, and so on. It is kind of a top priority for many singles over 40.

    Who is Older Women Dating For?

    Generally, based on their essential goals, there are three types of mature ladies who decide to start the search: companion-searcher, affair-hunter, and love-seeker. The first one is interested in finding a mutual friend. The best possible partner for such a woman must be a smart, witty conversationalist that shares her hobbies and activities. For the second one, the physical part of a relationship is critical. No matter how old this girl is, she wants to be seduced by her new man. The third type wants to build family once again, to feel the love and care every night and day. Therefore, before looking for a girlfriend, think about your wishes. Are you ready to be in a committed relationship again, or a casual adventure would be pretty enough? On the other hand, you can take it as an opportunity to start over and to reorientate your future plans. Dating as a senior can be a perfect way to make a voyage of self-discovery and do everything that was possibly missing in your previous relationships.

    Pros & Cons of Dating Old Single Woman

    Still, before making a decision, we advise you to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of this important step in your life. Pros & Cons of dating older single women.

    Pros & Cons of Dating Old Single Woman

    Pros #1

    Compared to young girls, mature ladies know who they are and where they go. In other words, older girlfriends are not only physically but also mentally grown-up. Think back to what you were at the age of twenty: we bet you were not that self-confident and well-experienced personality as you now are. So, starting a relationship with someone much younger can be seen as a challenge, as your role in this romance is to serve as a mentor. On the other hand: dating brides over 40, is much easier, as in this case, you are equal. Due to the experience, your potential mature girlfriend has gained, in the one person, you get a friend, lover, and advisor. Isn’t it amazing?

    Pros #2

    Actually, the main reason why older people are dating again is to have fun. They usually feel independent and self-sufficient at this age. That is to say: when talking about relationships, seniors do not deal in half-measures - neither it feels good to be together or not.

    Most of them have financial freedom and are fully involved in life. Such an outlook makes mature singles even more attractive than they were at an early age!

    Moreover, when talking about grown-up men and women, it becomes clear that these people are rather carefree than stressed out all the time. Because they are flexible and finally have time for all the things they have always wanted to try or do.

    Main reason why older people are dating again is to have fun

    Pros #3

    Mature singles should not be under the pressure of time. While ladies over thirty can hear their biological clock ticking, women after forty, most likely, have got this settled yet. Older females don’t want to get married and become a mother at any price. They will definitely not make ultimatums about your habits and hobbies. Experience has shown that seniors, on the contrary to young girls, are concentrated on feelings and harmony. They don’t want to cope with the demands of society, as the respect of their own desires is much higher.

    Pros #4

    In the context of mature dating singles, obviously, the number of people who are looking for love once again is getting bigger each year.

    The reasons why they start the search are different: from divorce with the previous life-partner to the spouse’s loss. However, it remains the case, for singles over forty, there are a lot of candidates to choose from.

    Pros #5

    Another benefit of having a girlfriend over 40 would be the better erotic side of romance. It may be surprising for you to hear - but mature men and women usually experience a qualitatively new level of spiritual and physical unity. Sometimes people in the advanced age group are even more open-minded than in their youth! They are thick and tired of boring sex and the same positions, so trying something new would also be a part of your relationships. By the way, you shouldn’t stop your fantasies only in the bedroom, as there are so many places you can rediscover together.

    Benefit of having a girlfriend over 40 would be the better erotic side of romance

    Cons #1

    Like you already know from the list of the advantages, seniors exactly know what they want from their potential partners. However, there is always the flip side of the coin. In some cases, this aspect can be seen as a lack of willingness to make any substantive compromise. So, let there be no illusions: ask the most important questions right away. We advise making clear the questions which cannot be answered lightly, like «Are you okay with a long-distance romance?», «Can you accept my children like your own?» and so on. Never forget: in this kind of relationship, as a partner, you get a grown-up personality with her own ethical values, manners, and lifestyle. Get used to the thought that she will never change.

    Cons #2

    According to the research of several platforms that provide dating services for seniors, many of their customers have pretty high expectations regarding the new partner and future relationships. The reasons for it are quite clear. When you are a successful person, who has already achieved much, it makes absolutely no sense to date someone who has accomplished nothing and is in the middle of nowhere.

    So, speaking shortly, in the context of mature dating, everyone has to have something to offer to the potential partner.

    Cons #3

    The thousands of ladies over 40 doubt their beauty and attractiveness. They compare their appearance to young girls and notice small wrinkles, gray in the hair - no wonder why your mature girlfriend may be jealous time over time. Still, if you will be able to find the right words that help your woman to understand how you really feel about her - the green-eyed monster will permanently back off.

    Meeting Senior Singles at Golden Bride: safe place to find your happiness

    Meeting Senior Singles at Golden Bride: safe place to find your happiness

    Since now you know everything about the advantages and disadvantages of the idea of starting to seek love again, let us come back to the theme of single mature dating sites.

    So, why do you need to consider meeting seniors at Is it a safe place to search for happiness?

    First of all, we want to reassure you on that front, as this dating platform has much to offer. As a professional matchmaking service, they help worldwide customers to stop feeling lonely for more than six years.

    At, you don’t have any obligations like a subscription fee. Membership and registration are also free of charge. It means you can give yourself time to look around and decide if their conception is suitable specifically for you or not. Don’t have a laptop? Not a problem at all! Their gratis apps can be downloaded from the App Store as well as from Google Play at any time you need it. Another benefit, in this case, would be your flexibility. No matter where you are, even abroad, there is always a chance to get a letter from your dream lady. If you are all new in the field of online dating, the customer support service of will try their best to help you. These people will be there for you, not only concerning the issues that may happen at the time you use their service. GoldenBride site administration is willing to give you friendly advice or simply support, no matter what.

    On this platform, mature singles not only get to know potential partners for marriage. It is also the right place to look for interesting conversationalists, find mates to travel together, make international acquaintances, and more. Besides, we want to notice that is not only a seniors’ dating website, as they don’t believe in age restrictions when it comes to true love.

    As you can see,, like any other similar dating site for mature singles, undoubtedly offers a lot of benefits, compared to traditional ways of finding a life-partner. However, most likely, you are just starting out on your ride. All you need to do now is stop worrying and confide in us. We are going to give you certain recommendations, which would be very helpful for the very beginning.

    How do you date a senior woman?

    How do you date a senior woman?

    In an online matchmaking context, of course.

    Tip #1

    The first tip is, at the same time, the most important one. When you create a profile on a senior dating website, be perfectly honest. Yes, sure, embellishing is a kind of part of human nature, but in seeking love online, it makes no sense. So, if you want your experience in this field to be successful, avoid posting empty phrases and unrealistic information about yourself. Present your personality as authentically as possible. Actually, the more specific you are in describing your life, hobbies, and preferences - the higher are the chances of finding someone equal.

    It is also critical to upload only up-to-date pictures in your profile. The most common mistakes of mature singles when talking about online dating - are lying about the age and sending old or retouched photos to potential partners. Therefore, please, don’t do this. Just think about it: if you make wrinkles or belly go away with the help of Photoshop, how are you going to hide them in real life then? We are pretty sure that in this case, your first meeting may also become the last one.

    Tip #2

    As soon as your profile information is completed, start searching for suitable partners without further delay. Matchmaking platforms usually allow their customers to use the advanced search. It means that the website algorithms can filter pages of other users by specified categories, like nationality, body parameters, zodiac sign, and so on. You just need to figure out how your perfect match looks like.

    However, don’t be too picky. Try to give a chance to the largest possible number of candidates on your heart. Forget about the borders and stereotypes - almost everything is possible if you sincerely wish it.

    Select a few most important criteria when looking for a new girlfriend. Be open-minded and carefully read what other members write in their profiles to discover similarities.

    Tip #3

    Do you really want to wait till your dream lady makes the first step? Well, don’t think that it would be productive in the senior online dating field. You can meet interesting people only by getting out of the comfort zone and taking action. It is mainly the case for men who are shy due to the lack of romance experience.

    Therefore, forget those standard short messages like «Hello! How are you?». Honestly speaking: worse can be only a smile without the text at all. Only in exceptional cases - it would be a good start of the conversation. Most of the time, after such a message, you will get no reaction, and, in the best case, the conversationalist may smile back, which is also not really helpful.

    For this reason, we highly recommend you to contact all women you like only with personalized messages. You do not have to write endless novels: five or six sentences would be enough. First of all, introduce yourself briefly. Then it makes sense to mention the details of the member’s profile that have made you interested. It can be anything particularly attractive to you. Doing this, you show the seriousness of your intentions. Then you can ask questions and, thereby, help your potential partner in writing the response. Avoid standard phrases, clumsy compliments, and spelling mistakes.

    Tip #4

    «I have already sent more than thirty personal messages and no response yet. This mature singles’ dating site doesn’t work for me. You know, I probably need to stop wasting my time with this stupid idea of finding my soulmate and getting married again.» Comments like this one can be found all over the Internet.

    Just keep calm and rethink this situation once again. You were brave enough to start such a challenging journey: what is the point to get out of it without the result? So, take it easy and learn to deal with online dating failures. Often due to the personal issues people can’t answer right away, it takes time. For this reason, it is recommended to contact something around 100 and 200 members in the first two months of your search.

    Tip #5

    After some time of chatting and, probably even, video calling - you need to offer your special lady a meeting in real life. If your mutual interest in getting to know each other is strong enough, you should not wait too long. In fact, after exchanging messages over weeks and months, your virtual romance can be seen through rose-tinted glasses. Personal meetings, instead, can help you two to avoid disappointment if the other person cannot meet the partner’s high expectations.

    Of course, it does not mean that you need to rush. Your intuition will prompt the right time.

    Older people dating FAQ

    Older people dating FAQ

    Do dating sites work for seniors?

    Yes, sure! When talking about the typical mature single dating site, the noticeable trend can be easily seen: the number of members over 40 grows every year. The explanation is blowin' in the wind. Till this age, the majority of seniors achieved stability and financial security, but what about the spiritual part of life? Statistics say: relationships between grown-up personalities usually go smoother, without fights and misunderstandings.
    But why do you need to go online searching for love? Matchmaking platforms offer their users confidentiality together with mobility. Traditional ways that allow you to meet older people, like speed-dating, for example, cannot boast of the mentioned above factors.

    How do I meet a good woman over 50?

    There are several ways which we recommend in this regard: online matchmaking services, social clubs, trips for singles, and through some friends or family members. Nowadays, it also becomes popular to create shared apartments for people who are over fifty and lonely. It can be a perfect opportunity to meet your soulmate or just a companion.

    Can a younger man really fall in love with an older woman?

    The answer is yes. In the modern world, people don’t care about the age difference in matters of feelings. Psychologists have taken a closer look at this phenomenon. The conclusion is crystal clear: unconditional love cannot be stopped, even when partners have to face incomprehension from the side of society.
    So, why then romance with an older woman can be exciting for younger men?

    • Such a lady, most likely, will be wholly concentrated on a relationship. Getting married and receiving the status of wife is not her priority.
    • She is calm and has much more patience.
    • An older woman has already seen and experienced a lot - therefore, she understands her young partner better.
    • She is an excellent conversationalist, communication is her trump card. This female can talk about subjects that many younger girls find boring.
    • A mature lady knows what she wants from life, that reflects on sex, of course.

    As you can see, women over forty, fifty, or sixty know all possible ways to make a man completely happy, no matter how old he is.

    What do women in their 50s want in a man?

    Actually, the essential desires do not change with age: they want to love and feel loved. Honesty, in the context of relationships, is one of the most important things dating for mature women is worth fighting for.
    In addition, these ladies want to feel young again, experience the first kiss, the first touch, and the first sex one more time. All you need to do is share this aspiration.

    What is the most beautiful age of a woman?

    Well, there is no certain answer to this question. Each lady, like a flower, blooms in her own time. She charms not with her beauty but with self-confidence and wisdom then.
    Still, if you want to talk about appearance, age doesn’t play a significant role in this case. Cosmetics, together with services of the beauty industry, works wonders with females, who cares how old they are.

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